11 Best Hidden Cameras in 2021

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What is the best hidden camera?

11 Best Hidden Cameras in 2021

What does the best hidden camera look like? The recent inventions are really capable of making a difference in your security system’s efficiency. Such a device can monitor babies and pets, keep an eye on a babysitter or another worker, secure your home from intruders, and it will take a huge burden off your mind to know that everything is under control.

Top 11 Best Hidden Cameras

When you decide to use best hidden cameras, you typically need to find an inconspicuous place to mount them. In most cases that results in a reduced view, often with image or sound distortion.

To avoid that, you need such a model that can remain discreet, but capture the tiniest details. I have handpicked such devices that I know for sure will face up to the challenge.

1. Fuvision Hidden Camera Clock

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  • fuvision hidden camera clock
  • fuvision hidden camera clock
  • fuvision hidden camera clock

    Viewing angle: 125 degrees | Video: 1920 x 1080px | Display: Via smartphone | Storage: Supports up to 128GB memory card | Size: 71 x 71 x 34mm | Weight: 89g

    ⊕ High-resolution, color night vision
    ⊕ Easy to setup
    ⊕ Real-time alerts
    ⊖ Not found

    This is one of the best hidden cameras for home looking like a regular digital clock. It covers an area of 125 degrees and can remain in any indoor location without raising suspicion.

    The house will be under surveillance and the device will give you an early warning about any suspicious activity giving you ample time to take measures against it.

    The device supports Wi-Fi connection which makes it easily accessible through a special app. The movement detector can react to a tiny stir and instantly start recording.

    Once you provide stable web connectivity, you can start streaming whenever you need that. Plus, this hidden spy camera boasts a night vision module and allows push-button surveillance.

    The module of night vision deserves special attention because it brings out many details and can make faces visible in the dark. If movement triggered the camera into operation, the app pushes a notification and sends snapshots from the location. You can see the live footage in 1080P HD and control the recorder through the app.

    2. Blink XT2

    An unobtrusive camera with two-way audio built in

    • blink xt2 best hidden camera
    • blink xt2 best hidden camera
    • blink xt2 best hidden camera

      Viewing angle: 110 degrees | Video: 1920 x 1080px | Display: Via smartphone | Storage: Cloud storage | Size: 71 x 71 x 34mm | Weight: 89g

      ⊕ Full HD video
      ⊕ Weather sealed
      ⊖ Not discreet
      ⊖ Limited use without the app

      The biggest advantage is the speaker that enables you to scare off the criminals, who broke in. Combined with a microphone, it is open for some other ingenious use through the provided app.

      The device requires two AA batteries that are estimated to last for about two years. That eliminates the need for wires and makes it portable, while the capabilities can be extended through Alexa. The functionality allows streaming into the app or to record footage that will be stored in the cloud for a year without additional charges.

      When there is enough light, the secret camera recorder captures Full HD, darkness will make it start filming in the highest quality infrared. Since the body is sealed, you can mount it outdoors, too.

      3. Fredi Hidden Camera Clock

      A bedside camera to watch over your room while you're out

      • fredi best hidden camera
      • fredi best hidden camera
      • fredi best hidden camera

        Viewing angle: 90 degrees | Video: 1920 x 1080px at 30fps | Display: Yes | Storage: Up to 128GB via optional SD card | Size: Not given | Weight: 222g

        ⊕ Records in darkness
        ⊕ Has clock functionality
        ⊖ Short battery life
        ⊖ Storage card isn’t provided

        If you take popular brands manufactured in the Far East, you will find many interesting suggestions but Fredi Hidden Camera Clock is the best hidden camera. It has a nice design as a clock, telling you, in fact, the hour, date, temperature, etc.

        As a camera, it received high functionality, including a lens capturing a 90-degree view, decent daytime footage quality and helpful nighttime module, motion trigger.

        Looking through the settings of the app, you can make sure that if the motion trigger detects intruders in your absence, you get immediate notifications through it.

        If you want to store some footage for better security, you can insert 128GB SD-card. The battery capacity can support 7 hours of recording but when more is needed, this wireless hidden camera can be plugged in and work uninterruptedly.

