6 Best Gobo Projectors in 2023

By Robin Owens 22 days ago, Projectors

Affordable and high-quality Gobo projectors.

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The best Gobo projector is designed to project a wide range of patterns and colors. A gobo is a template with a cut-out image. You need to put it in front of a lens to project a pattern onto a surface.

Gobo templates are often incompatible with scenic projectors since they don’t allow you to focus a lens. By placing a template into a Gobo holder in front of a lens, you can make shapes and patterns look sharper and more in-focus. The edges of logos, small details and inscriptions will look sharper as well. It’s also possible to blur a projected image.

Top 6 Best Gobo Projectors

  1. Qomolangma GOBO Light - Durable
  2. CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO - DJ effect
  3. Ving LED Custom Image GOBO - High-quality
  4. Qomolangma LED Logo GOBO - Powerful
  5. ADJ Products Gobo projector IR - Bright
  6. Honlphoto Speed Gobo - Easy to use

When selecting the best Gobo projector, I was paying attention to the types of templates, their durability, price and longevity of use. Besides, you need to consider other things as well, such as brightness and contrast, high resolution, power and portability.

1. Qomolangma GOBO Light

qomolangma gobo light  gobo projector

Dimensions: 15 x 9.61 x 6.42 inches | Weight: 3.6 pounds | Power: 20W | Gobo patterns: Glass

  • ✚ Aluminum alloy shell
  • ✚ High strength
  • ✚ Waterproof
  • Only for indoor

Qomolangma GOBO Light LED Logo projector is an excellent Gobo projector that is very durable and bright. It is very energy efficient device. The quality of the light emitted by this projector rivals most televisions.

If you want the best possible projection quality, you should consider purchasing a Qomolangma GOBO Light LED Logo. As a result, you can be sure that any ads you use will be the best looking you have ever seen, while saving you money in the process, because it's a cheap.


DJ effect
chauvet dj ezgobo gobo projector

Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.3 x 6.7 inches | Weight: 2.2 pounds | Power: 10W | Gobo patterns: Glass

  • ✚ Manual zoom
  • ✚ Battery with long life
  • ✚ Magnetic base is very strong
  • Don't very bright

If you are looking for the best Gobo Projector in town, then look no further than CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO. This is one of the newest electronic equipment on the market today. It is quite impressive with its three-dimensional display and an automatic display feeder, but what really makes it stand out from the rest of the competition is its price.

Its combination of cutting-edge technology, exceptional sound quality, and stylish design make it one of the best electronic items available on the market today. CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO help you establish a presence in the music scene. It is a great addition to any home or club. It is stylish and trendy run-of-the-mill digital music player.

3. Ving LED Custom Image GOBO

ving led custom image gobo gobo projector

Dimensions: 12.4 x 6.34 x 4.92 inches | Weight: 2.46 pounds | Power: 10W | Gobo patterns: Glass

  • ✚ Waterproof IP20
  • ✚ Air cooling technology
  • ✚ The 5 slice wide angle lens
  • Only 1 Gobo patterns

The Ving LED Custom Image GOBO Logo projector is a revolutionary tool to create professional looking custom images, in short it is the ultimate device to create your personalized images. By adding a projection mask to the surface of your image, you can now change the look of your image with little effort. It has a very unique Ving technology called the projection mask.

It uses an infra-red light to alter and change your image with either text or a logo. When you place the image mask on the surface of your image and then place the projection mask over that image you get the appearance of your chosen image. To add to that, because the light from the Ving LED Custom Image GOBO Logo projector is project you get the Gobo effect of your image.

4. Qomolangma LED Logo GOBO

qomolangma led logo gobo gobo projector

Dimensions: 15.28 x 9.33 x 5.94 inches | Weight: 4.03 pounds | Power: 20W | Gobo patterns: Glass

  • ✚ Remote control function
  • ✚ High-quality
  • ✚ Stylish
  • Not for outdoor

Qomolangma LED Logo GOBO is portable, hand held projection device, and it was designed by a team of scientists, engineers and software geeks. This projector is one of the best Gobo projector in the market today, according to many customers' testimonials. This is mainly due to the fact that all the functions of a traditional projector have integrated into a single device.

Qomolangma LED Logo GOBO projector is ideal to help convey the company's image, mission and vision to the audience in a way that will stay in their mind long after the presentation is over. But this projector does more than just project an image on the wall, it also projects an image on a TV screen, making this projector a versatile piece of equipment. It has simple design and exceptional picture quality, and even when the lighting is dim, it produces a bright image.

