5 Best Hisense TVs in 2023

By Robin Owens 22 days ago, TVs

Affordable and high-quality Hisense TVs.

best hisense tv

Although Hisense is not as popular as world-renowned Sonny, LG, and Samsung TV brands, it has already gained some recognition as a qualitative and budget-friendly alternative. This brand offers TV sets in various sizes and resolutions (from HD to TVs to 4K UHD) to meet different requirements of consumers.

Top 5 Best Hisense TVs

  1. Hisense R6090G - Stylish
  2. Hisense 55H8G - Thin screen
  3. Hisense 43H4F - Long lifespan
  4. Hisense H6570G - 4K technology
  5. Hisense 32H5500F - Versatile

Hisense brand offers a great array of TVs for various budgets and needs, so your search for the best Hisense TV is likely to be quite long. To make this task easier, for you, we have compiled a list of the greatest sets produced by this brand that are definitely worth your attention.

1. Hisense R6090G

hisense r6090g hisense tv

Available sizes: 43/50/55 inch | Input lag: 12 ms | Refresh rate: 60 Hz

  • ✚ Remote control
  • ✚ Good viewing experience
  • ✚ With a motion co-ordinator
  • ✚ Stylish
  • Unreliable

If you are looking for a TV for your home, the Hisense R6090G is a perfect option. It is an electronic TV that you can control through its remote control. This TV also gives you a good viewing experience. If you have a fast Internet connection, this model will definitely be a great choice for you.

This model of Hisense TV is definitely a great buy. It is the first television that has come with a motion co-ordinator. This feature helps you in controlling the channels that you want to watch.

2. Hisense 55H8G

Thin screen
hisense 55h8g hisense tv

Available sizes: 50/55/65/75 inch | Input lag: 14 ms | Refresh rate: 100/120 Hz

  • ✚ Fully-featured
  • ✚ Built in WiFi
  • ✚ Thin screen
  • Unreliable

The Hisense 55H8G Android Smart TV is designed to be a fully-featured and highly interactive smart television. It is also called an Ultra Handy TV and will have capabilities such as High Definition Audio and Digital Video Recording. This TV also has a built in Wifi capability, allowing it to connect to a wireless network such as that found in hotels and other public areas.

The screen of this device is extremely thin, which makes it easier to clean, because there is not the chance that dirt or fingerprints will leave a mark on the screen. It also is very bright and has very little backlight, which means that there is not even any strain on the power connection when the screen is on. The remote control works very well with this TV and there is very little clutter when the TV is in use.

3. Hisense 43H4F

Long lifespan
hisense 43h4f hisense tv

Available sizes: 32/40/43 inch | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate: 60 Hz

  • ✚ Backlighting capability
  • ✚ Normal price
  • ✚ Long lifespan
  • ✚ Touch-screen
  • Installation problems

The Hisense 43H4F LED Smart TV is a plasma screen TV that you can have the advantage of having a backlighting capability. It does not only enhance the viewing experience of the television but also gives you a good night's rest since you will be able to enjoy bright light during your long hours of viewing. This TV is one of the newest and most popular models of TVs today. You can now buy this with its many benefits and at a great price with the best deals in the market.

This TV has a very long lifespan, since it is capable of operating for years even without the need for power connection. It operates on a backlight system which uses the highest quality bulbs and then incorporates the latest technology so you can enjoy the best picture that you want to have in your home. It also uses LED lights which are very efficient and long lasting. In addition to the backlighting feature, this TV also offers other features such as the touch-screen capability.

4. Hisense H6570G

4K technology
hisense h6570g hisense tv

Available sizes: 43/50/65/75/85 | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate: 120 Hz

  • ✚ 4K technology
  • ✚ Good VA panel
  • ✚ Flat screen
  • Lacks some features found in higher-end Hisense TVs
  • Slightly textured backlighting

The Hisense H6570G TV is an alright entry-level 4K TV. It lacks some features found in higher-end Hisense televisions, like local dimming, an integrated Black Frame Insertion mechanism, and a wider color gamut for HD content. However, it does have a good VA panel which displays deep, rich blacks, great for watching films in the darkness.

One of the biggest complaints against the H 6570G TV is that it has a slightly textured backlighting which appears to be slightly stuck on some areas of the screen. One of the best features of the H 6570G TV is its flat screen, which lets you enjoy the clarity of a full-sized screen at an even smaller size.

5. Hisense 32H5500F

hisense 32h5500f hisense tv

Available sizes: 32/40/43 inch | Input lag: 8 ms | Refresh rate: 60 Hz

  • ✚ Versatile
  • ✚ Crisp pictures
  • ✚ Afforable price
  • ✚ High resolution
  • Disconnects from WiFi periodically

The Hisense 32H5500F Android Smart TV is a versatile multi-media smart TV, which comes with the latest technologies in home entertainment. It is based on the Linux operating system, an open source one, and runs a wide range of Android apps. The TV features a large, high resolution, LCD screen, which gives bright text and crisp pictures. The prices are also quite low, as compared to other similar TV models available in the market.

In this latest generation, the Hisense 32H5500F Android smart TV runs on the powerful quad-core Adreno processor. The powerful yet efficient processor and Adreno graphics offer enhanced picture clarity and sharp images, which are well received by the users.

hisense r6090g hisense tv
Hisense R6090G
  • Remote control
  • Good viewing experience
hisense 55h8g hisense tv
Hisense 55H8G
Thin screen
  • Fully-featured
  • Built in WiFi
hisense 43h4f hisense tv
Hisense 43H4F
Long lifespan
  • Backlighting capability
  • Normal price

How to Choose the Best Hisense TV?

how to choose the best hisense tv

Screen Size

Before purchasing a new TV online or in-store, you need to decide on the screen size that will suit the space you are going to place a TV in. To determine the right size, measure the distance from the spot prepared for your TV to where your comfortable sofa or chair is located. Then you need to divide this number in half, and the resulted value would be your ideal screen size. For instance, if your sofa is 10 ft (120 inches) from the TV, you should purchase a 60-inch model.

Of course, this size can vary a little bit, but too large or small TVs can cause some problems. Excessively large models require much space and may clutter your room creating inconveniences. You can’t watch very small screens from afar, therefore all family members have to get around the TV to discern a picture. So, when shopping for the best Hisense TV, the screen size is probably one of the most significant aspects to pay attention to.

how to choose the best hisense tv


The second significant factor is the screen resolution. Nowadays more and more people opt for TVs with 4K UHD support that deliver excellent picture quality, provide a wider color range and more accurate details. Such a resolution also allows watching UHD films that are broadcasted by many streaming services. However, 1080p full HD TVs are also capable of delivering decent pictures and are a great option as an additional television for a kitchen, bedroom, etc. Such a resolution is also suitable for people, who mainly watch broadcast programming or older DVDs.


If you are in search of the best Hisense TV with excellent audio quality, then you should choose a model that uses Dolby Atmos to generate all-encompassing sound. We also recommend deciding on TVs fitted with Bluetooth for a wireless connection to soundbars, subs, speakers, etc. Bluetooth technology also allows connecting wireless headsets for listening to your favorite music, playing video games, or watching an engaging film without disturbing other people in a room.