Self Portrait Photographers

Self Portrait Photographers

Everything you should know about 10 best self portrait photographers from the previous century till today. Furthermore, you will get a few useful tips on how to arrange self portrait photoshoot right and find some creative photography ideas for surreal and fine art self portraits.

Self Portrait Photography Definition

brutal self portrait photography

Self portrait photography is a genre of photography where a photographer takes pictures of himself/herself. At first sight, it seems to be quite easy, but it is only before you face the process. Being a photographer and a model at the same time is difficult. On the other hand, self portrait allows you to realize the ideas, which you have kept in mind all this time. It will help look at yourself from different sides.

10 Famous Self Portrait Photographers

These 10 famous self portrait photographers, I am going to talk about today, are great in their own way. Each of them has made contribution to modern art and these people deserve to be mentioned here. Below, you will get acquainted with their famous self portraits that will blow your mind.

1. David Uzochukwu

Location: Europe

David is among self portraits photographers who prefers taking photos in the beginning of the day, early in the morning, when nobody else is engaged. Besides, he found out that self portraiture may serve as a sort of therapy. In his opinion, such kind of photography focuses on vulnerability, which may show something you haven’t known before about yourself.



self portrait photographer david uzochukwu

2. Kyle Thompson

Location: USA

Kyle Thompson is a famous surreal self portrait photographer, though he doesn’t have an education in this sphere. He has a passion for deserted locations, such as macabre forests or abandoned buildings. Kyle is a true nature lover, who, at the same time, is disgusted with the outskirts, where he spent his youth. He believes that suburbs are nothing else but artificially made reality. He likes emphasizing his belonging to surrealism, and often uses effects which are typical for this style. Smoke, water, mirrors, balloons help him show abstract concepts.



self portrait photographer kyle thompson

3. Michael Bailey-Gates

Location: USA

This famous phtoographer started to feel passion for taking self photographs at his childhood. Now he focuses on photography not like a way of “communication”, but a sort of “intention” and art.



self portrait photographer michael bailey-gates

4. Laura Zalenga

Location: Germany

Laura Zalenga belongs to those self portrait photographers, who want to show their deep inner world by means of photography. Her photos always look awesome thanks to natural lightning and unbelievable sceneries she prefers. It is hard not to notice that she adores herself. She has got an architectural education, but only photography became her passion. With the help of self photography and Photoshop she tries to understand herself better and become happier.



self portrait photographer laura zalenga

5. Vivian Maier

Location: USA

She was taking photos of the life of different social groups in America while walking. Vivian kept photocopies and printed shots in the separate box, in order to hide them from others. She photographed herself against double windows of clothing shops, an old glass wardrobe, a vanity mirror. Such unexpected camera angles create the impression of double feeling.



self portrait photographer vivian maier

6. Isabella Bubola

Location: Croatia

Isabella Bubola is famous as a model, but she is also a fine art/portrait photographer. She is inspired by surreal, colors and dreams. Isabella has her own website where you may see her works both as a model and as a photographer. She is also a Blogger, who shares fashion and self portrait photography tips with her followers.



self portrait photographer isabella bubola

7. Anna Gay


The Anna’s main goal as a photographer is to show the inner world of a person and the unusualness of his/her beauty. She never performs for political purposes, does not engage in commercial photography, but simply takes fine art pictures. Challenge 360 became one of the most notable in her career, because Anna made self-portraits for almost a whole year developing her creativity and professional skills.



self portrait photographer anna gay

8. Morgan DeLuna

Location: USA

Morgan DeLuna is one of the most interesting self portrait photographers of nowadays. In her art, she shows relations between appearance, personality and human interaction. Her personal life experience and knowledge of anthropology, science and history help her create incredibly deep conceptual self portraits.



