6 Best Dumb TVs in 2022

By Robin Owens 17 days ago, TVs

Affordable and high-quality dumb TVs.

best dumb tv

Although it seems like Smart TVs have occupied the entire market, some people are still interested in purchasing the best dumb TV. If you are one of them, go on reading. Even if you are not and you are loyal to cutting-edge technology, we would still recommend you to stay and see – maybe a dumb TV will eventually appeal to you.

Top 6 Best Dumb TVs

  1. Sceptre 32 inch - Stylish
  2. LG 24LJ4540 - Multifunctional
  3. ViewSonic VA2759-SMH - Sharp screen
  4. LG 24LJ4540-WU - Digital display technology
  5. LG 22LJ4540 - Easy to set up
  6. Caixun 24-Inch - Compact

Whenever we hear the phrase “dumb TVs”, most of us are probably picturing those outdated models without any smart capabilities. However, all this is in the past and modern dumb TVs are actually getting smarter. Below, we will go over the most significant characteristics of dumb TVs in more detail.

1. Sceptre 32 inch

sceptre 32 inch dumb tv

Available sizes: 32 inch | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Stylish
  • ✚ Powerful
  • ✚ Exclusive picture and sound quality
  • ✚ Multifunctional
  • Doesn't support 1080p

The Sceptre 32 inch Full 1080p LED HDTV is a very sleek, slim-yet-powerful television that comes with a lot of cool features. Its striking design and elegant features have made it very popular among home owners. This TV comes with two USB ports, an optical digital input port, DVI port and audio port, which all enhance its ease of use and flexibility. You can enjoy exclusive picture quality and sound through the THX cinema technology. This feature uses the HDMI interface to transmit the video signal, so that it can be seen on your screen.

It is powered by a single triple-A battery, which offers a long-time service. The Sceptre also features a remote control with bundled remote control cable, and a headphone jack for ultimate comfort. The built-in security and safety measures make this a preferred choice among many consumers, who feel more secured when they use a TV like this. These types of security measures also help to protect the cable and the cord, making it less risky to damage or break.

2. LG 24LJ4540

lg 24lj4540 dumb tv

Available sizes: 22/24 inch | Input lag: 14 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Multifunctional
  • ✚ Built-in speakers
  • ✚ Easy to use and simple to set up
  • Only one HDMI slot

The LG 24LJ4540 TV has a lot of smart features that make watching TV very easy. Whether you need simple entertainment or want to watch movies and documentaries, this television has all you will need.

The built-in speakers allow you to enjoy your TV shows and movies with maximum sound clarity. This television is also easy to use and simple to set up, making it a practical purchase for everyone.

3. ViewSonic VA2759-SMH

Sharp screen
viewsonic va2759-smh dumb tv

Available sizes: 22/24/27/28 inch | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ High picture quality
  • ✚ Screen is so bright, sharp and lifelike
  • ✚ Excellent value
  • No HDMI

ViewSonic's VA2759-SMH TV is definitely one of the most advanced television technology on the market. With this top-of-the-line TV, a person can get the best quality of any movie or broadcast.

The screen is so bright, sharp and lifelike that even the tiniest of wrinkles on someone's face are amazingly apparent. Because it uses a quantum-tube, the picture quality is exponentially better than ordinary TVs. ViewSonic's VA2759-SMH TV is rated for HDTV, so you can watch movies and sporting events in the best possible quality.

In addition, it an excellent value in an age where most appliances cost twice as much as they did just a few years ago.

4. LG 24LJ4540-WU

Digital display technology
lg 24lj4540-wu dumb tv

Available sizes: 22/24 inch | Input lag: 14 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Digital display technology
  • ✚ Liquid crystal display technology
  • ✚ Multifunctional
  • USB ports do not recognize USB drives

If you are looking for a new television, it's best to go with the LG 24LJ4540-WU TV. This is one of the most advanced televisions available in today's market. This model comes with many features that allow it to be a perfect entertainment center. The best thing about owning this television is that it comes with a motion sensor so you can have your TV set to turn on when you walk in front of it or turn off automatically as soon as it gets dimmed out.

