5 Best 15 Inch Subwoofers in 2022

By Robin Owens 9 days ago, Speakers

Affordable and high-quality 15 inch subwoofers.

best 15 inch subwoofers

If you travel a lot and enjoy listening to music in your car, you might need to purchase the best 15 inch subwoofer to get rich bass. Subwoofers are perfect for music enthusiasts who want to hear clear low-end sound when listening to rock, rap, jazz and other tracks.

Top 5 Best 15 Inch Subwoofers

  1. Skar Audio SDR-15 D2 - Powerful
  2. Rockville W15K9D2 - Cheap
  3. Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 D1 - Loudest
  4. Rockville Destroyer 15D2 - High quality
  5. Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 - With cooling system

Those who have never used a subwoofer before might face a difficult choice since it might be challenging to understand which specifications one should pay attention to. We have compiled this list to make your task easier and help you find the most reliable model on the market.

1. Skar Audio SDR-15 D2

skar audio sdr-15 d2 15 inch subwoofers

Dimensions: 15.32 x 15.32 x 9.75 inches | Weight: 21.9 lbs | Maximum output power: 1200 Watts | Frequency response: 20-250 Hz

  • ✚ Easy installation
  • ✚ Deep bass
  • ✚ High-quality assembly
  • ✚ Sounds good
  • Short-lived

For a few hundred dollars, you can get a brand new Skar Audio SDR-15 D2 subwoofer. The SDR-15 is built on a new generation of satellite audio technology, which is a new subwoofer design from Skar Audio. This new subwoofer comes with a new vented dual chamber subwoofer for an extra strong bass note. You can count on powerful high frequencies from this powerful subwoofer.

When you take a look at the quality of the sound you get from a subwoofer like the one found in the Skar Audio SDR-15 D2, you will want to make sure that it matches what you need. That is why this subwoofer is perfect for you if you are looking to get a powerful yet efficient sound for your car audio. The subwoofer is also very durable, which means that you don't have to worry about buying another subwoofer enclosure if yours gets damaged.

2. Rockville W15K9D2

rockville w15k9d2 15 inch subwoofers

Dimensions: 18.3 x 18 x 12.6 inches | Weight: 34.0 lbs | Maximum output power: 1250 Watts | Frequency response: 27 Hz - 1.5 kHz/p>

  • ✚ Looks great
  • ✚ Affordable price
  • Mediocre sound quality

For the convenience of the customer Rockville has designed the Rockville W15K9D2 subwoofer with an easy to read, clear, easy to follow signal input LED indicator. This indicator informs the user if the subwoofer is in any phase of response. By allowing the signal input LED to light up blue when the subwoofer is in any phase of the response the user will be able to better understand what phase of response the subwoofer is responding to and therefore what frequency range it is operating off of.

When you add a Rockville subwoofer it instantly places you in the upper echelon of car audio. You will have the capability of putting up some music that is amazing. The Rockville subwoofer comes with factory installed remote controls so even the novice car audio enthusiast can easily use the system. Rockville subwoofers come with a standard 3 band equalizer, built in amp/imager, phase lock switch, phase shifting control, and bass boost.

3. Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 D1

skar audio zvx-15v2 d1 15 inch subwoofers

Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 16 inches | Weight: 57.1 lbs | Maximum output power: 3000 Watts | Frequency response: 25-400 Hz

  • ✚ Great sound
  • ✚ Great appearance
  • High price

If you are looking for a new car audio system you should take a close look at the Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 D1 subwoofer. This car audio system comes with two subwoofers. It has a high performance amplifier that produces tones that are clean and crisp. It also has an amplifier that will handle power fast, so you won't have to worry about the slow start up of some of the other systems on the market. The amplifier allows you to get quality sound from your speakers without worrying about the power going out.

The engineering of this subwoofer is top notch, and they use the latest in digital technology to allow you to enjoy your media loud and clear. If you want to add a superior sound system to your vehicle, you should take a closer look at the Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 D1 subwoofer.

