Photography Marketing Tips

Photography Marketing Tips

Photography marketing is different methods that allow any photographer promote photography products/services in order to popularize them and increase profits. These are social media, emails, SEO, websites, etc. Today the fastest growing area is online marketing which is confirmed by 2018 statistics, and indicates that 51% of photographers prefer to use social media for photography business marketing.

In this article you can learn the most effective ways to build a strong photography marketing plan, download free photography marketing templates and understand why you should stop following Facebook marketing tips for photographers in 2018.


Photography Social Media Marketing

One of the most popular ways to attract customers is a photography social media marketing (SMM). Nowadays, social media has more than 2.3 billion users. In 2018 the most popular are Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr. Facebook started to lose its indicators.

photography social media marketing

SMM promotion involves the publication of advertisements, the creation of communities and pages in popular social networks, posting of announcements, discounts, events, contents, etc. Such a photography marketing plan allows you to significantly increase traffic and attendance of your main page, as well as present yourself to a wide audience.

Marketing Photography on Instagram

Since the primary photographer's product is a photograph, it is logical that the photographer needs to promote his/her services in a social network, in which the emphasis is on visual content. That’s why Instagram is so popular nowadays. Marketing your photography business in Instagram is a separate SMM activity that requires a serious and thoughtful approach, as well as knowledge of the fundamentals.

marketing photography on instagram

To better understand all this, read these ten essential marketing tips for photography business, composed by experienced and successful photographers.

instagram marketing tips for photography business

Keep your bio neat and tidy, don’t forget about putting your name, email and location.

instagram marketing your photography business

Hashtag the right way, don’t use common words, because hashtags are overloaded with millions of images. Stay constant and consistent, keep in mind when you build an audience that the majority of it will expect you to keep posting the same kind of images. Publishing images should be done regularly, timing is a key. Be polite and reply everybody. You don’t have to write a lot, still, don’t forget to add a description to each wedding photo you post.

Don't forget to write several top photography hashtags for Instagram together with your personal hashtags.

Twitter Photography Marketing

twitter photography marketing

Having learning these 10 tips, you will know for sure how to get more wedding clients.

twitter photography marketing ideas

Twitter really helps in marketing photography business. As with any social network, be sure that your behavior on Twitter is pertinent: no hashtag stuffing and tweeting at least 3 times per day – so you get the most out of it.

twitter marketing photography business

Fill your Instagram feed to your heart’s content, but remember that tweeting your Instagrams directly from that network provides your followers only with a link that they have to click to see your shot. Instead, choose for a photo sharing tool that enables Twitter Cards. Engage your followers. For avoiding constant thoughtless self-promotion, use your images as an engagement tool. Ask your followers to provide a caption for your photo, tweet useful photography business ideas and tips or retweet other great photos.

Facebook Marketing Tips for Photographers

facebook usage analysis 2018

Nowadays Facebook can work for you as a messenger only. Creating a Facebook page that is entirely dedicated to your work as a photographer will be useless. The world-famous Facebook is used not only to publish personal photos and chat, but also to promote your brand or establish business contacts. Facebook has become almost an indispensable tool for businessmen and marketers. Dozens of different strategies, hundreds of lectures and lots of posts are devoted to the promotion of your brand via Facebook. Some people say that Facebook has revolutionized the modern promotion of brands, others believe that the results of Facebook marketing leaves much to be desired. However, in pursuit of the desired likes, many forget about the primary goal - marketing. This is the main problem associated with the Facebook promotion.

Why the Facebook Problem is Only to Get Worse:

Today Facebook offers several basic directions for business growth. The first way is to create your own business page and post various targeted content there. This is probably the most popular method, which almost does not require investments. The second one is to buy the paid advertising from Facebook, which can be both within the site and out. This method requires some expenses that will be paid off only in the case of the successful activity. Thus, the promotion on Facebook looks quite simple and understandable, despite the huge variations of its methods. However, in practice, this is far from being so unambiguous and in this article, I will explain why.

Good, but not the Only

Undoubtedly, Facebook is a very good tool for developing your business, but it still needs the support of other outlets. In addition to Facebook, there is a huge amount of online resources with the target audience. Every day people read the news, communicate on forums, listen to music, share videos and the like. Disregarding these outlets, companies are missing out many opportunities to attract clients. The combination of several outlets strengthens the marketing effect and therefore increases the effectiveness of your message. It is necessary to influence the consumer from several marketing channels, creating similar marketing campaigns. This will increase the credibility of the company, its recognition, and therefore, sales.

