Color Correction Services For Photographers 

Photo Color Correction Services

A basic, primary stage of further retouching is color correction. It unities numerous tools aimed at quality image adjustment and eliminating all possible drawbacks in order to come up with the desirable modification of an image.  Photographers use it when removing boundaries of the image and improving its structure. Primarily, it implicates the light and color setting of the photo to achieve the results close to perfect. These services are the significant tool in preserving faithful air and proficient style not only the photographer but also the original message.

wedding photo color correction service

Documentary is often down to this kind of practice in order to produce credible evidence and impression or just to correct a particular color to harmonize with everything left. Consequently, color correction has gone viral among those, who are concerned with their burning desire in the field of photography art.  As far as color enhancement is concerned, no right or wrong hesitations appear that photo editing color correction helps over the procedure of enhancing each raw image in order to create the issue worth publication.

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Since professional photographers are definitely packed up with things to do, taking into consideration that photography is your affection and your earnings. Headshot retouching takes much time and you cannot even notice how hours go away when you are busy correcting numerous photos, altering image color pallet, retouching backgrounds. Though it sounds as if you were doing mere enhancement but it is quite laborious. Shortage of free time is a quite obvious thing, since photographers spent wakeful nights in order to hit the headline. Your laptop becomes your closest friend. It is easy to get the idea of you being sick and tired of all that stuff – routine work is easy to drive everybody nuts. The amount of editing techniques and tools is gorgeous and freighting at the same time when you thing of applying all that in your job. Accounting to this idea, our company requests all existing types of image enhancement. However, color service is the basic issue for photograohers. It is common knowledge that professional photo color correction is a bulk of any photo editing process.

Why should you confide color correction to our photo color correction company?

  • Price starts from $0.25
  • Moderate costs for color correction - starts from $0.25 for a photo
  • The figures for professional editing are very low, making the service alluring to the majority of the clients
  • Proficient color correction
  • Our cast consorts only with leading post production approaches and norms of pro color correction, which are widely applied in the sphere of customary photos

Our Wedding Photo Editing Pricing

Culling (If Needed)

  • professional photo editing services
  • clipping path service provider
  • background check removal service
$0.05 per photo
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Services applied:

  • You Pay for Each Submitted Photo
  • We Get Rid of All Broken/Duplicate Files
  • Following Our Clients' Demands
  • Star Images Selection (for LR Catalogue)
  • Culling in Several Steps (If Needed)
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Color Correction

  • image background removal services
  • change background of photo online free
  • remove background from image photoshop
$0.20 per photo
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Services applied:

  • WB (White Balance)
  • Contrast/Exposure Correction
  • Cropping
  • Straighten Photos
  • Sharpen Images
  • Noise Adjustement
  • Following the Clients' Style
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Our Wedding Photo Editing Packages:

professional photo color correction light

Wedding Pack Light Includes:

  • Color correction up to 700 photos
  • No contracts and hidden fees
  • Turnaround time 3-5 days
  • Save up to $41 per wedding

professional photo color correction pro

Wedding Pack Pro Includes:

  • Color correction up to 700 photos
  • Basic retouching up to 20 photos
  • High end retouching up to 5 photos
  • Save up to $71 per wedding

Full suite of color correction services

color correction photoshop 7 easy steps before photo color correction online couple professional after

3 retouching blocks You can pick up put of 4 editing packages and get 35-50% OFF discount. We are ready to propose you all the variety of enhancement necessities. The agency is constantly working under color compensation including hues, brightness and shadows adjustment, white balancing issues. Our company would fail to work under none of the collor correcting issues  since we have collected an enormous number of striving photo editors. Each pf them is eager to look up their skills in all multitude of editing techniques and approaches. Color correction lays the fundamentals of further development.

