8 Best Monitor Wall Mounts in 2023

By Robin Owens 9 days ago, Monitors

Can I mount any computer monitor to the wall?

best monitor wall mount

Your monitor can’t be moved or rotated? Don’t want to stack books under it to locate it at the eye level?

Don’t hurry to buy a new screen ‒ you just need a good monitor mount. You will clear up your desk space, creating more comfortable working conditions.

Top 8 Monitor Wall Mounts for Your Comfort

  1. WALI Articulating - Our Choice
  2. VideoSecu ML12 - Self-installation is possible
  3. VideoSecu ML531BE2 - Easy-to-assemble
  4. AmazonBasics Premium Wall Mount - VESA compatible
  5. WALI Single - Has a demountable plate
  6. AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty - Articulating design
  7. HUANUO Monitor Wall Mount Bracket - Full motion adjustable monitor stand
  8. NB North Bayou - Ergonomics wall mount

You have already made the right thing if you decided to buy a wall mount. It will simplify the working process, making it more comfortable and pleasant.

However, if you still hesitate what monitor mount to choose or whether you need it at all, don’t miss this article. FixThePhoto specialists will help you make the right choice.

1. WALI Articulating

Our choice
perfect for installing a small flat screen

TV Size Range:13"-30" | Item Weight:2 pounds| Extension:14" | Max. VESA:100x100mm | Tilt:±15°

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⊕ Doesn’t require much space
⊕Excellent viewing angles
⊕15-degree tilt
⊕360-degree swiveling option
⊖ Supports only 2 VESA standards

If you ask me why you should choose this model, I will say that unlike other wall mounts for monitors, this one features a 360-degree swiveling option. In such a way, you will undoubtedly get the best viewing angles.

In addition, WALI offers numerous adjustment options to make the viewing experience an unforgettable one. The design is extremely articulating, and you can extend the display 14 inches from the wall.

In such a position, the swivel angle will be 180 degrees. Thanks to the 15-degree tilt feature, you may move the monitor up or down.

It will perfectly accommodate wall mounted PC monitors, clearing much space in your working place. However, choosing this model mind that it has a specific weight capacity.

It is suitable only for screens that are around 33 pounds. So, WALI is the best monitor wall mount for small and middle-sized monitors and TVs for PC monitors.

2. VideoSecu ML12B

Compatible with VESA
high grade steel materials

TV Size Range:19-32" | Item Weight:2.6 pounds| Extension: 15" | Max. VESA:100X100 | Tilt:

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⊕ Self-installation
⊕Suitable for 44-pound monitors
⊕Removable TV plate
⊖ Unsatisfactory design
⊖ Installation requires some time

It is an ideal variant for small monitors or TVs that should be installed in offices or guestrooms. It doesn’t require much space and can accommodate a monitor weighing around 44 lbs.

For today, it is one of the most popular wall mounts for PC monitors on the market. It has a steel arm with a swiveling feature going along the horizontal plane. The length of the arm is equal to 15”.

What is more, the mount comes with a detachable VESA plate so you may affix the monitor before you install it on the arm.

The mount offers a 5-degree tilt range and 360-degree rotation feature. All these parameters are not the greatest ones. But for some users, they are more than enough.

3. VideoSecu ML531BE2

Suitable to most monitors
made by popular tv manufacturers

TV Size Range: 27-55"| Item Weight:8.8 pounds| Extension:16" | Max. VESA:400x400 | Tilt:20”

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⊕ Weight capacity is up to 88 pounds
⊕Fits almost all TV models
⊕Clear instructions
⊖ Other wall mounts have better weight capacity

If you have never used wall mounts for monitors, it is a perfect model to begin with. If you purchase ML531BE, you may be sure that your TV is in good hands.

It can carry up to 88-pound screens. Moreover, it is suitable for those who have a centerpiece or pillar to attach it. In general, it is the best variant if you want to save space and get the best viewing angle.

In addition, this mount is an ideal solution for 25-42 inch TVs. However, 55-inch models by some brands may be also suitable, but you have to check weight capacity and VESA compatibility.

The installation kit includes four detachable mount adapters offering maximum convenience during installation. Taking into account its numerous benefits, VideoSecu ML531BE may be called the best full motion TV wall mount.