However, even those who use this social network as a basis for the business advertising often forget that one outlet can directly affect the success of the other. Have noticed the rise in Facebook content views? It is possibly related to the promotion in the Instagram, Twitter or on the offline events that you have sponsored. Instead of doing the detailed analysis of the entire marketing strategy, they concentrate on recent activities directly on Facebook. Companies should stop looking narrowly at their own promotion, paying more attention to the interaction of different marketing channels. Facebook becomes really powerful and effective only in combination with other marketing tools!

The Key to Understanding Facebook's Current Crisis:

Less, but Better

Every day there is a huge amount of Facebook marketing content produced, which simply fogs up this online resource. Many companies think that they can just release more content and wait for consumers to pounce on it. However, in practice, everything works somehow different. With the increase of the advertising, its actual value is reduced. There is a glut of advertising content and users simply ignore it passing by. Therefore, it is very important for brands to start combining advertising between several outlets so as not to overload users of Facebook, and not to ignore the rest. In addition, overflow of advertising can lead to the fact that your target audience will unsubscribe from your page or “hide” your updates, which is the absolute opposite to the original purposes.

Focus on Numbers

Concentrating on Facebook, brands began to pay too much attention to minor activity indicators. How many likes do I have on the page? Why don't my subs grow? Why the number of people, who liked my post, has dropped down this month? Thanks to Facebook activity and multiple startups, marketers daily analyze a huge number of indicators, becoming obsessed with it. But are these indicators worth the effort? No.

Entrepreneurs should always focus on the final numbers, since what is the point of investment, if it does not bring benefits? However, this array of indicators immerses brands in marketing dream. Perhaps, it is interesting to study and analyze them, but the final result is more important. Do you have more followers? Great. Fewer likes after a week? Do not worry, because it can be affected by a huge number of factors. Facebook is just a cog in the huge mechanism of marketing strategy. It does not matter how much you spend on marketing - there are always ups and downs everywhere, just remember it.

Right Approach

Being abstracted by counting numbers, brands forget that the marketing message is no less important than the marketing results. You can find a good marketing channel with a huge target audience, pick up the perfect place and time for publication, but still fail. How come? Because the marketing message, the essence of the marketing campaign wasn’t thoroughly thought out. Being too busy studying the numbers, you could not reach the hearts of your target audience. To start producing quality content, you need to look at your marketing strategy from the height of a bird's flight. Consider carefully each factor as uniqueness, relevance, orientation on certain clients and so on. They are the key parameters in the creation of content, not a constant counting of numbers. Statistics are good, but you cannot ignore the essence of working with the audience.


Should brands stop relying on Facebook? Is it useless? No. In a nutshell, marketers and businesses need to rethink the value of Facebook in their marketing strategies. Of course, Facebook is a very effective tool that will continue to please brands with its performance. However, do not overestimate this online resource, since it is only a small part of a huge system of marketing business. Progressive strategies should deal not only with pure statistics but also with the creation of the quality content, competently shared between marketing outlets. Using this advice, the result will not be long in coming.

Tips for Website Photography Marketing

Using of social networks as the basis of your photography marketing can have negative aspects, such as the difficulty of calculating the precise costs or, even worse, possible changes in the Terms of Service, which you cannot influence in any way.

website photography marketing

However, creating your own website helps to avoid many problems associated with the uncertainty of marketing your photography business. At the same time, having a personal website is also a convenient photography marketing tool not only for a potential customer who is going to order a photo shoot, but also for the photographer himself, who does not have to upload his/her works to different sites and social networks.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about how your potential clients can find you by searching for particular keywords like ‘wedding photographer’, ‘photographer LA’, ‘wedding photography in New York’ etc. Google processes a little more than a trillion requests per year for the success of your website to stay on the first or second pages of the search. This is more than 40 000 requests per second. This means that people who are looking for your services will find them. Experienced photographers are well aware that 95% of customers check online before booking you.

seo photography marketing

The power of having great SEO to your website is a gift that keeps giving so much that you are going to see the rewards for years. And this is absolutely free photography marketing trick. At least monetarily. Yes, you are going to spend time learning about SEO and implementing it as a part of your photography marketing plan, but you are not going to spend any money on having quality SEO done to your website.

seo photography marketing

Install a SEO plugin so that Google knows what your posts are about. This usually involves about 5 extra minutes of work after writing your posts, but it will help you rank much higher for your desired keywords.

It would be a stretch to assume that verifying your site in Google Webmaster Tools would directly influence your photography site’s search rankings. It’s believed that this is one the greatest the marketing sets for photographers to promote the site using SEO.

