Peter McKinnon LUTs

Peter McKinnon LUTs

Peter McKinnon LUTs are the result of vast experience in photography and video shooting of the famous Canadian travel photographer. Currently, he is blogging on YouTube. His LUTs have gained incredible popularity thanks for their deep colors and film effect.

peter mckinnon luts

The LUTs are good for enhancing epic travel videos. In this article, I will make a full review of his LUTs pack and share 5 FREE LUTs inspired by Peter McKinnon LUTs.

Peter Mckinnon LUTs Pack Review

The followers of Peter’s YouTube channel and social media accounts, along with his fans, asked him to make a pack with his LUTs for color grading. Thus, this set appeared. It costs $15.

I appreciate the work he did to create these LUTs. After applying any filter from Peter McKinnon LUT pack, you can easily customize your clip to achieve the desired result.

Fade Out LUTs

peter mckinnon luts pack Download Professional LUTs

This plug-in from Peter McKinnon LUTs pack gives a popular faded effect. Perhaps, Tumblr with its faded images was the reason for the interest to this elegant look. Although I believe that this effect is used too often, its popularity is rather understandable.

Using this LUT, you get a special cinematic look. However, I recommend using it more wisely when you are aiming at getting moody color grading and not overdo. I am sure this LUT will give excellent results.

Black Eye LUTs

peter mckinnon lut pack

I adore this LUT. It is great for portrait clips and landscape shooting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suit food videos. You get an incredible color correction. However, some shadows are almost black.

I will also note that slightly orange hues appear in the highlights. This type of LUTs creates the vibration similar to the effect that sepia gives. However, the image gets a little more cinematic look and it is not so drastic.

Clean & Tidy LUTs

luts for photos

This LUT is the most neutral among all his filters. It retains most of the details and maintains a kind of flat picture. It seems to me that the glare is a little pushed up, but in general, this LUT fully corresponds to its name.

You get a neat and clean image. Though you can’t get Peter McKinnon LUTs pack free, this filter is worth every cent spent on it.

Noir LUTs

luts for photoshop

This Peter McKinnon LUTs pack download is a real finding for the film noir look’s fans as it includes this amazing effect. I just love the way it exposes the video.

Although some shadows are still present, all the details are incredibly visible. Maybe I would slightly reduce the highlights.

Kodak Killer LUTs

film luts Download Film LUTs

Make use of this Kodak Killer LUT download if you want to add some orange shades without affecting shadows. This is a great LUT but I would modify it a bit.

I think a small portion of Blues would be a nice complement to Teal. Increase Saturation in the Blues and you will get better depth.

Arctic Circle LUTs

luts photography

This LUT makes the highlights a little desaturated. At the same time, it doesn’t influence the saturation of shadows and mid-tones. You can observe such results when applying it to white and clear video clips. You can achieve awesome LUTs color grading with this video filter.

That Orange & Teal Though LUTs

orange and teal lut Download Orange and Teal LUTs

Peter created this LUT for enhancing outdoor vides shot in the places with lots of trees. Besides, you can use this Orange and Teal effect for some urban clips.

This LUT gives blue, so if you want to add a little softness and tenderness to color correction, try changing the settings by adding red to mid-tones. It increases the depth of the picture and doesn’t make its bleak.

Peter McKinnon Photos and Photography

peter mckinnon photos

Peter McKinnon took up photography after his sister's wedding. At the wedding party, everyone was given a camera. Since she was set up for macro photography, Peter stepped out into the back yard and captured wet grass.

This was his first shot. Peter was incredibly impressed by the beauty of huge drops of water on thin blades of grass. Thanks to this event, now we can enjoy his LUTs.

Since then, McKinnon always took his camera with him wherever he went. He did not even have time to notice when photography became an incredibly important part of his life.

Currently, Peter not only creates awesome LUTs but also shares useful hacks and tips with his fans and followers on social networks. He has long been an example and inspirer for many photographers and videographers.

peter mckinnon travel photos

Peter is interested in different types of photography but landscapes are his real passion. He believes that there is nothing better than starting your photo research in the early morning when most people are still sleeping.

Peter often comes to the place when it is dark and it’s hard to see anything. He loves to be the only one who can observe revealing of amazing landscapes with the first rays of the sun. The best Peter McKinnon photos have been shot at such moments.

Peter McKinnon LUTs are not the only thing that makes him famous. His stunning landscape shots have been honored to appear on Canadian coins. A 2-coin Photo Series includes pictures of the incredibly beautiful Moraine Lake.

