How to Create a Watermark

How to Create a Watermark

In this article, you will find outhow to create a watermark in Photoshop and Lightroom. What is a photography watermark logo? What rules should be followed when you create your own watermark, for portfolio and what is it used for?

What Is a Watermark Logo?

Photography watermark is a way to protect your photography copyright by means of placing a photographer’s logo, name, link to the portfolio/website or another unique word or image, which indicates your authorship to the photo. The mark is called “water” because it has to be translucent according to the standard requirements. After all, the image is really important, and the watermark should not attract too much attention. The proper watermark is a faint semi-transparent mark on the edge of the image.

6 Free Photoshop Watermark Logos

Download these free watermark logos for free to place on your photos. Now applying a watermark in Photoshop is quick and easy.You can add a simple text watermark or one based around a logo or photo.

1. Photography Watermark - Text

2. Photography Watermark – Text in the Center

3. Photography Watermark - Logo

4. Photography Watermark – Text in the Center

5. Photography Watermark –Logo in the Bottom Right Corner

6. Photography Watermark - Logo in the Bottom Left Corner

When to Use a Watermark?

You can use a photography watermark for various purposes, for instance:

  • In order to protect your images from copying, for example, in social networks or on a personal website. The chances that your image will be stolen become less.
  • Promotion and advertising of your name or photography brand. Users, who ignored the watermark and copied your images to their websites or public pages, create free advertising for you. The logic is simple — the person, who saw your image, also paid attention to the watermark. And then, perhaps, if he/she is interested in your photography services, understands how to find you, because it is clear that the photo watermark is the primary source of this content.

How to Create a Watermark in Photoshop?

In case you wonder how to create a custom watermark for photos, I provide you with a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to create a transparent watermark in Photoshop. It consists of 6 stages, which are quite easy to follow even for a beginner, as the process doesn't require any special knowledge.

1. Open Photoshop and create a new document:“File > New” or “Ctrl+N”. Adjust its height and pixel length according to your needs, with a transparent background.

how to create a watermark Photoshop

2. Find “Layers” tab on the right and create a new layer.

how to create a watermark Photoshop layers

3. Select “Horizontal text” in the toolbar and find the appropriate font for your Photoshop watermark logo on the top. Choose the size. I selected the ‘Harlow Solid Italic” font, as the watermark with thick letters will look more interesting than with thin ones. Next, type in what you want to see on your sign, whether it is a logo, a name or a web page address.

how to create a watermark Photoshop text

4. To align our future watermark, you need to choose the "Move" tool and click “Ctrl + A” to select the canvas. Then click on the selected buttons in the top menu to align it horizontally and vertically. After that, you should press “Ctrl + D” to deselect. If you can’t align with these buttons, you can do it simply by dragging the text and holding it with the mouse button.

how to create a watermark Photoshop text editing

5. For a more interesting and remarkable watermark look, you can apply a special effect. To do this, you must open:"Layers - > Layer Style - > Layer Options”.

In the window that opens, select settings of the mark. I chose embossing. You can choose such effects as shadow or stroke, but I did not like it. You can play around with the various options and effects, but the next stage of watermark creation will play a crucial role. Do not forget that you can freely delete all the applied effects any time, so do not be afraid to experiment.

how to create a watermark Photoshop layer style

Choose the layer settings to overlay.

how to create a watermark Photoshop layer setting

After that, select in the layers tab “Fill” option and set the slider to 25%. Your watermark will become almost invisible.

how to create a watermark Photoshop fill

Look at your watermark. It should be like this one.

6. Copy the layer with your watermark and add it to the desired photo.

how to create a watermark Photoshop

7. Save the result in a .psd format. You can name it on the analogy of the English version – “watermark”. This particular file created in Photoshop can be applied to your images as authorship sign.

How to Create a Watermark in Lightroom?

In case you do not have Photoshop installed on your computer, you can also use Lightroom to create a watermark.

how to create a watermark Lightroom

1. Find “Watermark” in the file export settings.

how to create a watermark Lightroom

2. Tick off. Go to the "Watermark Editor”.

how to create a watermark Lightroom text

3. I noticed that Lightroom offers two types of watermarks, graphic and text ones.If we talk about graphic one, firstly, you need to create it. After that, you should upload it and, perhaps, make some changes.
Let’s analyze the text variant.

how to create a watermark Lightroom text setting

4. For editing this type of Adobe Lightroom CC watermark, you get a color palette and a large number of fonts. Also, you may use the additional settings of Lightroom watermark fonts.

how to create a watermark Lightroom 2018

Remember, that you can’t apply effects or filters on the image after making a watermark.