At its core, Search Console allows you to monitor and manage your site’s presence in Google search results. Based on Google’s respective help page (and from my experience), Search Console can help you in many ways; it’s really an invaluable tool!

Another crucial photography marketing trick is Google Analytics. This is powerful and detailed enough to keep you covered. Use “ALT tags” on your images. When uploading your images to your website, use the ALT tag fields to describe your images. Make sure to use the keywords you want to rank for in the photos.

Content Marketing

Among other photography marketing ideas, a blog is a great way to communicate with your audience what you are all about and what you offer. Your blog is basically a blank canvas to express creative ideas, share bits about your personal life, educate clients, share images and showcase products. A website is like a brochure, whereas a blog is like an ongoing conversation.

content photography marketing ideas

These are just a few photography business ideas and tips that you can use for writing for your blog:

  • Your most interesting work: you can pull images from your archives to share.
  • Personal experiences.
  • Answers to FAQs: help your readers get the information they need with some great FAQ posts!
  • Adventures: people love to live vicariously through their favorite bloggers, so take them on your adventures!

photography business ideas and tips

  • Why you love photography: let them see your motivations, and they’ll feel more connected to you.
  • Promotions at your studio: give you blog readers special discounts, and make sure they know about any promotions, so they feel like following your blog is valuable!
  • How you got started in photography: your story can really help them understand who you are as a shooter.
  • Behind the scenes: everyone loves to see how the magic happens!

Don’t Neglect Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Now that you've set up search optimization and defined photography marketing ideas, you can start advertising the site. Pay-per-click or PPC marketing means advertisers pay for each single click done on their ads placed on the publishers platforms. This way you pay for visits to your photography website site instead of attracting those people for free or organically by using photography ads. When used correctly, PPC marketing can be a powerful way to drive clients to your photography website and wedding photography leads. If used poorly, it becomes expensive and useless activity not worth even trying for some photographers.

pay per click photography marketing

Pay per Click Bing Ads

Google is not the only search engine that offer PPC adverting. Bing Ads provides pay per click advertising on Bing and Yahoo! search engines which is less competitive and costs cheaper than AdWords.

Pay per Click Social Network Advertising

If you still asking yourself how to get more wedding clients, pay attention to Social Ads and their system of PPC. Not only search engines can sell your visitors. Social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram offer paid ads integrated into user’s newsfeed. Due to virus nature of publications in social networks it’s possible to get great exposure at relatively low cost per click. Social Media PPC advertising is a part of Social Media Marketing services we offer to photography businesses.

effective photography failsRemember, PPC really goes into high gear when you are already ranking on the map and in the organic search. This means you could be seen three times on the first page of Google!


Retargeting is a photography marketing tool in which ads are targeted at an audience that used to visit your site. The idea is to show the user on other websites he/she visits, reminders or special offers that may interest him, thereby keeping the audience and returning it to you.

For retargeting, you can use the code in AdWords, Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

Optimize for Mobile

Mobile photography marketing is an efficient strategy that photographers can make use to generate word of mouth and accomplish their goals and objectives. Photographers need to know how to say a lot with only a little with their mobile photography website so potential clients can connect fast even while on the go. Here some tips and ways to promote photography business by mobile marketing:

mobile photography marketing

Optimize for Mobile.The first step to mobile marketing success is recognizing the capabilities of a mobile device: screen size, operating system, scroll time, dwell time and latency issues. You want speedy load times, minimal scrolling, and as few click through as possible required from capture to conversion.

mobile photography marketing types

Mind Mobile Messaging Rules. Mobile messaging (SMS) provides us with the broadest reach and the highest level of engagement and truly this is the greatest photography marketing trick. Don’t look like a spam – don’t send many messages with ads – try to make it in the form of discount rather than asking to order your services.

Free Photography Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business

photography marketing templates free

Marketing tools are an essential part of your photography marketing plan. Depending on the efforts and costs invested in tools, the development of your photography business will take place swiftly or slowly. To prepare the right ground for your business, I suggest you learn about the most useful tools for photography marketing.

1. WordPress
The first in our list is WordPress. For many people, the notion of WordPress is mysterious and unknown. It is a system for controlling and managing the content of a website in which the source code is open. Simply put, this is one of the most popular and, probably, the best platforms for marketing your photography business.


2. Google My Business
Google My Business is a Google's project, which combines services that provide the ability to post all the necessary information about your photography business and monitor it.
Information about your business or product is placed simultaneously in Google+, Google Search and Google Maps.


