Watermark Remover Online

If you need to take a watermark away from your picture, simply use this Watermark Remover Online that copes with this task fast and easily. Upload the necessary picture, choose the appropriate tool, slide it across the parts of the image with a watermark and get a clean picture.
You can remove any photography watermark just in several clicks. Some watermarks can be removed in several clicks, while others require spending more time and effort.

FAQ: Watermark Remover Online

How to erase a watermark from the edge of the image?
This is the most convenient type of watermark for removing, as you can simply cut off this part of the image. To do this, choose the Clone Stamp tool (C) – the fifth tool in the top menu and select the part you’d like to leave, then click on the checkmark at the top.
How to remove watermark from image online without cropping it?
If the watermark is located inconveniently, for example in the middle of the photo, or you just don’t want to crop the image, you can carefully remove it. To do this, use both the Spot Healing Brush Tool (J) and the Clone Tool (S). By combining them, you can achieve good results with ease.
Can I use this Watermark Remover Online on a commercial basis?
You can. Unlike the best watermark remover software, this free tool doesn’t impose limits on any type of work that you perform. You can also modify this editor the way you want, as it is open-source.
What format can I export and import images in?
The Online Watermark Remover supports almost all well-known and currently popular formats. Among them are PSD, JPG, SVG, PDF, and PNG. Besides, you can choose among 10 extra formats. The editor supports more than 15 import formats including PSD and RAW files.

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