Color correction is applicable to all kinds of photo.Our company deals with all the varieties of images: portraits, landscape, wedding and event photography. We as a professional group have no limits concerning the number and kind of raw images to be worked out. So, there is nothing to be anxious about. Our clients get outstanding results. It happens that you may be too busy with your work and no time is left for meeting with your friends or even some of you family members. Everybody concerned with photo editing can find themselves in such position. We are pretty sure that you would like to have a spare couple of hours to spend with them. We understand you as no one other, since this kind of job is very difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we gladly inform you that there is an opportunity to change this situation – find a good way out. You should cooperate with respectful color correction company and pass the buck on them. The results  of color correction will definitely satisfy to the fullest. We are driving at our credible color correction company since with match all the demands. Cooperating with us will bear its fruit – saved enormous amount of time, great outcome and pleasant after shine.


Photo Color Correction Online

quick color correction photoshop online couple before quick color correction photoshop online couple after

Our company facilitates post processing services for photographers as you can see from everything mentioned above. You may go across a couple of sample images worked out by our skilled pros on our official website Our team is fast enough to supply you with high quality retouched photos. Before getting down to work, we carry out a small poll in order to find out the tastes and preferences of our clients concerning the image editing and special directives for our work. This point lays accent on the peculiarity of our companies since here we are unique in the bright spectrum of companies dealing with color correction affording ground of the same services. If you call to memory a photo session, which was the most troublesome, you will vividly see from the today’s perspective how it looks like. You may think about everything beforehand hundreds of time, pack all the necessary equipment, make some schemes of the poses it would be great to make photos of that engaged couple, for example. Altogether, you have made a schedule of the day. Unfortunately, it happens that things sometimes go not in the way we see it in our mind’s eye. Let’s say it may be the weather to spoil your plans, especially if it is an autumn photo session. It may be rainy or too wet outside. You will be lucky if there is no thunderstorm. At this point, you clearly understand that a day turns out to become a mass and dull the plans are spoiled. Still nobody gives you the right to cancel your photo session and upset the customers. Shooting the photo session takes usually much time and then days with image editing. Photoshop and LightRoom are the most frequent programs photographers use to such purposes. Unfortunately, the results of such work sometimes are quite far from expected. At this point, the sure fire way to improve the situation is to rely on professionals who are to up-grade images quality and divergence – implying outsource photo retouching companies. Photo editing agencies of this type can create miracles for you if it is about photos especially.


Color Correction Images

photo color correction services before photo color correction services after

Color is the most important issue for pro photographer. It is common knowledge that only images with are catchy, bright, professionally colored and saturated deserve the attention of customers and can fight for it. Color correction is the only way to get such results. Photo correction services lay the foundation of any image manipulations, constituted with quality improvement since all possible divergences undergo correction and modification when post processing raw images. These enhancements serve to reproduce author’s initial vision and ideas.

The most essential characteristic of vocational photography is color correction. It has all the rights to be called a science inspired by art. Since this argument is taken into consideration, professional photo color correction is an important stage in the flow of image processing, since without it photos are sure to fail to look awesome.

Our suggestion is that you should consider in detail color correction with all the included components. It is the ground of further photo editing. It implies improving and elimination of all divergences of the raw images in order to get the desirable product. Color correction is widely applied in cinematography and television. Such wide range of appliances prove color correction to be unique multicomponent type of image enhancement. So, the requirements are high – profound knowledge and burning desire to work. Our company team members are true specialists in the field of color correction. They are known for their proficiency and perfectly worked out images. That’s why it would be fine if you get more information about such laborious but at the same time rewarding photo color correction service, which is recommended by our experts.


The photo color correction is tool used to lay an accent on the parts of the image you want to emphasize and attract attention. Since its complexity, the aspects of color adjusting are quite varied: exposure and vibrancy adjustment, color tones and temperature adjustment, sharpness and contrast correction, painting black&white photos, repairing the color of old images, in particular to black&white pallet. We will pay closer attention to them. After such close examination you are sure to get the idea that color correction be professionals is what you were missing, or at least you have already found ideal services.

