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Best FREE Wedding Lightroom Presets – Summer 2018 Edition

Best FREE Wedding Lightroom Presets – Summer 2018 Edition

Many people, who do not have straight connections with the sophisticated world of image retouching, do not realize what lies inside of every photo. That is not just a colorful paper with senseless captured items and lightroom presets will help you to discover the world of amazing weddings. 

For every person wedding means the same thing. That is total happiness that must be captured at least in some images for the possibility to refresh it in mind every time you want to. Moreover, wedding photos are brilliant thing to have for future generation as soon photos will become as rare as printed books now. That has led to an enormous success of varied editing tools and presets, which are provided to contemporary customers that are quite demanding and high-fed with different modern technologies. People are waiting to be presented with only high-quality work and working organization. Thus, not every tool may become praised.


Lightroom for wedding photography

Troubles and challenges that modern wedding photographers may face deserve closer attention and description too. The most vivid and obvious thing is amount of pictures for retouching. Really wedding photo sessions are believed to be the richest in number. These kinds of shootings may last from several hours to the whole days. After this tiring work photographers appear in front of tons of raw shots that must be well-organized, sorted before being improved. Even at this step, that for many laymen seems to be quite easy and not trouble-making, a lot of problems might appear. That is too hard for one person, very often one almost exhausted person, to select nearly 50 pictures out from hundreds and sometimes even thousands of images. Thus, at this difficult stage photographers, whose main occupation is shooting at weddings, think about professional help. And they are totally right.

After it, at the second step all problems seem to be even more serious, as selected photos must be well retouched. Troubles may be connected either with demanded final quality or again with the number of pictures that are necessary to be edited. And again problems with amounts of images are the most important and even crucial. In order to be able to deal with such a great number of raw wedding images photographers need considerable amounts of time. That leads to the impossibility to satisfy demands of all clients that they want to collaborate with. Just think that time devoted to retouching of one wedding photo sessions is equal to the amount of time that may be taken for organizing tree or even four wedding photo sessions. Consequently, instead of four or five customers an average photographer may work only with one client. Surely, this system does not seem to be appealing for all photographers and they try to shorten time necessary for editing. But consequents are quite dissatisfactory.  Lost quality does not appeal to clients and they are not eager to continue collaboration with a photographer or recommend his/her services to others.


Due to these described reasons, the notion of modern wedding editing presets has become so popular. The most popular service is undisputedly Lightroom, because it is the easiest and most comfortable in work editing service. Lightroom for wedding photography provides presets, which are already pre-saved settings of varied aspects of picture adjustment. Their main advantage is that all presets in Lightroom for wedding photographers may be activated within only one simple click and that is not a joke. That is modern reality.

Such presets may be downloaded for free from various sites and our website is not an exception too. Here you will find only effective wedding rets that, in case you like them, may be shared with your friends and colleagues. That will contribute to their popularity and make the whole process of editing easier and faster.

What are Wedding Lightroom Presets?

Wedding presets nowadays has only start to become popular among modern users, as they do not have enough time to evaluate their true preciousness. People, whose professions and hobbies do not have connections with retouching photos, have a rather vague idea about what wedding presets are. According to modern dictionaries, wedding presets are special collections of already saved editing setting including all possible aspects of photo improving tools that may be applied to any image within only one click without wasting much time. These pre-set collections contain tools that are connected with all possible retouching techniques staring from ordinary color improving to the most sophisticated ones. If about the place where they are constantly produced, that is the special Develop module in modern and effective Lightroom Adobe program.

Such presets have a great possibility to add fresh and unforgettable look to any image, even if it is not professionally taken. When you see how fast with the help of one simple click all numerous sliders move to right positions, you start to believe in editing magic. And that makes people to use presetsagain and again. That is a thing that will conquer the future of retouching due to its easiness, accessibility and ability to produce satisfactory results.

Free Lightroom presets for wedding photography editing

Many people, who do not have straight connections with the sophisticated world of image retouching, do not realize what lies inside of every photo. That is not just a colorful paper with senseless captured items. That is a special thing that requires undisputed talent and deep knowledge to make it beautiful and appealing. Every photo maker during wedding ceremony must use all his/her talents, skills, creativity and imagination to find the most successful angles and poses. That is quite difficult and tiring. Still, it is not the end. As soon as they become totally exhausted with shootings, they realize that all captured shots need selecting and further improving. The amount of work is usually quite terrifying. That prevents photographer from agreeing to shoot other couples and improve photo business, because they cannot leave one couple with raw photos full of flaws and imperfects. Thus, post-processing can deter photo makers from being engaged in wedding sphere. But still there is a great way out. That is wedding Lightroom presets. Only they can shorten time necessary for editing to its minimum.


Most of us are aware that photos are captured precious moments. Thus, everything should be flawless. For instance, lightning plays the most essential role. It may breathe true life into the image making it unforgettable and appealing. Every professional image with proper light is able to impress customers with its deepness and dynamics. Thus, people, with only one look at the photo, will remember all happy moments as if they happened yesterday, but not many hours ago.