        4. Sonew Wi-Fi Light Blub Camera

        A camera hidden within a humble light bulb

        • sonew wi-fi light blub best hidden camera
        • sonew wi-fi light blub best hidden camera
        • sonew wi-fi light blub best hidden camera

          Viewing angle: 360 degrees | Video: 1920 x 1080px, 25fps | Display: No | Storage: Up to 128GB via optional card | Size: Not given | Weight: 200g

          ⊕ Little and inconspicuous
          ⊕ Practical model
          ⊖ Puzzling 360-degree viewing
          ⊖ Flimsy build

          The leader among the best hidden security cameras in terms of obscurity is this light bulb-looking recording device. Whether it is really practical to have the full-view footage or to designate a place for the camera that would also look reasonable for a lightbulb is a dubious question. However, such an option would hardly arise suspicion and yet it records at 25fps.

          The little fake lightbulb can detect movement in its range and send a warning to your app instantly. But a more important feature in a secret camera is the two-way audio which allows you to hear the intruders and respond to their words or actions, hopefully simply scaring them away before any sort of damage has been caused to the property.

          5. Bear Grylls Waterproof Camera Glasses

          The best wearable hidden camera

          • bear grylls best hidden camera
          • bear grylls best hidden camera
          • bear grylls best hidden camera

            Viewing angle: 90 degrees | Video: 1920 x 1080px at 30fps | Display: No | Storage: Not given | Size: Not given | Weight: 59g

            ⊕ Lightweight
            ⊕ Hands-free recording
            ⊖ The brand drove up the price
            ⊖ Can’t be removed while recording

            If you need the best wearable spy camera, you can try this option. There is a variety of cheaper devices made by one-day brands but those feature many issues starting from a compromising or ugly design and finishing with performance.

            The level of performance of this camera is unmatched, so is the price tag it comes with. With this wearable gear, you get the great viewpoint perspective, a full HD quality, and the possibility to keep your hands free.

            As an action camera, this model has been protected from water or dust causing it damage, as a pair of glasses, it completely protects your eyes from the UVA. This is probably the only best hidden camera that includes a special safety strap in the package but you need it for the more active type of recording.

            6. Kami Indoor Hidden Camera

            The best value-for-money hidden camera with a motorized base for movement tracking

            • kami best hidden camera
            • kami best hidden camera
            • kami best hidden camera

              Viewing angle: 110 degrees | Video: 1920 x 1080px at 30fps | Display: No | Storage: Cloud | Size: Not given | Weight: Not given

              ⊕ Rotation capability
              ⊕Competitive cost
              ⊖ Not invisible
              ⊖ More storage requires a subscription

              This sleek device might lose some points for invisibility but it gains plenty for the high performance that costs you relatively little. Thanks to the rotating unit allowing full-view, it can be mounted as a proper surveillance or security camera in a strategic spot.

              The camera is powered by a cable with a micro-USB connector located at the base that hosts the rotation unit. The latter allows it to track any detected movement or show you specific areas of the room.

              That and some other things are performed through an app that also allows to alter settings and specify modes of acting. The one considerable downside is the lack of large long-term storage; the camera only saves 6-second snippets for a week. You can change that by subscribing to the company’s additional services.

              7. Spy Camera Charger

              Best budget hidden camera

              • spy best hidden camera
              • spy best hidden camera
              • spy best hidden camera

                Viewing angle: 90 degrees | Video: 1080px | Display: No | Storage: Not given | Size: 25 x 25 x 50mm | Weight: 9g

                ⊕ Long battery life after a full charge
                ⊕ Ability to adjust motion detection sensitivity
                ⊖ It is necessary to disassemble the frame to charge the battery

                ⊖ Can’t be connected to Wi-Fi hotspots & repeater

                This compact hidden camera allows you to control the recording process remotely. It perfectly works at the dark time and can give you up to 20 feet clear night vision.

                This model is considered to be one of the best hidden security cameras since it features the cordless setup that makes it very easy to hide. The camera is almost unnoticeable, so you can monitor your home without worrying that strangers will see it.

                Another distinctive feature of this model is an affordable price. Although it records high-quality videos, it is one of the most budget options available on the market. You will also receive a 12-month warranty and an array of cool features.

                The device doesn’t require a special set-up procedure. All you need is to insert a microSD card, plug it in and your spy camera is ready to start recording. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can’t view the real-time recording from your smartphone. Nevertheless, due to the lack of Wi-Fi, strangers can’t detect your device.

