Pixelz Review

Pixelz Review

Do you rely on Pixelz to help you edit product photographs for online shops or Amazon but would prefer to switch to a cheaper and more efficient alternative?

I’ve put together a side-by-side review of two efficient photography editing services – FixThePhoto and Pixelz and covered the range of services they offer, pricing, discounts, and several other aspects that should help you with your decision.

Pixelz is a popular post production photography service that focuses on product and ecommerce photography. Their main clientele is companies and online stores that need to improve the product pages of their e-commerce websites.

This photo post production service offers 4 photo editing plans – Solo, Professional, Enterprise, and API. The price for a single photograph starts from $1.45.

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Photo Retouching Services Comparison

photography post production services comparison

Product Photo Retouching Services

Its main goal is to make the product eye-catching so that a potential client wants to purchase the product. To get the desired result, a photo post production service uses various tools, accounts for the product’s colors, form, material, etc.

fixthephoto product photo editing servicefixthephoto product photo editing service


  • Price:  from $1.45 per image + $99 monthly subscription
  • Pros:
    Fast and on-time delivery
    3 first photos are free for new clients
  • Cons:
    Don’t offer discounts on larger orders
    No holiday seasons’ discounts
    Small number of photo examples
    Can’t edit photos without a month subscription


  • Price:  from $1 per image
  • Pros:
    15-30% bulk order discounts
    Cheap image editing services for e-commerce brands
    Mind all specifications: size, weight, realism, uniqueness
    Attach a link to your shop’s webpage and the retoucher will ensure the images fit its style and formatting standards
  • Cons:
    Slightly long turnaround (from 24 to 48 hours)

As I’ve mentioned before, Pixelz isn’t a typical post production company that allows you to order color correction or photo retouching.

This agency deals with e-commerce photography and isn’t suitable for everyone. It offers 4 different plans that you can subscribe to, based on your needs: Solo, Professional, Enterprise and API.

Solo is a plan for newcomers who are only getting their feet wet in the e-commerce industry. The subscription costs $9 per month plus $1.45 for one photo.

The main service package includes the photo background removal service, alignment & straightening, cropping, resizing, compression, file format changing, color profile, DPI, file size, meta-data, and watermarks.

The Professional plan is designed for busy e-commerce stores, who want to boost their product marketing efficiency. The subscription costs $95 per month, but the price for each photograph is significantly lower - $0.95.

The basic set of product image editing services is the same as in the previous plan, but you can choose some additional ones. Other than the three mentioned bonus services, you can also order Essential retouch for $0.50 and Advanced retouch for $0.75.

Moreover, you also have the opportunity to decrease the turnaround time to 3 hours for an extra fee.

In addition to the regular plan, you are also offered interesting professional services: Product Training ($195 one-time fee), Custom Specification ($295), Onboarding ($1,295) and Advanced Onboarding ($4,995).

I can’t really say these photo editing rates are justified, because the website barely features any examples of their work and has very few reviews. Thankfully, Pixelz offers a warranty and a money-back guarantee in case something goes wrong.

The Enterprise plan is aimed at large companies, retailers, and professional photography companies that plan to scale their business. The subscription costs $1,995 but there’s no mention of the price per image, begging the question of whether it doesn’t exist or is calculated once you’ve placed the order.

This plan includes almost anything you can imagine together with 24/7 customer support, a personal manager, the Custom onboarding service, etc. A huge benefit of this model is that it guarantees you’ll receive the results in 3 hours.

The API is the last plan offered by Pixelz and it slightly diverges from image retouching as it serves the purpose of facilitating the workflow of resellers, marketplaces, and mobile apps.

Sadly, the prices aren’t included in the description and there’s not a lot of information, in general, to go by.

When it comes to FixThePhoto, not only does this agency offer high-quality product retouching services, but it also works with other types (portrait, wedding, high-end, baby, real estate, photo editing, photo manipulation, and even photo restoration).

FixThePhoto offers professional ecommerce image editing services to everyone who needs them. It doesn’t have any complex or expensive plans. Instead, you can choose between basic photo retouching and additional services.

The basic level costs only $2 and includes such services as background removal, color changes (for simple objects), resizing, adding borders, format conversions, watermark additions, DPI correction, and rotation compression. Furthermore, you can order additional services such as shadows/reflection from $0.5 to $10 per service, various levels of image retouching for $2 to $10, and clipping path/masking in the $2 to $5 price range.

A huge advantage of this option is that color correction is included in the service. When placing the order, you can choose between three different templates: e-commerce, new customer, and new pro template. The agency’s website features tons of photo examples that showcase the professional capabilities of FixThePhoto retouchers.

For a smaller price, you’ll receive a photo whose quality is equal to what Pixelz photography can offer you. Moreover, if you make large orders, you can also receive a nice discount.


Discount and Prices

When you look at the photo retouching rates per image of two reviewed services, they seem very similar – starting at $0.95 at Pixels, and from $2 at FixThePhoto, but there’s one important distinction – at Pixels, other than the photo, you also have to pay the monthly subscription.

While the first two plans don’t cost that much – $9 and $95, the third one is significantly more expensive - $1,995. Any additional services are also quite costly.

The prices at FixThePhoto look much more attractive in comparison. You don’t need to pay for anything except for the photo and the maximum cost of all services you can choose is $30.

What about discounts? Sadly, there’s no information about them on Pixels website, but that isn’t the case with FixThePhoto.

Firstly, you can receive a discount if you have a promo code. Additionally, if you’ll order services for more than $300, you get a 15% discount.

Loyal customers, who stayed at FixThePhoto for at least six months and spent over $1500 on professional photography editing services, can enjoy a 30% discount on all orders made during the next 6 months.

Lastly, if you’re placing an order for Product, Jewelry, or Real Estate image retouching and have 1,000-5,000 photographs, you’ll receive a mind-blowing 50% discount!


Pixelz Coupons

If you’re a Pixelz regular customer but would like to switch to a different post production company, type in PixelzFixThePhoto in the coupon section when creating your order at FixThePhoto. This Pixelz coupon grants a 25% discount on any image editing service at FixThePhoto.

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