Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas

Creative and unusual wedding photography ideas is everything you need to make your couple’s wedding album full of lifestyle and romantic photos. Where to find them to avoid staged portraits and group photos? Here is a huge list of wedding party photography ideas, poses, and props for pre-wedding, ceremony, preparation, party, and other event photos.

Pre Wedding Photography Ideas

Pre wedding photoshoot is not only a perfect way to make contact with your couple and find their best photography angles, but a wonderful way of adding creative photos to their wedding album. That’s why I have gathered some amazing pre wedding photography poses ideas that will help you make the photo session interesting and memorable.

1. Recreating Romantic Movies

film pre wedding photography ideas

Think about taking the engagement photo session in a film style. Suggest the couple choosing their favorite movie or TV show and recreate it during the shooting. As an example, look at the amazing wedding photo gallery based on the La La Land film. It looks so exciting, doesn’t it?

2. Underwater

underwater pre wedding photography ideas

If you want to implement something really extraordinary and adventurous, then you should consider this one of creative wedding photography ideas. Be fast and rent special photography equipment.

Underwater Wedding Photography Gear You Need:

Wedding Photography ideas Underwater Camera Housing
  • Compatible with Canon PowerShot G11 and G12
  • Converts your PowerShot camera to an underwater digital camera
  • Waterproof to 130 feet
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Wedding Photography ideas Lens Port
  • AquaTech PD-85 Dome Lens Port for Various Lenses in Sport Housings
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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Wedding Photography ideas Underwater Strobe
  • Excellent night-time visibility. The illuminated control panel is ideal for night diving
  • Maximum guide number is a powerful 32 (ISO 100, meter). Recycle time is only 1.5 sec(*1)
  • EV control function can finely tune the amount of light emitted
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Wedding Photography ideas Lens Filters
  • Snake River Prototyping 55mm URPro Cyan Filter for Tropical Blue Water
  • Filter Type: Cyan Filter (CY) for Tropical Blue Water
  • Filter Diameter: 2.16" / 55mm Ultra Low-Profile (No Outside Threading)
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3. Sailing Through Love

boat pre wedding photography ideas

Can you imagine how romantic the photo of a couple riding the boat may look? Such an example of creative wedding photos is perfect for the engagement photo session, as there is something magical and touching about it. Everything will be even more spectacular if you decorate the boat with greenery and flowers.

Photography Prop You Need:

Wedding Photography ideas Artificial Flowers
  • Package inclued 5 pack
  • Each garland 8.2 FT Long, flowers 1.6 inches in diameter, each garland holds about 45 leaves, 45 flowers
  • Material: silk, plastic, high quality
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4. Drone Wedding Photography

drone pre wedding photography ideas

Another way to create astonishing bride and groom photos is to use the drone. The drone wedding photography will allow you to capture the landscapes, which will add some grandiose atmosphere to the images.

Drone Photography Kit:

Drone Photography Kit DJI Drone Photography Kit
  • The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily
  • 24 high performance computing cores
  • Photos with altitude
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5. Smoke Bombs

smoke bombs pre wedding photography ideas

The smoke bomb can become the great example of wedding photography props ideas if you are tired of the standard shots. You can be sure that such a photo will fascinate every couple, and even usual wedding portraits will look attractive and extraordinary. Moreover, if you stick to some particular colors, you shot will be even more elegant.

Photography Prop You Need:

Photography Prop You Need Smoke Bombs
  • Receive 7 smoke tubes of random colors selected from: Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Black
  • Each smoke runs for approximately 30 second and produces thick, vibrantly colors smoke
  • Simple operation - No matches required - Just pull the ring to start!
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6. Night Photography

night pre wedding photography ideas

Try different wedding poses ideas while shooting at night. All the photographers tend to think that the photo sessions have to be taken during the “golden hour” and in the daytime, however, even night photography has its own magic and charming atmosphere. You can capture the silhouettes of the couple and apply different lights and street lamps, taking really memorable photos.

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7. Reenact the Proposal

proposal pre wedding photography ideas

Reenacting the proposal during the engagement photo session is a very romantic and touching example of the wedding pictures ideas. Maybe the newlyweds were too nervous to fully enjoy the moment, so they would have an excellent opportunity to experience the same emotions and get stunning photos in addition. You can use these photos even for your wedding invitations. If you like this idea, download wedding invitation templates to surprise your guests and relatives with beautiful and romantic designs.


8. Fairground

fairground pre wedding photography ideas

Is there more romantic place for the dates than a carnival? It would be a great kind of outdoor wedding photography ideas to make the couple recall their first feelings near the bright lights, Ferris wheel, and “plunge” into the magical atmosphere. Use Bokeh overlays for Photoshop to add beautiful and shiny Bokeh circles to make your night photos dreamy and magical.


