8 Best Batteries for a Blink Camera in 2023

By Tati Taylor 15 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

top 3 batteries for blink camera

When choosing a Blink camera battery, it is important to consider the structure, capacity, and availability of moisture-proof coatings. Some of the best batteries guarantee your security camera will work uninterruptedly for a month without the need to recharge it. Other battery types are resistant to cold and can provide stable operation in heavy rain.

Top 8 Batteries for Blink Cameras

  1. Energizer - Up to 30 days of active use
  2. Amazon basic - Short circuit protection
  3. Duracell Optimum - Corrosion resistant
  4. EBL - For extreme temperature fluctuations
  5. Hixon - Hg/Pb/Cd free
  6. Duracell Rechargeable - Fast recharging
  7. Bevigor - Waterproof
  8. Kratax - ROHS, CE, CQC, and PSE certified

All batteries for blink cameras on this list have been tested on Blink Mini and Blink Outdoor devices. They are capacious enough for stable operation of a camera from 8 to 200 hours, depending on the working conditions.

While lithium batteries performed significantly better in stress tests, you can still use cheap alkaline batteries for cameras that are placed indoors without being exposed to cold or moisture.

1. Energizer

Suitable for extreme temperature conditions
energizer batteries for blink camera

Battery Cell Composition: lithium | Rechargeable: absent | Extreme Temperatures: from -40 to 140°F | mAH: 3500

  • ✚ Large capacity for long-term use
  • ✚ Service life is over 20 years
  • ✚ Work properly at extreme temperatures
  • ✚ Battery components don’t harm a camera
  • High cost per piece

These are one of the best batteries for Blink camera considering their structure and service life. They are made of high-quality lithium, so they correctly distribute the voltage and have a long service life (up to 2 years of active use and up to 20+ years of storage without losing mAH).

They can also work in extreme temperatures from -40 to 140°F. Therefore, you can use them in the coldest or warmest regions. These batteries also have moisture protection, meaning they can be used even in high-humidity regions.

2. Amazon Basic

The best budget-friendly option for office blink cameras
amazon basic batteries for blink camera

Battery Cell Composition: alkaline | Reload Support: absent | Extreme Temperatures: from −0,4°F to 130°F | mAH: 2400

  • ✚ 10+ years shelf life
  • ✚ With an anti-corrosion coating
  • ✚ Short circuit protection
  • Not designed to work in the cold
  • The alkaline composition has a low density

Nowadays, Amazon Basics batteries have become extremely popular in the market due to their good quality and reasonable price. These batteries have an alkaline composition, sealed and moisture-proof safety mechanisms that reduce the risk of corrosion and accidents.

In addition, the batteries have a special insulating ring that helps stave off a short circuit and maintains proper operation with minimal temperature changes and power surges. In terms of durability, these batteries for Blink camera can last 10+ years. If you actively use them in an outdoor security camera system, their charge will be sufficient for 10+ days of work.

3. Duracell Optimum

Over 200 hours of blink camera operation
duracell optimum batteries for blink camera

Battery Cell Composition: alkaline | Reload Support: absent | Extreme Temperatures: 70°F | mAH: 3350

  • ✚ Corrosion resistant
  • ✚ Completely sealed
  • ✚ Stable camera operation for more than 200 hours
  • For indoor use only
  • Fast discharging in cold

Duracell Optimum batteries have been popular for many years in a row due to a perfect balance of capacity and affordability. They have a good sealed construction and anti-corrosion design, which has a direct impact on their service life.

However, if you google “What batteries do Blink cameras use in extreme temperatures?”, you won’t see Duracell batteries in the search results. This kit is aimed at cameras located inside an office or a house.

Speaking of service life, they can work for 10+ days (or over 200+ hours) under heavy use. Their shelf life is 10 years.

4. EBL

Maintain a constant discharge rate
ebl batteries for blink camera

Battery Cell Composition: lithium | Reload Support: absent | Extreme Temperatures: from −40°F to 140°F | mAH: 3000

  • ✚ Large capacity
  • ✚ Completely safe for cameras
  • ✚ Withstand extreme temperatures
  • Recharge is absent
  • High voltage can cause a surge

The developers used new technology to provide extra durability and maintain a constant 1.5V discharge, making these batteries compatible with hidden cameras. Unlike Duracell Optimum, EBL batteries have excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions and can operate in temperatures from -40°F to 140°F.

You don't have to worry about safety when using these batteries as they consist of high-quality components for a great user experience. A set of these batteries can maintain 15+ days of active camera use. The only drawback is that they are neither rechargeable nor disposable.

5. Hixon Rechargeable

1600 recharge cycles
hixon rechargeable batteries for blink camera

Battery Cell Composition: NiMH | Reload Support: rechargeable | Extreme Temperatures: from -4°F to 140°F | mAH: 2330

  • ✚ Can be recharged for reuse
  • ✚ Overcharge and surge protection
  • ✚ Up to 1600 recharge cycles
  • Not suitable for outdoor Blink cameras
  • Capacity loss after 200 cycles

Hixon is another great battery for Blink camera if you are looking for high-capacity rechargeable options. They have the best recharge cycles (up to 1600) and brag about built-in current overload protection.

