InDesign Free

InDesign Free

Looking for possible ways to get InDesign free without breaking the law? Want to download this desktop publishing software and online publisher for free? In this article, I will tell you how to use InDesign free as well as why it is better to avoid the pirated copies. Moreover, you will discover 5 best free programs like InDesign.

How to Get Adobe InDesign FREE?

Adobe InDesign Free Trial

Adobe InDesign is a universal software for desktop publishing and design, which is used in many editorial and publishing offices, book-publishing companies and other periodical publication establishments. For that reason, it is expected that the price of such software will be high, but we will help you avoid these expenses.


Adobe seldom creates free alternatives to its softwares, as is the case with the light version of Photoshop Express Editor or with the Lightroom mobile app. Even Adobe Premiere Pro does not have a free analog from Adobe. It is not surprising that there is no point in waiting for the free InDesign version and its alternative because this is a professional program and it is designed for a narrow range of consumers. If you want to try it in action, in order to understand exactly what it is, I recommend using its trial version.

STEP 1. Go to Adobe website and find Adobe InDesign in the lists of programs 

STEP 2. In the field above, next to the Buy button there is a “Free Trial” button. Click on it. 

STEP 3. You can choose one of two variants of the trial version: Adobe InDesign or Creative Cloud All Apps. Both options will give you 7 days Adobe InDesign free version, but Creative Cloud All Apps includes all Adobe programs. However, the cost of Creative Cloud All Apps trial will be 2,5 times higher than the Adobe InDesign price.

STEP 4. After you made a choice, press “Start free trial”

The free Adobe InDesign trial will be full and without limitations. So for a week, you will be able to try absolutely all functions and determine exactly whether you need to pay for such features or not.

Adobe InDesign Free Trial FAQ

Do I need to provide credit card details to get free trial? 

No, Adobe does not support this policy.

How much does the full Adobe InDesign version cost?

Adobe InDesign is available only with a subscription. The price is $20.99/month. In addition to the software you will receive 100GB of Cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark with premium features. The second subscription method is Adobe Cloud All Apps for $52.99/month (pay attention to sales, sometimes the price drops by half). This subscription includes the collection of 20+ creative desktop and mobile applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as 100GB of Cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark with premium features

Does the free trial work on both MacOS and Windows?

Yes, this open source InDesign trial is compatible both with MacOS and Windows

How long can I use the free trial?

You can use the free trial for seven days from the date of the first opening. 

Does free trial include all the features of the complete version?

Yes, it has all the features and updates that the latest InDesign version includes.

Can I use the free trial on my smartphone?

No, this free trial can be used only on a computer. 

Is InDesign available without a Creative Cloud membership?

No, it is possible to use InDesign only as part of a Creative Cloud membership. There are two plans: Single App plan that includes InDesign only or a plan with a variety of apps. The Creative Cloud plans are suitable for students and teachers, designers, photographers, organizations and businesses.

Read more about how to make a photo book with the help of Indesign. Creating a photography book is a great way of pushing your works for showing potential clients.

Why Stop Using Cracked Adobe InDesign?

Many users don’t like paying for the software but prefer to search for hacked versions for hours or hack them themselves. According to various analytical data, up to 80% of softwares is still pirate. And this is not only for personal use. Government and educational institutions are often caught in such a violation. In addition to breaking the law, users lose a lot of the advantages that licensed software gives.

Buying License, We Avoid Violating Laws

indesign free

The use of unlicensed software violates the copyright and entails administrative and criminal liability in almost all countries of the world.

You Will Be Unable to Install Updates

indesign free

Licensed software always guarantees you a free update for a definite or unlimited period of time. It is worth mentioning that almost any software has some defects. Sometimes it is simply impossible to fully use the program features without fixing these faults. Commonly, pirates hack a certain version of the software. Therefore, there is no possibility of updating the program, which is especially critical if you need to fix any bugs or add new features.

Technical Support

indesign free

By purchasing the software, you can usually get free technical support. Sometimes it is impossible to correctly set up the program without technical assistance.

A Part of the Software May Be Missing

indesign free

When hacking software, pirates make significant changes to the program code, removing driver libraries and other elements. They do not care about the problems the user may experience, as this will not affect their profits.