9. Rainy Day

rain pre wedding photography ideas

Why do most people think that rain is some hindrance if you want to try different wedding photography ideas and it can even ruin the photo session? But actually, the rain helps take very touching photos. A lot of couples would like to have a shot kissing in the rain, or hiding under the umbrella.


10. Into the Wild

canyon pre wedding photography ideas

Do you want to perform an impressive photo session? Then you can try to organize it in the Canyon, where you will be able to realize the most creative wedding photo ideas. Above, you can see the shot taken in Antelope Canyon, which is really lovely and impressive. Read about more engagement photo ideas and destinations to take wonderful photos on nature background.

11. Go Vintage

vintage pre wedding photography ideas

The vintage style seems to be always popular, and the unique wedding photos in such a style have lots of admirers. You can implement a lot of cool wedding photography ideas, choosing the appropriate clothes for the bride and the groom, add the photography props typical of that time. Don’t forget to add that charming color effect of faded tints during wedding photo editing or with the help of Lightroom presets.


12. Capture a Comfortable Home Atmosphere

home pre wedding photography ideas

The couples tend to choose some unique places for their shooting, but often it looks unnatural and insincere. What can be better than the cozy and warm atmosphere in the pre wedding photos? Thus the newly wedded will feel really relaxed and comfortable, so the photos will look touching and pleasant.

13. Lakeside

lakeside pre wedding photography ideas

Just look at the photo above and tell that you do not want to recreate such a dreamy idea. It is not so difficult to do it, just ask the newlyweds to sit or lie on the deck and put the candles around them.

Photography Prop You Need:

Photography Prop You Need Candles
  • Bolsius Tray Of 20 ivory Pillar Candles Aprox 2X4 inches
  • Bolsius Pillar candle size 98mm X 48mm
  • Bolsius Pillar candle Made in europ with high quality wax and wicks
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14. Balloons

balloons pre wedding photography ideas

Shooting with balloons is one of the most popular and fun wedding photo ideas, which will help you liven up the photos and add more colors to them. One more advantage of the balloons is that they can be used in a variety of different poses so that here you can show your creativity and take impressive shots.

15. Pets

pets pre wedding photography ideas

It will be an amazing idea for those couples who love animals and have the pets. Make as many lifestyle photos as you can, forget about poses – just let them play and relax.

Wedding Photography Ideas

The wedding photo session is no less important than the engagement one, so you can do your best to take the most attractive and gripping shots. Here you can find really interesting and creative wedding photography ideas for posing.

Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas

Usually photographers tend to take similar pictures with the same backgrounds, implementing old and out-of-date wedding photography pose ideas. When you are asked to perform the outdoor photo session, these wedding photo ideas may be your starting point.

16. Bridge

bridge wedding photography ideas

The bridge will add the intimate atmosphere to the photo and show the unity of the couple.

17. Cliffside

cliffside wedding photography ideas

The main advantage of the outdoor wedding photography ideas for photographers is that you get breathtaking views and landscapes, so you won’t have to prepare the additional decorations. Just look at the example above! Use the soft light and white colors, and you will create the most romantic shots ever.

18. Beach

beach wedding photography ideas

This one is a classical wedding photography idea. Any beach will provide you with a stunning backdrop for wedding photography, but choose deserted beaches.

Indoor Wedding Photography Ideas

Actually, not every photographer likes to take the photos inside, and it is not surprising, as the natural light is better than artificial. However, it can also be a great chance to experiment with different camera settings and lighting.

18. Big Windows

window indoor wedding photography ideas

A large and beautiful window is always a great advantage! Using it, you can try out your creativity, as the artistic possibilities are figuratively endless. Even the dark photos will look great. Moreover, such a window is the source of natural light, so it is unlikely that something will go wrong.

19. Staircase

staircase indoor wedding photography ideas

If you have such a beautiful staircase, you should definitely use it during the photo session. You can experiment with the wedding couple poses photography, and the pictures should be really impressive. The staircase will serve as a gorgeous background, which will add some elegance and sophistication to the shots.

20. Infinity Mirror

mirror indoor wedding photography ideas

Taking a picture of the newlywed in the mirror is a very interesting and creative idea. You also have an opportunity to create the effect of infinity with the help of two mirrors placed opposite one another. Such kind of wedding photography tips can also be considered as a symbol of endless love of the couple.

Wedding Party Photography Ideas

If you want your wedding party photos to be outstanding as well, stick to some of these examples of photo shooting.

21. Bridal Reflection

bride and bridesmaids wedding party photography ideas

No one will argue that the bride is a very important person on the day, so it is clear that everyone will adore her bridal outfit. As a photographer, you should not miss any moment and realize all the wedding boudoir photography ideas, to take the beautiful pictures of the happy lady.

