8 Best Keyboards for Writers in 2023

By Robin Owens 11 days ago, Keyboards

The best typing companions for writers.

best keyboards for writers

A keyboard for writers is their best friend that they spend most of the time with.

No matter if writers work on a new book, social media posts or articles, they spend many hours typing. A low-quality writing keyboard affects the writers’ work a lot. It can not only decrease their productivity but also cause pain in wrists.

To help you make the right choice without wasting money, we’ve prepared the review with worthy keyboards for writers.

Top 8 Keyboards for Writers to Buy

  1. Logitech Ergo K860 - Our Choice
  2. Plugable Red Linear - Office keyboard for writers
  3. Azio Retro - Mechanical
  4. Microsoft Natural - Ergonomic keyboard for writers
  5. Eagletec KG010 - Affordable price
  6. Jelly Comb - Budget keyboard for writers
  7. Logitech G613 - Wireless
  8. Arteck HW192 - Ultra slim keyboard for typing

From that huge choice of worthy keyboards offered on the market, there are a few ones that are perfectly suitable for writers’ occupation. Here you’ll find the eight great keyboards for typing that provide advanced functions.

1. Logitech Ergo K860

Our Choice
writing keyboard logitech ergo k860

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: No

rank rank Rating

⊕ Advanced typing position
⊕ Pillow-like wrist rest
⊕ Good stroke keys
⊕ Regulated palm lift
⊖ Without backlight
⊖ High price

If you’re looking for the keyboard for work at home, then Logitech Ergo K860 is what you need. It’s developed for a natural back position while working. Moreover, it lessens the tension. This keyboard supports both Windows and macOS and has a split layout for your convenience.

Due to a split keyframe, you’re getting a more comfortable typing position.

Thanks to a smooth slope, the keyboard protects your wrists and arm muscles from tension. It is the best keyboard for writing due to the included wrist rest that helps you avoid fatigue after long-lasting typing.

2. Plugable Red Linear

Best office keyboard for writers
writing keyboard plugable red linear

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Ergonomic design
⊕ Blue mechanical switches
⊕ Improved typing process
⊕ Solid double-shot ABS keycaps
⊖ Non-removable cable
⊖ Without software

Plugable is a mechanical keyboard for writers with 104 keys that feature a seamless audible reaction when clicked on.

The device offers Outemu Red switches with no click or tactile bump and is rated for 50 million keystrokes. Its keycaps are conveniently designed and lit, thus work great in dark places and during night-long working sessions.

Strong non-frame build stands out with an iron backplate and double-shot injection ABS keycaps. The keyboard is non-slip due to rubberized mats.

3. Azio Retro

Best mechanical keyboard for writers
writing keyboard azio retro

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Chrome covered body
⊕ Clicking mechanical switch
⊕ N-Key rollover
⊕ Regulated tilt-angle
⊖ Without special media keys
⊖ High price

This mechanical keyboard is manufactured after vintage typewriters where you’ll find the combination of antique aesthetics and ultramodern features.

Azio Retro has handcrafted round keys, curvilinear chrome trim, contrasting glossy surface, tubular LED lights, each thoroughly made to reflect our state-of-the-art replication of vintage.

Due to adjustable tilt-angle, you will feel at ease while using this device. It is the best keyboard for writing since it is easy-to-use and intuitive with hotkeys that give you fast access to the Internet and multimedia options.

4. Microsoft Natural

Best ergonomic keyboard for writers
writing keyboard microsoft natural

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Split ergonomic design
⊕ Pillowed palm rest
⊕ Palm lift
⊕ Media keys
⊖ Without RGB lighting
⊖ Not exactly long-lasting

The Microsoft Natural membrane writers keyboard offers a well-developed curved design that makes its layout easier-to-use.

Microsoft Natural divides the keyboard in two at a 12º angle to help you locate the hands in a straight position according to the placement of keys.

The pillowed palm rest supports the wrist, letting it stay in a neutral position, which simplifies your typing experience. You’ll like the easy access to necessary resources due to the offered hotkeys.

5. Eagletec KG010

Best business keyboard for writers
writing keyboard eagletec kg010

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

rank rank Rating

⊕ Non-slip ergonomic design
⊕ Dirt-resistant mechanical switches
⊕ Sturdy aluminum ABS body
⊕ 9 backlight effect modes
⊖ Without special macro keys

Eagletec KG010 business keyboard has blue LED lighting with 9 backlight modes – regulated light rate, breathing rate and 6 backlight brightness levels.

The device is manufactured with mechanical switches that support accurate actuation with small resistance. Besides, switches feature a tactile bump response and audible clicks for improved monitoring.

The keyboard is waterproof so you shouldn’t worry if you spill something by chance. It also has regulated back feet to set a more convenient angle.

The model is the best mechanical keyboard for writers since it is solid enough, featuring top-grade material that protects it from outer damages.

