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Film Effect Lightroom Presets

Standart License ........ $33

Film Effect Lr Presets:

    • Commercial Use
    • Presets in .lrtemplate .xmp formats
    • 10 Lightroom Brushes
    • JPG & RAW photos
    • Lightroom 4-6, CC
    • FREE BONUS - Black&White Presets
  • Quantity of Presets30
  • Size200 KB
  • Downloads758
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FixThePhoto: Film effect Lightroom Presets recreate vintage look, emulate the beauty and nostalgia of old photos. Some of the film Lightroom presets bundles that you can google in the web lack the sensitivity and color correction to really convey vintage aesthetic. They require much money and give you less quality. Our film presets Lightroom aim is achieving the pre-digital  '90s aesthetic. View the examples to make sure how this Lr filters work on real pictures.

Film Lightroom Presets will work with a number of photography genres: close-ups, lifestyle, portraits, street, event, wedding photography. All images will get beautiful lighting, subject and concept.

Create old photos effect with quick and easy Lightroom presets film. Once you do this you will never go back to any other style of editing!  FixThePhoto: Film Lightroom presets are iconic and immediately recognizable!

FixThePhoto: Lightroom Film Presets 

preset lightroom film cover box

FREE BONUS is a 70 Black and White Essential Lightroom Presets. This is the basic bundle that should have every professional/amateur retoucher. You can change your colorful photos into black&white just in a one click. These presets will work well with diverse images: wedding, portait, landscape and so on. B&W is a fully-featured bundle of Lightroom presets you can buy separately B&W Lightroom preset collection or in the Entire Collection of 1822 Lightroom presets

Film Presets for Lightroom

FixThePhoto Film Effect Presets Include:

31 Professional Lightroom Presets: Honey, Greenery, Brighten, Blueberry, Merigold, Rustic, Orange&Teal, Marvelous, Pine, Flash, Wild, Tiffany, Fuji, Apple Juice, Summer, Dust, Street, Contrast, Candy, Autumn Mood, Sweet, Deep Green, Love, Forest, Monochrome, Tic Tac, Amber, Lemon, Cloud Shadows, Old Portrait, Champagne.

FixThePhoto B&W Lightroom Presets Include:

70 Professional Lightroom Presets: Soft Contrast, Classic, Stars, Deep, Grains, Bright Matte, Dark Blue, Flm, Ocean, Sharpen, Electric, Crisp, Bright, Dark, Soft Matte, Soft Skin, Noir, Contrast, Portrait, Harmonic, Memories, Details, Blur, Mist, HDR, Trendy, Chicago, Winter, Organic, Moon Light, Ephemeral, Hollywood, Paris, Happy, Royal, Nature, Sepia, Editorial, Friday, Moody, High Key, Gleam, Dynamic, Platium, Fade, Discovery, Glamour, Beauty, Sadness, Wedding, Heroic, Brilliant, Silverstone, Pure, Goodfellas, Delight, Shine, Fashion, Nature, Achronomic, Adore, Matte Classic, Freedom, Dust, Old Style, Love, Majestic, Sleek, POP, Astronomic.

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Helpful Video Guides about Lightroom Presets



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