4. Rockville Destroyer 15D2

High quality
rockville destroyer 15d2 15 inch subwoofers

Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 15 inches | Weight: 56.0 lbs | Maximum output power: 2000 Watts | Frequency response: 33 Hz - 1.5 kHz

  • ✚ Good sound
  • ✚ Quality materials
  • Heats up a little

A brand new subwoofer from Rockville Destroyers is the 15D2 subwoofer. With a new technology called DSC, this subwoofer has the capability to produce bass extension that would rival some high end speakers. The 15D2 subwoofer comes with a choice of subwoofer wire styles. The default subwoofer wire is provided with black, flat, and medium colored wires. The DSC wire is provided with an extra tab that allows the user to customize the wiring if they so choose.

The enclosure and body of the Rockville Destroyers 15D2 subwoofer is made of sturdy black powder coat. There are no fancy curves or contours here, it's just straight forward and to the point. Other features on the subwoofer include rubber surround, a full surround sound line out, and a textured back for optimum sound control. It's built using the latest computerized designs and engineering techniques, and Rockville Destroyers goes to great lengths to ensure quality performance.

5. Skar Audio EVL-15 D2

With cooling system
skar audio evl-15 d2 15 inch subwoofers

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 10 inches | Weight: 37.1 lbs | Maximum output power: 2500 Watts | Frequency response: 20-250 Hz

  • ✚ Superb RMS rating of 1250 watts
  • ✚ Enhanced cooling system for improved durability
  • ✚ Well-guarded by high-quality roll foam
  • ✚ Dual 2ohm configuration for maximum power utilization
  • Some cracking noise may be experienced at high volumes

If you are looking for a powerful car stereo system, without breaking your bank, then Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 subwoofer is the perfect subwoofer. With its sleek styling and powerful performance, this car stereo system can stand on its own among other quality brands of subwoofers.

The sound of deep bass is made possible due to the grills that are placed at the front and rear of the subwoofer. The grills also act as the tuning mechanism, which is responsible for giving that authentic deep bass sound. So, you don't have to worry about not having that rich bass feeling in your car audio system, when you add a subwoofer from this brand.

skar audio sdr-15 d2 15 inch subwoofers
Skar Audio SDR-15 D2
  • Easy installation
  • Deep bass
rockville w15k9d2 15 inch subwoofers
Rockville W15K9D2
  • Looks great
  • Affordable price
skar audio zvx-15v2 d1 15 inch subwoofers
Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 D1
  • Great sound
  • Loudest

How to Choose the 15 Inch Subwoofers?

15 inch subwoofers

Whether you need to buy a basic model or the best 15 inch subwoofer, there are several things you need to consider when making your choice.

You have to take into account the frequency range, power, enclosure type, sensitivity and the number of voice coils. Let’s take a closer look at these specifications.


If you need to purchase a subwoofer that produces loud sound, pick a model that can handle a large amount of power. RMS power tells you how much continuous power a model can handle, which is why it’s crucial to pay attention to this rating when making your choice.

The RMS power rating of your subwoofer should match to the other components of your sound system, such as the amplifier.

Frequency Range

Low-frequency sound accounts for reach bass. If you can’t choose between two models of subwoofers that come at the same price and have the same enclosure type, pick the one that supports lower frequencies as it will account for clearer bass sound.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the types of enclosure.

How Enclosure Type Affects Bass Production

If an enclosure is fully sealed, you will hear a richer and more accurate sound. However, if you enjoy loud sound, make sure to pick the best 15 inch subwoofer that comes with a ported or bandpass enclosure.


best 15 inch subwoofers

Sensitivity is measured in decibels (dB), and it shows how efficiently a model can produce high-quality sound at a given power level.

For those who own a low-powered stereo system, a high-sensitivity subwoofer will be a better solution. However, if you have a high-powered system, make sure to select a low-sensitivity sub.

The Number of Voice Coils

Most people prefer buying DVC subwoofers fitted with a dual voice coil. They are considered to be a better option than subs with single voice coils. Most expensive subwoofers have dual voice coils.