5 Best Small TVs in 2023

By Robin Owens 14 days ago, TVs

Affordable and high-quality small TVs.

best small tv

If you are looking for the best small TV, this info may come in handy. Such a TV may be a perfect variant for a kitchen or guest room. Of course, you won’t get the latest features and super realistic image quality but we are sure such sets still have some features to brag about.

Top 5 Best Small TVs

  1. LG 24LM530S-PU - Quality materials
  2. Sceptre E246BV-FC - Multifunctional
  3. Free Signal TV Transit 22" - Portable
  4. Caixun 24-Inch - High definition
  5. Westinghouse 19 inch - Afforable

To simplify the choosing process, we have tested more than 30 small TVs and chosen 9 top options for you to consider. Scan the post below and find the best small TV for a dorm, kitchen or guest room.

1. LG 24LM530S-PU

Quality materials
lg 24lm530s-pu small tv

Available sizes: 24 inch | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Quality materials
  • ✚ Durable
  • ✚ Easy to use interface
  • The volume could be better

LG 24LM530S-PU TV is a top of the line entertainment center, at an extremely affordable price. The screen is an LCD tube television, and it is one of those rare finds that is not made entirely of plastic anymore. It means that the television is very durable and should last you for many years.

With a great screen, plenty of inputs, and a remote control with a truly easy to use interface, this is truly a television worth every penny. For those who want the best, there is nothing better than a LG 24LM529S-PU.

2. Sceptre E246BV-FC

sceptre e246bv-fc  small tv

Available sizes: 24 inch | Input lag: 8 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Multifunctional
  • ✚ Excellent picture quality
  • ✚ Wall mounting option
  • Sound could be better

The Sceptre E 246BV-FC is another great full sized LCD television from Samsung that offers a lot of outstanding features in one beautiful screen. It is capable of delivering an excellent picture quality even in its native language of Korean and also in English. There is also a wide array of great additional features like built-in Wireless Direct, Korean language setting, Gear display, THX TV certified, voice clarity, THX Tru LIFE white balancing, and so many others.

One of the other best features about this televisions comes from its wall mounting option. The wall mountable feature of the Sceptre E 246BV-FC TV makes it possible for you to easily move the television to any room that you desire because the unit can be hung on a wall. You can also place the television on a half circle stand if you have a small room and wish to make it feel more like it is larger than it really is.

3. Free Signal TV Transit 22"

free signal tv transit 22 small tv

Available sizes: 22/28 inch | Input lag: 7 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Portable
  • ✚ Burns little electricity
  • ✚ Easy set up
  • High price

The Free Signal TV Transit 22 is a good-sized for viewing TV inside your motor-home, yet burns little electricity while connected to your home DVD/VCR system. Enjoy watching all your favorite TV shows, even while camping, with the quality unmatched on this model. The flexible rectangular shape of the portable TV screen offers a more stable viewing position than some competing models. There are also no wiring needs to be installed, making it easy to set up wherever you are.

To get HD picture quality, the lightweight tv is powered by one of the most advanced television technologies currently used, the High Definition Multimedia Subsystem (HDMS). This state-of-the-art digital television system utilizes thirty-two channels of high definition TV programming at over sixty frames per second. You can experience true digital entertainment with Free Signal TV. The powerful integrated circuits on the TV set to ensure that all the channels are delivered with clarity. The easy to operate controls make it simple to tune and scan through channels.

4. Caixun 24-Inch

High definition
caixun 24-inch  small tv

Available sizes: 24/32/65/75 inch | Input lag: 9 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ High definition
  • ✚ Consumes little energy
  • ✚ Easy setup and compatibility
  • Faded colors

The Caixun HDTV features state-of-the-art technology and is one of the choicest high definition televisions that can be easily purchased at the present time. Caixin 24-Inch TV has a rich crystal display with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Caixin has also incorporated some of the latest television technology such as the HMDI technology which has the ability to display high definition content through the help of its small size and its advanced technology.

The screen of Caixin consumes less energy as compared to other normal televisions which is a great feature of this smart TV. Another amazing feature of this TV is its easy setup and compatibility with all kinds of operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

5. Westinghouse 19 inch

westinghouse 19 inch  small tv

Available sizes: 19/24/32 inch | Input lag: 8 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Crisp images
  • ✚ Built in home theater system
  • ✚ Built in dual-scan feature
  • ✚ Afforable price
  • The viewing angles are poor

If you are considering purchasing a new flat panel LCD or plasma television, you might want to take a look at the new Westinghouse 19 inch 720p 60 Hz LED HDTV. This television offers features that will amaze you with its clarity and crisp images. You can see far more detail and brighter colors thanks to the advanced display control technology that allows you to customize the TV's contrast and brightness as needed for your viewing needs.

The built in home theater system allows you to connect your home theater system to your TV set through an HDMI port. In addition to all of this, the TV offers great picture quality and is an excellent value. The screen is also extremely bright with deep blacks, making it ideal for use in darker rooms. It also sports a great built in dual-scan feature which allows the television to automatically pan itself to scan the different channels available in the satellite menu.

lg 24lm530s-pu small tv
LG 24LM530S-PU
Our Choice
  • Quality materials
  • Durable
sceptre e246bv-fc  small tv
Sceptre E246BV-FC
  • Multifunctional
  • Excellent picture quality
free signal tv transit 22 small tv
Free Signal TV Transit 22"
  • Portable
  • Burns little electricity

How to Choose the Best Small TV?

how to choose the best small tv

Refresh Rate: Faster Is Better

The refresh rate is measured in Hertz. It shows how many times per second a picture is refreshed on the screen. The standard is 60 Hz. This value is not bad but when watching action-packed content, an image may be blurry or jittery on LCD HDTVs with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Thus, to deliver a more qualitative picture, developers improved the refresh rate so modern sets usually feature 120Hz or even 240Hz.

Original video content doesn’t usually have many per-second images, so TVs handle this issue in various ways. One technique is to insert black images between original pictures. This way viewers see a less blurry picture. Another method is to insert new images. It shows a state of movement in between the two adjacent pics and displays more lifelike motion. However, much depends on the original processing of the content you watch. For instance, if a video was badly lit it would look like an old soap-opera.

HDMI and Connections: Go for More

Choosing the best small TV, you should necessarily consider the number of HDMI ports it offers. Trying to reduce costs, developers provide fewer HDMI inputs. For example, three ports seem like quite enough but it’s not so. If you connect a soundbar, a Roku or Chromecast, and a game console, your ports are all occupied and you can’t connect any other devices.

Smart TVs

Almost all modern TV sets have Wi-Fi to connect to Internet-based services like Netflix. It allows watching videos or using applications, downloading movies, playing games and sharing posts on FB. Plus, the most recent sets allow you to search for videos on streaming services and live programs on cable satellite.