6. Jelly Comb

Best budget keyboard for writers
writing keyboard jelly comb

Interface: Wireless | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Stylish and ergonomic design
⊕ Comes with a mouse
⊕ Auto sleep mode
⊕ Low profile
⊖ Small-sized
⊖ Without batteries

Jelly Comb is the best keyboard for writers as it comes with a mouse and without a wired connection so you can conveniently type at a distance from your monitor. One nano adapter connects both the keyboard and the mouse.

The device boasts quick-access hotkeys, universal function keys and an in-built number pad. The strong aluminum body comes in four colors. The responsive and low-travel keys require just a light touch.

The model includes a top-grade mouse with adjustable sensitivity.

7. Logitech G613

Best wireless keyboard for writers
writing keyboard logitech g613

Interface: Wireless 2.4 GHz / Blutooth | Keyboard backlighting: No

rank rank Rating

⊕ Lightspeed wireless technology
⊕ Romer G mechanical switches
⊕ Six programmable keys
⊕ Long-lived battery
⊖ Without backlighting
⊖ Cumbersome

Would you like to get the best computer keyboard for writers with a quick Lightspeed wireless technology that gives its users a great and almost imperceptible 1ms response rate? Then you should consider the G613.

Logitech G613 offers an additional set of macro keys and a big wrist rest. The model uses proprietary Romer-G mechanical switches with a relatively shallow actuation level. Besides, the keystroke features a small bump that is unnoticeable enough compared with other switches like Cherry MX Browns.

The keyboard has two connectivity options – via a wireless dongle or Bluetooth. You may use both at once in case you need to switch between typing on the computer and the phone.

8. Arteck HW192

Ultra slim keyboard for typing
writing keyboard arteck hw192

Interface: Wireless | Keyboard backlighting: No

rank rank Rating

⊕ Lightweight and super-thin design
⊕ Easy-to-use
⊕ Convenient typing
⊕ Powerful battery
⊖ Without tilt support
⊖ Restricted compatibility with Mac

Arteck HW192 is the best office keyboard for improving typing skills. It has an elegant design due to a high-end stainless steel body that feels solid. Low-profile keys guarantee noiseless and convenient typing.

Its 12 function keys work as multimedia keys as well. Besides, there are 6 special keys with various options, such as battery check, pausing, locking of the screen, etc.

The model is big enough, giving you free space between keys for your fingers not to be too close to each other. It has a long-lived battery and will work up to 6 months on a full charge. Besides, it’s rechargeable via the incorporated USB cable.

Image Name Features  
writing keyboard logitech ergo k860
Logitech Ergo K860
Our Choice
  • Interface: Bluetooth
  • Keyboard backlighting: No
writing keyboard plugable red linear
Plugable Red Linear
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes
writing keyboard azio retro
Azio Retro
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: No

How to Choose the Best Writing Keyboard?

best keyboard for writers


Ergonomics is one of the key features for writers when choosing a keyboard. Still, each device differs depending on the key angle, number pad or touchpad location, and distance between the keys.

Thus, when choosing the keyboard, rely on your needs. Figure out whether you would like to have an ordinary keyboard you got used to or you are looking for more advanced devices featuring palm rest and latest functionality.


Latest keyboards offer various ways of connecting to your PC or laptop for writers:

- Bluetooth is the most attractive and convenient way as you don’t need to use extra cables. Still, you can face some connection problems.

- Wireless USB. With this option, you need to plug a small dongle into your PC’s USB drive. It doesn’t require a cable but makes you use another power source for the keyboard.

- Traditional USB. It works with the help of extra cables, which is a bit annoying. But it provides your keyboard with the immediate power from the PC so you don’t need to use any extra batteries.


This feature is essential for those who like working at night or in poor light conditions. The backlit option will improve the visibility, plus, it has a nice look due to LED lights.


best keyboard for writers

There are two keyboard types – membrane and mechanical.

A row of membranes and pressure pads forward data for the keys to be pressed with the membrane keyboards. Such models are usually lightweight. Besides, they are cheaper and offer smoother typing compared with mechanical keyboards.

A mechanical keyboard, on the contrary, offers an actual mechanical device, like a switch to activate the keystroke. The detachable keycaps simplify the cleaning process. Mechanical keyboards are more durable, though noisy enough. They are usually heavy and more expensive compared with membrane devices.


  • • What is the best keyboard for writers?

The 3 best keyboards for writers are: Logitech Ergo K860 – great for typing Plugable Red Linear – suitable for office work Azio Retro – worthy mechanical device

  • • What is the most convenient writing keyboard?

The majority of writers work for long hours. That is why I’d recommend choosing keyboards with the incorporated wrist rest support.

  • • Are the mechanical keyboards better for typing?

Yes. As using a mechanical keyboard, you don’t need to press a key till the very bottom to make it work. It simplifies the typing process since you may slightly press and register the key at once. This option speeds up the typing and reduces wrist strain.

  • • What drawbacks do membrane keyboards have?

As a rule, membrane keyboards feature a “mushy” key feel. They are less durable and more difficult to be cleaned. With such a device, you can register one keypress at a time. Thus, you can face issues when the key you press isn’t registered. It could be a challenge, especially for authors.