Wedding Boudoir

Wedding Boudoir

Is wedding boudoir photography as easy as it looks? The short answer is no. It’s a very demanding and complicated photoshoot. That’s why there are not many photographers who specialize in bridal boudoir. I’m very passionate about this genre and I’m ready to share my 25 tips and ideas that will help you achieve stunning results.

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal boudoir photography is a relatively new genre of photography. Women order these photography services to present boudoir photos to their future husbands. The term originates from the French word “boudoir,” which is the room that is meant for a lady. This definition sets the tone for a modern boudoir photoshoot, which is conducted in a woman’s private place. There are no restrictions on age, constitution, height, etc. That’s why any woman can become a boudoir model. The basic idea is that a lady poses in beautiful lingerie or completely naked. The surrounding is chosen and prepared in accordance with the mood of the photo session. In most cases, women order such a shoot to get professional boudoir photos for their husband, which is regarded as a special present.

Bridal Boudoir Photography Ideas

Romantic wedding boudoir photos are quite popular, as they help emphasize the tenderness and beauty of a young woman who is getting ready for a happy marriage. On the other hand, this genre appeared not many years ago, so only a few photographers specialize in it. Searching for extraordinary ideas for your shots, you can see that most works are banal and standard. You need a fresh look. If you want to surprise the newlyweds with modern and professional bridal boudoir photos, look at our collection of 25 examples from the bridal boudoir gallery and save the portrait photography poses you like the most.

1. Wearing Trendy Shoes

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

Everyone agrees that shoes on elegant pin heel are the symbol of feminity and sexuality. Such a bridal boudoir image draws attention to the sexy women's legs and looks very fashionable. You can experiment with different shoes, types of stockings and decorations. Remember that the interior is also important.

2. In a Bath with Flowers

bridal boudoir photography ideas

This wedding boudoir photo looks striking. You can propose this idea if the model wants something really unique and unusual. Of course, the woman shouldn’t take the bath fully nude. You can create a beautiful composition using flower petals or colorful bubbles. As a result, you get an extraordinary indoor photo.

3. Use the Groom’s Clothes and Accessories

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

Simple, laconic, sometimes even rough, men's clothes create a striking contrast with women's beauty. Use this classic trick to take sensual and beautiful boudoir shots. They will show the special relationship between the newlyweds and demonstrate the atmosphere of intimacy and love. The bride can wear his favorite shirt or a simple casual T-shirt. Anyway, the result will be worth it.

4. With a Veil

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

The main attribute of soft boudoir photography is a veil. It creates an effect of mysteriousness and purity. That’s why it looks so stunning in contrast with the half-naked women's body. Think of how to arrange the veil to get a beautiful picture.

5. Wrapped in Nice Fabric

bridal boudoir photography ideas
boudoir outfit ideas for plus size

One of the traditional and cute boudoir ideas that perfectly suits brides. Such a photo may seem simple, but it is always attractive. Be ready to direct the bride on posing with the fabric.

6. Wearing Thigh-High Stockings

bridal boudoir photography ideas

The win-win variant for those who want to create one of the most seductive casual boudoir outfits. Use this must-have wedding accessory to make the model’s legs look awesome. Any photo shoot in this genre is incomplete if you don’t use thigh high stockings.

7. Luxurious Wedding Jewels in the Focus

bridal boudoir photography ideas

The combination of wonderful accessories and bare skin helps to create perfect wedding boudoir photos. Add a luxurious detail to the picture to make it look more attractive. I highly recommend you use different necklaces and big earrings. Necklaces can be put not only on the neck, but also on other parts of the body.

8. Use Blindfolds as a Prop

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

If you want to make your boudoir wedding photo shoot more sensual, use black lace blindfolds. Such playful accessories have an interesting influence, as any experienced photographer knows that they make the outfit sexier and more elegant.

9. Take the Model and Go Outdoors!

outdoor boudoir outfit ideas

Speaking of outdoor boudoir shoot, I believe it’s one of the best ways to make your work really individual. If you go outside, you will be able to use the environment in different ways. For example, choose a suitable natural location to show the brides character or mood. It can be hope, sadness or passion.

Make Your Wedding Boudoir Photos POP in Several Clicks


10. Stylish Translucent Lace Robe

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

If the bride dreams about an amazing look for the special photoshoot, I think it’s a good idea to buy a fashionable kimono or satin/lace robe. It’s one of the most popular bridal boudoir outfits. I recommend a neutral color, like black or white for versatility. You can get so many different looks mixing and matching them with your other clothes.

11. Warm Oversized Sweaters

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

For those who are looking for boudoir photo ideas for plus size women, I prepared a nice variant of the outfit. You can find such big warm and cozy clothes in the wardrobe of any young modern woman. This is one of the modest boudoir outfits that suits those who feel uncomfortable during nude photo shoots.

12. By the Big Window

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

A nice sunny day means an ideal opportunity to take a spotless boudoir wedding photo. The daylight coming through the window makes things light and airy, which gives photos a great mood. You can ask the bride to lean against the window to receive a brilliant boudoir shoot.