4. AmazonBasics Premium Wall Mount

This stand is universal
allows more adjustment levels

TV Size Range: 13-25"| Item Weight:5.4 pounds| Extension:15" | Max. VESA: 100 x 100| Tilt: 70”

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⊕ Solid build material
⊕VESA compatible
⊕Relatively easy to install
⊕Brand with a good reputation
⊖ Expensive

AmazonBasics is the brand with a good reputation famous for its highest-quality products. Although their items are not the cheapest ones, they are chosen by customers all over the world.

To begin with, I can state that the mount itself seems more durable than other models. Moreover, this wall mount for monitors is very versatile.

For example, you may clap it to the desk measuring 0.4” to 2.4”. You may affix even bigger screens, like 32 or even 34-inch models.

However, mind that your monitor shouldn’t weigh more than 25 lbs. The mount is compatible with 75 mm and 100 mm VESA standards.

Besides, you may find various adjustment levels. You may rotate the screen changing the portrait and landscape modes. Moreover, you may tilt the monitor 5 degrees forward and 70 degrees backward.

5. WALI Single

VESA compatible
sturdy construction

TV Size Range: up to 27"| Item Weight: 4.15 pounds| Extension:17" | max VESA: 100x100| Tilt: 75”

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⊕ Features a demountable plate
⊕Gas spring mechanism
⊕Comes with a grommet and C-clamp
⊕Effective swivel and tilt functions
⊖De-aligned easily due to external forces

This wall mount for monitors offers double productivity and maximum convenience of use. It features a durable body with metal tubing mounts.

The C-clamp and grommet base are made of the premium material so the construction is really a reliable one.

Thanks to the clamp, the arm is tightly attached to the table and is not movable. Via the VESA plate, the arm is closely affixed to the monitor. It is cheaper in comparison with other models.

The mount comes with a single WALI monitor gas spring, one mounting hardware kit, one user manual and a 10-year warranty firm.

6. AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty

Full motion articulating TV wall mount
heavy-duty aluminum

TV Size Range: 12-39"| Item Weight:3.9 pounds| Extension:15" | max VESA: 200x200| Tilt:75 ”

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⊕ Articulating design
⊕Heavy-duty aluminum
⊕Steel construction
⊖Design is not really appealing

It is a black articulating mount that may accommodate 12- to 36 inch (up to 40 pounds) screens. It features an 18-degree tilt to provide the best viewing experience (the viewing angle varies from +15 to ‒3 degrees).

Thanks to the cable management system, the cables are conveniently organized. The articulating body allows the mount to extend up to 16.1 inches from the wall.

If you choose this model, you shouldn’t worry about your monitor ‒ the mount is made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel providing the best security for your device.

Heavy-Duty is compatible with VESA 200 x 200 200 x 100 100 x 100 and 75 x 75 mm mounting patterns (The VESA mounting patterns are the distances (in mm) between the four screw holes on the back of the monitor).

7. HUANUO Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

Modern design
more stable than deskt mount

TV Size Range: 17-32"| Item Weight:5.3 pounds| Extension:17" | max VESA: 200x200| Tilt: 180”

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⊕ Fits most VESA sizes
⊕Enhanced pneumatic spring system
⊕Full motion adjustable monitor stand
⊖ Expensive

HUANUO HNWSS1 is a wall mount for monitors that will help you conveniently install your display. In such a way, you will create the most comfortable working environment saving much space.

In addition, it helps relax and reduce the pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. For your convenience, this mount features an integrated cable management system.

HUANUO is a great alternative to installation on the desk. You will hang your display on the wall and free up a significant amount of space.

Moreover, this extremely convenient cable management system keeps the cables organized. It is the best variant for those worrying about their expensive desk.

This monitor stand is mounted on the wall so the desk surface will not be affected. You will install the mount in 10 minutes and be able to start working immediately.