Exposure Adjustment

quick color correction photoshop online couple before quick color correction photoshop online couple after

The most essential issue of color correction is said to be the exposure equilibration. This kind of equilibration is preformed to raise or low exposure on purpose from the normal proportional value. Saying more plainly, it makes photos brighter or darker depending on you desire and it gives you a little fuss. This option is considered to be the most frequently ordered in the circles of color service for professional photographers.

Vibrancy Adjustment and Color Saturation

The Saturation and Vibrancy intensify the color pallet. However, they are quite different things. Consequently, we should draw the border. The increasing intensity of dilute colors is the sphere of vibrancy. Hence the bright colors on the image remain untouched, in their primary state. The whole color spectrum of the image is influenced by saturation. The natural colors are not brought into consideration, since they can be left without any changings since the very beginning. Saturation influence skin color making it seem affected. Simultaneously, vibrancy and saturation work opposite one another.  Pro color correction has these techniques on the list of the most widely used.

The visibly captured capacity from the source of light is meant to be known as color saturation. Image editing flow is performed from the perspective of the intensity of particular color perceived, that is the message of color saturation. Since photos may look shot-colored, it is the sure tool to change the washed out shot into a perfect one. Dull images are rarely paid attention, since they seem to be quite old. However, you may change this situation with the proper usage of color saturation.


Adjusting Color Tones

photo editing color correction before photo editing color correction after

Skin editing is one of the most tricky issues, which makes each step of color enhancing very important and accurate. Primary aim of this practice is in the following – preserving and brining up to the average level tone of the skin. Color which are balance are very essential as they make possible following editing stages.  It should be noted that the agency, you are on the web now, can easily assure you in the quality of the color correction. That’s why you may be calm and fully confident in the results of image adjustment.

Color Temperature Adjustment

Images are sure to pursue different aims before shooting and while editing it. It is very important to see clearly the purpose of them, in order to choose the correct temperature, which will enhance all the issues you would like to perform. If it is going to be used in the publicity, it would be better to tend for appliance of garish pallet colors, since they are rather capturing. Clients usually pay attention to bright colorful images. However, bright colors won’t go for greeting card and would seem rather inappropriate, here you should use soft and calm colors. Crowning it all, color temperature is very important thing to master since it will make your images look natural and reality precise.  Our company offers you our help not only in giving advice but in performing this part of work ourselves.

Highlight and Shadow Compensation

It usually happens that some details or parts of the photo need to be in the spotlight and other don’t. that’s why you may highlight those parts which should capture the attention and put into shadow those which are to become unseen. As in the case with backgrounds when you make them shadowed, since image should be perfect. But in the case with portrait retouching, highlighting is applicable when it may seem dark.  Product photo retouching services as ours has this offer on their list.


Clarity Adjustment

color correction services hair photoshop online couple before color correction services hair photoshop online couple after

Photo manipulation services are concerned with this kind of photo adjustment. It is mostly used to bring sharpness again to the image or to edit skin. It also lays accents on the definite parts of images on your choice and you may soften some parts of the photo in order them to look more pleasant to the eye. This approach is very important since it marks the quality of the image and photographers and editors can’t go without it.

Sharpness Correction

Accurate image is most probably can be called image with proper sharpness, since this notion is very subjective. Some see it as the contrast high level within the boundaries of the image. We use it only for the commercial editing and on the request of the customer in most cases, since it cannot applied to all the images. It grabs the customer’s attention and that’s why it is important.

Contrast Correction

Under the notion contrast clear division between bright and dark is made within the photo. It makes all the images seem more perceptible. It influences the range of the range of light and darkness making them more intensive.

Density Correction 

Correction of this type influences the balance of color and tones of the photo bringing it to the average. Density color service provides images with new appearance. In addition to it, the quality of the shot is raised. That’s why not only photographers but also film makers apply it. Tis correction is widely appreciated for its high results of implication.