5. ADJ Products Gobo projector IR

adj products gobo projector ir gobo projector

Dimensions: 11.25 x 11 x 10.25 inches | Weight: 7 pounds | Power: 12W | Gobo patterns: 3 metal; 1 glass

  • ✚ Bright white LED light
  • ✚ 13 degrees beam angle
  • ✚ 4 Gobo patterns
  • Heavy

The ADJ Products Gobo projector IR is arguably one of the best pico projectors available on the market today. It is deemed by many to be a high-quality projector. But what really sets it apart?

First and foremost, the fact that it does not require the use of batteries. It can work even on empty batteries. This can translate to long hours of continuous viewing bliss, especially if you are using a modern HDTV or plasma screen. But the real strength of the ADJ Products Gobo is in its simplicity and convenience.

6. Honlphoto Speed Gobo

Easy to use
honlphoto speed gobo gobo projector

Dimensions: 8.58 x 5.31 x 0.39 inches | Weight: 2.08 pounds | Power: 10W | Gobo patterns: Glass

  • ✚ Lightweight
  • ✚ Compact
  • ✚ Stylish
  • Without strap

Honlphoto Speed Gobo has very good battery life. One thing that many people like about this particular product is that they really don't have to hold the projector against a wall in order to get optimum viewing. This makes it very popular among people who are just wanting to use it at home.

Thу Honlphoto Speed Gobo really helps reduce eye strain because it is so light. Some consumers have even stated that it is even easier to use than projectors that have been on the market for a while. It's simple to setup and use.

qomolangma gobo light  gobo projector
Qomolangma GOBO Light
  • Aluminum alloy shell
  • High strength
chauvet dj ezgobo gobo projector
DJ effect
  • Manual zoom
  • Battery with long life
ving led custom image gobo gobo projector
Ving LED Custom Image GOBO
  • Waterproof IP20
  • Air cooling technology

How to Choose the Best Gobo Projectors?

how to choose the best gobo projector

Types of Gobo projectors

Gobo templates can be made of various materials. The most widely used ones are steel, glass and plastic.

Steel gobos are durable metal templates. However, they might require extra work on your part since they don’t support a high level of detail, which makes it more difficult to use complex patterns and images.

Glass gobos are made of transparent glass with a reflective coating for blocking the light and projecting dark areas of an image. Such gobos are the most expensive ones. This technology is perfect for projecting the most complex images and patterns with high accuracy. However, glass gobos are less durable since the material they are made of is prone to breaking.

Plastic, or transparent, gobos are used in LED projectors. Thanks to recent technologies, they can be manufactured in no time. Such Gobo projectors ensure high clarity when projecting images, shapes and lines. Besides being quite affordable, they can work more than 200 hours, which explains their popularity on the market.

Brightness and Contrast

Brightness is measured in lumens. If you are going to use a Gobo projector in a room with natural light sources, it’s better to opt for a model that supports a higher brightness of 3,000 lumens or more.

Contrast indicates the difference between the brightest and darkest areas of an image. A projector with a high contrast ratio allows you to see nuanced shadows and patterns, which makes an image brighter and more voluminous. The higher the contrast, the brighter and clearer an image. At low contrast, let’s say 3,000:1, an image will seem blurry. At high contrast, 200,000:1 and higher, colors will be bright and saturated, without merging with each other.

how to choose the best gobo projector


Gobo projectors don’t take up much space and are quite lightweight, which allows you to take them with you almost anywhere. Gobo lenses are easy to replace so you can quickly convey information to customers by projecting brand logos and various data. The best Gobo projector should be portable. This way, you will be able to use it anywhere, even on the street.

Lamp Power

Projectors are powered by one of the following sources of light: a lamp, laser or LED. The type light source affects how many hours your projector will work. Besides, you need to take into account its power and throw distance.

If the distance from the screen is 3-5 meters, a 20W projector will suffice. For 5-9 meters, you will need to buy a 30W projector. A distance of 9-15 meters requires a 50-65W or even more powerful projector.

On a specs sheet, a manufacturer indicates a longer estimated distance. Under ideal conditions, when you are using a 30W Gobo projector in full darkness, a throw distance could be at least 20 meters. However, if there are other sources of light in the room, you will need to get a more powerful projector.