22. Jackets off

groom and groomsmen wedding party photography ideas

As for the groom and his best men, you can to take the photos of them with the jackets off and the fiancé can keep his jacket on. It is a kind of the must have wedding photos, but they don’t look as boring as some traditional wedding photo poses.

23. Get a Room!

funny wedding party photography ideas

Another great idea is to capture the newlyweds kissing in the center of the picture, and the others looking away embarrassed. The funny photos are guaranteed.

Wedding Dress Photography Ideas

One of the key elements of the whole wedding is the dress of the bride, so photographing it, is a very important mission. There is surely something special about the dress that made the bride choose it. So you need to show the dress in the best way.

24. Hanging Wedding Dress

hanging wedding dress photography ideas

The photos of the hanging wedding dress look really fabulous and touching. Try to place the dress in different places, and you should also find a way to highlight the location where the newlyweds decided to celebrate their special day.

25. Twist and Spin

spinning wedding dress photography ideas

Even if it is the most beautiful wedding dress ever, it will look much better on the bride. Try to experiment with different wedding poses for couples in order to show the dress in all its glory.

26. From Behind

from behind wedding dress photography ideas

Do not forget to capture the wedding dress from every angle, especially from behind. It will look particularly gorgeous if it has an open back or elongated train. Create a dramatic shot of the bride near the window; take a photo outside in the wind so that the dress will flow behind very gracefully.

Wedding Rings Photography Ideas

Wedding photos with rings is a classic of the wedding photography. Such a shot has firmly become a part of the compulsory program of all professional photographers. However, the rings merely lying on a cushion or in a box seem too ordinary and boring. How to make such wedding photos original and truly beautiful? We have prepared a few wedding rings photography ideas that will serve you as inspiration.

26. Holding Hands

wedding rings photography ideas

One of the best wedding photography ideas with the rings is to get the close-up of the couple holding their hands. It’s much better than simply photographing rings on some surface since it adds personal and intimate touch. A perfect photo for the wedding photo gallery.

27. Pinky Promise

wedding rings photography ideas

Such wedding photography pose ideas are pretty sweet because marriage is full of promises and that is represented by this meaningful shot of the wedding rings. You can either get a close-up of the hands or include the couple into the background.

Creative Wedding Photography Ideas

While traditional wedding photos make a nice keepsake, we love when photographers go above and beyond with their creative wedding photography ideas. Satisfy your creative spirit with these slightly less conventional wedding photos.

28. The Frame

frame creative wedding photography ideas

While creating unique wedding photos, a typical wooden frame may be very useful. In fact, it becomes a great accessory in the picture. Such a prop is suitable for any wedding photography props ideas, because of its universality.

29. Sparklers

sparklers creative wedding photography ideas

Sparklers add a genuinely magical quality to the wedding photos. It can be one of the best wedding photography marketing ideas as these photos spread like wildfire, becoming an example for many other photographers. You can spell words with them or draw something in the air. Whatever you choose to do, remember that long shutter speed is essential to capture the sparkler trails.

30. Aerial Shot

aerial creative wedding photography ideas

Thanks to the wedding photos from the air, the couple can save the important moments of the ceremony from all angles, for example, a wedding kiss after the exchange of rings or the moment when the father takes his bride-daughter to the wedding arch. So it will be easier for you to put all the guests in the frame. And, of course, aerial photography will need to preserve the beauty of the wedding place and its surroundings.

Gay Wedding Photography Ideas

The number of same-sex marriages is growing rapidly. However, many photographers have a problem with same-sex wedding photography ideas for posing. Below there are few gay wedding photography ideas and tips to make the photo shoot harmonious and easy and avoid being called a dirty wedding photographer.

31. Leave Some Space

lesbian wedding photography ideas

While photographing brides in dresses of the same color palette, you can easily turn them into a big blob. To avoid such situation, ask them to leave a short distance from each other.

32. Mr & Mr

gay wedding photography ideas

This is one of the traditional wedding photography ideas for straight newlyweds, but using it for the gay couples, you can create a rather unusual image. To do this, you will need two tablets with the inscription "Mr" or "Mrs". View more wedding photography props to use for funny photos.

33. Be Equal

gay wedding photography ideas

In many bride and groom photos, the bride always gets more attention from the photographer. However, photographing a same-sex couple, treat everyone with equal attention. This is necessary in order not to impose typical gender roles, thereby providing them with a comfortable feeling during shooting. Choose wedding photography ideas for posing so that one partner does not dominate the other. Most often it is a joint walk, hug or kiss. Any pose where partners do the same thing will be a good choice.

Winning Wedding Photography Pose Ideas

The newlyweds often have a problem - how to choose a beautiful and unique wedding photography poses? An ordinary photographer could tell which traditional wedding photo poses will look best. But more and more often couples put uniqueness above tradition.

