How to Remove Stray Hairs in Photoshop

How to Remove Stray Hairs in Photoshop

If you can’t understand how to remove stray hair in Photoshop easy, fast, and naturally without damaging background or skin texture, this step-by-step photo retouching tutorial will be very helpful.

Concentrating on the model’s face or other elements of the image, photographers often forget to get rid of flyaway hair. It is almost impossible to avoid this problem during the outdoor photo session, but it can be solved while beauty image editing.

How to Remove Flyaway Hair in Photoshop

how to remove stray hairs in photoshophow to remove stray hairs in photoshophow to remove stray hairs in photoshop

You may be overwhelmed with different tutorials on how to remove stray hairs on face in Photoshop, but never get a hustle on applying all the tips at once. In fact, there are several useful techniques, using which you will be able to do everything properly. With this tutorial, you will find the possible answers to “How to remove stray hairs in Photoshop?” question.
Aside from hair retouching, you will find out how to make beauty photo retouching, namely studio photo color correction, apply a fashionable Dodge & Burn effect, retouch skin, make it naturally smoothed and textured, remove a "pale" skin color effect, and add volume to the model's hair. If you are a beginning photo retoucher, you need about 40-50 minutes to do hair retouching, if you have already edited photos in Photoshop - for about 20-30 minutes.

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How to Fix Hair in Photoshop Tutorial

Removing stray hair from the background and face is crucial while photoshopping portraits, especially for fashion magazines. Watch and read our photo retouching tutorial to make hair look great on the photo.

STEP 1. Open the photo and duplicate the layer.

how to fix hair in photoshop

STEP 2. Select one half of the face and copy it on the top layer.

how to remove stray hairs in photoshop cc

STEP 3. Move the layer, so that the background part where you want to remove flyaway hair is clean.

how to remove stray hairs in photoshop cc

STEP 4. At this stage of hair wisps Photoshop retouching you need to create a mask and invert it so that the layer cannot be seen.

how to remove stray hairs on face in photoshop

STEP 5. Select a soft brush, set it to white, and set its opacity like it’s shown on the photo below. Start to go through the contour of the hair with light strokes to remove the unnecessary hair from the backdrop.

how to remove stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 6. Continue doing this until all stray hairs from that side are totally removed.

how to quickly remove stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 7. Copy the other half of the girl’s face to a new layer.

how to quickly remove stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 8. Create a new adjustment layer to see background flaws, blemishes and whether there are any stray hairs left.

how to quickly remove stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 9. As you can see on the screenshot, there are some flaws on our photo that we need to correct.

how to get rid of stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 10. Select the soft mix brush and set such values:

  • Wet - 37%
  • Load- 36%
  • Mix - 30%
  • Flow - 35%
  • Samples all layers - checkmark

how to get rid of stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 11. Fix the flaws with the brush.

how to get rid of stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 12. Choose the Liquify filter. Use it to add volume and form the final look of the hair.

easy way to remove stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 13. Choose a Clone Stamp tool and a soft brush.

easy way to remove stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 14. Carefully select the face area next to the stray hairs, and paint them over.

easy way to remove stray hairs in photoshop

STEP 15. Select the Healing Brush and reduce its radius. Start to remove the protruding hairs carefully.

easy way to remove stray hairs in photoshop

And there you have it! A perfectly edited picture with no stray hairs in sight!


how to remove stray hairs in photoshophow to remove stray hairs in photoshophow to remove stray hairs in photoshop

Comparing to other tricky portrait elements as makeup, props, lighting, hair is practically uncontrolled. Even if you use the best hairspray and hope to keep the hair fixed, you will need to know how to fix wind blown hair in Photoshop, especially if you perform outdoor shooting.
Each female portrait should have perfect hair, and it isn't only about removing stray hairs, you should add some volume to her hair. Make it look natural by using the Liquify Tool (check the background behind your model wherever you’re using this magical tool) and color though a Gradient Map (this Adjustment Layer will allow any retoucher to independently adjust the highlights, midtones, and shadows). It really helps add some shape, volume easy and fast. This creates a natural looking depth and texture.