                8. Facamword HD

                Best design for hidden spy camera

                • facamword best hidden camera
                • facamword best hidden camera
                • facamword best hidden camera

                  Viewing angle: 90 degrees | Video: 1080px | Display: No | Storage: 128GB TF card | Size: 116 x 76 x 25mm | Weight: 99g

                  ⊕ 365-days standby battery
                  ⊕ No glowing light when recording at night
                  ⊖ Doesn’t include the charger
                  ⊖ Is difficult to format

                  Unlike other USB secret cameras, this one has two USB ports. Using this camera, you can charge another device, which makes this model even more serviceable.

                  It has Wi-Fi remote view, so you can view live recording just using the mobile app. Also, the device supports a microSD card up to 128GB. Due to the motion detection mode, this spy camera will film video in 1080p when any moving object is detected.

                  This model features a loop recording system that comes especially useful when the memory card is full. Also, you can watch live and past recordings. The package dimensions of this spy cam are 4.6x3x1.3 inches and it weighs 3.2 ounces.

                  9. SS Wireless Hidden USB

                  Hidden camera with the best usability

                  • ss wireless best hidden camera
                  • ss wireless best hidden camera
                  • ss wireless best hidden camera

                    Viewing angle: 110 degrees | Video: 1080px 30fps | Display: No | Storage: Up to 32Gb | Size: 30 x 38 x 38mm | Weight: 68g

                    ⊕ Lets 5 users stream real-time recording
                    ⊕ Can be used as a speaker
                    ⊖ 3-hour charging
                    ⊖ Isn’t water-resistant

                    With a completely new updated version, this option is one of the most advanced hidden cameras currently available on the market. This device boasts all the features the best hidden camera should have, including multiple users' control, a neat recording system, and email notifications.

                    The device also features motion detection mode. You can hear the alarm when the movement is detected. If you decide to place several cameras around your house, you can use them as an alarm system. Another feature that can bring this alarm concept to life is a technical possibility to display several cameras on the monitor.

                    It is possible to view multiple cameras simultaneously. The camera can start recording after the alarm was triggered or you can choose continuous video recording.

                    10. SpyStar 1080p

                    Best charger hidden camera

                    • spystar best hidden camera
                    • spystar best hidden camera
                    • spystar best hidden camera

                      Viewing angle: 90 degrees | Video: 1080px | Display: No | Storage: Up to 64GB Micro-SD Card | Size: 76 x 76 x 50mm | Weight: 113g

                      ⊕ Works as a charger for portable devices
                      ⊕ Comes with Loop recording technology
                      ⊖ Requires plugging into an electrical socket to start work
                      ⊖ Has recording gaps as it stops recording every 3 minutes

                      If you are looking for the best hidden camera, consider SpyStar. This first-class device has all the necessary features for high-quality video recording. The camera is visually discreet, even when taking a closer look at it. SpyStar has an excellent camera that records HD (1080p) videos. With such crisp footage, you won’t miss any detail. Moreover, due to built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can view live video recording.

                      Using advanced motion detection technology, the camera not only starts recording while identifying a motion but sends alarm modifications to your smartphone. When the motion isn’t detected, the camera stops recording in order not to take up too much space unnecessarily.

                      Also, it is possible to choose the option of continuous recording and view online streaming. The camera also features timestamps to easily find out when a particular event has occurred. SpyStar works with both iOS and Android devices and supports a microSD card up to 64GB.

                      Don’t worry if your memory card is full. With the loop recording system, the newest file will overwrite the previous one, and the device will continue recording new events.

                      11. Blaikepcam Mini Hidden Camera

                      Best mini hidden camera

                      • blaikepcam mini best hidden camera
                      • blaikepcam mini best hidden camera
                      • blaikepcam mini best hidden camera

                        Viewing angle: 90 degrees | Video: 1080px | Display: No | Storage: Up to 32GB Micro-SD Card | Size: 152 x 76 x 25mm | Weight: 56g

                        ⊕ You can place the camera anywhere you want
                        ⊕ 24-months warranty
                        ⊖ Works only if it is plugged into an electrical socket
                        ⊖ Develops defects after some time

                        Would you like to get the best hidden spy camera that looks like a cube of sugar? Then this option is worth paying attention to. There are two features that make this device stand out from its rivals. Firstly, it doesn’t have any indicator lights, so it won’t attract unwanted attention.

