Photo Editing Services

Photo Editing Services

Have you been looking for an efficient photo editing service to edit photos fast, professionally and on a regular basis? I’ve tested 20 popular photo editing services and singled out their benefits and weak sides. Read, analyze, and make your choice.

photo editing services

20 Photo Editing Services Review

I send one studio photo to all photography editing services to see what they can and the image editing quality. I wanted them to delete stray hair and other noticeable defects, airbrush skin, smooth background and make it attractive.

1. FixThePhoto – Best Photo Editing Quality

fixthephoto professional photo retouching services
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  • Perfect photo quality
  • Fast turnaround
  • Discounts and sales
  • Many photography editing services and levels
  • Friendly retouchers and support system
  • Haven’t been found

PHOTO EDITING RESULT: This photo editing service impressed me most of all. Just look at the quality of the image retouching! To my mind, everything is perfect: natural skin retouching, all spots and acne were removed as well as the gloss on her face. A background changing was also done at the highest level.

fixthephoto photo editing services

As you see, the retouchers didn’t forget about the tiniest details such as small hairs and capillaries on the eye globe.

fixthephoto image retouching services

The color correction is also natural and pop. The photo looks like a magazine cover. All in all, I have no claims to this image retouching service.

OVERALL REVIEW: The company itself, the rank of services and quality are high. As for photo retouching, here you can find everything: from basic to high-end image retouching for $2-$10 per image.

You should not worry about the picture post processing quality, because retouchers will not only fulfill all your recommendations but will do a little more to reach the desired effect.

In addition to portrait retouching, you can order high-end, body, baby, wedding, product retouching, as well as many other services. This company can be called the best professional photo editing service.

2. WeEditPhotos – For Beginning Portrait Photographers

weedit photos professional photo editing services
  • Professional wedding and portrait photo editing
  • Pleasant prices
  • Quick turnaround
  • Top-quality work
  • Don’t work on weekends

PHOTO EDITING RESULT: This image retouching company also pleased me with good results. The first thing that strikes my eye is beautiful and natural color correction as well as healthy skin color. At the same time, all personal features are kept natural.

weedit photos image editing services

The face color is realistic and all harsh shadows or imperfections, such as dark circles under the eyes and greasy shine are removed.

weedit photos image editing services

I am glad that WeEditPhotos retouchers removed even the smallest pimples, which are not visible to the naked eye. In general, the photo looks qualitative and professional.

The only thing I don’t really like is the blue background. Probably, I had to mention that I would like them to replace it.

OVERALL REVIEW: This professional photo editing service offers you a simple color correction for $0.2, and different photo processing levels - from $2 Basic Level to $10 Extra Level. There are many before and after photo editing examples which confirm that these guys perform picture post-production at a very high level.

3. Wedding-Retouching – For Wedding Photographers

wedding retouching image editing services
  • Very stylish design
  • Many discounts for wedding photographers
  • It’s easy to make an order
  • Convenient packages, which allow saving money
  • Turnaround time is increased in the wedding season

PHOTO EDITING RESULT: As for portrait retouching, the first impression is positive. I like the colors and its Dodge & Burn.

photo retouching services

The hair on her face was deleted as well as unnecessary hairs on the background. To my mind, the hairs on the background were removed unnaturally, however, in general, it looks not bad.

wedding retouching services

As we can see, this outsource photo editing service coped with skin retouching very well. All flaws, spots, and gloss are eliminated.

The skin is airbrushed and smoothed very naturally. I like that retouchers picked up a gray background that fits the photo very well.

OVERALL REVIEW: The first thing this service attracts attention with is a beautiful and appealing interface. As the name says - the company is engaged in wedding photo editing, but in addition to this, you can also order retouching of other photo genres.

The prices are the same as in the first two photo editing companies for photographers - from $2 to $10 per picture. This is very encouraging because the prices are pretty affordable.

4. High-End Beauty Retouching

high end photo retouching services
  • Many before & after samples
  • 24х7 customer support
  • High end photo editing
  • Ultra magazine retouching is quite expensive

PHOTO EDITING RESULT: I am quite satisfied with the work of this photo editing outsourcing company. The retouchers took into consideration all my recommendations concerning natural color correction, background changing and hair improvement.

high end photo retouching services

As you can see, they worked very thoroughly even with the hardly noticeable hairs. However, they left a realistic hairline and not just cut it off. Retouchers also deleted dark circles under her eyes and other visible defects.

high end photo retouching services

The only thing that confuses me a little is the redness at the tip of the eye. The skin of the face looks very fresh and beautiful, so no one will ever guess that the picture has been processed in Photoshop.

OVERALL REVIEW: High-End Beauty Retouching service offers professional image retouching for both average photographers and famous magazines. The prices for outsourcing photo editing are quite high - from a simple High-End retouching for $10 to ultra-magazine photo editing for $150 per image.

For this money, you will receive a huge number of high end retouching services that will ultimately make your photo look like a magazine cover.

5. Nude Retouching – Best Body and Skin Retouching

nude photo retouching services
  • Perfect skin airbrushing and body reshaping
  • Affordable prices
  • Your personal photo retoucher
  • Specialized on boudoir/nude photography

PHOTO EDITING RESULT: Nude Retouching service pleased me with the speed of image post-production. I received a beautiful and catchy picture.