Company Reputation

indesign free

Such programs as Adobe InDesign software are rarely used for personal purposes. They are mostly used by different companies. When enterprises have been certified as meeting ISO standard, the licensed software is a mandatory requirement. The violation of the requirements of the copyright law may adversely affect the company's reputation.

There are a lot of positive moments, but I suppose this list should make you think. Pirate copies appeal to users because they are free. Using licensed software, you can always rely on its quality, technical support and free updates. But the main thing you should remember that the use of pirated software leads to administrative and criminal liability. It is essential to carefully weigh the risks.

Adobe InDesign Free Alternatives

QuarkXPress is considered to be the closest rival of Adobe InDesign for professional publishing. It is not only the paid software but rather the most expensive one. However, if you don’t have enough money to buy a license, but you need to create a desktop publishing document, there are quite good shareware or free alternative to InDesign and QuarkXPress.

1. Scribus

scribus logo

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: FREE


Being distributed under the GNU license, Scribus is not only free but is constantly being improved by its developers. Currently, it is absolutely suitable for professional use. Scribus has a variety of features. If you are experienced in programming, you can write small scripts, create a desktop publishing document, define color schemes, etc.

With Scribus, you can do everything that is available in expensive professional software. The interface here is understandable and intuitive: the display settings and toolbars can be adjusted according to personal preferences in order to optimize your workflow. With Scribus, you can quickly apply templates for several types of folding. InDesign doesn’t include this feature.

2. Canva

canva logo

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: FREE


Canva is considered to be more a graphic design than desktop-publishing application. It is great for creating difficult graphic objects like posters and flyers. This application is easy to use. Moreover, it offers numerous free fonts, colors and stock images. The premium version of Canva provides even more interesting features. Though, the free version is more than enough if you are a casual user.

Read my full Canva photo editor review to know what you can expect from this program and do you need to download it for your personal needs.

Canva is a good free alternative to InDesign, but it cannot compete with this outstanding software. The target audience of Canva is those users, who tend to quickly and easily create nice-looking graphics. So, Canva is a cost-effective and user-friendly analog to more developed desktop publishing software.

3. LucidPress

Lucidpress logo

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: FREE


If you don’t use desktop publishing app on a regular basis, you can try LucidPress. There is no need to download and install any software on your PC. You can do everything online. It is very easy to use in comparison with the professional programs, so you will save your time. The main disadvantage of LucidPress is that the free features are very limited. So, each of the documents should contain no more than 3 pages. Furthermore, the amount of server disk space should not exceed 25 MB.

Nevertheless, if you want to try desktop publishing or create an event invitation, you will appreciate this application. Nevertheless, one of the biggest security problems with online desktop publishing is to preserve the idea. That's why, LucidPress has a paid version for professional use.

4. VivaDesigner

VivaDesigner logo

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: FREE


VivaDesigner is a paid program but it is available also in the Free Edition. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. VivaDesigner Free Edition can be used for both personal and professional purposes. Since this version is free, it has some limitations. If we compare it with InDesign, we can see that InDesign has a lot more features. However, VivaDesigner has some advantages. The program is extremely user-friendly, even a novice will quickly figure out how to cope with its main functions.

It is compatible with Adobe InDesign, MS-Word and MS-Excel. In the paid version, you can even create and save documents in the InDesign format. If you need to work with layouts on the iPad, try the free mobile version of Quark, which is called “Quark DesignPad”.

5. SpringPublisher

Springpublisher logo

Platforms: Windows
Price: FREE


SpringPublisher is usually used for creating leaflets, posters, promotional material, books, periodicals and news-sheets. Comparing to InDesign, SpringPublisher is easier to use which is convenient for the beginning designers. This software helps to create simple projects, add codes, texts, and even vector shapes. Also, SpringPublisher allows working with layouts and layers as well as editing the images.

It has a wide range of templates on offer. It is possible to save the design to no more than 180 DPI output in a free version. Unfortunately, SpringPublisher is no longer developed. Consequently, there is no premium version. Nevertheless, it is still considered to be the best free InDesign alternative, as it has enough features for creating your unique projects.



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