Convert B&W images to color

color correction services hair photoshop online girl before color correction services hair photoshop online girl after

Colorizing an image is quite laborious issue. It requires a lot of persistence. Most frequent are old photos, since then colored images didn’t exist at all. It happens that customers want to bring them alive and full in color.

Convert color photo to black and white

This process is the opposite one to that described above. It is always trendy to have your pictures done in black and white pallet, since this kind of images are always in fashion. They show everything in other way revealing real truthful emotions and feelings.  

Techniques describe above are sure to improve your raw images whatever they were. It is possible to make them perfect out of faded or poor quality ones. Since it is time consuming for a photographer to come p with the results, our company I ready to give you a helping hand in the process of producing chef d’oeuvre. Color correction is the inevitable part of any professional photo editing. It brings the upheaval changes to the images with only manual photo processing.

What profits and offers  do our agency suggest?

Modern World is driven around by the art of photography. Nobody will point exactly to the amount cameras people own or to the number of shooters no matter if they are pro or just beginners. People are crazy about quality images and are ready to get the star out of the sky to have them. Unfortunately, there are also images coming across which you realize that they are harshly but  rubbish.


Photo Color Correction

color correction services hair photoshop online girl dark skin before color correction services hair photoshop online girl dark skin after

We edit images with low quality since we  fix them and they gain the propper appearance. Our company is quite famous because we incorporate with photog from all around the globe. In addition, our agency puts forward a great number of digital photo enhancement services.  Pro photographers and aspiring amateurs are easy to indulge into them. Desiresare are no longer in mind, they become the reality.

Our company is a specialist in wedding photography post production. The professionals  make each and every out of  the wedding images astonishing. None of your friends can even dream to have something similar to them. Your family members will like them and you together with them are to recollect those happy moments of the turning day-point of the life. The retouching blog is always at hand of everybody interested in photo editing and  if you are searching  for helpful and relevant information concerning  jewellery retouching services as well as  real estate photo editing  you are on the right way. it is full of interesting couching tutorials in terms of Photoshop editing and other digital software.

Brilliant family photo editing online has already been waiting for you and images for the memory albums. We are looking forward to editing them since baby photo retouching is magnificent if it concerns our retouches. Photos  cannot be compared to anything else in the whole world due to the emotions they evoke.

It often happens that quality portrait photos can drive us nuts and mesmerize with each time more. that's why people, who are in raptures because of these things, will find our professional portrait editing amazing.  everything is performed on the high level with manual labor of our skilled and highly qualified editors. They produce images worthy the cover of Vogue. In combination with background removal service they become even more eye-catchy and awesome.


Photo Color Correction

color correction services hair photoshop online before color correction services hair photoshop online after

Coming still further, our agency offers old photo restoration services. Many of our readers have already found out how laborious and at the simultaneously time consuming it is. Although, our editorial stuff is not afraid of this job. So, we create miracles out of the old images. You will be stuck with before and after photos, but to a good content. It is the great opportunity to breath in a new life into your old memories with old photo editing. Our rule confirms always to listen to customer’s desires. Consequently, we do our best and everything possible to realize them.

Perhaps, the  biggest plus of our company is moderate prices. They start only from $0.25 for an image, which is definitely quite cheap. You can enhance photos by picking up out of 4 editing packages and getting 35-50% OFF discounting.

We are on the market of digital photo retouching companies since 2003 and are a great hit there. In 2014, out company has worked out about 90,000 images and even more for private customers as well as various companies. You can have free access to photo retouching before after examples accompanied with cheap photo editing services packages.

Since working with clients from all over the world we pay close attention to nationality of the clients in order to find proper approach. Additional information about the culture of his\her country is very much important, since it makes us understand the customer better.  Our work is always appreciated by the clients and satisfy them immensely. We are mentioned as fast, moderated, easy-going company.



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