Moreover, these batteries are environmentally friendly and don’t contain Hg/Pb/Cd. Another advantage of this product is that an original charger for 4 batteries is included in the kit.

6. Duracell Rechargeable

Sealed blocks
duracell rechargeable batteries for blink camera

Battery Cell Composition: NiMH | Reload Support: rechargeable | Extreme Temperatures: from −0,4°F to 130°F | mAH: 2650

  • ✚ 5+ years of service life
  • ✚ Fast recharging
  • ✚ Sealed blocks for protection from external influences
  • Lose mAH after hundreds of cycles
  • Don't work well in the cold

Duracell Rechargeable are excellent quality lithium batteries for Blink camera. These batteries stand out with a high level of protection against external influences, as they have sealed blocks. Thus, you can even use them in waterproof security cameras.

The batteries work stably on the warmest days or in buildings without air conditioning, but they are not designed to work in cold weather (in such places, they lose their charge almost instantly).

These batteries are also rechargeable. Thus, you can use them much longer than analogs. It is possible to recharge Duracell batteries more than 100 times (although the capacity will decrease). However, due to the low price, you will have to purchase universal battery chargers separately.

7. Bevigor

Three-level surge protection
bevigor batteries for blink camera

Battery Cell Composition: lithium | Reload Support: absent | Extreme Temperatures: -40° F to 140° F | mAH: 3000

  • ✚ Three-level protection
  • ✚ Waterproof
  • ✚ Don’t lose properties in an idle Blink camera
  • Not rechargeable
  • Low capacity

Bevigor batteries for Blink camera have become known for their good thermal shock resistance and capabilities to operate -40° F to 140° F temperature ranges. The batteries are lithium-based and come with three-level protection against power surges.

Besides, they are completely sealed and waterproof, so you can insert them even in cameras located outdoors. In terms of service life, a set of these lutein batteries can last up to 7 days in a camera.

8. Kratax Rechargeable

Reverse charge protection
kratax rechargeable batteries for blink camera

Battery Cell Composition: NiMH | Reload Support: rechargeable | Extreme Temperatures: -40° F to 130° F | mAH: 3500

  • ✚ Rechargeable
  • ✚ Work in extreme temperatures
  • ✚ ROHS, CE, CQC, PSE certified
  • Claimed mAH wasn’t proved in tests
  • Capacity reduction after 15 battery recharges

Kratax batteries are popular because of their reasonable price-quality ratio. The batteries have a high capacity of 3500 mAH and are also rechargeable. Thus, it is possible to extend their operational time.

Kratax batteries have four levels of protection, including a built-in protection device to prevent overcharging, surge, overcurrent, and reverse charge protection.

energizer batteries for blink camera
  • Large capacity
  • Moisture protection
  • Work in extreme temperatures
duracell optimum batteries for blink camera
Duracell Optimum
  • 3350 mAH
  • Anti-corrosion shell
  • Shelf life is over 10 years
amazon basic batteries for blink camera
Amazon Basic
  • Short circuit protection
  • 10+ days of active use
  • Reasonable price

How to Choose the Best Batteries for Blink Camera?

how to choose the best batteries for blink camera

Use the correct type of batteries. The best and most reliable option for your Blink camera is lithium batteries. They have the highest energy density among all rechargeable battery cells. Thus, they can store more energy than alkaline options or any disposable batteries of comparable sizes.

Also, remember that batteries shouldn’t contain Hg/Pb/Cd (substances that are emitted by cheap alkaline batteries and harm your camera). If you want to be sure your camera will work properly for a long time, buy only high-quality alkaline batteries like Amazon Basic.

Choose batteries that are compatible with Blink cameras. Make sure to ask a seller if particular batteries are compatible with Blink cameras. While Energizer and Duracell batteries are versatile and can last for years if used properly, some alkaline batteries may not be capacious enough and they may have low operating voltage for Blink cameras.

Operation features. If your Blink camera works outdoors all year round, it is important to choose a battery that is resistant to extreme temperatures and weatherproof. Also, if you consider purchasing rechargeable batteries for Blink cameras, opt for those with overcharge protection technology.


  • • Which battery should I use for my Blink camera?

Don’t use lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries; Blink cameras are only compatible with Lithium and NiMH AA 1.5V batteries. I also recommend avoiding low-grade rechargeable batteries as they lose their capacity after 5 charges.

  • • Can I use Blink cameras without batteries?

You can connect a Micro USB cable and adapter via a USB port on the back of any Blink camera to power it instead of using batteries. For your safety, use only 5V/1A USB power adapters. However, using batteries will keep your device running even if you have a temporary power outage.

  • • Can Blink camera overheat due to a bad battery?

Yes, if batteries don't have constant voltage technology and you use a cheap security camera under $100. If your device is hot, remove batteries (or turn a camera off) and let it cool down for a few minutes. Replace batteries with more quality ones and restart your device.