High-quality presets will definitely contribute to the deepness and proper lightning of all wedding pictures without considerable efforts. Thus, buying Lightroom wedding presets you invest not only into beauty of your images, but in your memories that will warm your heart every time you will need it. Believe us, your customers will highly appreciate it.

Download Free Wedding Lightroom presets (5 Presets)


One of the most applied free wedding lightroom presets that copes with coloring mainly. With its unrivalled help a lot of photographers achieve great photo results and add deepness to taken photos without wasted time and efforts. Its main value lies in the ability to saturate images, mainly photo backdrop, within one click. Thus, even not experienced photographers will be able to get pictures with perfectly saturated background as if they were taken in professional studious. For outdoor pictures this preset will be the most ebeneficial, as nature itself is a great painter, but with the help of these Free lightroom presets for wedding photographers successful photo result will be doubled.

LR Preset #1

free lightroom presets free lightroom presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

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Nice Tone

The next winner out from free wedding Lightroom presets will turn you to vintage looking images. As the previously described great Free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers, it also deals with color saturating, but in a special, easily recognized way. This free preset will transform every color and every tint as if your image was taken several years or even decades ago. Nowadays this photo effect is believed to be quite popular as everything which is new is only already forgotten past. So what about repeating it once again? Download Lightroom wedding presets without paying and get possibility to add alluring vintage style to your really precious photography, especially when you are eager to keep to modern trends and have wedding images in the vintage style. Only these amazing  free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers will make you closer to your dream. 

LR Preset #2

free lightroom presets free lightroom presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

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What about having really unusual and bright wedding pictures? If this idea is close to you, then these effective free Lightroom presets for wedding photography editing must be in hand. Just think how simple it is to get deepness to every photo preserving its natural beauty and unusualness. Just one little click and every slider will be in necessary place making the magic of professional retouching real. These free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers being only once used will keep you amazed for a long time. Our company is deeply sure that everything must be fresh and modern, and only now we are confident that future lies in hands of free wedding Lightroom presets as they are free, non-limited and alluring due to a wide range of possible tempting bonuses. Like other described presets, this one deals with professional coloring taking all modern trends into account and leaving contemporary photographer being satisfied with final wedding images.

LR Preset #3

free lightroom presets free lightroom presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

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Pastel Cinematic

What can be more alluring and magnetic than black and white photography? It is hard to find free wedding lightroom presets that have been holding popularity that these ones. The secret of their recognition is quite simple. Such presets can make every wedding image beautiful and unforgettable. Many people think that black and white pictures are boring and monotonous, but that is definitely wrong. Such photos contain some special unspoken secrets that must be noticed and further understood. Maybe because of this magic many photographers tend to download Lightroom wedding presets for free to get satisfactory results. One more advantage is that these free Lightroom presets for wedding photography editing are so popular that clients tend to be quite demanding to them. Thus, their quality is so high that having bought them you will not worry about anything.

LR Preset #4

free lightroom presets free lightroom presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

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Calm Mist

These modern free wedding Lightroom presets provide the most naturally looking pictures. Every shade, every tint and color look as if you have not used any retouching technique, but not a single flaw can be visible. That is a real unbelievable magic that is able to be achieved with these free presets. Many couples tend to use exactly these presets as they are simple and fast, but this does not spoil the final images. Especially outdoor wedding pictures look brilliantly being improved with these free presets.

LR Preset #5

free lightroom presets free lightroom presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

1) Vintage Love Lightroom Preset


Get access to more than 60 amazing wedding presets without wasting much money. They will become suitable for those couples that are in desperate search of only soft and traditional colors. This wonderful collection will not add hair-raising tints to your unique images making them vulgar and eye-catching. On the contrary, they will highlight your tender feelings and warmness of your love. Not only because of these advantages, but also due to considerable simplicity in using, these presets are worth your careful attention.

Vintage cool presets were successfully created for only JPG and all RAW pictures for effective program as recently appeared Lightroom 6. This great and brilliant collection usually includes colorful and settings for monochrome wedding photos. Additionally these modern tools for Lightroom will considerably speed up every workflow.


2) Film Lightroom Presets


Like the previous one, this great collection also contains 32 high-quality presets that will turn ever wedding shot into extravaganza of color and beauty. All photos setting are created only manually and with deep care. Thus, in case of buying them, you may apply these presets not only for wedding photo sessions, but also for portraiture, travel photography or other kinds of pictures. Every picture will sparkle with amazing light and alluring colors.

This brilliant collection has combinability with Lightroom program 4,5 and 6. Thus, you will not have any problems while installing them, but if you have there is a detailed instruction inside. Like the vintage presets, these ones have been also designed for only RAW and JPEG pictures. Do not have hesitation, as these cool presets will definitely bring you only a considerable range of advantages.


3) Matte Lightroom Presets


This cool collection of only exclusive presets will surely not let you indifferent. Their high-quality sets them apart from other ordinary presets making a lot of couples choose them again and again. Their vivid peculiarity is ability to improve photo light making it soft and alluring. These great presets were surprisingly specially and carefully created manually for mainly wedding photo shootings, but due to their quality they can be definitely applied to varied portraits as well.

top lightroom presets

Surely the final look depends greatly on the original and raw characteristics of a raw image, but this unrepeated collection will offer you versatile variants, to be precise 10, of possible suitable photo settings. They were designed for contemporary Lightroom program 4,5 and 6 and for only RAW and JPEG pictures.