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how to remove stray hairs in photoshophow to remove stray hairs in photoshophow to remove stray hairs in photoshop

Fortunately, the Healing Brush tool may be your lifesaver if you need to improve the state of the hair, without causing any weird, unnatural look. Though the changes may be minor, the whole picture will become more interesting and eye-catching.
The most common mistake is when a photographer gets carried away with this tool and makes the hair too perfect. People like natural shots and you need to perform editing, without making all the adjustments visible.
Having looked at the before and after portrait retouching example on the left, you see that a good beauty portrait isn't only a good looking skin and eyes, it is a deep color correction, hair retouching, photo stylization, natural body reshaping. etc. The only rule is to make photo retouching NATURAL and a little bit beautiful than in reality.


Additional Portrait Retouching Tips

Hair isn’t the only element that requires professional image editing. There are lots of other parts of the picture, which may spoil it if you don’t pay sufficient attention to them. Here’s the list of useful Lightroom and Photoshop portrait tutorials.

Make Color Correction

Adjust color tones, temperature, shadows, white balance on your photos to make them be full of bright colors or get a trendy and stylish color effect. For this purpose you can use Lightroom presets or free Photoshop actions.


How to Brighten Eyes in Photoshop

How to Smoothen Skin in Photoshop

How to Whiten Teeth in Lightroom

You may choose any app to fix teeth in pictures. But the best variant is to use Photoshop, Photoshop alternatives or Lightroom with lots of useful tools. Watch the video tutorial about how to whiten teeth in Lightroom easy and fast from the first time. But an average person usually has the teeth with a yellowish tint. Your task is to eliminate this yellowness and save the natural white color. Don’t make the teeth to bright or the image will be overdone and fake. You must represent a model in a favorable way, but there is a delicate balance between eye-catching and oddish.

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How to Change Eye Color in Photoshop

Add Shine and Volume to Hair

Dealing with a portraiture genre, the majority of photographers and photo retouchers tend to concentrate on the face only. But this may play a low-down trick with them. A portrait isn’t only about the face as there are lots of other parts that need to be retouched. If you know how to retouch hair Photoshop, you will be able to entirely affect the picture. At the first glance, you may not notice crucial defects. But be very attentive, as the hair is a very tricky area to enhance. Try zooming in and you will definitely find something you want to fix. If you are not sure what to start with, watch this video and learn how to smooth hair in Photoshop, add shine and volume.

Improve Makeup

There is usually a makeup artist, who chooses the makeup in accordance with the style of a photo session. But after several hours of the ongoing shooting the colors of the lipstick, eyeliner, rouge, mascara become less bright. Not to waste time enhancing the makeup while shooting, you can perform all the improvements in Photoshop. Only several clicks and you get what you need.

Try Different Hair Color

Editing portraits, you will need to know not only how to remove stray hair in Photoshop, but how to change its color. It is much easier to turn fair hair into dark, as you will see each detail that must be changed. Doing the opposite conversion is almost impossible. Though editing hair is a challenging task, the results you will get may change the mood of the whole photo. So, it is always worth trying. Just do everything little by little not to get an unnatural look.

Photoshop Remove Facial Hair Tutorial

Lots of photographers are asked to “grow” hair during the image editing (a beard or mustache), but sometimes they need to remove female facial hair Photoshop. Besides, your income may depend on your knowledge of how to remove facial hair in Photoshop and it would be a pity to lose clients because you have no idea what to start with. In this video, you will find all the techniques which will be useful for such a task.

Armpit Retouching

If you know how to fix dark armpits Photoshop, you will be regarded as a really skillful shooter. This part of the human body needs a special attention while image editing. Do your best to make armpits as smooth as possible.

Remove Crinkles and Puckers in Clothes

When we see a portrait, first of all, we pay attention to the appearance of a model. But then we notice the clothes which are used to accentuate the person’s beauty and peculiarities of the shooting theme. So, the outfit must be chosen appropriately. It is unforgivable if you leave the clothes without image editing. The final results must be perfect without wrinkles and creases in clothes. Your task as a pro photographer is to fix all the flaws that weren’t eliminated during the photo session. With the Photoshop magic, everything becomes possible.



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