13. Luxurious Furnishing

bridal boudoir photography ideas

If you prefer indoor photoshoots, then find a room with sumptuous furniture. This will emphasize the importance of the day and create an atmosphere of holiday and prosperity. The bride laying or sitting on a bed adds an intimate element to pictures and this usually results in exciting wedding boudoir pictures.

14. Holding a Wedding Bouquet

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

A simple, but effective method that expresses the romantic mood, joy and warm feelings. A fresh and beautiful wedding bouquet opens endless possibilities for use in a frame. Just ask the bride to cover up some body parts with it, hold it in her hands, placing it near her, etc. In any case, the wedding boudoir shoot will look very beautiful.

15. Getting Ready

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

The moment of preparation for the most important day in her life is very emotional and meaningful. Any detail seems very important. So, even hair rollers can look fashionable! You can take photos during the wedding day preparation and I know that they will be adorable for the loving couple.

16. In a New Stylish Car

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

One of my favorite bridal boudoir ideas for outdoor photo shoots is to take a photo in a car. This place isn’t very popular for such photos, so it is unusual and daring. Fabulous lingerie and the groom’s car are a perfect combination for a successful photo shoot.

17. Pin-up Inspired

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

Don’t be afraid to use sexy elements from the pin-up style to make the model look stunning. You will see that bridal boudoir photography and pin-up go very well together! The images look striking and impressive. Don’t forget about one of the most important factors of a pinup session. The bride must have the right hair and makeup, so make sure to discuss this with her.

18. Use Big Mirrors

bridal boudoir photography ideas

Thanks to this little secret, your boudoir photography images will become more professional. A mirror adds another dimension to a photo. Besides, the right mirror arrangement lets you get all the angles. The final result looks mysterious and seductive.

19. Vintage Style

bridal boudoir photography ideas

Wearing a corset, the model looks like a vintage bride. Corsets are unbelievably flattering on any body type, making them the ideal boudoir outfit choice. It’s the best variant if you are interested in boudoir outfit ideas for plus size women. Moreover, it doesn’t even matter what the bride decides to wear with the corset – it’ll all look great!

20. Silhouette

bridal boudoir photography ideas

This is an especially powerful and stunning way to create a professional bridal boudoir photos. Experienced photographers just isolate the subject of the photo and enjoy the excellent result. It adds emotions and a sort of mystery to the images. Use this boudoir photography idea to enrich photos with a dramatic or dreamy vibe.

21. Casual Picture

casual boudoir outfits
casual boudoir outfits

Casual boudoir outfits are perfect for those, who want to feel comfortable and look homey. Such photos seem as though the model says, "I just woke up like this." The relaxed atmosphere suits autumn or winter. These types of photos are great because the fiancée could actually imagine the bride doing this at home. This idea is also more natural and closer to life.

22. Fairy Lights

bridal boudoir photography ideas

The cozy and festive bridal boudoir photography ideas are for a creative and brave woman, who wants to show her individuality. It is a fun and interesting photo session. You can use fairy lights of one or many different colors. Twinkle lights add a super pretty, ethereal atmosphere to any boudoir shot. They also enhance the quality of photos, providing extra light while giving off a cool and creative effect.

23. Surrounded by Candles

bridal boudoir photography ideas

Such usual things as candles can transform boudoir pictures into a piece of wedding photography art. I believe that the most gorgeous fillers for a photo are candles. This symbol of romance and intimacy is the best decoration for any bedroom. Lit or not lit, they offer a sweet amber lighting that exudes warmth and charm. The boudoir photos with them are filled with special atmosphere.

24. On the Balcony with an Exciting View

bridal boudoir gallery

I often use this interesting location for my boudoir shoots. The juxtaposition between the cityscape and half-naked bride is one of the most successful boudoir photo ideas. The images look fresh and original. This is a great idea for a woman who dreams about outdoor boudoir shoots but isn’t comfortable with going outside in lingerie.

25. Flower Wreaths

bridal boudoir photography ideas

Finally, I propose you use a flower wreath. It is a stunning prop for a fascinating wedding boudoir shoot. The natural beauty of fresh flowers makes the bride look wonderful. This is especially suitable if she is going to wear the crown at the wedding.

Wedding Boudoir Shoot Tips

1. Make a Mood Board

boudoir photos

It is very difficult to verbally discuss and clarify the slightest nuances of the wedding boudoir shoot. You may say the something but it means something completely different to the model! To eliminate any misunderstanding, it is advisable to create the mood board. Think about a photo session style you would like to offer to your clients.

2. Prepare Different Bridal Boudoir Ideas and Poses Beforehand

cute boudoir ideas

Only you can see how your model looks in a frame. So, you direct her and choose poses that are the most suitable. Practically all ladies have no idea how to “show” themselves and how to behave with a body that is partly or totally naked. When they understand that there is somebody whom they can fully trust, they feel more relaxed and ready to experiment. Remember to sincerely compliment your models, which will have a positive effect. It is of tremendous importance to prepare boudoir photo ideas in advance. Some of them will perfectly suit while others will be modified during the shoot. I suggest visiting Pinterest or similar websites with many creative recommendations.

