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Post Production Photography Services

Post production photography services - the work that is provided by the professionals who specialize in photo editing and retouching. These services include also photo manipulation. Using various photography post production techniques and special software editors and retouchers improve the quality of a picture, remove some elements and drawbacks, adjust light and contrast, etc.


Post production for photographers we provide:

Portrait Photo RetouchingPortrait Photo Retouching
Wedding Photo Retouching ServicesWedding Photo Retouching Services
Family Photo EditingFamily Photo Editing
Headshot RetouchingHeadshot Retouching
Baby Photo RetouchingBaby Photo Retouching
Color Correction ServiceColor Correction Service
Product Photo Retouching ServicesProduct Photo Retouching Services
Background Removal ServiceBackground Removal Service
Real Estate Photo EditingReal Estate Photo Editing
Photo Post Processing ServicePhoto Post Processing Service
Jewellery Retouching ServicesJewellery Retouching Services
Outsource Photo RetouchingOutsource Photo Retouching
Old Photo Restoration ServicesOld Photo Restoration Services
Photo Manipulation ServicesPhoto Manipulation Services
Digital Drawings serviceDigital Drawings service
Seo Services For PhotographersSeo Services For Photographers


Why choose Fix The Photo for photo post production services?

Why choose FixThePhoto for Post Production Services?Our team gathers experienced digital artists, retouchers, and photo editors with excellent design skills.

Why choose FixThePhoto for Post Production Services? We can handle all of the digital photo post production needs meeting your own standards with very quick turnaround.

Why choose FixThePhoto for Post Production Services?Delegate us the post production photography tasks and you will have more time to do the most pleasant work – shooting photos and growing your business.

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Post Production Photo Editing - Portraiture

Portrait photography is extremely popular today, because we come across different kinds of portraits every day. Whether it is professional portraits edited in photography post production studio or so-called self-portraits “selfies”, they are essential part of our life. It is an open secret that people want their pictures to be of the highest quality and that is why they hire efficient photographers. And shooters, in their turn, hire retouchers and editors for the sake of time and productive work.

Portrait photo retouching may include the next professional photography services: red eyes and dark circles under eyes removal, skin smoothing, cutting background out, clearing blemishes and spots away, color correction and so on. Photo post production services are thus fundamental for creating excellent pictures of the top quality. In such a way photo retouchers and editors demonstrate the necessity of the work of photo post production companies.

Consequently, when shooters hire specialists of photo post production services, it allows them not only to save time, but also to focus on photography making itself. 


Wedding Photography Post Production

Wedding photo retouching services are of great importance when it comes to wedding pictures. A loving couple has a burning desire to look perfectly during their wedding day, and in exactly the same way on their wedding shots. Needless to say these pictures require creative retouching, fixing drawbacks, professional photo color correction, brightness and contrast adjustment, light effects exploring and so on.  

Wedding photo editing service is considered to be a most important process of creating post production photography in terms of wedding photography business. It enables a team of shooters and retouchers to succeed in this sphere. 

Wedding post production is extremely necessary – when wedding photographers rely on a team of proficient specialists they can devote much more time not only to wedding photo shoots, but also to communication with clients, creating photo albums and their private life. Wedding photography post production not always means boring work in front of the computer, but sometimes it may be quite captivating and useful, because of fertile creativity it makes the imagination work. So, if you are looking for professional wedding post production, contact us.


Old Damaged Photo Restoration

All of us have old images which convey the message of the past. Such pictures evoke different emotions, but mostly positive ones, and remind us of transience of life. However it may occur that these old images are damaged and that is why they need restoration. Photo editing services for professional photographers include old damaged photograph restoration. Special computer programs, such as Photoshop or Lightroom alert snaps and breathe life into them. 

Post production photography services embrace wide range of techniques and functions – from assessing the damage level and fixing it (scratches or spots) to background removal and colorizing the photo. Post production photo editing is crucial here otherwise sometimes one is not even able to see what is depicted on the photograph. Photo retouching services are also available online.


Picture Manipulation Service

According to Wikipedia, photo manipulation involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. This kind of photography service is widely used post production photo editing.

Image manipulation requires high level of proficiency and is sometimes considered to be a piece of artwork, and is used in the sphere of media, advertisement, film industry, closely connected with book illustrations (digital image manipulation). Due to this post production service one may make a photo brighter or darker, enhance photo quality, change background, remove irrelevant or odd elements, etc. 

Post production photography services improve pictures and it really makes the difference. Just look at before and after example and you will definitely see great distinctions. Post production in photography is a branch which specializes in creating outstanding and sometimes eye-catching images which appeal to the public eye and lend variety to everyday life. 

Photo editing services for photographers are helpful tools in the sphere of photography business. To profit handsomely from such kind of business a shooter must be not only a well-qualified specialist, but also arrange his time properly and work together with editors and retouchers. 


Real Estate Photos Post Production

Real estate image retouching is a most important aspect of property business. Buildings need to be advertised in a properly and, undoubtedly, it is impossible without photos of the highest quality. So, professional shooters take lots of pictures and retouchers make them perfect. The images demonstrate property and thus should highlight their best sides, since beguiling shots always draw attention of consumers and create pleasant impression. 