If you are just starting your way in the field of wedding photography or are looking for inspiration to create something new, I have gathered for you the most beautiful, romantic and time-tested poses for bride and groom photos. However, these wedding photography ideas for posing are just examples, changing which, you will get original and non-standard pictures. You can download our free wedding photography checklist templates to write all poses you want to take photo of at the wedding.

34. Kissing Under a Veil

wedding photography poses ideas

To embellish the ordinary kissing pose, ask the newlyweds to do it under the veil. It will add romance and intimacy.

35. Back Hug

wedding photography poses ideas

Hugs from the back look pretty cute and romantic, so many have fallen in love with such wedding photos. Also, a strong man's embrace from the back says that he is ready to protect his beloved half from all hardships, so next to him the bride will definitely feel safe.

36. Forehead Kiss

wedding photography poses ideas

Unlike other kisses, a kiss on the forehead is a special sign of attention, expressing a warm feeling and caring for a person. Sounds like a great idea for wedding photos!

37. Dip

wedding photography poses ideas

The dip is more challenging to perform than it seems, so first, check the ability of the newlyweds to cope with this pose. Doing wrong, instead of a passionate kiss you can get an awkward and unpleasant scene. The inability of the groom to bend low enough is the most common mistake in such wedding poses for couples.

38. Looking Back at Camera

wedding photography poses ideas

This pose well replaces the standard standing wedding poses for couples. It seems that the photographer had just caught the newlywed couple unaware, giving an atmosphere of alluring and mystery.

39. Forehead to Forehead

wedding photography poses ideas

A must have wedding photos pose for most photographers. The newlyweds touching each other with their foreheads create a very gentle, warm and romantic image. Try to experiment with the shadows and lighting to enhance the effect.

40. The Walk

wedding photography poses ideas

This pose, perhaps, is eternal, because it's difficult to find something more romantic and intimate than the walk of loving people hand in hand. As in the previous case, to enhance the effect, you can experiment with shadows and lighting. The beautiful landscape will also increase the attractiveness of such wedding photos.

41. Hand on Cheek

wedding photography poses ideas

Emotional and touching moments can be expressed by a simple touch to the cheek and a warm look into each other’s eyes. Such wedding poses for couples are simple to do, but rather very meaningful.

42. Head on Shoulder

wedding photography poses ideas

This pose is very sincere. Let the bride put her head on or simply lean on the groom's shoulder, and the groom stands straight, looking either at you or at the bride. Do not forget about the smile!

43. Looking at Each Other

wedding photography poses ideas

"I can't take my eyes off you" - these words should be clearly read on the faces of the newlyweds during the wedding celebration. Photos, where the couple gaze into each other’s eyes looks especially tender. Such wedding poses for couples is great, as they always look gentle and romantic. For a passionate couple, such a pose will kindle an ardent passion in the eyes.

44. Only One Looks into the Camera

wedding photography poses ideas

To diversify the regular pose with an embrace, you can ask one of the couple to look at the camera, and the second to admire the partner. Thus you can add a little romance and passion to the wedding photo gallery.

45. Lift

wedding photography poses ideas

Here the groom lifts his bride in his arms. For such wedding poses ideas the emotions can be completely different – from fun to passion, anyway a photo will look very romantic. Anyway, the picture seems rather sincere.

46. Arms around Neck

wedding photography poses ideas

This pose adds intimacy to a portrait photo. Tell the bride to gently embrace the groom around his neck and meet his gaze. The groom, in turn, must tenderly embrace the bride. Such wedding photos may reflect some flaws: a rumpled dress, tousled hair, or a diadem that has slid to the side. But the proper posing will save the image.

47. Side by Side

wedding photography poses ideas

Such traditional wedding photo poses unlikely requires any effort, so the photographer can only capture the moment when the pair stands next to each other. Holding hands, looking into each other's eyes, hugging, making funny gestures, and other options can add more charm to this elegant pose.

48. Bride Sitting on Groom’s Lap

wedding photography poses ideas

Sitting is a great way to show the closeness of a couple and their interaction. You can use everything which they can sit on. The most classic is the photo in which a bride sits on her husband's lap. However, such wedding photography ideas imply many actions – they can kiss, look at each other, or look into the camera.

49. Live Corridor

wedding photography poses ideas

50. Nose to Nose

wedding photography poses ideas

In fact, the main value of the photographer's service is not the technical aspect, but the number of the exciting moments he/she managed to capture: happy faces, newlywed' glances, the first kiss, the exchange of the rings, the awe in the church, the first dance or the fun on the dance floor. The most important thing is the sincere emotions – catch the right moment using our wedding photography ideas for posing, and you will succeed!



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