However, I noticed overly smoothed skin if compare with other services. Personally, I would like a little more naturalness, although this does not spoil the general look of the portrait.

nude retouching photo editing services

As for advantages, I can say that retouchers pay attention to small details like capillaries in her eyes and moles. It is great.

All flaws such as greasy shine on the skin, dark circles and even darkish area above the lip which spoiled the picture a little bit were removed.

nude retouching photo editing services

OVERALL REVIEW: Nude Retouching photo editing company offers beginning shooters a wide range of services, related to portrait, wedding, and glamour photography editing.

Here you will find 3 levels of image post-production – Standard for $5, Complete for $10 and Complete+ for $15 per image.

6. Photographers Edit – Best Color Correction

  • Good prices
  • Photo-examples are nice
  • Only Lightroom photo editing
  • Only wedding photo editing examples
  • No packages for batch image editing
  • Turnaround time is not clear

OVERALL REVIEW: Photographers Edit is quite a young professional photo editing service. At first, it may seem that these guys are engaged only in wedding photo editing. However, among their main services are color correction and basic image retouching.

A beautiful interface but there are not enough examples of photos as well as comments. Also, I did not find extensive information about image retouching and post-production in general. Only the name, a few words, and prices. One photo editing costs from $0.14 to $5 per image and higher.

7. Pixelz – For Product Photographers

  • Works with famous brands
  • Professional-looking website
  • Suits both beginning and professional shooters
  • No photo-examples

OVERALL REVIEW: Pixelz is one of the most popular photo editing services for ecommerce industry. It cooperates with photo studios, brands and online retailers interested in optimizing product images for e-commerce.

Here you will find 4 plans: Solo, Professional, Enterprise and API. They depend on your skills and experience. A photo improvement costs $0.95 and higher. However, you can’t order picture post-production without a subscription to one of the plans.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any photo examples. Thus, I can say nothing about the quality of their image editing.

8. Photo-Editing-Service

  • Discounts for large orders
  • Quick results
  • Tiring ordering process
  • Not professional photo quality

OVERALL REVIEW: It is one of the most confusing photo editing services. It has many tabs on one page, which greatly dispels my attention. The company offers background removal services from $0.17 per image, clipping path from $0.25, photo retouching services from $0.34 and jewelry photo editing from $0.50 per picture.

Examples include mainly post-production of food pics, but you can also find skin retouching. I admit that the examples are impressive. Retouchers cope with complex tasks and perform a natural and beautiful image retouching.

The ordering process is a bit tiring. I had to spend some time to find the necessary windows.

9. Tucia

  • Affordable prices
  • Easy to register and order
  • Wide range of services
  • Some picture examples are disappointing
  • Sometimes the website lags

OVERALL REVIEW: This company does image editing of many photography types including portrait and High-End. However, I didn’t manage to place the order as the website constantly gave me an error.

As for their services, you can order Basic photo editing service for $8 per photo or Extensive one for $24 per image. The Basic level includes common services like defects elimination, color correction, skin color alignment, etc. The Extensive level offers background replacement adding different objects, etc.

Their website has photo examples. Some of them are good, some aren’t. Without receiving my results, I can’t make conclusions about the quality of their work.

10. RetouchUp

  • User-friendly website
  • A large selection of services
  • When registering, your card details are required
  • Some before and after photos leave much to be desired

OVERALL REVIEW: This professional photo editing service offers 7 levels of picture editing: Complete retouch, Services retouch, Complete plus retouch, Clipping path, Photo restoration, Standard color correction, and Digital oil painting.

The prices are quite nice and vary from $0.25 to $35 per photo. Customers support works only from Monday to Friday and at certain hours.

You can find the examples of work on the website. The quality is average. The skin retouching isn’t at the highest level, it’s too smooth and unnatural. Other functions are not bad.

11. SmartPhotoEditrors

  • User-friendly website, all services are listed
  • Offers panorama and 360° photo editing service
  • No prices stated
  • Portrait retouching is disappointing

OVERALL REVIEW: The first thing attracting your attention is the list of all their services when entering the website, which is very convenient. They offer such photo editing services as portrait retouching, real estate photo editing, image clipping, and photo manipulation. However, there is a huge disadvantage: lack of prices and price tab. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find them.

Photo retouchers do a great job with real estate photo editing and image clipping but as for portrait retouching, I expected more. Such visible defects as spots or pimples are eliminated but there’s the problem with skin smoothing again, it looks unprofessional.

I was surprised that by image manipulation they mean product photo editing.

12. PhotoEditingCompany

  • A huge range of services
  • No registration is needed to place an order
  • No prices stated
  • Some services include only color correction

OVERALL REVIEW: You can see before and after examples immediately after opening the website. I was satisfied with the results, that’s why I got interested in this variant of photo editing services for photographers.

Besides, they offer an enormous selection of services such as wedding, High-End, newborn, product, food, animal photo editing, etc. Even portrait retouching that on many websites leaves much to be desired looks qualitative here.