Create Photography Watermark Online

Let’s examine how to create a watermark using one of the best free online photo editor. Is it inferior in functionality? I used PicMonkey.

how to create a watermark online

1. Upload your photo from your hard drive or export it from a social network.

how to create a watermark online

2. After the image is uploaded, go to the “text” tab.

how to create a watermark online

3. Click “Add text box”. With this tool, we will apply a watermark to the photo. The first step is to name the watermark.

how to create a watermark online

4. In the “Text” menu that has been opened, you can edit the text. First, I changed the color using the color palette.

how to create a watermark online

5. The next “Effects” tab allows you to more precisely customize the watermark. I added some shadows and adjusted it with the Blur slider.

how to create a watermark online

6. The last step is to close the “Text” tool and move the watermark to the place you need. You can also change its size, double-clicking on it, thereby opening the “Crop” tool.

7. Save the result.

Free Watermark Apps

1. iWatermark


Price: Free

This multifunctional application allows you to import images from the camera gallery and insert or add watermarks. You can also add a date to your photo or use a preset watermark, while the app also offers over 300 fonts for you to create your own unique watermarks. Besides, there are wonderful text editing options, since you can choose the font size, set the spacing between lines or adjust the text in any other way. Watermark Photo Square, allows you to prepare your photos for Instagram, which means that you can crop your images for social networks in accordance with the proportions requirements of this platform.

2. Watermark X


Price: Free

There is nothing complicated about this application, as it provides a quick and easy way to create a watermark free and add it to your pictures. Watermark X has a huge collection of professionally designed watermark templates that can be customized to suit your needs. Each user can insert their own information and adjust the position of the watermark in the photo or change its size, opacity, and color. The watermark template database is constantly updated, so the app also allows iPhone photographers to change the watermark they use as often as they want.

3. Watermark Photo


Price: Free

You can add unique signatures, logos and copyright icons to the images you have taken with your smartphone in just a few simple steps. Watermark Photo contains a huge font library that allows you to create your own watermarks, while all the pre-installed ones come with a transparent background, which makes it easy to add watermarks to your images. Sharing options are great as they allow users to share their images on any social networking platform.

4. eZy Watermark


Price: Free

Over 2 million downloads confirm that this program isknown as one of the best watermark apps for iPhone.Along with powerful watermark tools, eZy Watermark provides the chance to package a watermark with more than a hundred images. The application offers a collection of 150 fonts, and also allows users to customize the thickness of the pen for autographs that they add to their photos. The eZy Watermark application allows you to import photos from a camera gallery, Facebook or Instagram while exporting parameters are equally impressive.

5. My Watermarks


Price: Free

My Watermark app was created by 360 Camera, one of the best photo application manufacturers in the modern world. Its functions are really amazing. The app is designed to help iPhone photographers create watermarks that they like. Creating a logo, photographing your own handwriting, and using it as a watermark are just some of the great features this application offers. My Watermarks app tracks all logos, signatures, and watermarks, allowing you to quickly access each logo or watermark you’ve already used. View more free photo editing apps to help you add photography watermarks easy.

Disadvantages of Photography Watermarks

Now when you know how to create a photography watermark, you need to learn about some significant drawbacks:

Watermarks affect the image viewing. Many people believe that the fundamental and main drawback of watermarks is that the image is not being perceived harmoniously, as the mark attracts all the attention. The composition and atmosphere of the photo are lost. In some cases, a watermark can give the picture a little cheap and amateurish look. It also gives the image a “consumer goods” look. But it all depends on the author’s feeling of style and taste because there are great examples of beautiful and properly designed watermarks.

The ease of removing the watermark. The protective functions of such marks are rather unclear and it is impossible to treat them as a real tool against photography theft. In fact, if you place the name of your website or some small picture in the corner of your image as a watermark, it is quite a weak protection. It is necessary to agree that the name of the website in the corner will not stop those, who have decided to steal your picture, because they can easily get rid of it just by cropping the photo in any graphics editor and it will take no more than a few minutes.

Do You Need a Watermark?

Undoubtedly, you should create watermark online, especially if you are an aspiring photographer, who has made own website and doesn’t know how to protect the finished work from theft. To create watermark free is one of the greatest solutions, but it is better not to overdo with a watermark. Remember that the first thing which should attract the attention is your photo, not your watermark. If a person is really interested in your work, he/she will surely notice your logo, name or website domain, which is presented in a form of a watermark.