3. Logaster
Logaster is a photography marketing tool that allows you to create logos and business cards online. To create a logo, you need to enter the name of your website or company. Next, choose the sphere of activity. After that, the service will generate several dozen ready-made variants. You can select and download any of them that you like.


4. SurveyMonkey
Survey Monkey is a service that will help create a poll or a questionnaire. This will allow you to find out how customers treat you and what they want. You can collect data via weblink, email, Facebook. You can place a poll on a website or blog by integrating the code. The results can be viewed in real time, and you can also see the statistics of the users who participated in the survey.


5. Canva
Canva is a cloud tool to create the design. This is like Photoshop for beginners. It takes the cool effects that talented people have created and inserts them into a simple drag-and-drop interface so that ordinary people can also use them.
Canva is suitable not only for blog images, you can use it to create presentations, infographics, images for social networks, etc.


Outsource Photography Marketing Services

If you decided to do it yourself, you must remember that it's rather tiresome and takes a lot of time. So, it's still better to hire the professionals, who can create the photography marketing templates, of course, if your budget allows it.

outsource photography marketing services

Here are some steps you can do to realize your online photography marketing ideas:
1) contest your project and 2) seek professional help.

1. Start a Contest. Three stages must be covered: 1) you state what photography marketing templates you are looking for 2) the designers work to create them 3) you handpick the variant you like best of all. The company which will find the designers for you has to get the prepayment. Then you need to pay a designer, whose work you've selected. There are a lot of sites of this kind and variety of offers from designers worldwide. A small list of these services for marketing photography business is given below.


  • Design Contest renders such marketing photography services as logotype, website, Twitter background, icon design, etc., the contest procedure is ordinary:
    1) create Request For Proposal,
    2) see projects
    3) choose the one you like and pay for it.
  • Design Crowd has a wide range of analogous contests plus some offline photography marketing materials such as posters. The procedures are rather similar.
  • Hire the world. This young Canadian company has already gained a positive reputation in the sphere of photography marketing services. They offer both contests and "hire a professional" outsourcing possibilities, which is very convenient for the photography marketing plan execution.

2. Hire a Professional. This outsourcing option allows you to hire not only the local freelancers for your photography marketing plan implementation but also freelance designers worldwide. This type of outsourcing is perfect for a long-term cooperation with freelancers.

  • oDesk is well-known among the SEO community. It helps to recruit an expert or create a team of freelancers, who will realize your creative project.
  • Freelancer provides the same set of services but it's impossible to create teams here. However, it has its own advantage such as to stage the payments for long-term marketing photography projects. It’s considered to be one of the oldest sites providing such services.

You can entrust the outsourcing works to small enterprises and firms. Select the local photography marketing services you like best of all.

Email Marketing Strategy

Regular emailing is one of the simplest and greatest photography advertising ideas. Immediately after you managed to build a large email list, start regularly send interesting, entertaining emails to potential customers. Don’t do this more than 1-2 times a month, but stay regular so they won’t forget about you.

email marketing photography

Proper Title is a Must. Never forget that the strong titles, as well as photography advertising slogans for the selling emails, are as important as the good titles for the book. Never make it look like spam, a mail agent will filter it into a spam folder, but never make it boring, otherwise, the client will delete it.

Here are some tips for building a header:

  • make it stand out:
  • limit your subject line to 50 characters;
  • you may use a question;
  • explain what they will get in this email.

email marketing photography

Be Careful with Content. The main rule, in this case, is that each email should have value for customers, include proper photography advertising wording and at the same time force them to book a photo session or go to your site to check out the blog and the latest work.

email marketing photography/

Nice Signature. It is one of the most important things in social media photography marketing that will encourage customers to book a photo session. Let people know who you are and what you do. You can also use Wisestamp for this.

Email Marketing Software. Now using your Google client for email marketing is no longer the right decision. Those who are still using this tool in commercial photography marketing, don’t exactly get the number of bookings that they could.

MailChimp Tutorial:

For instance, MailChimp is one of the best options if you’re a newbie in email photography marketing. You can use it for free if your email list isn’t’ very big (up to 2000 emails). Moreover, it has a huge amount of mobile-friendly templates.

