Photo Color Correction Services

Color correction is a fundamental photo-processing manipulation, which includes adjustment of the quality of the image with the help of correcting all deviation and modification of its standard appearance. It can be used to remove limitations from the image and improve its structure. First, it concerns the light and color temperature of the photo, which are not perfect. The photographers use photo color correction services to achieve a consistent look and style in professional photography. Correction is often used in the documentary, to make everything real and clean or just to change a specific color to match the rest of the image. That is why photography colour correction has won an impressive popularity among those people, who focus their interests and wishes on photo making. There are no doubts that photo editing colour correction becomes helpful in the process of enhancing every raw image for the sake of making it really worthy for publishing.

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If you are a professional photographer, you are definitely totally busy with your work, as it is your passion and source of income. You spend hours headshot retouching, editing product photos, adjusting color tones, retouching backgrounds or just doing image enhancement. We are sure that you do not have free time and you are tired of spending nights in front of your laptop’s screen. We are more than sure that you are already fed up with all those monotonous editing techniques, tools and presets. For this reason, in our post production company you will be able to find all kinds of image editing. But still photographers color service is the most essential. We all know that professional photo color correction is a powerful basement for every retouching. 

Why entrust color correction to our photo color correction company?

Price from $0.25 per photo

Price from $0.25 per photo

Affordable price for color correction - starts from $0.25 per photo.

These rates for color correction professional are really pocket-friendly and alluring to numberless customers that ask for professional editing.

High quality color correction

High quality color correction 

Our retouch artists follow the best industry post production practices and standards returning you quality color correction.

Complete range of color correction services

Complete range of color correction services 

You can count on us for all color correction needs: color saturation, hues, brightness, white balance, shadows, and contrast problems. There is nothing impossible for our photo color correction company as we have gathered an impressive number of enthusiastic photo editors, who are open to improve skills in all possible editing kinds and photo color correction services is the starting point for us.

All photo types

All photo types that may require color correction service

We work with portrait photos, landscape photos, event and wedding photos. Professional color correction companies like ours have no limitations concerning kinds of raw pictures that are asked to improve. Thus, without any fears you may ask for our color correction service and expect outstanding outcomes.

All photo types

 3 retouching packagesYou can choose from 4 retouching packages and get 35-50% OFF for bulk ordering.


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You have not seen your close friend for a month and forget when you and your family had a meal out on a Friday evening together. Do you recognize yourself, reading this? We are sure, you do. Yes, we know it is hard and laborious work. So, we will hurry up and inform you that in every situation you can choose another way. And that is a way of collaborating with trust-worthy color correction companies that will shoulder your responsibilities connected with professional photo color correction for achieving really satisfactory picture results. And our profitable photo color correction company suits all described requirements just perfectly. Collaborating with us will bring you saved time, superb results and only pleasant emotions.

As you might already guess, we provide post processing services for photographers. On our website you will be able to have your photos retouched by our professionals. Our skilled high-qualified photo editors will do their best and are two times faster than you might expect. We provide each of our customers with a survey which allows our editors to adjust images according to the photographer's style preferences or special requirements for a job. That makes our retouching agency to stand out from the crowd of other companies, which also provide photo color correction services. 

Let’s recall your last photo session, when everything wasn’t as smooth as you wanted. You might plan an outdoors autumn photo session of the lovely couple that has recently engaged. You prepared all you equipment beforehand, planned poses and made your mind up for the busy schedule of the day. However, the thing that you could not foresee is the weather. It turned out to be foggy and a little bit drizzling. You understand that the plans are spoiled; because of the hazy light, so you will not get bright colorful shots. But, you cannot delay your meeting and leave the customers unsatisfied. 

So, after such shooting, you have wasted hours used for improving and retouching your shots. The photographers often use Photoshop and LightRoom, but sometimes the result is not anticipatory. In this case, the best choice is to entrust your shots to professionals, who will ameliorate the quality and fix all your deviations – use outsource photo retouching companies. Just believe that such photo retouching agencies will do real magic for you, especially in the sphere of photographers color service. Everything will be done not less than just awesome.

Color means everything for professional photographers. As you know, only bright, colored, saturated and clear photos absorb the attention of the customers. Only through color correction, you can achieve this perfection. Photo correction services are fundamental image enhancement manipulations, which include adjustment of the quality of the image with the help of correcting all deviations and doing a modification of its standard appearance. It helps to reproduce emotions and tell what the author meant. Color balance is one of the most important features in professional photography and it’s a science inspired by art. Thus, professional photo color correction plays a very important role in every process of photo correction, as without proper coloring pictures will not look their best.

