6 Best Waterproof Keyboards

By Robin Owens 2 days ago, Keyboards

Ultimate guide if you’re planning to buy a waterproof keyboard.

top waterproof washable keyboard

The best waterproof keyboard is a justified investment either you are an avid gamer or an average PC user. Such a keyboard is designed to withstand accidental beverage spilling, which happens on an occasional basis if you spend lots of time at your computer.

The developers feel the growing demand in such keyboards and keep producing reliable and stylish models, which make it difficult to find an ideal variant. Anyway, I’ve done my best to research the market and singled out the best options.

Top 6 Waterproof Washable Keyboards

  1. Logitech K310 - Our Choice
  2. Perixx Periboard - Mechanical keyboard
  3. Kensington K64407US - The best waterproof computer keyboard
  4. Pictek RGB - Wireless keyboard wth RGB
  5. Cleantype Wave - Cleanable and dustproof keyboard
  6. Adesso AKB-630UB - Wireless and washable keyboards

Before going shopping, it is better to learn what features make a washable keyboard worth spending money on. There are so many products in online and physical stores, that most buyers need professional advice on how to choose a decent keyboard. If you also don’t mind getting some tips, make sure to read the overview till the end, as the last section fully covers this topic.

1. Logitech K310

Our Choice
waterproof washable keyboard logitech k310

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Washable
⊕ A small brush in a kit
⊕ Silent, Plug and play
⊕ Protective cap for the USB plug
⊖ Doesn't look stylish
⊖ Inconveniences while using

The Logitech K310 waterproof keyboard is an ideal choice for people, who tend to drink coffee at their desks or eat crispy biscuits and drop crumbs between the keys. Actually, this keyboard can assist even those users, who can’t resist the urge to type something while being in the bathtub, as it comes fully protected from spills and be even submerged without getting damaged.

The model has won the hearts of many users with its washable, water-, spill- and dust-proof nature. This makes it perfect both for clean-freaks and those being less worried about the tidiness of their workspace. In addition to the sanitary features, this keyboard also ensures silent typing and easy plug-and-play usage.

2. Perixx Periboard

Best waterproof mechanical keyboard
waterproof washable keyboard perixx periboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Ip 65 certified
⊕ Serves for many tasks
⊕ Convenient hand position
⊖ Wired
⊖ Expensive

This is the best waterproof keyboard for commercial and industrial establishments such as doctors’ offices, labs, hospitals, cafes, etc. It has a special inner design and circuit board shape which jointly ensure reliable protection of the inner components from dust and water.

If you spilled something on the keyboard, rinse it without any detergent in an accurate way. There are special drainage holes at the base, which makes drying faster.

All in all, this waterproof computer keyboard is designed to serve you for many years. It is made of durable materials, has classic keys and looks really sturdy. While using it, you won’t feel any tension or pain in hands. Besides, the foot can be customized for maximum comfort. All keys are ergonomic and pleasant to touch.

3. Kensington K64407US

Best waterproof computer keyboard
waterproof washable keyboard kensington

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Convenient to use
⊕ Multi-purpose keyboard
⊕ 2ms response time
⊖ Disappointing build quality
⊖ Limited number of multimedia buttons

The company has been referred to as one of the best PC peripherals developers for more than 30 years and that is for the reason. This water resistant keyboard is a great model that can be used in educational and medical environments.

Either your main concern is to keep your desktop germs-free or you are the kind of person, who tends to spill coffee or other drinks on your keyboard from time to time, you can fully satisfy your demands opting for this keypad.

Thanks to a rugged design, the keyboard can withstand submerges and bumps, and still work in a proper way. The antimicrobial coating ensures there won’t appear mold and fungus.

4. Pictek RGB

Best washable wireless keyboard wth RGB
waterproof washable keyboard pictek

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Designed for user convenience
⊕ Looks stylish
⊕ Top build quality
⊖ Not for users with a limited budget
⊖ Heavy

This waterproof gaming keyboard is connected with a cable and has membrane keys. You can play with 7 RGB lighting modes, switch between 4 backlight brightness levels and choose the most suitable breathing speed.

The bottom part has 8 drain holes which are meant for keeping your keyboard working even if you have spilled some water or juice on it. The keyboard boasts an ergonomic design that makes long gameplays enjoyable and productive.