self portrait photographer morgan deluna

9. Richard Avedon

Location: USA

This famous photographer of the 60s showed himself as a young, promising and modern shooter in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. In later works, we may notice some efforts of soul searching. Probably, personal experience he’d gained within all these years made Avedon take a new look at himself. He was one of the few professional self portraiture photographers, who could find an approach to any celebrity by making them feel relaxed in order to capture unexpected moments. It would be interesting to look at how it was like when he shot a self portrait, wouldn’t it?



self portrait photographer richard avedon

10. Rosie Hardy

Location: UK

Rosie Hardy is a professional photographer from Manchester who is well-known all over the world. She is not just a self portrait photographer. Rosie also takes portrait and wedding photos and all of them are amazing. Her works are mysterious in some way and we may notice the themes of unite with nature. You may find a selection of self portraits from the 365 Day collection on her website.



self portrait photographer rosie hardy

Creative Photography Ideas for Self Portraits

Self portrait doesn’t limit you and in most cases it’s cool. But sometimes coming up with a new idea becomes quite difficult and it makes you feel unmotivated. Well, here are 10 creative photography ideas for self portraits which will help wake your imagination up.

View more self portrait ideas to inspire for the next unusual photoshoot to make your followers shocked with how this photo was taken.

1. Show Your Individuality

foolish self portrait photography

If you are an experienced photographer, you have to realize that the best self portraits are those which show some part of the personality of the subject. Actually, sometimes you may feel foolish. But not to be afraid to make fool of yourself is an important part of creating amazing self portraits.

2. Play Around with Shooting Angles

creative angle self portrait photography

To make things more interesting try to vary the shooting angles. You will see how the look of your images changes. Besides, while taking self portraits, you won't need to look straight at the camera.

3. Take a Photo of Yourself in the Mirror

mirror self portrait photography

Use a small mirror at first, which you will be able to hold at arm's end. Such a shot will show you how you look like in the mirror. In my opinion, it is an interesting idea, isn’t it? Lots of self portrait photographers also used broken mirrors to achieve a better effect.

4. Shoot Extremely Closely

close up self portrait photography

One of the ways to take a creative self portrait is to concentrate on a particular part of your face. For example, you can photograph your eyes or mouth.

5. Don’t Make Too Much of your Face

limbs self portrait photography

Self portraits mustn’t always feature your face only. You may try to shoot your limbs only or the other parts of the body. You may start with your hands.

6. Choose a Color Scheme

harmonious self portrait photography

Try to use not only one color but some of its shades too. Afterwards, it can make a difference. Appropriate color scheme helps achieve harmony between you and everything around you in a portrait.

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7. Take Black & White Pictures

black and white self portrait photography

In fact, almost all photographers who work in self portraiture genre, use this technique to achieve an excellent effect. Black and white shots also draw attention to the different textures of your image.

8. Create Diptych or Triptych

triptych self portrait photography

Diptych is a photograph which consists of two different images or two parts of the same picture. Accordingly, triptych consists of three parts. Such an approach to creating your self portrait will help you tell the story better.

9. Use Interesting Shadows

shadows self portrait photography

To make your pictures more dramatic, look for places with interesting shadows. You may also try to take pictures in areas with bright light. Some interesting objects like a palm tree or shutters will give you the possibility to shoot with unusual shadows.

If you are going to play with lighting and shadows, I recommend you reading these backlit portrait tips to take high-quality self-portraits with natural light.

10. Create Double Exposure of Your Silhouettes

double exposure self portrait photography

Everything you need for taking artistic self portrait photography is a dark outline against a bright background. Your task is only to bring a photo of your outline together with a picture which completes your photo. If you can’t do it in Photoshop, I recommend you watching the Getting Up To Speed Fast in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 course by Scott Kelby to start editing like a pro.

Self Portrait Photography Tips

To make the process of taking self portraits a bit easier for you, I prepared 10 self portrait photography tips for beginners. This useful guide will help you put into practice the boldest conceptual self portrait ideas. Also, I recommend you to view the course about 31 Days Become Better Photographer by Jim Hamel.

