9 Best Gaming Mouse Pads in 2023

By Robin Owens 3 days ago, Computer Mouse

What is the best budget gaming mouse pad?

top gaming mouse pads

If you consider getting the best gaming mouse pad to be an extravagance compared to the value the other parts of your gaming setup bring, then you’re probably right.

While the majority of PC-related hardware requires a lot of testing, a mousepad is a much simpler component to review. A mere practical test that consists of playing a lot of games and detailed visual inspection are more than enough to determine if a certain model is worth the title of the best mouse pad for gaming.

Top 9 Best Gaming Mouse Pads

  1. Logitech G440 - Our Choice
  2. HyperX Fury S - Best gaming mousepad optimized for precision
  3. Razer Firefly Hard V2 - With Chroma lighting
  4. Corsair MM300 - Solid performance
  5. SteelSeries QcK - Large size
  6. Glorious XL - Stitched edges
  7. VicTsing XXL - Anti-slip design
  8. AUKEY Mouse Pad - Budget
  9. UtechSmart RGB - 14 lighting modes

Since you probably already spent a ton on getting the best gaming setup to enjoy video games with maximum comfort and immersion, getting a mousepad that offers the same level of quality seems like the only logical step. Here are our top gaming mouse pads.

1. Logitech G440

Our Choice
gaming mouse pad logitech g440

Dimensions: 280mm x 340mm | Weight: 229g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Minimalistic design
⊕ Convenient maneuvering
⊕ Ideal for games
⊕ Terrific choice for Logitech mice
⊖ Costs quite a lot
⊖ Users may be put off by the sharp edges

The G440 is easily one of the best gaming mousepads around, as it combines durability, style, and frictionless movement. It remains perfectly in place on your desk regardless of how intense the gaming action on your screen gets.

Moreover, it’s also a fantastic option if you own a Logitech mouse, as you get to enjoy the enhanced accuracy and smoothness by pairing the pad and mouse made by the same brand.

This mousepad comes with a polyethylene surface that allows you to glide the mouse with minimum resistance, which is great news for users that prefer playing on the highest DPI settings.

Even if you prefer lower DPI values, the mouse will still move around smoothly, offering you all the control you need, although your experience may not be as perfect if you’re using a mouse from a different manufacturer.

2. HyperX Fury S Pro

Best gaming mousepad optimized for precision
gaming mouse pad hyperx fury

Dimensions: 900mm x 420mm | Weight: 600g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Beautiful design
⊕ Durable and reliable
⊕ Anti-slipping surface
⊕ Convenient
⊖ Rough surface

HyperX Fury S Pro has everything you can want from the best mousepad for gaming: perfectly stitched edges that aren’t prone to fraying and a pleasantly even surface that gives you ultimate control over your mouse.

The professionally-woven fabric is very nice to the touch and offers perfect smoothness. The pad has a cloth top layer that provides the necessary softness for your wrist, while the rubberized base resists rapid hand movements during action-packed gaming moments and always keeps Fury S Pro in place.

This product is available in 4 sizes and thanks to the roll-up design, you can take it with you anywhere, which is a great feature if you like to play games on your laptop.

3. Razer Firefly Hard V2

With Chroma lighting
gaming mouse pad razer firefly

Dimensions: 355mm x 255mm | Weight: 860g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ RGB lights
⊕ Terrific size
⊕ No real weaknesses
⊕ Simple software installation
⊖ Extremely high price

If we’re going by pure visual appeal, then this model definitely deserves the title of the best gaming mousepad. Not only does it offer a beautiful, slim design, but you can also turn the built-in RGB lights by plugging in the provided braided USB cable to enjoy a cool light show.

This system was improved dramatically compared to the predecessor, as the lighting isn’t just an underglow anymore, but is spread evenly across all sides of the pad. Moreover, you now get to enjoy 19 light areas compared to the 15 of the original Firefly.

Flashy looks and light show aside, this mousepad isn’t all that different from all the other options on this list. It doesn’t offer the wireless charging included in the Razer Mamba Hyperflux, but the stuff it offers – slimness, brightness, enhanced lighting zones, and improved cable catch – are all top of the line.

4. Corsair MM300

Solid performance
gaming mouse pad corsair mm300

Dimensions: | Weight: | Material: Rubber | Colour: Gray

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⊕ Looks great
⊕ Textile-weave
⊕ Great performance
⊕ Doesn’t fray
⊖ Edge design

Changing from a standard size pad to an extended model like this one can do wonders to improve your experience and make the mouse controls a lot more fluid. The top layer of the mousepad feels incredibly pleasant to touch and the stitched edges feel comfortable too.

In many ways, the MM300 is reminiscent of the larger and bulkier Glorious Stealth mat. Both options offer extremely smooth controls, stitched edges, and narrow design, but this Corsair product has a better grip on the desk, which makes it a good gaming mousepad.

Other than the satisfying tactile feel, the MM300 is also a terrific base for both your keyboard and mouse, while providing a comfortable area for your wrist to relax on during the more casual gaming sessions.

