5 Best Big Screen TVs in 2023

By Robin Owens 19 days ago, TVs

Affordable and high-quality big screen TVs.

best big screen tv

If you have a large living room, then the best big screen TV is what you need. Large TVs are great for people who don’t like going out too often. If you want to get the most out of your home theater or want to invite friends to watch a sports game together, this article will help you make the right choice. Nowadays, most manufacturers produce TVs with 4K resolution, HDR and virtual surround sound support.

Top 5 Best Big Screen TVs

  1. SAMSUNG UN85TU8000FXZA - Our choice
  2. LG 65UP8000PUA - Budget
  3. LG 75UN8570PUC - Alexa Built-In
  4. TCL 75S535 - Dolby Vision
  5. Samsung QN82Q60RAFXZA - QLED 4K

Read on to learn more about the best 80-85-inch TVs and buy the one that suits your needs perfectly.

If you have a large and spacious room, a TV with a diagonal of 80-85 inches will be a great choice for you. It is suitable for watching movies with your family and spending time with your friends. The latest widescreen TVs come with advanced technology and software. They enhance viewers’ experience by delivering high definition, improved contrast and vibrant images. Thanks to the latest LED technology, they have a modern and stylish design. Such a TV will be a great fit for almost any interior.


Our choice
samsung un85tu8000fxza big screen tv

Available sizes: 43-85 | Input lag: 11ms | Refresh rate: 60 Hz

  • ✚ Good size choices
  • ✚ Smart TV
  • ✚ UHD
  • ✚ Adjustable height
  • Bad remote quality
  • No local dimming

SAMSUNG UN85TU8000FXZA is a big screen TV. This is one of the best televisions on the market right now and it has a very unique and futuristic look. The screen has a very wide screen and is 85 inches large. There are many benefits to owning a large screen HDTV like this like easy view and great picture quality.

If you like a lot of digital features on your TV, then the SAMSUNG UN85TU8000FXZA is definitely a great choice. Like other reviews have shown, however, it does have some cons. For example, it didn't have very good remote quality, but it did have other nice features such as smart TV, large multi-room display and an adjustable height.

2. LG 65UP8000PUA

lg 65up8000pua big screen tv

Available sizes: 70-75 | Input lag: 9.9 ms | Refresh rate: 60 Hz

  • ✚ Excellent reflection handling
  • ✚ Decent gray uniformity
  • ✚ Built in digital sound processor
  • Low contrast ratio

LG 70UN7370PUC is one of the latest and greatest big screen TVs from LG. This TV was developed with a lot of features in mind that would ensure that it is an excellent choice for any TV enthusiast. The TV features a built in digital sound processor so that when watching movies or listening to music, the sound quality is top notch. This TV also offers a wide variety of inputs including DVD players, game consoles, connect with your laptop or desktop computer, and even includes built in speakers to take full advantage of the surround sound features.

One of the cons is that like any other big screen TV this unit does not have the best contrast ratio, but that is to be expected because of the large screen. In terms of picture quality, the pictures on this TV were rated higher than those on an HDTV for the most part. There are some slight fluctuations with colors, but you will not notice them at first and by the end of the day it will look the same as watching a regular TV set.

3. LG 75UN8570PUC

Alexa Built-In
lg 75un8570puc big screen tv

Available sizes: 65-86 | Input lag: 9 ms | Refresh rate: 120 Hz

  • ✚ High picture and sound quality
  • ✚ Motion detector
  • ✚ Fast response time
  • ✚ Flat screen
  • No HDR10+

The LG 75UN8570PUC is one of the most popular big screen tv that LG is making and it comes in a variety of different styles and sizes. The first advantage that LG provides with this TV is the flat screen. Flat screens are always a big advantage because they offer an easy view and don't have any borders or other structures on them. The 75UN8570PUC boasts a widescreen display and a response time of more than two seconds. Response time is important because it allows the television to determine where the image is coming from so that it can automatically adjust the picture for that part of the screen.

Another pro that this big screen TV has is that it comes with a motion detector so that it is only on when you are watching something. Motion detectors are great because they allow you to be able to turn the TV off while watching a movie or while you are doing something else. It has great audio and picture quality, so it is easy to see why this TV is so popular.

4. TCL 75S535

Dolby Vision
tcl 75s535 big screen tv

Available sizes: 50-75 | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate: 60 Hz

  • ✚ Exceptional contrast ratio
  • ✚ Good sound system
  • ✚ Sturdy stand
  • Only two USB ports

The TCL 75S535 has many features including a wide variety of picture enhancing features. It has a good sound system, which is integrated with its TV. There are some extra features on this TV, which includes an infrared remote control, voice activation and quick switching from the input source. It has a very sturdy stand and the stand is removable so you can move it anywhere.However, there are only two USB ports on this TV, so that means that other features like your other accessories might not be supported.

5. Samsung QN82Q60RAFXZA

samsung qn82q60rafxza big screen tv

Available sizes: 43-82 | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate: 120 Hz

  • ✚ Wide viewing angle
  • ✚ Wide screen
  • ✚ Easy operation
  • No Dolby Vision

The Samsung QN82Q60RAFXZA is one of the latest televisions to have been released by Samsung. This is considered to be a mid-range TV which has all the features and technology that one would look for in a top of the line big screen television. This TV comes with a high definition screen that produces a very sharp picture. It also comes with very good built quality, especially considering its price tag. The pros of this TV include things such as having a wide screen, easy operation, very good sound, fast response time, and a very sharp picture.

The big-screen size of the TV is very nice for watching movies on since it provides a very large view. Another pro of this TV is that the screen is very bright and clear. Some other things in the pros of the TV include having a very responsive screen, the ability to change the picture mode from standard to hi def, and the color depth is top notch.

samsung un85tu8000fxza big screen tv
Our choice
  • Good size choices
  • Smart TV
canon lx-mu500 canon projectors
LG 65UP8000PUA
  • Excellent reflection handling
  • Decent gray uniformity
lg 75un8570puc big screen tv
LG 75UN8570PUC
Alexa Built-In
  • High picture and sound quality
  • Motion detector

How to Choose the Best Big Screen TV?

how to choose the best big screen tv

Display Technology

Although many modern TVs are fitted with LED panels, the image quality they deliver can vary significantly. An OLED panel TV delivers a better image, but it’s also more expensive. Thanks to individually illuminated pixels, OLEDs deliver deep blacks and enhanced contrast. Organic compounds help achieve rich and vibrant colors. Besides a high cost, some OLED TVs have a burn-in issue. Burn-ins were a common problem for plasma and projection TVs. If you used the panel for a long time, or if a panel displayed one image for an extended time, it became damaged.

Resolution Options

When choosing the best big screen TV, pay attention to its resolution. There are several resolutions available. For instance, Full HD (1080p) accounts for good picture quality while 4K UHD TVs produce an even better image. An 8K TV is a great option for a home theater.

Full HD 1080p models are already outdated and deliver mediocre image quality. Such TVs were popular when HD video appeared.

how to choose the best big screen tv

Refresh Rates

When choosing a new TV, make sure to consider its refresh rate. It directly affects the image quality and refers to the number of times a TV refreshes images on the screen per second. A TV that supports a 60 Hz refresh rate refreshes the image 60 times per second. The most popular refresh rates are 60Hz and 120Hz. Some devices offer variable refresh rates, depending on the type of media. Higher refresh rate models produce a smoother image and deliver higher quality.