1. Use the Timer in your Camera

colorful self portrait photography

If you don't have a remote control, it is the best decision to simplify the process. Having set the timer to 5-15 seconds, you will have some time to take an appropriate place in the frame and strike the desired pose.

2. Attach the Printed Aim of Focusing

focused self portrait photography

Fix the aim to the wall behind you and use it for focusing.  You may also point a place where the bottom of your photo should be (for instance, the level of your chest).

3. Indicate the Point on the Floor

outdoor self portrait photography

Put the point where you must stand in order to avoid problems with your positions in the shot. If you ignore this, apparently, you will find your body either too close or too far from the camera, after having set the focusing.

4. Use Manual Regulation of Focusing

kate upton self portrait photography

Manual focusing allows you to accentuate the rightest place of focusing in your opinion.

5. Make Minor Changes in your Depth of Field

posed self portrait photography

You may use an aperture of around f/10 to do it. Such settings will help leave your face still in focus, even though you are quite far from the area of focusing set up before.

6. Use a Laptop or a Small Flat-panel TV

creative self portrait photography

This variant may be even better than using a timer. All you need is to connect the computer or TV to the camera. In this case, you will be able to see your position in the current shot.

7. Experiment with a Place of Shooting

nature self portrait photography

Think about some creative places for taking self photographs. It goes without saying that you don’t have to go to another country and look for unique attractions. Seemingly, your aim is to get a picture of yourself and your inner world, but not other objects. So, look around! You may find these places even in your flat. Just turn on your imagination.

8. Use Pocket Wizards for Self Portraits with Kids or Animals

cat self portrait photography

Link up the Pocket Wizards comlink with the help of the cable and connect it to your camera. Turn on trigger cable switch and set continuous focus mode.

9. Buy a Gorilla Pod

dreamy self portrait photography

It is an essential thing if you are interested in shooting yourself in unusual places. Gorilla Pod makes possible to get self photographs you couldn’t have dreamt about before. With the help of this invention, you may attach your camera to almost any object. It makes this item irreplaceable if you want to take really incredible pictures of yourself.

10. Don’t Forget to Think Over Image Post Production

self portrait photography photoshop actionsself portrait photography photoshop actions


Such a powerful software like Photoshop will make your photos unbelievable. Your task is only to figure out how it works and then everything is in your hands. Having become acquainted with this tool, you will be able to create any reality and any mood in self photographs.

Self Portrait Photography Freebies

To speed up your picture editing process, I recommend you to use some of our free Photoshop actions, overlays, and Lightroom presets to make your work easier and faster.

1. PS Action "Bright Eyes"

bright eyes action for self portrait photographerbright eyes action for self portrait photographer
Download Photoshop Action Free
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With the help of this tool, your eyes will look more vivid and the color of iris will be deeper and brighter. I am sure that eventual result won't disappoint you!

2. PS Action "Cleaning Eyes"

cleaning eyes action for self portrait photographercleaning eyes action for self portrait photographer
Download Photoshop Action Free
To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.


Do you look tired in photos and your eyes betray you? One of our tools is ready to help you get rid of this problem. Free yourself from visible red blood vessels or other unnecessary veins on your eyes, at least in images.

3. PS Action "Classic"

classic teeth action for self portrait photographerclassic teeth action for self portrait photographer
Download Photoshop Action Free
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If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth and you want them to look better, you can make use of this action. It will make your teeth whiter and brighter, but at the same time you smile will look realistic.

4. PS Action "Hollywood Smile"

hollywood smile action for self portrait photographerhollywood smile action for self portrait photographer
Download Photoshop Action Free
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Have you always dreamt about Hollywood smile? Now it is possible with Photoshop teeth whitening action. You can make your teeth as white as you want. After applying this action, you will get an incredibly beautiful smile.

5. LR Preset "Nature"

nature preset for self portrait photographernature preset for self portrait photographer
Download Lightroom Preset Free
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Use this preset to give a photo some warmth and calmness. Such effect is achieved by raising the contrast between highlights and shadows. It might totally change the general impression of your picture.



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