Adobe After Effects CS6 Torrent

Are you looking for an Adobe After Effects CS6 torrent the download of which will not harm your personal computer? Is it safe to download this software from torrents? Are there any alternative ways to install this program? In this article, I will give answers to these questions.

Why Is Adobe After Effects CS6 Torrent Demanded?

Adobe After Effects CS6 is used to edit videos, dynamic images, animations, and create different effects. The CS6 version received some new features.


For example, added support for Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, new memory handling preference allowing reversion to CS5.5 behavior, several bug fixes.

The main reason people try to find an Adobe After Effects CS6 torrent is that in this case, the program will be absolutely free. To use the official version of the software, you have to pay.

Only the latest software version can be downloaded from the official Adobe website. And even despite the fact that the user is given the opportunity to work with the trial version for free, its validity period is quite short.

In addition, the CS6 version is not the latest, which makes it possible to install the program on a PC with low power.

Why Stop Using Torrents?

Some people, downloading files from a torrent, do not even realize that it is illegal. This is a direct infringement of the copyright of the software creators.

Recently, the number of users who want to download the Adobe After Effects CS6 torrent has increased rapidly. In America, if the user was first noticed during such a violation, the provider may issue a warning. If it is done again, the imminent trial is inevitable.

Torrent Disadvantages

Downloading from a torrent is always a risk of losing your money or even getting into jail. However, no less serious consequences of such a decision may await your personal computer. Before making any decision, I advise you to pay attention to the problems that may arise when downloading a torrent file.


Some of the viruses do "spy" on users, stealing their personal and even banking information. If you have one of the best free antivirus software installed on your computer, the chances of catching a virus will be lowered. However, even the best antiviruses will not cope with some malware.


Working with an Adobe After Effects CS6 torrent can hardly be called full-fledged. The fact is that such software is far from always being complete because pirates can cut back on some functions that are unimportant in their opinion. Therefore, you can often get a program that will crash and freeze at the most inopportune moment.

No Updates

Perhaps one of the main disadvantages is the lack of updates because they are available only for the licensed version. Pirated software provides you with the exact set of functions and features with which it was downloaded.


No Technical Support

Any slightest problems with the functioning of the program will have to be solved on your own because the support of developers is obviously not provided for illegal users. This privilege is only for those who work with the licensed software. Responsible users can always expect that technical support will do everything possible to make working with the software comfortable and complete.

How to Download After Effects CS6 without Torrent?

The only way to get a licensed version is to download it directly on the developer’s website. To begin with, the user will be entitled to the trial version, the validity of which is limited to one week. After this period, you will need to pay for the full use of the program.


Free Alternatives

If Adobe After Effects’ price is too high for you, it is not necessary to download the pirated version from a torrent: you can get one of the free programs with similar functionality.

1. Blackmagic Design Fusion

blackmagic design fusion logo
  • Takes up little space on your PC
  • Cross-platform
  • Many visual effects
  • Some features are paid

After Effects alternatives is one of the most advanced options on the market that offers great tools for artists, designers, and animators of any level.

With this program, you get an incredible toolkit, amazing 3D features, GPU-accelerated performance, and limitless network rendering among other things. You can easily work on broadcast graphics, titles, and even various visual effects.

2. Wondershare Filmora

wondershare filmora logo
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great 3D graphics features
  • Over 300 visual effects
  • No Linux OS support

Wondershare Filmora is a program that is well suited for both novice and experienced users and comes as a great Adobe After Effects CS6 torrent replacement.

In its arsenal, there are more than three hundred useful visual effects that will help to make the video more vivid and rich. With this software, you can create original transitions between frames, add subtitles to the video sequence, add the desired effects, etc.

The program is especially good at working with three-dimensional graphics. Its arsenal has many useful tools for improving 3D images.

3. Blender

blender logo
  • Cross-platform
  • Open-source code
  • Cumbersome interface

Blender is a free program designed to create visual effects, develop animations, three-dimensional videos, and video games. In the arsenal of the program, there are a considerable number of useful tools with which you can create a high-quality video right at home avoiding breaking the law with a cracked Adobe After Effects CS6 full version.

It being an open-source program is a huge advantage that gives users the opportunity to develop an additional option for this program. Among the shortcomings, some claim a rather complicated interface which will be very difficult for inexperienced users to cope with.


The work with video editing turns into a rather complex and time-consuming process most of the time. To simplify it, special LUTs were created, some of which I will introduce you to below.

Evolution LUT

after effects cs6 freebie after effects cs6 freebie

This effect is useful for creating a cool atmosphere by adding shades and applying a bright effect while maintaining the contrast of colors.

Green Push LUT

after effects cs6 freebie after effects cs6 freebie

If you received overexposed footage, there is an easy way to correct that by applying this effect which brings up the contrast and saturation, giving the footage a truly summery atmosphere.


after effects cs6 freebie after effects cs6 freebie

If you have a specific scenery on the footage that features a lot of water or sky, you can really make those elements sing by applying this effect designed to enrich blues.

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