4) Matte Dream Lightroom Presets


Want desperately to make your unforgettable wedding photo session attention-grabbing? Then these wonderfully designed effective presets are exactly suitable for your wishes. Just try them and fall in love with them. You will not find easier in application and more alluring in results wedding presets than these are. Moreover, due to great final photo looks these unsurpassed presets will undoubtedly unlock new horizons for developing your photo business on the condition that you are a photographer and capture your sweet memories on paper in the most successful way if you are a photographed couple. In both cases buying them will be a rational decision as here you are offered high and impressive quality with amazingly cheap pricing.



This effective collections are based on 70 matte dream presets and 30 matte portrait Lightroom presets. Like all previous ones, they are also designed for modern Lightroom 4,5 and 6 and can be successfully applied to Raw images as well as to JPG files.

5) Stylish Lightroom Presets


These presets stand apart from others due to their versatile character. Unlike other ones every part of this great collection is quite unique and unrepeatable. There are 92 presets that will surely turn ever ordinary photo session into colorful magic of sparkling beauty.

The main advantage is that every preset is responsible for a particular effect that is unrepeatable. Thus, having bought them you will get a diversity of photo effects each better than the previous one. You will certainly get photos with pastel colors or soft colors if you want to get a romantic picture story, you will have amazing monochrom photography if you are desperately eager to be an only owner of magnetic images. Moreover, there are several variants of fashion effects that will professionally saturate your wedding photo session. In special case you have a wish to get something unusual, faded and vintage effect are included just for you. Besides, amazing diversity, these presets are quite trouble-less in usage. If you still think about some unanswered question, you will get a detailed instruction that will clear out all problematic questions. This effective collection has been organized for TXT and JPG images.


6) B&W Lightroom Presets



The collection including 70 monochrome presets has been specially created recently. Thus, it is able to meet the demands of even the most demanding contemporary clients. It is fresh, modern and creative. All of included presets have been designed based of different film effects. Thus, they give possibility to create appealing skin tone, amazing film simulation as well as magnetic soft or faded coloring.

Surely there is a possibility to correct final images manually as every picture has a unique number of peculiarities that must be taken into account while applying a preset. Thus, although being similar in final beauty every image will preserve its uniqueness.

This cool collection is possible for application in Light room 4,5 and surely 6.


7) Professional Lightroom Presets Collection


Want to be in fashion and to keep to all modern trends? Then professional lightroom presets are just perfect for you. These filters for wedding photography help couples to highlight their uniqueness and deep feelings simultaneously creating an effect of carefree young people. Additionally, different styles are able to underline a personal style of every couple without making wedding images vulgar and too bright. That is a great combination of warmness, beauty and softness that brings outstanding images as results.


These recently appeared Lightroom presets are so easy in everyday using that they will become helpful for both photo making auteurs that just want to stay in fashion and greeners that are eager to fins their personal shooting style.

These described collections are undoubtedly diverse, as contain more than 2000 presets that can be successfully applied both to wedding and creative portraiture pictures. This fact contributes to its popularity. Moreover, it has been manually created for Lightroom program 4 and higher even including the newest versions being able to work with all types of images.

How to install Lightroom presets

We have already claimed that using presets is amazingly easy and will not cause any troubles during the workflow. This fact will be proved by the mechanism of common installing Lightroom presets which will definitely simple and impressively fast. We will describe how to install lightroom presets to see all their advantages.

As you have bought or download without paying any preset, the first thing you should do is selecting the image that you want to be improved. Believe our firm that is the most serious and time-taking step. After you are already ready with the final choice, open you chosen zip file.


Then you are to save a particularly chosen preset folder on your pc in a definite place that can be fast and easily found. After it you should copy the whole collection. But make confident that you mistakenly have not copied PDFs or even Brush folders as that may bring some difficulties later.

After it, you consequently will have to open your downloaded Lightroom program. If you have MAC, than choose Lightroom section on the top desk, if you have a PC, choose the section Edit on the very top.  After it select Preferences. As you are in chosen Preferences box, check whether you are rightly on the special Presets tab and simply click on the visible button named Show Presets . If everything is alright, you will be immediately taken to necessary Lightroom folder and you should find the special folder of Develop presets and just click on it.

Only several easy steps are left. Just paste the whole collection of necessary presets into the previously mentioned folder named Develop Presets.

Just restart your already used Lightroom and get totally amazed with the outcome. Everything works as you want it to. Now you are completely aware of how to install Lightroom presets windows and surely how to add presets to lightroom. In the condition that you are still having questions about adding presets to Lightroom or maybe you bothered with the secrets about how to apply presets, read this instruction once again or fins another ones. Make confident that many detailed instructions are available on the internet which will explain you how to load presets in Lightroom and further use them without any difficulties.

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