5. SteelSeries QcK

Large size
gaming mouse pad steelseries

Dimensions: 445mmx175mm | Weight: 150 | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Stitched edges prevent fraying
⊕ Impeccable movement precision
⊕ Pro-level performance
⊕ Base material prevents slipping
⊖ High cost

Regardless of its size, this option can confidently be considered for the title of the best gaming mouse pad due to the incredible convenience it offers.

The uniform cloth top layer secures a terrific gliding experience with minimum friction. Sadly, unlike similar mousepads in this price range, the SteelSeries QcK isn’t covered with a water-resistant coating and isn't great at enduring the natural skin oil produced by the user’s palm and wrist, which can be a problem during long, intense gaming sessions.

Thankfully, cleaning the mouse is quite simple, but since it’s not water-resistant you’ll have to do it by hand, using a wet tissue or cloth instead of simply throwing it into the washer.

Despite those inconveniences, the SteelSeries pad can still be a valuable addition to any gaming setup as its surface offers terrific traction while the rubber-covered bottom helps keep the mousepad perfectly still regardless of the chaotic movements happening on top of it.

6. Glorious XL Extended

Stitched edges
gaming mouse pad glorious

Dimensions: 990mmx28mm | Weight: 318g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Compatible with keyboards
⊕ Minimalist aesthetics
⊕ Convenient surface
⊖ Might be too narrow for some

This is probably the best gaming pad on this list for competitive gamers, who need a lot of space for swift and precise maneuvering during FPS and multiplayer gaming sessions.

The mousepad is both large enough to give you all the room you need and narrow enough to not take up your entire desk. The surface material offers ideal performance, mixing speed and precision, allowing you to take out all of your opponents in Fortnite and League of Legends easier than ever.

Akin to most products featured above, Glorious XL also comes with stitched edges that don’t fray regardless of the wear and tear they go through. Additionally, the unique design of this pad makes it machine washable, which makes taking care of it a lot easier.

Finally, the manufacturer allows you to replace your mousepad for a new one during the first year after purchasing it, should you have any problems with the one you’ve received.

7. VicTsing XXL

Anti-slip design
gaming mouse pad victsing

Dimensions: 800mm×400mm| Weight: 650g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Easy to clean
⊕ Pleasant tactile feeling
⊕ Anti-slip design
⊖ Gathers a lot of dust

This model is among the best mouse pads for gaming when it comes to pure value for money. It costs significantly less than most options in this review while offering most of the same characteristics.

It’s made of high-quality braided material that is waterproof and offers minimum friction. While it’s not the softest or the most high-tech pad out there, VicTsing XXL offers enough comfort and space for you to enjoy action-packed games to the fullest.

Thanks to the impressive size of the mousepad, you can easily place both your keyboard and mouse on it, without them getting in the way of each other.

Moreover, it’s even possible to put a laptop on it and still freely move the mouse around. The smoothness of the surface is also very pleasant, as the mouse feels extremely responsive when gliding over the VicTsing.

8. AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad

mouse pad aukey

Dimensions: 900mm x 400mm | Weight: 1018g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Huge and amazing
⊕ Low cost
⊕ Waterproof
⊕ Reasonable price
⊖ Fine workmanship

The Aukey pad is a big gaming mouse pad with the proportions of 900x400x4mm. Its size is so huge that it covers almost half of your table and in length – even more than a half.

You can put your mouse and keyboard on it and you will still have some free space. If you are a gamer, then you will appreciate such important features of this gaming mousepad as water resistance, an anti-slip base and a mildly textured surface.

In addition to these technical characteristics, it has mid-to-low branding, well-stitched trim and black good-looking design. Taking into account its rather low price, which at the time of writing was £12.99, the Aukey pad is a nice option for gamers.

9. UtechSmart Large

14 lighting modes
mouse pad utechsmart

Dimensions: 800mmx300mm | Weight: 590g | Material: Rubber | Colour: Black

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⊕ Very big size
⊕ Won’t be sliding across your desktop
⊕ Well-stitched edges
⊕ Long and sturdy USB cord
⊖ Can be too big

UtechSmart is a huge gaming mat with unique features. It has 14 light modes: 8 static lighting modes, alternate Wave, sync Wave, alternate flash, synch breathing, alternate red changing, lights out, alternating breathing. By the way, all these lighting effects will not distract you much from work or gaming.

This extended mouse pad has a non-slip base. It is made of natural rubber that does not move around the desktop. So, even in the most unexpected and active moments of your game session, this gaming pad will stay in place.

Thanks to its zero thickness, natural rubber texture, sustained grip, this mouse pad is ideal to use both for games and office work. If you need the best gaming mouse pad for your best gaming mouse and gaming keyboard, then you can confidently buy UtechSmart Large.

