5 Best Laser Projection Keyboards in 2023

By Robin Owens 24 days ago, Keyboards

Will laser projection keyboards replace regular ones?

top laser projection keyboard

A laser projection keyboard is an input device that is supplied with infrared sensors for identifying motion in its close proximity.

How does the typing process occur on such a device? The user breaks the key links with their fingers and makes the keyboard perceive it as an imitation of a pressed key.

Top 5 Laser Projection Keyboards

  1. Blue Beat Digital - Our Choice
  2. AGS Advanced - Best infra red keyboards
  3. Serafim Keybo - Laser projection keyboard with Bluetooth
  4. AGS Design - For smartphones
  5. Showme Mini - Affordable virtual keyboard

While testing different laser keyboards, I have realized that some of them aren’t that good and are likely to become laggy after several days of use. That’s why to help you distinguish between decent and second-rate models, I have created this overview of 5 projection keyboard models that are worth your money.

1. Blue Beat Digital

Our Choice
laser projection keyboard blue beat digital

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Brightness may be adjusted
⊕ Regulated sensitivity
⊕ Bluetooth & USB connectivity
⊖ Expensive

Among the benefits of this laser keyboard are regulated sensitivity and brightness, volume output configurations, as well as integrated mouse capabilities for all non-iOS devices. Besides, the keyboard incorporates a bracket stand for holding the tablet, phone and so on.

It is possible to use the model as a power bank with a 2500mAh battery for charging various gadgets. Blue Beat Digital boasts the compatibility with all USB wires and comes with the USB to C wire for the activated devices.

This projection keyboard features Bluetooth 3.0 and USB type C port connectivity. The model works smoothly with the following OS: Windows 7 and later, Windows Phone 7 and later, iOS 8 and later, Android 4.0 and later, Mac OS X and later.

2. AGS Advanced

Best infra red keyboards
laser projection keyboard ags advanced

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Portable
⊕ Wireless
⊕ May be used a virtual mouse
⊖ Clicking sound makes a loud noise
⊖ The charger isn’t quite reliable

This AGS model may be connected to almost any device that supports Bluetooth, such as Mac- or Windows-based PCs along with Android and iOS mobile gadgets.

According to the laser keyboard review, AGS Advanced will operate for up to three hours on a single charge when it is used uninterruptedly.

The charging process is carried out via USB with the PC or a smartphone charger. While you are typing, you will hear a soft beep with every pressed key.

However, it is possible to disable this sound. If you press the angled arrow key in the bottom row, you will turn this keyboard into a mouse.

3. Serafim Keybo

Best laser projection keyboard with Bluetooth
laser projection keyboard serafim keybo

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Incredibly long-lasting battery
⊕ Effective keyboard layout
⊕ May be used as a musical instrument
⊕ Rather universal
⊖ No Bluetooth speaker module
⊖ Absence of the mouse cursor feature

The Serafim Keybo is the best laser keyboard since it is intuitive in use, durable and boasts the extra musical capabilities. The latter is revealed in the ability to turn a keyboard into a piano, as well as a nice and user-friendly smartphone app to interact with it.

Feel free to carry this laser projection keyboard around with you as it doesn’t weigh much and has compact dimensions. A more robust Serafim Keybo model pleases users with 2000mAh lithium-Ion battery enabling continuous 10-hour typing.

4. AGS Design

Bluetooth laser keyboard for smartphones
laser projection keyboard ags design

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Portable
⊕ Comes with a virtual mouse
⊕ Accessible power button
⊕ Rechargeable battery
⊖ Keystroke problems with certain devices

The main selling point of AGS Design is its design that isn’t only appealing but also contributes to the keyboard’s portability.

In case you happen to travel constantly and take all the gadgets with you, this laser projection virtual keyboard will definitely satisfy your needs. It is compatible with all sorts of Android- and iOS-based devices, providing a smooth connection.

The model is also notable for the enhanced battery that makes it possible to work for hours on end and do not be concerned about recharging. Due to the compact design and the long-lived battery, AGS Design may be called the best virtual keyboard.

5. Showme Mini

Best laser projection virtual keyboard
laser projection keyboard showme

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Automatic Sleep Mode
⊕ Supplied with a micro USB port
⊕ Long-lasting battery
⊕ Presence of Bluetooth speakers
⊖ Not quite precise

Thanks to the broad Bluetooth compatibility, ShowMe Mini may be connected to all kinds of devices, including iPads and laptops. This keyboard unites convenience and simplistic design, leaving many users satisfied.

The dimensions of this Bluetooth laser keyboard are rather small in comparison with analog models. So, you may effortlessly bring it with you to any of your trips. Besides, the operation of ShowMe Mini resembles that of a regular laptop keyboard.

The sensitivity of both devices is pretty similar, thus making the transition from physical keyboards to innovative laser projection models more seamless.

Image Name Features  
laser projection keyboard blue beat
Blue Beat Digital
Our Choice
  • Interface: Bluetooth
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes
laser projection keyboard ags advanced
AGS Advanced
  • Interface: Bluetooth
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes
laser projection keyboard serafim keybo
Serafim Keybo
  • Interface: Bluetooth
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes

How to Choose the Best Laser Projection Keyboard?

holographic keyboard


Bluetooth contributes to the compatibility of an infrared keyboard with PCs and mobile gadgets. As a result, you will be able to pair a keyboard with a computer, tablet, smartphone and more. In the majority of models, the max distance from the monitor or output device is 40 feet.

Battery Life

Plenty of users are interested in getting a virtual keyboard due to its excellent portability. In this context, I suggest opting for a model with long-lasting battery life. The approximate battery life of most infra red keyboards is 3 hours of uninterrupted use.

Certain devices even boast special modes aimed at enhancing battery life. One of such modes will automatically make the keyboard dimmed if you stop using it for some time. So, when searching for the best laser keyboard, pick the one with the high or improved battery life indicators.

Range of Adjustable Brightness

holographic keyboard

It doesn’t make any sense to own a laser keyboard with the projection being invisible under particular light conditions.

That’s why the best laser keyboard is the one with a sufficient range of adjustable brightness. In case such configurations are integrated, the user will be able to tweak the keyboard’s brightness and clearly see the projection regardless of the amount of available light.


  • • Do laser keyboards actually work?

Obviously, such devices aren’t as responsible as regular keyboards. But they will definitely appeal to many users, especially those who value portability and wish to bring the keyboard with them quite often. A regular keyboard isn’t as compact and convenient in this regard.

  • • How do virtual keyboards operate?

A visible virtual keyboard is being projected onto an even surface by means of a laser or beamer. Users make keystrokes on the virtual keyboard with their fingers. It results in breaking the infrared beam and reflecting light back to the projector. The reflected beam goes through an infrared filter to the camera.

  • • How do I create a virtual keyboard?

Find Start, then pick Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard. After that, enable the Use the On-Screen Keyboard option. On the screen, you will see a keyboard that may be used to move around the screen and to type in the text. The keyboard will stay on the screen till you decide to close it.

  • • Is virtual keyboard safe?

Wireless keyboards are known for broadcasting the keystrokes entered by the user. So, the receivers within the range can “overhear” it. Wireless keyboards are supposed to provide data encryption, thus protecting the information. In fact, the level of the encryption may depend on how young or old the keyboard is, as well as its manufacturer.