3. Have a Contract and Release Forms

contract for a bridal boudoir photographer

No matter what photography genre you are engaged in, you can’t be called a serious and professional photographer if you don’t prepare contracts for your clients to sign. It is your most valid guarantee to avoid any lawsuits! Offering wedding boudoir photography services, you’ll need a peculiar agreement plus a model release form (affiliate). It is more like written permission for you to use your client’s wedding boudoir pictures for professional needs. Don’t be so careless to trust a verbal agreement. Sometimes people simply forget about them or change their mind. They may get irritated or offended when they see their candid images on your Instagram page or on the web. It is much easier and cheaper to make a contract than go to a court.

4. Learn What She Likes About Her Body

boudoir photo ideas

Most women are very self-critical and you are very lucky if you happen to work with a confident one. Still, it isn’t such a problem, as every woman has something special about her appearance. Talk with your model about the things she likes about her body. It may be anything – legs, waist, shoulders, etc. You’ll definitely find something. Then tell her what you like and explain why. Learn about the body parts that she’d like to have out of focus and think about what poses will suit. For example, you may need to prepare boudoir poses to hide belly or visually lengthen the legs. Your task is to encourage her and make her believe that she is charming, which is really the truth. Don’t be impulsive and hasty. It is better to discuss everything long before the photo session and have a thought-out plan.

5. Get the Perfect Light

boudoir photography
boudoir photography

Be very attentive with the light if you want to take a harmonious wedding boudoir photo. Though there are lots of different light types (overhead, from beneath, fluorescent) that you may use at the photo session, they may negatively affect the picture. So, it is better to pose your model near a window, as natural light won’t distort the skin tone.

6. Ask the Model to Bring Her Favorite Outfits

boudoir photography outfit ideas
best things to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

My clients often ask where to buy boudoir outfits. Actually, it all depends on their preference, but I strongly recommend choosing clothes that don’t restrict their movements and make them feel comfortable. If a bride wants to look sexy but brings something that is far outside her comfort zone, the images will look insincere. So, ask your clients to bring several outfit variants and you’ll help them choose the most appropriate.

7. Control the Distortions

boudoir poses to hide belly

As a wedding boudoir photographer, you surely know that any part that is close to the camera looks bigger. Use this principle to take well-balanced pictures. It is especially important if you use wide-angle lenses, so pose your client in diagonals to achieve the best look.

8. Mind Image Editing

When the boudoir wedding photo session is over, it is time to enhance the shots. But it doesn’t mean that you should make your photos perfectly unrealistic so that your client won’t recognize herself. It may hint that you had to change her appearance to make her look pretty. Your task is to highlight her strong points and show that she is as beautiful as the top models.

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If you are a beginner or amateur, the wedding boudoir photos may seem too difficult for you, as they require some skills and experience. You need to know about a special set of poses, different lighting variants and have excellent client communication skills. But you are welcome to use these 25 tips from a successful bridal boudoir photographer to improve your own professional level.

Is Sexuality the Key Criterion of Wedding Boudoir?

soft boudoir photography

There are hardly wedding boudoir photos which have no sign of sexuality. Still, there is something deeper about such pictures. In fact, it is a very non-standard way to tell a story that each woman has. Professional bridal boudoir photographer strives to show the tenderness and natural beauty of his/her clients, which sometimes has innocent shades. The finished pictures must look attractive, interesting and even intriguing but without being evidently vulgar. There are different approaches to photograph women and diverse boudoir photography ideas, which depends on how comfortable and relaxed your model is.

Wedding Boudoir Photoshoot Preparation

How Long Does Wedding Boudoir Shooting Last?

In most cases, it takes from 15 minutes to half an hour for a woman to relax. It isn’t so habitual to pose in underwear in front of a camera, so the first images may look slightly fake and plain. All in all, an average boudoir shoot lasts two hours, including time spent on makeup and hairdressing. Besides, you will need time to properly arrange your equipment, lighting sources and additional props or simply communicate with your clients to set her in the right mood. Don’t worry if the process seems too uptight at the beginning, things will loosen up as soon as you establish a connection.

What Is the Best Place to Take Boudoir Photos?

boudoir shoot ideas
boudoir shoot ideas

The location you choose for a photo session must be comfortable for the model, so it’s completely her decision. If you have a photo studio, you may suggest setting up the shoot there, but you’ll have to learn about your client’s preferences and decorate the studio in a proper way. Many women prefer to pose right in their homes, which adds to their confidence. Just remember to check if the room is fully suitable. Sometimes, women enjoy posing in a five-star hotel. Of course, such boudoir wedding photos are very stylish and majestic. There is also the possibility that the photo session may take place outdoors. It is all up to your client.



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