Wedding Photography Marketing

After identifying your business vision, you have to select wedding photography marketing materials you'll need to use to become demanding.

wedding photography marketing

Business Cards

It doesn’t matter at what level of prestige your company is, thanks to business cards even marketing strategies for small photography business may include this tool and produce the way to find new customers. Of course, the more solid the business card is, the more solid the customers will be.

wedding photography marketing


Most likely you've never thought about posters as a way to achieve your photography business marketing plan. This is a very cheap and good way to make yourself known to a large number of potential customers. Since they are easy to meet, they can become a good advertisement and return direct sales.


A flyer is targeted advertising, it falls directly into the hands of an eventual customer, so there is a high probability that he will still read it. Flyer pays attention to services and helps to remember your brand.


Distributing free calendars to potential customers is good to demonstrate your photography skills with a new shoot featured every month.

Wedding Photography Marketing

1. Build Vendor Relationships
Your photography marketing plan must be directed to establishing relations with suppliers. Share with them the wedding ceremony pictures. They can share your incredibly superb pictures on their platforms, which might work to your advantage too.

2. Use YouTube
YouTube can serve not only as an entertaining channel but also as a great photography marketing service for photogs and moviemakers. Its content can be used to provide people with information about your personal portfolio website and your accounts in social media. The more subscribers you will get, the easier it will be for you to make a name for yourself, to get a good professional reputation and to implement your wedding photography marketing ideas. People must talk about you and about your still pictures.

3. Save the Date
Involve the next year's calendar as one of your photography marketing templates and create a beautiful picture with the days which are already reserved. Invent a good marketing photography slogan, something like" The next year is already booked – if you have a friend who intends to get married on any of the free days, just let me know and I'll make the unforgettable wedding pictures for him/her!" Share this on the social media and email your previous clients, this can bring positive wedding photography marketing results.

Real Estate Photography Marketing

1. Go to Open Houses and Meet Real Estate Agents
Networking is one of the most important marketing photography strategies because it’s an essential part of any business. Realtors work in the transaction-based–particularly sphere with residential real estate. They have a vast list of clients they are connected with. You can compare realtors with your dentist; you have the long-term professional relationships with him/her. Networking is even more needed for a realtor than for a photographer because their services are really impalpable.


2. Lifestyle Videos
Lifestyle videos have gained their popularity in a marketplace. Buying a home is quite a difficult task because you are buying not only the property but also the community it is located in. Creating an original video footage of the property location and what it has to offer will be beneficial for your photography marketing plan and it will also be useful for real estate agent’s work.

3. Virtual Staging
A vacant property is one of the hardest property types to advertise. But you can digitally stage the home. Photoshop and other useful editing programs will help to perfect your property's look. Your clients will be definitely impressed! It will be a really great marketing photography strategy!

Portrait Photography Marketing

1. Get Social
One of the main objectives of marketing a business is making people talk about your services. Your clients’ positive reviews can help to find the new ones. Nowadays, there is an intense competition for provided services. People want to do business with those whom they like and who seem to be reliable partners.

2. Write Notes of Joy
This photography marketing step implies writing and sending notes to people you've already photographed and people you'd like to shoot in the nearest future.

Search the information about people who are occupied with interesting activities in newspapers and social media. Add them to your database and write to them, asking for their permission to take some pictures.

3. Share Your Expertise
You have an impressive reserve of knowledge you have gained over the years. Teach others!

portrait photography marketing

The meetings of groups are held all over the town. The groups’ attendees want to improve their skills and take better pictures. Offer yourself as an invited speaker. Create a 15-20-minute video presentation to give people basic information on photography. Demonstrate some templates of your work and the rules of your portrait photography marketing.

This marketing photography experience can help you to meet potential clients, people will regard you as a real expert and they are ready to pay experts more.

Commercial Photography Marketing

1. Identify Your Strengths
Think about special or unusual services you can provide your clients with. What can be your punch line? What type of your photography makes people breathless? Choose the products which can give you a chance to demonstrate your advantages.

2. Research Companies in Your Area.
Search the enterprises with a large product line; they will, probably, want to recruit an expert shooter to meet their photographic need in an effective, economical, and creative way. Find the companies which are being frequently advertised in branch magazines; they will need the high-quality photographs of their products to be able to compete with other companies. Cooperation with advertising and marketing agencies will be another step of your photography marketing plan. They need photographers to work on their projects.

3. Contact Companies that Produce Catalogs.
Some catalog publishers have their own production division and some of them can use a design assistance to produce qualitative content, that's why they need a help of a photographer. Accentuate your ability to perform work in a short time and achieve needed results.

You NEED a photography marketing plan. You deserve to be able to turn your photography business into the photographer dream job you imagined when you started. And guess what? The secret to that level of success is only a few steps away.



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