200 Free Brick Textures

Use free brick textures for Photoshop to create original brick backgrounds in your photos. Using these effects, you may decorate any design or your website. They are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Creative Cloud, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, and other programs that allow working with layers. The brick texture collection contains JPG textures. Both Mac and PC users can effortlesly work with these tools. They can be applied to RAW and JPG formats and images with the resolution of 800*533px.

Brick Texture #1 "Classical Wall"

brick texture

Brick Wall Texture #2 "Rustic Style"

brick wall texture

Brick Textures #3 "Stone Wall"

brick textures

Brick Wall Textures #4 "Street Grace"

brick texture png

Brick Texture Photoshop #5 "Tileable"

brick wall textures

Free Brick Texture #6 "Orange & Peach"

brick texture photoshop

Brick Texture Free #7 "Deep Peach"

free brick texture

Textures Brick #8 "Grey"

brick texture free

Photoshop Brick Texture #9 "Dirty Color"

textures brick

Free Brick Textures #10 "Red Yellowish Tints"

photoshop brick texture

Free Brick Wall Texture #11 "Dungeon"

free brick textures

Brick Wall Texture Free #12 "Gray Bricks"

free brick wall texture

Brick Wall Texture Photoshop #13 "Stone Wall"

brick wall texture free

Textures Brick Wall #14 "Shabby"

brick wall texture photoshop

Brick Textures Free #15 "Brown Bricks"

textures brick wall

Brick Wall Texture in Photoshop #16 "Old Wall"

brick textures free

Brick Photoshop Texture #17 "Darkness"

brick wall texture in photoshop

Brick Texture for Photoshop #18 "White Wall"

brick photoshop texture

Brick Wall Texture for Photoshop #19 "Ideal Bricks"

brick texture for photoshop

Brick Texture #20 "Lines"

brick wall texture for photoshop

Brick Wall Texture #21 "Whiteness"

free texture brick wall

Brick Textures #22 "Rusty"

photoshop brick textures

Brick Wall Textures #23 "Gloomy"

free photoshop brick textures

Brick Texture Photoshop #24 "Bright Tints"

brick photoshop texture

Free Brick Texture #25 "Loneliness"

brick textures for photoshop

Brick Texture Free #26 "Macro Effects"

brick textures photoshop

Textures Brick #27 "Irregularity"

photoshop brick wall textures

Photoshop Brick Texture #28 "Unevenness"

photoshop textures brick

Free Brick Textures #29 "Volume Effect"

brick texture

Free Brick Wall Texture #30 "Street Shades"

brick wall texture

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

This Photoshop brick texture kit includes basic effects for various types of photos. Experienced professionals, as well as inspired beginners, may successfully use them to enhance images and create unique designs. In addition to these Photoshop brick wall textures, you may also use other effects. As a result, you get realistic pics for further printing or publishing on social networks.

Brick Wall Texture Free #31 "Wood"

brick textures

Brick Wall Texture Photoshop #32 "Stone"

brick texture png

Textures Brick Wall #33 "Concrete"

brick wall textures

Brick Textures Free #34 "Marble"

brick texture photoshop

Brick Wall Texture in Photoshop #35 "Sand"

free brick texture

Brick Photoshop Texture #36 "Grunge"

brick texture free

Brick Texture for Photoshop #37 "Dirt"

textures brick

Brick Wall Texture for Photoshop #38 "Tree"

tree textures free

Tips for Using the Brick Wall Texture Bundle

Brick wall textures may be applied to almost all photography genres but they provide really impressive results with street images. Moreover, you may successfully use while preparing posts for Instagram or any other social networking platform.

Photoshop brick textures are great helpers when you need to create a thematic website, embelish your blog, etc. However, these effects are especially fitting for architecture and real estate photography.

Features of Free Brick Wall Textures

The collection of brick textures includes brick backgrounds that vary in color and style. Brown, gray and white brick textures can give your images a city-inspired look. Plus, each texture is a unique combination of shape, color and style.

Although these tools were originally developed for architecture and real estate photos, you may easily apply them to portraits, street images, and related genres.

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