7 Best Sennheiser Headphones in 2023

By Robin Owens 14 days ago, Headphones

Affordable and high-quality Sennheiser headphones.

best sennheiser headphones

A devoted traveler, a music lover, and an experienced gamer, who highly appreciates quality, reliability, and versatility, will be glad to get one of the best Sennheiser headphones. Sennheiser is a well-known German manufacturer of microphones and headphones, praised for its superior quality. They offer headphones in all price categories, creating different designs and sizes, so everybody can find a suitable model.

The headphones equipped with Bluetooth and noise isolation are very popular today. They are perfect for daily use, especially if you travel a lot and don’t want to be disturbed by ambient noises, like sounds of traffic or crowd.

Top 7 Best Sennheiser Headphones

  1. Momentum 3 - Our choice
  2. Momentum 2 - Lightweight
  3. PXC 550-II - Judicious sound
  4. EPOS I Game One - Comfortable fit
  5. HD 450BT - User-adjustable EQ
  6. HD 820 - Cleverly engineered
  7. CX Sport - Full-bodied bass

Innovation, versatility, irreproachable quality, premium sound, amazing performance – these are the characteristics often used to describe the best Sennheiser headphones. Be ready to meet the RF-Wireless headphones, advanced transducer technology, and the CapTune headphone application.

1. Momentum 3

Our Choice
momentum 3 sennheiser headphones

Frequency Response: 6 Hz - 22 kHz | Wireless: Yes| Noise Cancelling: Yes| Cable Length: No cable

rank rank Rating

⊕ Brilliant audio quality
⊕ Cool design
⊕ Customizable settings
⊖ None

The Momentum 3 Sennheiser headphones are a set of headphones that are technologically advanced to offer you the best in sound reproduction quality. They also come with a revolutionary new technology called BTE (Behind the Ear) technology, which offers incredibly close and clear audio that will astound you. They are also very lightweight, meaning that they don't weigh you down while you are using them, nor do they take up much space when placed in a bag or backpack.

2. Momentum 2

momentum 2 sennheiser headphones

Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 21 kHz | Wireless: Yes| Noise Cancelling: Yes| Cable Length: No cable

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⊕ Incredible sound
⊕ Sleek design
⊕ Support for Hi-Res Audio
⊖ None

Thanks to cutting-edge wireless technology and advanced sound engineering, Sennheiser Momentum 2 headphones deliver the very best listening experience anytime, anywhere. With refined sound engineering and comfortable, flexible ear cushions designed specifically for extended wear, they were carefully engineered to simplify your daily life and improve your listening experience by improving your every day.

The Sennheiser Momentum 2 headphones are also lightweight, so you can walk around with them on your ears all day without experiencing any fatigue or discomfort.

3. PXC 550-II

Judicious sound
pxc 550-ii sennheiser headphones

Frequency Response: 17 Hz - 23 kHz | Wireless: Yes| Noise Cancelling: Yes| Cable Length: No cable

rank rank Rating

⊕ Great ANC performance
⊕ Very stable and comfortable fit
⊕ Very accurate bass
⊕ Premium look and feel
⊖ App lacks advertised EQ settings

The new Sennheiser PXC 550-III headphones is superior to its predecessors with top quality audio performance, stunning design and cutting edge technology that continues to push the limits of wireless technology. The PXC 550-III Wireless headphones is also excellent when working out. The Sennheiser PXC 550-ii wireless headphones series delivers high-end performance at an affordable price. The new PXC 550 is now incorporates Bluetooth and Airplay technologies making it possible for you to connect wirelessly to your iPod or iPhone wherever you are so long as the devices are within range.

4. EPOS I Game One

Comfortable fit
epos i game one sennheiser headphones

Frequency Response: 15 Hz - 28 kHz | Wireless: No| Noise Cancelling: No| Cable Length: 1.5m

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⊕ Open and balanced audio
⊕ Great microphone quality
⊕ Compatible with pretty much everything
⊖ Slightly bulky and cumbersome design

If you're an avid gamer and looking for a high-quality headset with excellent features, the Sennheiser EPOS I Game One headphones is perfect for you. For hardcore gamers, this headset is the one headset they look for to deliver top quality sound and music through a set of headphones. Its compact design makes it easy to take it anywhere you go. Whether you're at your office or in the middle of a battlefield, these headphones can give you the power to play your games without any problems.

The Sennheiser EPOS I Game One headphones is designed to blend innovation and classical design. It's the top choice for professional audio enthusiasts across the globe. Designed with German-engineered earphones and premium noise-c cancelling microphone, it delivers superior Hi-Fi sound and music through a set of earphones that let you concentrate on the game.