The coin contains 2 ounces of pure silver. The diameter of each coin is 50mm and its denomination is 30 dollars. The series appeared in 2019. When you look at a coin, it seems that you see the image through the aperture blades of a lens. You can buy coins individually or purchase the entire set which consists of coins and a special box.

Peter McKinnon YouTube Channel

If you've ever searched or come across YouTube video tutorials, you couldn't help but notice McKinnon’s channel. He lives and works in Toronto but has followers from different countries.

He has over 3.4 million followers and regularly creates high-quality content for them. McKinnon is known for his excellent photo editing skills and amazing videos.

The key themes of Peter McKinnon YouTube lessons are photography and image editing, film making, vlogs about his life. He also maintains a weekly column called Two Minute Tuesday.

In these short tutorials, he explains lots of useful thing on photo and video processing, photography, video shooting and other topics with the most useful information told in a very short time. Peter's followers love this format.

Explore his channel to discover new things including installing LUTs in Premiere.

Peter McKinnon Instagram – Find Inspiration for Your Own Account

peter mckinnon Instagram

Username: @petermckinnon

Genre: portrait and travel photography

Followers: 2m

Not so long ago, I came across Peter’s Instagram account and immediately noticed the amazing quality of his photos. All his pictures stand out for their purity and attractiveness.

There is no difference in what is captured in the photo: a cool car, breathtaking landscape, or another interesting object. Looking through his pictures, I was once again convinced that the popularity of his work is fully reasonable.

More than 1.8 million Instagram followers are looking forward to his next masterpiece as well as Peter McKinnon LUTs free download.

I also highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel if you are engaged in photography and want to improve your skills. You will find a lot of useful things there.

Peter McKinnon Kit

peter mckinnon kit

To implement his ideas, Peter uses a sufficient number of diverse equipment and devices. Let's consider the basic ones.

  • Peter’s constant companion is his Canon EOS C200 EF Cinema Camera. He uses it for studio shootings and to record his educational videos. As a rule, McKinnon uses a tripod. The camera allows him to shoot video of various formats including 4K and it also has built-in ND filters and more.
  • McKinnon uses Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro to get great details in his videos and to shoot cool close-ups.
  • Another must-have item in Peter McKinnon Kit is a nice gimbal set up. He prefers to use DJI Ronin-M Gimbal Stabilizer V3 as it is rather efficient and not very expensive.
  • McKinnon uses the DJI Phantom 4 Pro + only on special occasions, but he loves the capabilities of this drone. Excellent image quality and dynamic range are its undoubted advantages.
  • To get enough lighting for his videos, Peter uses Aputure Light Storm COB 120D. He appreciates not only the quality of this product but also the wonderful customer service of this company.

Peter McKinnon LUTs Free Alternatives

Since it’s impossible to get real Peter McKinnon LUT pack free, I offer you three alternatives that will provide the same effect without any charges.

Film LUTs Vintage

download free photography luts download free photography luts

Add a faded look to your video by desaturating the colors and adding more reddish hue to the video. This film LUT works perfectly with videos of nasty days as it creates deep heavy clouds. Perfect for any type of videography just like Noir by Peter McKinnon.

GoPro LUTs Blue Hawaiian

download free luts for premiere download free luts for premiere

This video filter is perfect for ocean and sea landscape videography, it adds contrast and saturation just like Black Eye by Peter McKinnon. The color of the water becomes deeper and more intense.

Cinematic LUTsFrosted

free cinematic luts for photoshop free cinematic luts for photoshop

Add a bit of magic to your videos with this LUT inspired by Kodak Killer. This is my favorite effect for video shot in low light conditions. It will become your favorite LUT if you specialize in sunset video recording. The LUT also applies toning that improves the forests, fields, grass and sky.

Color Grading LUTs Pastel

free cinematic luts for premiere pro free cinematic luts for premiere pro

This LUT inspired by Peter McKinnon’s Fade Out will improve the colors of your video. The footage becomes yellowish and warmer, white balance is corrected. It is advisable to use this LUT for landscape and portrait videography.

Sony LUTs Warm

luts color grading pack free download luts color grading pack free download

Do you need a LUT with warm shading for your travel videos? Download this LUT which somehow resemble the effect of Arctic Circle Peter McKinnon LUTs. This filter was created for adding more drama to the image with active videos. It’s particularly effective if your footage has many moving parts and changing scenes.

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