                        Secondly, due to 4 infrared lights, the camera has enhanced night vision which allows you to get a crisp video in low light conditions.

                        The device has an accurate motion detection system with three modes. It can record video when the motion is detected, do the continuous and time-lapse recording. You can choose one of three modes that suits your needs.

                        This hidden camera supports a microSD card with up to 32GB capacity. Also, it has a loop recording feature that automatically substitutes the oldest video with the newest one. This helps delete unnecessary footage to save storage space. Being super small and compact, this camera can be placed anywhere you want.

                        Best Hidden Cameras in 2021

                        Image Name Features  
                        Fuvision Hidden Camera Clock
                        Fuvision Hidden Camera Clock
                        OUR CHOICE
                        • 1920x1080px resolution
                        • Up to 128GB microSD capacity
                        • High-quality color night vision
                        Check PRICE
                        Blink XT2
                        Blink XT2
                        BEST RESOLUTION
                        • Full-HD Resolution (1920px×1080px)
                        • Cloud storage is available
                        • High-quality color night vision
                        Check PRICE
                        Facamword HD Spy Camera Charger
                        Facamword HD Spy Camera Charger
                        BEST DESIGN
                        • 1080px resolution
                        • Supports TF card with a capacity of up to 128GB
                        • No sparkling light when recording at night
                        Check PRICE
                        Kami Indoor Camera
                        Kami Indoor Camera
                        • Rotation capability
                        • Competitive cost
                        Check PRICE
                        SS USB Camera
                        SS USB Camera
                        BEST USABILITY
                        • Stream real-time recording
                        • Can be used as a speaker
                        Check PRICE

                        How to Choose the Best Hidden Camera?

                        Before choosing the best hidden camera that will suit all your needs, pay attention to the aspects described below.

                        Camera Quality

                        Camera quality matters a lot, but it largely depends on the way you are going to use a camera. If you want just to keep an eye on your kids and nanny, there is no need to buy and expensive high-quality device.

                        If you need a clear image to catch the face of a thief, it is better to pick a camera of decent quality. The most important factor to consider is video resolution. 1080p will be enough to record crisp video.

                        Wi-Fi Compatibility

                        Many users believe that the best hidden cameras for home should have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Such devices usually support real-time streaming and you always can watch it using your smartphone. This feature is especially useful when you want to check what your kids are doing or make sure your property is safe.

                        Some cameras are capable of sending alarm notifications to your smartphone when the motion sensor detects movement. This is a strong advantage since you can know that something is happening around your territory.


                        Secret security cameras differ in terms of weight and size. If you want your device to stay unnoticeable, the size is important. In this case, it is better to pick a compact camera in order not to attract unwanted attention.

                        MicroSD Storage Compatibility

                        If your camera doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi, it will automatically save footage on a microSD memory card. Memory cards come in all sizes and storage capacity. There are 16GB memory cards, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

                        Different secret cameras may support different storage capacity of a memory card. If you want to choose continuous recording on your device and you aren’t going to check it for a long time, it is better to use a high-capacity memory card and the camera which supports it.

                        If your camera records only when the motion sensor detects the movement or you don’t need much time for recording, feel free to pick a memory card with a lower capacity.

                        Motion Detection

                        Motion detection is an important aspect while choosing the best hidden camera. The majority of modern devices has this feature. Some cameras start recording when the moving object is detected, while others can even send you notifications to your smartphone.

                        Cameras with motion detection allow you to better monitor the situation. So, if you want to be aware of any suspicious activity on your territory, a hidden camera with motion alerts might be the best fit.

                        Night Vision

                        Night vision is an important option if you are going to record in low light conditions. If your camera doesn't have this feature, the chances are low that your device will capture the activity after sunset. For those, who want to install a hidden camera at their home or office for security purposes, I recommend picking the device with night vision mode.

                        Loop Recording

                        Loop recording is a useful feature if your memory card has low capacity or you set a continuous recording. When loop recording is turned on, the oldest files will be overwritten with the newest ones when the card gets full.

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