5. HD 450BT

User-adjustable EQ
hd 450bt sennheiser headphones

Frequency Response: 18 Hz - 22 kHz | Wireless: Yes| Noise Cancelling: Yes| Cable Length: No cable

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⊕ Stability of the radio connection
⊕ Supports AAC, aptX and aptX LL
⊕ Strong noise cancellation for the price
⊕ Excellent audio performance
⊕ Very long battery life
⊖ Fit only partially suitable for larger ears

The HD 450BT Sennheiser headphones deliver high quality music through three different frequency bands. You can choose from music centered in the ultra-high frequency band, medium high frequency, as well as the ultra-low frequency. The headphones have an answer to every listener, providing a wide range of sound for everyone. This means that no matter what you listen to you can hear with crystal clear high definition sound.

One of the most important features of the HD 450 BT headphones is their ability to be utilized wirelessly. It means that you will not have to deal with tangled wires that could get in the way or try to play something with an earphone if you have them on but not a pair of earphones.

6. HD 820

Cleverly engineered
hd 820 sennheiser headphones

Frequency Response: 12 Hz - 43.8 kHz | Wireless: No| Noise Cancelling: No| Cable Length: 3m

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⊕ Good audio reproduction
⊕ Excellent build quality and design
⊕ Comfortable
⊖ Design limits performance

If you are a true audiophile then there really is no better time than the present to add a Sennheiser HD 820 headphones to your audio arsenal. In addition to being extremely refined in tonal reproduction, Sennheiser HD8X20 headphones also employ what is known as phase-shifting technology. In order to take full advantage of the digital signal, the Sennheiser HD8X20s uses what is called a tube amplifier. The power amplifier stage inside these headphones is specially designed to handle extremely low impedance, high voltage signal levels. These two specifications combine to allow Sennheiser to provide an extremely clear and powerful sound, and is especially useful when using computer based recording software.

7. CX Sport

Full-bodied bass
cx sport sennheiser headphones

Frequency Response: 17 Hz - 21 kHz | Wireless: Yes| Noise Cancelling: Yes| Cable Length: No cable

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⊕ Clear and detailed sound
⊕ Punchy, powerful delivery
⊕ Sports-friendly design
⊕ Comfortable to wear
⊖ Rivals more rythmically adept
⊖ Mids could be richer

Experience the pure joy of sound by using the Sennheiser CX Sport headphone. With a durable, sweat-resistant, shock-resistant design that can be comfortably worn on your head or behind your back, and advanced Bluetooth technology, you're free to enjoy high-quality audio while you move freely around the gym.

Sennheiser's CX SPORT headphone neatly balances fine-tuned functionality and highly fashionable design to get pleasure from sport, music or just about any other activity you could think of. The headphones come with a compact, hands free, rechargeable battery so you don't need to worry about recharging them while you exercise. There are also many other features including a noise-canceling microphone for great hands free noise cancelling quality as well as water-resistant features and noise-cancelling earphones.

Image Name Features  
momentum 3 sennheiser headphones
Momentum 3
Our choice
  • Brilliant audio quality
  • Cool design
momentum 2 sennheiser headphones
Momentum 2
  • Incredible sound
  • Sleek design
pxc 550-ii sennheiser headphones
PXC 550-II
Judicious sound
  • Very stable and comfortable fit
  • Very accurate bass

How to Choose the Best Sennheiser Headphones?

how to choose the best sennheiser headphones

Purpose of the Headphones

Select the headphones according to the way you are going to use them. It is important, because the characteristics of headphones for professional studio use are quite different from headphones for the gym, for example. The design of headphones also depends on the purpose of use, because if you are planning to wear the headphones for some time, they should ensure maximum comfort.

Wired or Wireless

In case you are moving a lot, and appreciate flexibility, you definitely need wireless headphones. But if you are going to use them mostly indoors at your desk, a wired model will work great for you.

how to choose the best sennheiser headphones

Noise Cancellation Function

How noisy is your environment? If it is really loud, you need an active noise cancellation mechanism integrated into the best Sennheiser headphones. If the level of environmental noise is acceptable, you will be probably quite satisfied with the passive noise cancellation. Some models don’t have a special noise cancellation system, offering a special ear cup design and padding instead.

Headphone Design

You may wear headphones directly on top of your ears, these are called on-ears or supra-aural headphones. Normally, an ear cup of such headphones is bigger than your ear.

But the majority of users believe the best Sennheiser headphones and the most comfortable ones, have another design, with earcups wrapped around the ears, called over-the-ear or circum-aural headphones.

All in all, we recommend you to choose headphones wisely. Before making a purchase, decide, what exactly you are looking for, which features are the most important for you. Hence, you will save time and get the most appropriate model.