8. NB North Bayou

Ergonomics wall mount
mechanical springs for erect movement

TV Size Range:17"- 27 "| Item Weight: 2.65 pounds| Extension:17" | max VESA: 75x75| Tilt: 90”

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⊕ Long-lasting and durable
⊕Longer retraction and extraction arm
⊕Adjustable tension for different computer weights
⊕Simple installation process
⊖ Can't support a maximum weight for a long time
⊖Arms can withstand only up to 4.4 lbs

NB North Bayou is a full-motion arm for monitors. It is suitable for 17-27 inch screens and withstands weights from 4.4 lbs to 14.3 lbs.

The monitor fits VESA from 75 x 75mm to 100 x 100 mm. You may extend the arm to a height of 15.6 inches, and the arm extension is 18.5 inches.

Thanks to a convenient gas spring, you may position the screen as you like in one touch. In such a way, you may fully personalize your working environment. You may adjust this desk mount after it was installed and the monitor was fixed.

You will be impressed with the variety of movements offered by this desk mount. To begin with, the monitor may be tilted and rotated in the direction from 35° upward to 50° downward.

Moreover, there is also a full 360° rotation. If necessary, you may adjust the monitor height, for example, for comfortable gaming or working. Due to all these features, this arm belongs to the best gaming monitor mounts.

Best 240hz Monitors Comparison

Image Name Features  
perfect for installing a small flat screen
WALI Articulating
Our Choice
  • TV Size Range:13"-30"
  • Item Weight:2 pounds
  • Extension:14"
  • Max. VESA:100x100mm
high grade steel materials
VideoSecu ML12B
  • TV Size Range:19-32"
  • Item Weight:2.6 pounds
  • Extension: 15"
  • Max. VESA:100X100mm
made by popular tv manufacturers
VideoSecu ML531BE2
  • TV Size Range: 27-55"
  • Item Weight:8.8 pounds
  • Extension:16"
  • Max. VESA:400x400

How to Choose a Monitor Wall Mount?

best monitor wall mount

Make Sure Your Monitors are VESA Compatible

In other words, your current display should feature standard mounting holes in the back, drilled into the steel frame of the monitor. It means that any compatible mount may be successfully screwed to it.

VESA 100 mm is a standard. However, some modern curved displays may have larger requirements.

Freestanding Mounts: Ergonomics on a Budget

Before buying a freestanding mount, mind that it is just a replacement of a standard monitor stand. They are also placed on the surface of your desk.

However, buying an additional mount has its advantages. For example, you will get more height by placing the center of the display just at your eye level. You may also pan, tilt and rotate the screen into the landscape format.

Side-Clamp Desk Mounts: Maximum Desk Space and Flexibility

If you don’t know what to choose ‒ a wall mount for monitors or a desk one, opt for a middle option ‒ a side-clamp desk mount. It is attached to the side of the desk. In such a way, you will get numerous benefits.

To begin with, the desk surface under the monitor will be free and you may use it as you wish. Moreover, this mount doesn’t imply a permanent or semi-permanent installation, and you may change it at any moment.

best monitor wall mount

However, mind that your desk should be suitable for such a mount, being reliable and stable. Almost all modern desks are exactly like this, but the same cannot be said about old “boxy” tables.

It is really easy to install a side-clamp mount ‒ you need only a screwdriver and a little elbow grease.


  • Can you mount any monitor?

The first thing you have to do is to check whether your monitor is VESA compatible. In other words, your monitor should have a standard hole pattern used to mount it.

A VESA hole pattern is measured horizontally and vertically.

  • Are VESA mounts universal?

There are two types of monitors ‒ those featuring VESA patterns and those with Universal (non-VESA) ones. According to VESA standards, mounting holes should be in the exact same place on the back of the monitor.

Consequently, VESA compatible mounts also feature these exact hole patterns. VESA screen standards are 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm, 200 x 100 mm and 200 x 200 mm, etc.

  • Can monitors be wall mounted?

According to your likes and requirements, you may install your monitor in a portrait or landscape position. SIMPLE INSTALLATION means attachment of the mount to a wood stud, concrete or brick wall.

The mount is made of premium cold-rolled steel to securely accommodate wall mounted PC monitors.

  • How high should I mount my computer monitor?

The most convenient height of the monitor is when the top of the screen is at your eye level. In such a way, your eyes look slightly downward when you view the center of the screen.

Moreover, the monitor should be located at least 20 inches (51 cm) from your eyes.