Webroot Crack Latest Version (Free Download)

By Julia Newman 2024-03-26, Australian Blog

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By no means would I recommend downloading some Webroot cracks from a pirate site or any torrent tracker based on my personal experience. Certainly, it's better when you get an official and the last updated version of this tool.

Certainly, the Webroot software licensed version is a sure tool against malwares and viruses, from online threats in general. It is developed and updated by security experts. I've tried to check how reliable its protective measures are on my own laptop and tablet, and I'm very satisfied.

System Requirements

OS: Windows, Mac
RAM: 128 MB
Disk space: 10 MB
Screen: 1024x600
CPU: Intel Pentium/Celeron, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron

Antivirus software downloaded from pirate sites usually comes from unreliable sources and, most likely, may be recorded in a way that puts your computer security at risk. It can be embedded with hidden malicious code or a backdoor element that will lay open your private information and leave your device at the mercy of hackers.

I value the security and safety of my PC and laptop more than a couple of bucks, which is why I prefer to avoid using cracked Webroot versions. By getting the latest official of Webroot, I can be confident about the protection of my devices while the software remains up-to-date and can prevent all emerging threats going forward.

Webroot Versions:

Webroot Basic 2024 Latest Version

File name:

webroot-basic.exe (download)

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Webroot Plus

File name:

webroot-plus.exe (download)

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Webroot Complete

File name:

webroot-complete.exe (download)

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Webroot Premium

File name:

webroot-premium.exe (download)

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Webroot 9.1.3 Version

File name:

webroot-9.1.3.exe (download)

File size:


Webroot: Features

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Fast scans

Webroot runs faster than any of the other anti spyware software I have used before. It scans, finds, and detects malware, as well as any other harmful programs like viruses in a matter of minutes, so I can always take timely action to secure my device.

Protection against phishing threats

Webroot advanced phishing detection has been a game-changer for me. It detected and protected me from several phishing threats, which could have compromised important data like usernames, passwords, and account info. Thus, it helps me stay confident that my invaluable data is safe and sound.

Cloud-based malware detection

Webroot's cloud-based malware detection system has been proven to be very efficient at constantly detecting and removing all kinds of threats. The software employs heuristic analysis, which is continuously upgraded to predict and prevent issues while accounting for all the tendencies and innovations of the modern world. Such a proactive approach saved me from being a victim of data breaches and hacker attacks.

Password manager

I’m sure you understand how it can be exhausting to remember all these passwords to online apps, different sign ups, etc. The supplied password manager also enables me to securely store and control all passwords for various working accounts even for bank accounts and credit card numbers I use for online shopping. This has not only improved my online security but has been quite useful for me whenever I was looking out to recall a particular password that can be annoying.

Impacts performance

Webroot is known for being a lightweight solution, but I've seen it hurt the performance of my client's computers. For example, I have received complaints of a specific laptop running slow when booting up or shutting down, or pages taking time to load on the internet. This may not be something that is going to necessarily make a change with every user and every day. But indeed, I believe it represents a deadly serious issue in the sense that it will most certainly impact the level of productivity and my user's experience.

Issues related to usability

One major con that I have found with this Internet security suite is related to the interface. I received some feedback from clients who consider the interface to be complicated and non-user-friendly. The buttons and options, in some menus, are not intuitive and are not easy to find.

One big con that I have found concerning this Internet security suite is the one in relation to its interface. I have collected some data from clients who think the interface is complicated and isn't user-friendly. The buttons and the options in some menus are not intuitive and not easy to find.