30 Free Sparkle PNG

Download this Free Sparkle PNG Collection and use these high-quality overlays to add sparkles to your pictures. In the shape of stars and snowflakes, bubbles and specks – all sorts of trails are ideal for creating a magical, romantic, or festive atmosphere in portraits of adults and children. Even the dullest image will liven up with such intricate sparkle effects PNG. Among the different kinds of overlays, everything representing magic is very popula. Get these sparkle PNG overlays to give your shots that holiday special feel.

Sparkle PNG #1 "Love Whirlwind"

sparkle transparent png

Sparkle Transparent #2 "Light of the Universe"

sparkle overlay png

Sparkle PNG Transparent #3 "Elegance"

sparkle effect transparent

Sparkle Effect PNG #4 "Fireflies"

transparent sparkle png

Transparent Sparkle #5 "Fairy Dust"

transparent sparkle overlay

PNG Sparkle #6 "Twinkling Ribbons"

sparkle png images

Sparkle Transparent PNG #7 "Star Shards"

sparkle transparent overlay

Sparkle Overlay PNG #8 "Sun Twinkles"

free sparkle png

Sparkle Effect Transparent #9 "Trace of Magic"

sparkle overlay transparent

Transparent Sparkle PNG #10 "Magic Fountain"

sparkle png image

Transparent Sparkle Overlay #11 "Magic"

sparkle image png

Sparkle PNG Images #12 "Emerald Shade"

sparkle effects png

Sparkle Transparent Overlay #13 "Pink Ash"

sparkle png free

Free Sparkle PNG #14 "Infinity"

free sparkle png transparent

Sparkle Overlay Transparent #15 "Awakening"

free sparkle overlay png

Sparkle PNG Image #16 "Forest Wind"

sparkle png transparent free

Sparkle Image PNG #17 "Fairy Dance"

free sparkle overlays png

Sparkle Effects PNG #18 "Magic Circles"

free png sparkle

Sparkle PNG Free #19 "Light Snake"

free sparkle effect png

Sparkle PNG #20 "Flight of Fantasy"

png sparkle overlay

Sparkle Transparent #21 "Lake of Stars"

overlay png sparkle

Sparkle PNG Transparent #22 "Forgotten Constellations"

sparkle png overlay

Sparkle Effect PNG #23 "Guiding Dream"

sparkle photo overlay png

Transparent Sparkle #24 "Cosmic Harmony"

overlay sparkle png

PNG Sparkle #25 "Mist of Times"

sparkle transparent png overlay

Sparkle Transparent PNG #26 "Eternal Return"

overlays sparkle png

Sparkle Overlay PNG #27 "Origin of Melody"

sparkle png

Sparkle Effect Transparent #28 "Sense of Life"

sparkle transparent

Transparent Sparkle PNG #29 "Roads of Infinity"

sparkle png transparent

Transparent Sparkle Overlay #30 "Winding Trajectories"

sparkle effect png

More Free PNG Overlays by FixThePhoto

Each overlay in this collection is of high quality and can be adjusted to fit your image exactly the way you see it. You can also combine them with other PNGs or overlays for a more unique look. The best thing about these PNG sparkle effects, apart from the fact that they are free, is that you can use them not only in portraits but also to decorate many other types of photos or even collages and postcards. Note that each overlay was created by a professional retoucher to be used by photographers and image editors of all levels, even beginners!

Sparkle PNG Images #31"Fire Sparks"

sparkle png

Sparkle Transparent Overlay #32 "Fireflies"

sparkle transparent

Free Sparkle PNG #33 "Sun Flares"

sparkle png transparent

Sparkle Overlay Transparent #34 "Snow"

sparkle effect png

Sparkle PNG Image #35 "Wings"

transparent sparkle

Sparkle Image PNG #36 "Powder"

png sparkle

Features of Free Sparkle Transparent

  • Use these free sparkle PNG transparent overlays in various portraits, especially in photos of children, brides, couples, women to bring attention to the object.
  • To enhance photos of little babies or nature, take a look at our other collections that suit these photography genres more.
  • To make the overlay move vivid, use it in photos with dark, preferably uniform background, and for a more airy and lightweight atmosphere, apply them to sunlit images.
  • For a photo in colder tones, select the white effects, while the warmer sparkles look gorgeous in both cold and warm images.
  • These sparkle transparent PNG overlays free will highlight the main subject of your close-up photo.
  • First, apply the chosen overlay, then perform other changes to the photo.

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