However, there is the same problem with prices as with the previous company – there aren’t any. I spent plenty of time searching for them, but it was useless. It seems that you have to ask for prices, but is it a professional approach?

Unfortunately, this disadvantage nullifies all the positive features. Also, the website offers feedbacks but they are a bit outdated.

13. Clipping Path India

  • Product photo editing
  • Cheap
  • You need to make a request before ordering each photo
  • Low quality

OVERALL REVIEW: The design of this professional photo editing service is quite simple. As the name says, the company provides clipping path, product photo editing and everything connected to product photography enhancement.

Nevertheless, among other photo editing services I also found photo retouching. They perform product retouching but if there’s a model, they promise to whiten teeth, smooth skin, and eliminate spots to make subjects shine.

The prices range widely from $0.25 to $49.99. If you want to know them more detailed, send them photos and ask for prices. Frankly speaking, it’s a minus for me as it takes a lot of time and, in addition, there is no explanation on how the price is formed.

As for picture retouching, it isn’t done quite well and isn’t at the high level.

14. ColorExpertSbd

  • Average product photo editing
  • Informative blog
  • Non-understandable website
  • Plenty of distracting pop-ups

OVERALL REVIEW: This variant of photography editing services offers clipping path, color correction, image retouching and restoration, wedding and product photo editing.

I’d like to mention their website – a calling card for any service. It’s understandable but very inconvenient. Firstly, the pop-ups are very annoying. They make it impossible to see the full window and you can’t get rid of them.

Secondly, there is a very large accumulation of tabs, different windows. Especially this concerns pages with examples and prices. Everything is disorganized and, as a result, it’s very difficult to figure out what is what.

As for the quality of image editing, it’s average. Their color correction and product photo editing are pretty well but background replacement and portrait retouching don’t look professional.

15. ShootDotEdit

  • Attractive website design
  • For wedding photographers
  • Only color correction
  • Must-Have 1-year subscription
  • No examples available
  • No photography retouching services

OVERALL REVIEW: The advantage of this wedding image retouching service is a beautiful design based on what they do - wedding photo editing. Regarding other aspects, I have questions.

I didn’t manage to find appropriate information about their services and what surprised me even more is their subscription. Don’t even try ordering once as you will be asked to pay a yearly subscription.

They offer 2 plans for $119 and $299 per month and they include only color correction and photo styling. Is there at least photo retouching? I wasn’t able to figure this out as they don’t provide examples either.

16. Digital Photo Editing Services

  • Basic photo editing services
  • No prices
  • Small photo examples, it’s difficult to see something there
  • It’s unclear how to register

OVERALL REVIEW: This service with a promising name and a huge list of photo editing services didn’t meet my expectations. There’s a lot of unnecessary information.

The prices aren’t stated again. I wonder if they have different prices for each client. This is an indicator of unprofessionalism for me.

Before and after examples look like amateur photo editing which every Insta blogger can do. Other examples are better but aren’t impressive anyway. Also, the pictures are very small so you won’t see the details in the high resolution.

It’s also not easy to register and place an order. So, if you’re a professional and value your time, it’s not the best photo editing company for you.

17. Picsera

  • Good photo editing
  • Quick turnaround
  • Only after examples are available
  • Long turnaround
  • Non-understandable prices

OVERALL REVIEW: It’s a quite popular type of photo editing services dealing with wedding, children, product, real estate photo editing, etc. Their examples show only results but how can we judge the quality without before examples?

The prices are unclear too. Each page states different ones. Turnaround time is up to a week which is very long. If you don’t want to wait for so long, you’ll have to pay more.

18. Outsource2India

  • Low prices
  • Low quality results
  • Almost no photo editing examples
  • Very complicated website
  • Slow turnaround

OVERALL REVIEW: This photo editing outsourcing company offers not only picture editing services but many others not connected to photography at all. The prices are pleasant from $0.3 for clipping path, $0.35 for basic portrait editing and up to $7 per hour for image manipulation.

But is the quality of work pleasant? It’s difficult to say since I haven’t found before and after examples as well as feedbacks about their work. What can I say if it’s difficult to register and place an order there?

19. EditProductPhoto

  • Website makes a good impression
  • Not a bad quality of work
  • Only the min price is stated
  • More examples would be better

OVERALL REVIEW: This photo editing company initially specialized only in product photo editing but now it is developing in portrait and model editing services.

I want to mention a pleasant website design that makes a good impression. Under each service description, you can find one picture so you can understand what this service offers.

In general, there aren’t many before and after examples. I didn’t like that only the min price for one photo is stated - $0.45 and that’s it. It’s not easy to register and place an order on this website either.

20. SunTec India

  • Satisfying before and after examples
  • Just one example for each service
  • No prices stated
  • Complicated ordering process

OVERALL REVIEW: On the website it’s stated that this photo editing service offers world-class image post processing‎ for pro photographers, eCommerce & real estate. But will such “professionals” hide prices from their clients?

The company does product, real estate, wedding photo editing, and each service has only one before and after photo. It’s not the best service for real professionals. There is a lot of unnecessary information instead of really important facts such as service description and prices.

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