Image Name Features  
gaming mouse pad logitech g440
Logitech G440
Our Choice
  • Dimensions: 280mm x 340mm
  • Weight: 229g
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black
gaming mouse pad hyperx fury
HyperX Fury S
  • Dimensions: 900mm x 420mm
  • Weight: 600g
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black
gaming mouse pad razer firefly
Razer Firefly Hard V2
  • Dimensions: 355mm x 255mm
  • Weight: 860g
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse Pad?

best gaming mouse pad

What Is the Best Gaming Mouse Pad?

People choose the best gaming mouse pad according to their preferences. As for me, I usually prefer simple things. For this reason, I use the Logitech G240 that met all my needs. On the one hand, this soft mouse pad is rather big if you use it with a gaming mouse. On the other hand, it is quite small for the majority of the desks. Besides, the Logitech G240 is rather sturdy and can serve you for many years. Of course, if you want to buy a similar but cheaper mouse mat, do not be angry when it begins falling apart in several months.

If the qualities of the pad are excellent for gamers, office workers will appreciate this mouse mat as well. Thanks to such characteristics as a sturdy surface, a sturdy grip and a proper size, mousepads on this list are equally suitable for gaming- and productivity-related tasks.

Mousepads Sizes and Forms

Today, there are so many mousepads of different forms, sizes and materials, that it is rather difficult to choose the most appropriate gaming model. To help you with the choice, we have created this guide on buying the best gaming mousepad. We put all our efforts into finding a big mouse pad for comfortable usage in various competitive games. Our work was not in vain, and as a result, we have our ideal gaming mousepad.

The Basics of Gaming Mousepads

While searching for gaming mouse pads, you should pay attention to the surface, the edge and the base. Each element is important in its own way. Read on and you will find out more detailed information about these three parameters.


You can find several types of surfaces on today’s market. Speaking of cloth pads, pay attention to such significant features as the type of material, the weave and the construction. Don't get tricked by products that have such labels as “CONTROL” or “SPEED” optimized mousepads. Some companies want to drive sales by using these marketing tricks.

The thing is that SPEED and CONTROL of the mousepad should be combined. Besides, to make a mousepad move better, the friction of the surface should also be taken into account. The surface of the best gaming mousepads has to be large and made particularly for users of gaming mice on low-DPI. Moreover, the surface should be sleek for your mice’s feet not to wear out quickly, as well as be quite comfortable for sliding your wrist.


As for the base, this element is often neglected. However, it plays a great role in the mousepad’s quality. The base has several thickness types. If you opt for a solid surface, similar to a plastic surface mousepad, then the slim base (2mm) will be perfectly good for you.

The heavy base has a thickness of 5 mm. It will be wonderful for gamers who participate in tournaments and don’t know which type of surface they will be playing on. The thickness of 5 mm can neutralize all bumpy areas, providing you with the smoothest surface.

The standard base (3mm) has an excellent thickness for the best gaming mat. This base offers the medium thickness – it is neither too thin nor too thick.


It is known that both the surface and the base are usually glued together. However, within some time, these two components can become separated. It often happens to cheap gaming mouse pad models of bad quality. In order to eliminate this problem, opt for a thick stitched frame around the mousepad. Thanks to this frame, your gaming mat will not wear out and will retain its aesthetic look even after long years of your game battles. Besides, with these edges, you can easily wash your mousepad.


best gaming mouse pad

These days, with the development of computer games, a need for good gaming mousepads is as relevant as ever. It is a very important mouse accessory for all the gamers as it helps make their gaming mouse precise and fast. Moreover, gaming mousepads do not cost much. So, if you want to win in all your gaming sessions, then the best mousepad for gaming is a must-have for you.


  • • Is a gaming mouse pad essential for gaming?

Surely. With the help of mousepads for gaming, you can obtain better control and great accuracy. Extra lighting effects that some mousepads have can synchronize with your gaming mouse or wireless gaming keyboard for greater effects. The desktop does not maintain your mouse in place while playing, but the gaming mousepad does.

  • • Does a mouse pad matter in gaming?

You will be surprised to find out how relevant a gaming mousepad can be, and how it improves the general gaming experience. As you know, using a mouse on a hard and uneven surface is not really productive. Though some modern mice are equipped with sensors that adapt to different surfaces, only a mouse pad can give a good sleekness and freedom of action. If you want to enhance your gaming experience, then you must get the best gaming pad.

  • • Is it better to buy a soft or hard gaming mouse pad?

Both soft and hard gaming mousepads are remarkable. As for soft gaming pads, they are often fabricated of rubber or foam and have fabric cover. Besides, they are usually padded. Speaking of hard mousepads, they are made of sleek plastic elements with a rubber backing. They are not so cushiony inside as soft mousepads are. If you are a regular user, both surfaces will meet your demands. However, most gamers choose hard mousepads as they can offer you better mouse precision.

  • • Why are gaming mouse pads so expensive?

In fact, the best mouse pads for gaming, as any other accessories intended for gamers, are not the cheapest ones. Most hardcore gamers are willing to invest in worthy gaming mousepads in order to refine their gaming experience and bring more comfort to the entire process.