The key arrangement is logical and prevents possible fatigue if you play Fortnite, Overwatch or other computer games for many hours. The laser-carved characters are promised to preserve their original look forever, while detachable keycaps are easy to clean.

5. Cleantype Wave

Best cleanable keyboard with dustproof
waterproof washable keyboard cleantype

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Protected from moisture and dust
⊕ Great for medical purposes
⊕ Wireless
⊖ Not for gaming

This is a kind of keyboard that was designed for application in a certain sphere, namely in healthcare establishments. Its silicone housing, antimicrobial coating, a rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth interface (32.80 working range) perfectly suit this purpose. This water resistant keyboard occupies little desk space and pleases with the best wrist comfort.

You can use this model in different medical environments, e.g. hospitals, labs, clinics, etc. It allows for maximum hygiene management and can be cleaned with various disinfection agents. It belongs to the GCO series from GETT.

6. Adesso AKB-630UB

Best wireless washable keyboards
waterproof washable keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

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⊕ Watertight
⊕ Antimicrobial coating
⊕ Multimedia hotkeys
⊖ Expensive

The Adesso AKB-630UB waterproof computer keyboard boasts an antimicrobial coating and a robust design. It is made to withstand constant influence and demonstrated amazing results during tests in places exposed to moisture, dust and germ.

Such features make it ideal for medical institutions, restaurants, educational establishments, warehouses, etc. The membrane key structure ensures better productivity, while numerous multimedia hotkeys provide instant access to the necessary tools. A reliable anti-slip foot prevents accidental movements.

Image Name Features  
waterproof washable keyboard logitech k310
Logitech K310
Our Choice
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: No
waterproof washable keyboard perixx periboard
Perixx Periboard
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: No
waterproof washable keyboard kensington
Kensington K64407US
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: No

How Choose the Best Waterproof Keyboard?

waterproof computer keyboard


In general, the prices for a cleanable keyboard vary from $11 to $70, while some high-end peripherals can cost even more. If you buy a budgetary keyboard, you are likely to get only the basic set of features, so if you need something extra, be ready to spend about 30-50 bucks.

Besides, more expensive products are promised to serve you longer. I have devoted some time to studying the category of washable keyboards for $11 and can confidently say that finding a really trustworthy option here is almost an impossible thing to do.


In terms of connectivity, you can choose either wired or wireless washable keyboards. The wired type offers a more stable connection, faster set up process, but less flexibility and limited working range.

If you choose a wire-free model, you don’t need to tackle with cords and can sit a bit away from in, for example, on a couch and keep playing or working. However, if you decide on a wireless keyboard, being attracted by its convenience, mind that you may need to buy a special adapter for Bluetooth.

Performance and Ease of Use

waterproof computer keyboard

Though most keyboards are labeled “waterproof”, it would be more reasonable to call them “water resistance”. Such a slight “fluctuation of meaning” is explained by the fact that most keypads won’t stop working if you spill some liquid on them and then take a dry cloth and wipe it.

However, the smooth work becomes impossible is you submerge them in water and keep there for several seconds. Some keyboards can only be spot-cleaned, while others can be subject to more serious cleaning with soap and water.

If you work in the places, where your peripherals can get dirty easily, you’d better opt for a fully sealed and waterproof keyboard.


  • • Does Logitech produce waterproof keyboards?

Some of their keyboards are completely waterproof. The most notable example is the K310, which can be hand-washed and submerged. Besides, it is designed not to collect dust, which is good news for people keen on cleanliness.

  • • Are regular keyboards waterproof?

Most models aren’t waterproof. If you aspire to get the best waterproof keyboard, get ready to pay more than you spend on ordinary devices. However, there is an alternative option. If you already have a standard keyboard, you can just buy a protective, watertight cover and put it on your keypad. But mind that such a cover may cause slight inconvenience while typing.

  • • Can you submerge a keyboard in the water?

Actually, you can, but only if you use a fully waterproof product. After you’re done cleaning it, you need to dry it thoroughly before connecting to a PC.

  • • How long should I dry my keyboard?

The process takes about 24 hours. Use only cloth towels instead of paper ones or tissues while drying a keyboard because the latter contain too much lint. Dry the space between keys and keep moving from upside down.