One of the best features that this television is the liquid crystal display technology. With the help of this technology, the picture will be displayed at its best quality no matter what angle you view it from. Another feature that this television is the digital display technology. It has an electronic display that will allow you to program all of the channels that you want to watch without having to switch between different channels.

5. LG 22LJ4540

Easy to set up
lg 22lj4540 dumb tv

Available sizes: 22/24 inch | Input lag: 14 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Afforable price
  • ✚ Easy to set up
  • ✚ Good equipment
  • Only one HDMI slot

One of the best selling plasma televisions nowadays is the LG 22LJ 4540. It is considered as the ultimate home entertainment TV for people who have a tight budget and yet want to have an excellent television at home. There are so many benefits you can have with your television, if you purchase this model.

You can put it on any area of your home without having to worry about wires and cables. Unlike other TV's out there, you can use your existing TV wall mounts in order to place your television comfortably. This is because the stand is very easy to mount on the walls of your living room. Another benefit you can get from having this TV is that you can purchase all the accessories you need for your TV at one point. You do not have to go around buying different sets of TV wires and cables because this one comes with everything you would need.

6. Caixun 24-Inch

caixun 24-inch dumb tv

Available sizes: 24/32/43/50/55/65/75 inch | Input lag: 9 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Compact and lightweight
  • ✚ Stylish
  • ✚ High picture quality
  • ✚ Long lasting life
  • Sound quality could be better

Caixun 24-inch TV is one of the best televisions and offers various types of features that are suitable for people. It is not only light in weight but also offer you great picture clarity and are very stylish. It is always better to shop for a television which has high resolution, excellent picture quality and long lasting life. This is what makes Caixun 24-Inch TV such a great item for you and your family.

The main characteristic of this brand of TV's is its sleek design. The body of this brand of television is made up of extremely durable material that can withstand shock and other damages. The most notable feature of the Caixun is its high definition display which offers true colors and brilliant images. Another amazing feature of the Caixun TV is its incredible contrast ratio. In addition, Caixun 24-inch TV is the fact that it has a noise reduction feature. This means that it reduces the amount of unnecessary signals that are sent to your television.

sceptre 32 inch dumb tv
Sceptre 32 inch
  • Stylish
  • Powerful
lg 24lj4540 dumb tv
LG 24LJ4540
  • Multifunctional
  • Built-in speakers
viewsonic va2759-smh dumb tv
ViewSonic VA2759-SMH
Sharp screen
  • High picture quality
  • Screen is so bright, sharp and lifelike

How to Choose the Best Dumb TV?

how to choose the best dumb tv

Screen Size

Speaking of the choice of the best dumb TV, one of the hardest things is to pick a nice screen size. In fact, the sizes of modern fancy TVs are way larger than those of dumb ones.

The majority of dumb TVs boast screens of 30-40 inches, which may not be suitable for some. According to current TV standards, a 30-40-inch display is considered to be small.

Thankfully, the market offers decent 50-inch dumb TVs. If you are lucky, you may even come across a dumb TV with a screen of up to 65 inches.

Input Ports

best dumb tv

In order to tell apart the best dumb TV and a basic one, pay attention to the number of input ports. Since dumb TVs require external devices to show content, multiple ports are a must. This way, all the necessary devices will be plugged in successfully.

The larger the number of input ports, the easier it will be to switch between devices without having to plug and unplug them. Just imagine that you need to constantly reach behind the TV – that doesn’t sound convenient, does it?

These days, the greater part of external devices is using HDMI ports. No less than 3 HDMI ports are required. In case you plan to connect more external devices in the nearest future, consider a dumb TV with a larger number of ports.


If you need the best dumb TV, don’t go searching for it in the monitor category. A monitor may be a nice option, but the produced results can hardly be compared to those of a TV. TV displays are brighter than monitor displays since the latter are meant for those who sit closer.

A monitor will work just fine in case you are watching movies in a dimmed room. But if you decide to watch something in the middle of the day, the monitor will be unable to deliver sufficient brightness. Thus, the viewing process will be less enjoyable.

Besides, monitors don’t feature a TV tuner. So, if you are going to watch local TV channels, a monitor isn’t the best option out there.