We suggest you observe more detail in what color correction is and what it includes. Color correction is a fundamental process of photo editing, which implies adjustment and elimination of deviation from the initial product and attainment of the wishful variant. It concerns not only photography but also television and cinematography. That makes photo editing color correction to be a quite diverse type of picture improving that demands solid knowledge and desire to work. Specialists in our post processing firm that are real masters in photography color correction are known for their professional skills and ability to produce awesome outcomes. So find out more about these tiring, but so rewarding photo color correction services offered by our experts. 

The photo color correction is a trick to emphasize the spots that you want to be unmissed by the viewer. It includes these aspects of color editing: exposure adjustment, vibrancy adjustment, color saturation, adjusting color tones, color temperature adjustment, highlight and shadow compensation, clarity adjustment, sharpness correction, contrast correction, density correction, conversion of B&W images to color, color adjustment, and conversion of color photos to black and white. Let’s examine these aspects. And certainly you will understand that color correction professional is just what you have been looking for and at least you have found exactly great services.

Exposure Adjustment

The exposure compensation is the first and most importance aspect. The exposure adjustment is used to deliberately increase or decrease exposure from the normal metered value. In other words, it is used to make your images look lighter or darker with minimum fuss. This option is believed to be quite widely-asked concerning photographers color service for professional photo makers.


Vibrancy Adjustment and Color Saturation

The Saturation and Vibrancy make the colors more saturated, however, there is a big difference between them. Let’s clear it up. Vibrancy is used to increase the intensity of more muted colors and leaves bright colors as they look originally.  Saturation fully changes all colors in the shot, without taking into consideration the colors which look natural and doesn’t demand  changing them initially.  Saturation makes skin too orange and unnatural.  Vibrancy prevents skin tones from becoming overly saturated and unnatural. But both of them are wide-spread in professional photo color correction.

Color Saturation

Color saturation is an expression for the relative bandwidth of the visible output from a light source. It is the way of editing the photo with reference to the perceived intensity of a specific color. If the photo looks faded and washed out, it is the best way to prettify it with the help of photography color correction. You know that nobody pays attention to a worn out, old image, so you can improve everything by using this method.


Adjusting Color Tones

The adjusting of color tones is another important aspect in editing photos, concerning the color. It is especially used for adjusting the color of skin. The main purpose is to bring out more natural tones. What is more important is to balance the color. The right dispersion of colors is a pledge of successful images. And in case selecting our post processing company that offers color correction professional you may be confident that this option will be applied truly professionally.

Color Temperature Adjustment

How do you choose the right color temperature? Everything depends on the purpose of your picture. If it is for advertising, you have to give preference to more garish, attention-grabbing colors. The more it is colorful, the more customers are absorbed by it. However, when you are preparing the image for another purpose, like a congratulatory card, it is better to use soft, low-key colors to reproduce all your tenderness and care. All in all, color temperature is a measure of a light's color. Mastering it will help you keep your shots looking accurate and free from unnatural color casts. With the help of our photographers color service you will be advised what types of editing to choose for the sake of achieving awesome photos. Or we will follow all your instructions without changing anything.

Highlight and Shadow Compensation

Highlight and shadow compensation is used if you want to emphasize a definite spot of your image or on the contrary to hide subtle details in the shadow. For example, the background is not fitted and you want to hide it, in this case, you would use shadow compensation to make the image perfect. In another case, when the face, for example, turns out to be dark, it is convenient to use highlighting. The shadow and highlight compensation allows you to extract detail in your picture with relative ease. Product photo retouching services also include highlight and shadow compensation.

Clarity Adjustment

The photo editors use clarity adjustment to bring back sharpness or conversely to smooth out skin tone, photo manipulation services. Clarity is useful when you want to emphasize details in the image or make hard-looking subjects look softer and gentler. As you know, clear photos have more success and they are far-famed. That is why modern photographers cannot imagine the process of professional photo color correction without this technique.

