2016 Thanksgiving Day - Tips for photography

2016 Thanksgiving Day - Tips for photography

In this blog post our photo editing company collected some inspiring Thanksgiving photography examples for you to get in the holiday mood. Capture special candid moments, how to choose backgrounds and props for family portraits, portrait tips, and ways to distribute and use photos. Enjoy the day!

Every year on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans gather for a feasting of Thanksgiving Day. It celebrates the story of the Pilgrim’s meal with the Native Americans and is reserved as a day to spend with loved ones and for giving thanks. This holiday is a day to get together with family and friends for a special meal. This day is a time for many people to give thanks for what they have. Thanksgiving Day parades are held in some cities and towns on or around Thanksgiving Day. 


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Pleasant atmosphere, relatives, delicious food, traveling are the things, which are associated with this holiday. People enjoy this holiday, being happy to spend time with close friends and family. Some people like to relax at home, another move for traveling. Some people want to see their relives and make appetizing dinner, another want to see new horizons. However, there is one thing, which connects such different opinions, and it is photos. People want to capture the fine day of their life namely emotions, food, traveling spots, smiles of their near relations, parades, carnivals and others attention-grabbing things. The photo is something intimate, what will warm your heart one cold evening. “How to take inspiring photos? How to edit them?” are the unanswered questions. Therefore, we would like to tell you about Thanksgiving Day photography and share some tips, which make recollection of this holiday more bright, lively and colorful. 

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Tips for taking amazing photos.

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time to take photos of family members and friends and to capture emotions and parades of this holiday. We prepare for you some tips, which make you pictures memorable!

1. Plan beforehand.

Pre-planning is the most important part of every photography project. Think about what photos you want to take and make sure that you throw out of your head all previously existed images. Clean up you favorite lenses and recharge your batteries. Choose the location, paying attention to every detail.

children-photoIt can be a family house or apartment.  Also look for the good lightning of the room, you can open the curtains, for example, and put the members of the family on the necessary place. Try out compositions and take the test shots under various conditions to minimize family photo editing later. Make notes ahead. When it comes down to photographing your family, you can arrange the position of members for the best shot. 

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2. Zoom in for details

Details, which create the atmosphere of this holiday, are other things for shooting. They are the spirit of the Thanksgiving Day. For this day what strikes our fancy could be the turkey when it is put on the table. The wreaths on the doors and autumnal flower arrangements around the house are all great details. We recommend you to read  Quick Guide How To Pick Up A Lens to reproduce these finest details of decoration and festive table. 


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3. Family group shots. 

Every holiday is time to get together with family. This time is special and magic for everybody. Time flows and we want to save our bright memories. We used to make usual boring group shots of our family. This advice will change your compositions completely and make your shots unique. Before shooting take into consideration height and width of your frame and position the family to fill the frame. Use the tripod and auto-timer to shoot the photo with you.  Thanksgiving meal takes the main place and make sure that you have captured it. The purpose of the group family shot is to take the photo of the whole family, even with several generations. Make sure that there is no too much headroom. Avoid using a flash. Take photos with natural light. 


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4. Shoot candid photos.

Candid photos are where the fun is. You want to capture your children’s experience of celebrating the holiday. Don’t think about position and decoration, just take the photo. Keep the zoom lens on, with a wide aperture and fast ISO, to reproduce emotions of children. Candid photos capture your family when they are not expecting it. So, prepare your camera to tell the story of this special day.


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5. Use creative perspectives

Think about perspectives and composition in advance. Choose the unique ones. Consider about height, distance from subject and lens focal length to shoot from different angles. Make you the craziest ideas a reality. Also, don’t forget that you can emphasize the composition, cropping the subject with the frame. Use image manipulation services to achieve a wishful result.


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6. Take an engaging photo of the parade.

Find a good spot and check out the parade route. Take the photos of them either all in shadow or all in sun. Get up and move around, finding the best angle. Become a part of the parade to be closer to the actions. Using a longer lens and large aperture will help you get the distracting background of the parade route more out of focus. Otherwise you will need to remove background while photography post processing.


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7. Take mouth-watering shots of food 

Let the food speak for itself and tell its story.  Keep observing your subject and make a contrast. Take a shot, explore and experiment: the best shot is not the one you planned.  Set your camera’s ISO between 800 and 1600 to boost its sensitivity to light. Next, adjust your white balance to the type of lighting found within your home — if you have incandescent or tungsten lamps, us the tungsten setting, if your lights are fluorescent the fluorescent white balance setting will work better. Master the backlight to make food photos more appetizing. A backlight brings out all depth, character, texture and dimension that allow the viewer to “taste” the dish with their eyes. Use fresh ingredients as props. Take a photo of cooking. The kitchen during Thanksgiving will be a very busy place. Pay special attention to how lighting is distributed throughout the kitchen and where the best angles are for snapping candid photos. Make the best photo of the turkey and you may find yourself in the list of Top 10 remarkable Instagram photographers.


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8. Thanksgiving photo retouching.

We have mentioned above the main tips for taking Thanksgiving photography and expect you will them into consideration.  

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Thanksgiving is the big family gathering holiday, and emotions can be high during this time. Capture emotions and make your photos lively with our portrait photo retouching. When the family members start to arrive, and from the moment the first person comes in the door you can be snapping away – getting candids, zoomed-in close ups and detail work. Don’t forget the turkey is ready for a close-up the second it comes out of the oven. 

The one more tip is left. It is photo editing to achieve a wishful result. So, we recommend you to use post production for photographers to achieve perfection. Especially, we strongly recommend using the family photos retouching, our photo retouching portfolio shows our photo retouchers's experience and quality. FixThePhoto provides photo privacy and gladden you with affordable photo retouching prices. We are confident, you will be pleased, working with us.

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