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Dark Moody Lightroom Presets

Standart License ........ $35

Dark Moody Lr Presets:

    • Commercial Use
    • Presets in .lrtemplate .xmp formats
    • 10 Lightroom Brushes
    • JPG & RAW photos
    • Lightroom 4-6, CC
    • Free Bonus 60 Sepia Fantasy Presets
  • Quantity of Presets40
  • Size119 KB
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Dark Moody Lightroom Presets Collection offers 40 unique presets designed for editing professional studio photos and amateur Instagram pictures taken with a smartphone. By one click, you add moody undertones, velvet blacks, dramatic contrast, intense toning and moody film to your images. Thanks to excellent film grain and sharpness, images become more detailed and romantic. These Moody presets will help you uncover some exclusive details in the highlights and shades, feel the deep stillness and add soul to your images. Don’t worry if your photograph is too dark or too bright after applying a preset – play with final settings and opacity for the perfect result. 

If you are looking for an exclusive gritty effect, these Moody Presets for Lightroom is the right choice. They are ideal for portraits and commercial shootings, for instance, photographs involving models or some advertised goods. Get started right now and apply Moody Lightroom Presets to your wedding or engagement photos to give them charming film touches. These Lr presets are suitable for any outdoor photoshoot, such as landscapes or street photo session. Fine art photography, fashion and lifestyle shootings may be also improved with the following Lightroom Moody Presets.

FixThePhoto: Moody Lightroom Presets

preset lightroom film cover box

As a bonus, we offer you 60 Sepia presets. They help you develop your personal style and create remarkable images in the vintage style. Sepia is a classical effect that looks perfect with various photo genres and light. FixThePhoto provides a fully-featured package of LR presets. You may buy the one you like, for example, Sepia Fantasy Collection or the Entire Collection of 1822 Universal Lightroom Filters.

Dark and Moody Lightroom Presets

Do you want to add some unique features to your wedding shots or portraits? Tired of boring and laborious image editing and color correction in Lightroom? Then our Moody Presets are a great chance to make image editing process easy and quick.

Use our Dark and Moody Lightroom Presets and create an exceptional dramatic atmosphere in your outdoor portraits. They can smooth skin and enhance facial features in close-up portraits. These Lr tools help you create the best edits of wedding images, both taken indoors and outdoors. The Lightroom Presets Moody collection is your trustworthy assistant in developing your photography style. Moody Lightroom Presets guarantee stable results satisfying your artistic demands.

Dark Moody Lightroom presets were designed prioritizing quality over quantity. The Lightroom Photography Presets Package provides really professional filters appropriate for frequent use. So don’t delay and start applying Lightroom presets right now.

FixThePhoto Dark Moody Lightroom Presets Include:

40 Professional Lightroom Presets: Calipso, Moon, Artistic, Grim, Cake, Requiem, Amour, Indie, Summer, Cascade, Bissful, Navy, Portrait, Fall, Pumpkin, Honey, Warm, Cool, Monochrome, Joyful, Elegant, Faded, Adore, Elgin, Angle, Beauty, Comely, Sunset, Dehaze, Blackout, Wind, Glamour, Warm, Wedding, Orange and Teal, Silva, Purple Shadows, Cloudy Day, Paris, Soft Pine.

FixThePhoto Sepia Fantasy Presets Include:

60 Professional Lightroom Presets: Retro, Marvelous, Rustic, Brighten, Lovely, Burgundy, Turquoise, Warm Light, Chocolate, Matte, Iris, Heaven, Pretty, Old Film, Gold, Merigold, Shine, Fashion, Basic, Dramatic, Pro, Deep Colors, Greenery, Whisper, Peach, Dove, Pure, Darken, Vintage, Rose Petals, Orchid, Soft Contrast, Happiness, Flash, Memories, Electric, Onyx, Pink Glasses, Glam, POP, Fashion, Dark Chocolate, Perfect White, Chantilly, Butterfly, Nature, Adorable, Dreamy, Clean, Darlen, Bright Shadows, Moody, Red Wine, Grains, Old Film, Rose, Blueberry, Romantic, HDR, Sun.

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Helpful Video Guides about Lightroom Presets



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