Sharpness Correction

Sharpness is hard to define because it’s based on subjective evaluations, which are influenced by the contrast along the edges in a photo. The acutance is the synonym to the sharpness. The sharpness can be comprehended as a high spot of the contrast, that is, the contrast along the edges in a photo. When we increase sharpness, we decrease the smooth areas in the image. This option is not applied to all kinds of raw images that we are ordered to improve, but still mainly commercial editing requires using this technique of photo editing color correction for producing attention-grabbing pictures.

Contrast Correction

Contrast correction is used to make the picture distinguishable. It  could be defined as the separation between the brightest and darkest spots of the shot. When you increase contrast, you make shadows darker and highlights lighter.

Density Correction


Density correction is used to check the improper imbalances and use the right mix to bring the right tone to the photograph. These photo correction services give a new look to the photographs. It is used by photographers and even filmmakers to make the quality of the image higher. And that is considered to be quite frequently used in photography color correction because of proving really great effects.

Convert B&W images to colour

To convert black and white to color is another aspect, which demands a lot of effort. In many cases, it concerns  images of past centuries, when only black and white photos were accessible. But sometimes, it is a brilliant idea of the author to turn black and white photo into color, which will take a lot of time.

Convert color photo to black and white

The question was raised, “Why do photographers convert color photos to black and white?” The answer is simple: the old school black and white photos never cease to be fashionable. Black and white photos have a specific, intimate atmosphere. They give you an opportunity to reproduce true emotions.

Here you can see all the aspects of post production color correction, which has improved your faded, old-fashioned, dark image and made it lively and bright. However, it takes a lot of time and energy to finish your tasks of photo editing. So, our company is always ready to help you, cut down wasted time and turn your shots into masterpieces. With our color correction professional, which is believed to be an inevitable part of every picture editing and restoring, definitely you will not recognize your retouched images. Although, there will be not a single footprint of artificial picture editing. 

What are the advantages and proposes of our company?

The photography industry is very developed today. We can't even begin to know the number of amateur and professional photographers. Photography means everything for their life. It is a job, where you can unite hobby, money and a flexible schedule. The professional photographer is ready to move mountains with a camera in his hands. However, today we can look over photos, which are no good for anything. 

The purpose of our photographic retouching company is to fix poorly captured images through editing them. Our company is known worldwide. We work with photographers from different continents. Our firm offers digital photo enhancement services, which are convenient for both professional photographers and for amateurs. Our skilled photo editors work with different types of retouching and leave their customers satisfied. Anything you wish will come true.

Our online editors, who are in charge of wedding photography post production, are ready to make your wedding photos eye-candy and brilliant. Your friends will be jealous and your parents will be proud of you. We are sure the best day of your life will stay in your memories forever and the emotions will be as lively as before. In our retouching blog you will find information about the last-trend photography ideas and Photoshop tutorials about jewellery retouching services and real estate photo editing

We want to busy ourselves with your family photos. And you will not be wrong if you choose our family photo editing online services. Your family photo album will be replenished with candid shots. At the same time, our company members cope with baby photo retouching and they create such amazing, loving shots of the children, that you cannot avert your eyes. 

If you are a follower of portraits, choose professional portrait editing and you will not miss. As our high-qualified portrait photo editors make your photos sophisticated and attractive, just as if they came from a magazine cover. We recommend using background removal service which can enhance your portraits.

What is more, our team also provides old photo restoration services. As you know, it is painstaking work and takes a lot of time. But, our skillful editors turn your faded images into marvelous ones. You will be surprised, looking at the before and after photos. Now, you can give a new chance to your valuable photos instead of throwing them away. Taking into consideration the wishes of customers, we always find an approach for everybody. 

One more advantage of our editing services online is affordable prices.  The prices for photo color correction services will please you, as it starts from $0.25 per photo. You can edit photo by choosing from 4 retouching packages and getting 35-50% OFF for bulk ordering.

Regarding the story of our photo retouching company, we want you to notice that we have been working since 2003 in the sphere of digital image retouching with great success. In 2014, our team retouched more than 90,000 online photos for various property companies and private clients. See our photo retouching before after samples with all levels of cheap photo editing services we provide. We work with customers from different continents. Our managers take into consideration customs and traditions of every country and find a delicate approach for everybody. 

Our customers are pleased with our offers and work, especially with our post production color correction. They describe our services as quick, convenient, fair priced and with attentive attitude to the clients. If you are a worshipper of order, accuracy and fruitful work, we strongly recommend you try our online editing services.