13 Amazing Photo Ideas To Try This Winter

13 Amazing Photo Ideas To Try This Winter

It is a high time to carry out bold and creative ideas for a winter photo shoot you have been dreaming the whole spring, summer, and fall. Don`t miss the chance!

Winter! How sparkling, unpredictable, fantastic and magic it is. It casts a spell over the bewitching magnificence of the woods and parks, severity and greatness of snow-covered mountain peaks, and vast views of cold beauty and composure. The flecks of sunlight, the sparkling grace, heavenly blue and purity. Artist`s soul wants a holiday! Bright, cheerful, and joyful! It is a high time to carry out bold and creative ideas for a winter photo shoot you have been dreaming the whole spring, summer, and fall.

Winter rest and entertainments open boundless opportunities for interesting photographing. Now it is time of skis, sledge, skates, slow walks along winter park, cozy rest and conversation having a tea cup in small cafe. The charm of winter and pleasant memories, uniqueness of the moment and spirit of holidays remain for a long time thanks to the work of photographer. How and where is it better to make? The choice will be entirely caused by a set of factors, imagination, and mood.

Pay Attention to the Details

Cloudy and gloomy weather gives some dramatic effect and sad mood to your photos. The winter nature submits the dream tranquility, `imaginary death` so that to wake up, revive again with spring arriving. Sunny winter day, on the contrary, will allow carrying out taking pictures dynamically, brightly and cheerfully.

Before embodying desired idea for a winter photo set, decide what will be the place of location. Winter shots most successfully turn out in the snow-covered wood, on the bank of the lake or the river, in the park or in the square. Exactly here the surprising atmosphere is felt and any moment can be `stopped` on a photo. At the correct approach the photo does not look worse in the conditions of a city landscape too. It is necessary to conduct the preliminary photo analysis of the most snow and photogenic small streets and lanes.

Winter photo shooting

The following important aspect for a successful winter photo shoot is the right choice of accessories, clothes and footwear. On winter photos all bright cloth looks advantageously. In such clothes you won`t merge with a background. But if it happens, you should photo color correction.

Selecting suitable clothes bring to notice the details in order to focus the whole attention on them. For example, the bright fluffy scarf can become the center of attention on your photo. As scenery you can use bright Christmas tree decorations and tinsel, colorful fruits (oranges, apples), cups of an unusual form, or a beautiful color plaid. For an embodiment of your creative ideas in the course of a winter photo shoot you may also use plush toys. Bright florets in model`s hands will create contrast. The scope for the imagination is huge! When everything is prepared, it is time to choose one concept from the huge list of the most popular winter ideas.

1. Shooting Time - an Evening Dawn

Sunset of sunny winter day appears very bright and saturated. The contrast between the red sky and the white ground impress viewer`s eyes. In order not to miss time of an evening dawn, look the tomes of nightfall in advance.

Winter sunset shooting

2. Drama Outdoors

The gray `pressing` sky is a distinctive winter feature. If you want to have a drama plot, use this opportunity. Having put the emphasis on the threatening heavens, oppose it to the last red leaf. Moreover, you can add one more specific effect ─ digital drawings and your photos will gain a fantasy look.

Artisitic retouching for winter photo

3. Compulsive macro

This is one more idea for your winter photo set. Snowflakes, hoarfrost on leaves, the frozen droplets, and small pieces of ice can be ideal objects for macro shooting. To find the stood graceful beauty won`t take you big work. Look around and look narrowly.

Macro shooting in winter: ice, snowflakes, leaves

4. Contrast of Simple Things

If you having followed our previous advice decided to take a picture of a tree, try to bind a red scarf on one of its trunks. The shot will change immediately. It is very simple to dilute gray-white scale of winter with contrasts.

Use contrast in winter shooting

5. Warm Portraits

Scarves, mittens, soft earphones will be necessary for this idea of a winter photo shoot. In the studio it will look more than strange, but it will be the right choice on the street in winter day. Portrait photography retouching and snow will help to create a warm portrait. Snow, besides, turns out to be the natural lens of light.

Winter portrait

6. Photoset with a Cup of Coffee or Tea

If the base with tags is nearby, take a cup or a mug with hot drink and show steam going from it. Such idea of serial pictures can be embodied for love-story and portraits with romantic mystery. Also you can arrange the real tea drinking directly on a snow-covered meadow or on a forest glade. To create the suitable atmosphere, take a multi-colored plaid and amusing cups. Knitted hat, scarf, mittens are accessories which will help you to emphasize the winter spirit of the photo.

Hot coffee on the cold snow

7. Berries and Flowers

Get prop berries (preferably bright colored ones) and flowers (preferably with gentle pink shades). These attributes are very useful for contrast creation and as the separate shooting object.

Winter photo idea - flowers

8. Snow-Covered Arbors or Benches

An arbor is a universal background. Here you can take photo of everything beginning from portraits and finishing with art photos (using the same cup with coffee). The main thing is `snowiness` to be sufficient. 3 Winter Photo Secrets: Tips & Tricks To Shoot In The Snow will help you not to make mistakes at a session in snow. If arbors are not observed on the horizon, powdered with snow benches in the park are a great background too.

Winter photo idea - use benches covered with snow

9. Snowflakes Beauties

You will never be tired considering them – these winter miracles are unique. If you understand how to photograph snowflakes, the set of curious photos with excellent bokeh is provided to you. All you need is dark background with one or, even better, two light sources. Evening lamps are the ideal options. Make endurance from 1/125 to 1/200 and see magic.

Use bokeh effect when shooting in snow

10. Nude with Furs

This is the classics of genre. But if similar reception works, why not try it? For this shot the courageous model and a fur coat are necessary. Dark furs look best of all on these photos. The shot can be rather art if you show a hint that under a fur coat the model has nothing.

Combine nudity and fur in winter shotting

11. Winter Games

Winter is an expanse for games and entertainments outdoors: snowballs, sledge, skis, and skates. These are wonderful winter ideas for your photo shoots. If you want to receive the maximum transfer of the game spirit culmination, wait until participants of action are provoked and only then begin shooting. After shooting young models do not forget to make baby photo retouching to have your pictures look bright and violent. In this case a set of real atmospheric portraits is guaranteed. The same concerns to children too.

Winter photo idea for children shooting

12. Fog as a Top Model

It is an excellent variant for art shots. Do not forget about exposition correction and endurance. In a hard frost dense fog is not a rarity and if you want to show loneliness, you should not miss an opportunity to use these suitable meteorological conditions.

Winter shooting in fog

13. Real Modern Fairy Tail

Try to play up a plot of known winter`s Tale. For the precise image it will better to pick up the corresponding accessories, representing behavior of the chosen character during shooting.

Generally, as you can see, there is a set of winter ideas for your photo set. The only thing you need is a desire! Also don`t forget about a technical aspect of shooting in the winter because the probability exists to damage the camera and of course use photo post processing service.

If you have something to add, write in comments, don`t be shy!



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