BlueSkiesDroneRental Products and Services Review

Platforms: Web-based
Price: $39-$1000

Verdict: Blue Skies Drone Rental is a one-stop store for all your unmanned-aircraft vehicle system rentals, sales, aerial services, and tutorial needs. The main advantage of this shop is the huge range of equipment and affordable prices.

Besides, you don’t need to spend much effort to order the drone you like. Except for rental services, Blue Skies Drone Rental also provides many other services like repair, training, sale of equipment, and more.

  • Easy ordering process
  • Huge range of equipment
  • Reasonable prices
  • Responsive support team
  • Equipment repair service
  • Drone pilots training
  • Does not provide insurance coverage on drones
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This service is great for those who are fond of photography and videography and are eager to test drone bundles for achieving impressive results. So, it is a good idea to visit this shop if you are in search of some extra gear for your hobby or work.

BluesSkiesDroneRental Products and Services Review

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The founders of Blue Skies Drone Rental decided to launch their business because they expected drones to become more popular in the aviation field. They were right.

The technology develops so quickly, that new models of drones appear every month shifting the older ones back. Using the rental services provided by Blue Skies Drone Rental for renting the latest technology is more affordable than purchasing each newly released drone.

Great Range of Products

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BlueSkiesDroneRental products and services offer a great range of equipment – excellent cheap drones, drone gimbals, 4K drone, indoor drone. On their portal, you can find the right gear, using search features and different categories.

Owning a huge and diverse UAV rental equipment and sensor technology, they offer to customers various options including rotary wind platforms, professional photo, thermal, zoom, and even LIDAR sensors.

Affordable Pricing

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The company is so popular because of its affordable pricing. The prices are competitive and allow you to use expensive equipment without harming your budget.

Blue Skies Drone Rental offers a handy quote form that is used for specifying the technical specs of the equipment you want to purchase. In such a way, the company offers you the models that fully meet your requirements.

Extensive Industries List

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BlueSkiesDroneRental doesn’t only provide drones for filming, but also for other activities. You can rent drones for fulfilling some simple tasks or more complex projects. This equipment is necessary for such industries as precision agriculture, land survey, fire, security, cinematography, and more.

Nationwide and International Shipping

BlueSkiesDroneRental has an extensive network of shops in various U.S. cities, where you can rent the equipment in person or order delivery. Besides, local pickup from their partnering shops are also available. The foreigners may use international shipping options.

Optional Equipment Protection Plan

Unfortunately, Blues Skies doesn’t offer drone insurance, but it provides an optional Equipment Protection Plan instead. This plan covers various damages to blades, batteries, remote, etc. But you can use this offer only after purchasing a drone or its parts.

Trustworthy Repair

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In addition to selling drones, BlueSkies also provides you with expert advice on all equipment they have on offer. They are ready to support every client and resolve all the issues that appear. The company also provides repair services.

The process is simple: you only need to fill a repair form, attach a photo of your gear, and submit it. Once it is approved, the shipping will be arranged. After repairing, you’ll get your drone.

Convenient Trade-In Program

A convenient trade-in program offered by the company deserves special mentioning. Drone technology is developing very quickly that is why it is quite difficult to follow all the upgrades. You can easily find out if your old equipment is suitable for participation in the exchange program by sending an application with images.

If your gear is eligible, the company will arrange delivery. The funds will be credited to your account. You can use the money for purchasing new or used drones or for rentals.

Quick and Safe Shipping

The company uses FedEx services for shipping their products. The delivery is fast and very quick. Generally, it takes from two to five days for shipping your order by ground transportation.

If you need faster delivery, you may contact Blue Skies Drone Rental company and ask to ship quicker for additional fees. You should order by 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time for the same day shipping arrangements.


BlueSkiesDroneRental maintains an affordable pricing policy, so you can get the latest drone at a reasonable price that ranges from $39 to $1,000. After testing, you can purchase the drone you like.


  • • Is shipping transit time included in the rental period?

No. The rental period starts the day you get the gear and ends the day you send it back. Pay attention to the fact that the drone rental cannot begin or end on holidays or days off.

  • • Where the company can ship to?

The company can ship your order to any USA location. Regular and expedited shipping options are available.

  • • What are the conditions of a drone rental?

All drones offered by the company are tested before being sent to buyers. Your task is to verify the proper operation of the received product or notify the company about any problems you have detected.

  • • Can I cancel an order if I have already made the payment?

In this case, you should notify the company about your decision in the shortest possible time. If the drone is already on the way to you, the order cannot be canceled. If the drone has not shipped yet, you can cancel the order and receive your money back. Keep in mind that the company may charge some cancellation fees.

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