In order to show clients what they are paying for shooters need photo editing services. Post production for photographers is indispensable as its responsible for providing high end photo retouching and make images the top ones. These services help to cut background out, explore the effects of light and contrast, make photos beautiful due to natural retouching, identify the finest features of a building. 

Photo editing services online are suitable for work in almost every place where access to the Internet is available. Editing and post production is that what you need in the modern world of contemporary photography. 


Product Photography Post Production

Product photography post production plays crucial role in advertising different products in online shops, as for instance, cloths, shoes, knick-knacks, jewelry, hand-made items and so on. People want to see and choose desirable items and for that purpose internet shops post pictures of their products. Needless to say, that these photographs must be ideal and show products in the best way. Online photo editing service is also helpful here.

Product photography post production is a guarantee of appropriate photographs. It serves to make them better, more eye-popping and alluring, because photos must be competitive. Otherwise entrepreneurs won`t be able to sell their products and lose their money. 

Wedding photography services are to be relied on in this case too, as if talking about wedding dresses or suits they are also considered to be products for selling. Wedding photo editing service is the service you need when posting also wedding jewelry, bridal bouquets and even cakes for ceremony.


Headshot Retouching Services

Headshots are photographs of a person`s face or head and shoulders. It means that such photos are made in close ups and thus need thorough correction. Retouching services for professional photographers are sure to be necessary here. They may include: red eyes and dark circles under eyes removal, skin smoothing, removing some little skin drawbacks, wrinkles smoothing and even fixing some make-up problems. 

As for the headshots, they speak of the spirit of the whole generation, convey personal qualities of people. Such pictures don`t need too much retouching, they should look natural. Editing services may correct some mistakes made by shooters and contribute to the creation of the overall impression of a shot. 

Post production for photographers is an opportunity to hire retouchers and make photography work easier and more productive. Moreover, if you a beginning shooter you need help of retouchers even more. Your pictures aren`t so great yet and require serious transformation - professional photo editing service. Don`t be unreasonable – just work with editors and retouchers!


Newborn Photos Post Production

Lots of us are in raptures when we look at cute little children – newborn babies. So, it is evident that loving parents want to make pictures of their delightful and charming sons or daughters. It is a must of a photographer to do everything possible for taking beguiling photos. Besides, newborn children are quite specific subjects to shoot and need certain conditions and care during photo session. 

Using post processing service photographers are likely to make the most of the opportunities. Newborns are sure to be fabulous in the pictures, but to make photos even more adorable shooters work with together with retouchers and do wonders. As a result everybody is satisfied – parents, relatives, their friends and acquaintances and babies, even despite the fact that they don`t realize what is going on. But in future grown-up children are likely to view their pictures and be happy observe their funny look.

In such a way post production service makes a contribution to not only to the world of photo retouching, but also to the world people`s emotions and memories.


Jewelry Photo Post Production

Perhaps every woman and girl dreams of diamond rings or necklaces, golden bracelets or watches, silver earrings, chains and pendants. These jewelry items are quite expensive and that is why they require professional advertising and perfect presentation in order to be sold with the help of the Internet shop.

Photo retouch services enable photographers to edit pictures of jewelry items by themselves or ask retouchers for a help (which is more desirable). Such services may involve the next functions: removing spots and scratches, color and contrast adjustment, light correction, removing dust, creating natural shadows and clipping path. These professional photo retouching services make photos of jewelry products unrivalled and competitive in comparison with other websites. 

Since pictures of jewels must look ideally, it is also convenient to use photo editing online service, because in such a way one may devote more time to editing. Photo post production services give photographers chance to become more experienced in their working field and afterward even win photo competitions, because by cooperating with editors they concentrate on photo making process more. 


Nude Photo Post Production

This photography genre is a little bit unusual and specific. Shooters should be very understanding and polite, because people are considered to be defenseless when they are completely or partially naked. They should do everything possible for clients to feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Candid images are difficult to edit, because they reveal not only the whole body, but also all its minor drawbacks. The main task of an editor to fix all the problems – remove skin defects, minimize wrinkles, smooth skin if it is needed, adjust light, color and contrast, etc. Post production photography services allow photographer to solve all his dilemmas connected with editing and retouching, since a group of efficient specialists is sure to do their best to improve snaps. 

Post production photography services let you do your favourite job – take pictures, and work more time with camera and not with computer. 


Fix The Photo – is the Right Choice

How to choose online retouching service?. We know the solution to this problem - when you need to decide what post production company to deal with, the right choice is Fix The Photo. That is so, because Fix The Photo is a prosperous post production firm which has been working at full efficiency during 13 years. We provide professional photography services, such as editing and retouching, picture manipulation, image restoration, portrait and family photo editing, product photography post production, nude photo nude picture retouching and that is not all the available functions. 

Our sophisticated and experienced professionals work with high end techniques and technologies, we are creative and easy-going. Our team is always eager to be helping hand for shooters who specialize in different kinds of photography – we really know how to improve photos.

We are ready to communicate and cooperate with you whenever it is convenient. Besides our company offers reasonable and reliable photo editing price which can`t but pleases.