Best Wedding Lightroom Presets

Would you like to get Professional Wedding Lightroom Presets to edit wedding photos fast and professionally? These Lightroom wedding presets will help you save time on color correction in half. Look though these 120 wedding Lightroom presets, choose the presets you like, and make photos elegant, stylish, and pop!

best lightroom presets for wedding

Lightroom is the best choice among beginning and professional wedding photographers in terms of basic raw image editing and deep photo color correction. correct colors and edit RAW shots. The best wedding Lightroom presets are usually downloaded to make images look better fast and give them a consistent look in several clicks. Besides, they are often used for batch photo editing that is very beneficial for wedding and event photographers.

 Download Lightroom Free and check the program before you decide to subscribe and pay for it.

The set of 120 Wedding Lightroom Filters we offer will be a great help for quick photo editing and will make it less time-consuming. What is more, you will be able to get back to the original image whenever you need or want it.

How to Install Lightroom Presets

Have a look at the following 5 easy steps you need to do to get professional wedding Lightroom presets free.

1. Download the best wedding presets for Lightroom you need from my list below. Note that you will get all wedding presets in a .zip format on your email. Then unzip them and you will see files in .lrtemplate and .xmp formats.

2. Start Adobe Lightroom (4-6, CC) and upload the photos in JPG or RAW formats.

3. Select the Develop Mode and find the Lightroom Presets Panel which is located on the left side. Create a new folder. It is necessary for organizing the wedding Lightroom presets not to mix everything up on your working panel.

install wedding lightroom presets - import in LR

4. Right-click on the wedding Lightroom presets folder you have created before and upload the necessary filters.

install wedding presets for lightroom

5. Move the presets to the new window that will appear and select the Lightroom filter(s) you need. Then choose “Open” to set up your presets to Lightroom for weddings and that’s it! You can start editing your shots.

How to Work with Lightroom Presets

Hover over the wedding Lightroom preset and see how your photos will get changed. Select the best Lightroom preset to use it. Note that it is possible to use several wedding lightroom presets for the same photo. Just choose the Undo or Revert option and get back to the Original commands.

 how to use wedding lightroom presets

120 Free Lightroom Wedding Presets

Check out this list of the best free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers and brides who would like to edit photos fast and with stylish touches. Moreover, you may use these free wedding lightroom presets to edit portrait, family, editorial, newborn, travel, and nature photography.

1. Lightroom Wedding Preset

lightroom presets for wedding

Add the same stylish effects in your bulk wedding photos in Lightroom applying these wedding lightroom presets just by a single click. It is an awesome Lightroom preset for wedding & portrait photos that can make your wedding images warmer than before. 

 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding

2. Wedding Portrait Lightroom Preset

lightroom presets wedding

When a photograph is taken in the evening, it will look beautifully soft and glowy. However, it may also look a bit darker than you would want it to. So, we have created this wedding lightroom preset to fix the issue.

 Wedding Lightroom Presets for Portraits

3. Wedding Lightroom Preset Collection

lightroom presets for wedding

This is one of the best wedding presets that gives warm sand effect to your picture. Muted saturation of all colors makes toning even more expressive. This preset adds a stylish graininess and noise, working perfectly for atmospheric portraits. Download this wedding Lightroom presets and make color correction in several clicks.

 Wedding Lightroom Presets Collection

4. Chocolate Effect Lightroom Wedding Presets Collection

wedding preset lightroom free

The next filter from the set of Lightroom presets wedding will turn an ordinary picture into a stylish masterpiece. It adds a light black and white effect with slight brown tints. This lightroom preset for weddings is perfect for dynamic outdoor images taken at the cloudy day.

 Wedding Lightroom Presets Collection "Chocolate Effect" 

5. Mystery Haze Free Lightroom Presets Weddings

lightroom presets for weddings

If the couple decided to have a photoshoot in the woods, the photos will usually have problems with light. Among other free wedding Lightroom presets, this one is great for creating a mystically romantic atmosphere in the picture by correcting colors and enhancing the light haze in the background.

 Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

6. Natural Love Free Wedding Presets

lightroom wedding preset free

Looking for free wedding Lightroom presets that preserve the natural colors, but remove the yellowish tints? This one will give your photos contrast and a bright look and enhance the colors. This wedding presets lightroom perfectly singes out the details and highlights the natural beauty of your models.

 Free Presets for Wedding

7. Lightroom Preset Mobile "Orange and Teal"

best wedding lightroom presets

Don’t worry if your wedding pics are pale and do not convey the atmosphere of orange and teal. Install this Lightroom preset free and you will easily enhance contrast and make your photo catchy. Apply this tool from our collection of free Lightroom wedding presets to outdoor portraits.

 "Orange and Teal" Lightroom Presets

8. Crisp Contrast Lightroom Wedding Preset Free

wedding preset lightroom

TBy boosting the contrast of the photograph, this free Lightroom preset will make every single color stand out. It’s great for indoor group photos that clearly lack natural light.

 Free Lightroom Presets For Wedding Photographers

9. Clean Bright Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

lightroom presets wedding free

This is one of the best Lightroom presets for wedding photos that is universal and suits all wedding portraits. It will remove the unnecessary haze from the image, make the colors clean and bright.

 Best 2019 Free Wedding Lightroom Preset

10. Sharp Contrast Lightroom Free Presets

free lightroom presets for weddings

With this free Lightroom preset, you can take an overexposed photograph and turn it into a masterpiece with balanced light and shadows. It will bring back all the details that are otherwise lost and too bright.

 Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

11. Classical Wedding Preset

best lightroom presets for wedding photos

This is a universal Lightroom preset for wedding photos that will help you make color correction fast and easy. Just in several clicks you will get a wedding picture with crisp and sharp lines, pure white balance without yellowish tints, and clear colors. White color of the bride’s dress or veil will look natural and snowy white.

 Lightroom Free Presets

12. Warm Adobe Lightroom Preset Free

lightroom presets for photographers

This free Lightroom preset can be used on images that are originally too cool and bleak. With its help, you will be able to adjust the blue and green colors and bring out the warm undertones in natural objects in the frame. It can be flowers, trees or grass. The photograph will instantly look more romantic and clear.

 Free Wedding Lightroom Presets Mobile

13. Free Wedding Presets for Newlyweds

free wedding presets

This wedding preset can be used with images where there is too much natural light, for example, on the photos taken at the beach. By fixing the contrast, this preset will enhance the details in the photograph that are otherwise lost because of the excessive brightness.

 Wedding Presets Lightroom for free

14. Glow Lightroom Wedding Preset Free

lightroom wedding preset free

This Lightroom preset for wedding photos is recommended for natural light. Use it to enhance landscape or street bridal photos. Apply it on the photographs that were taken with little natural backlight, for example, the couple photos taken early in the morning or towards the evening. You will be able to enhance the natural glow and shadows.

 Free Wedding Presets

15. Sharp Green Lightroom Presets

lightroom presets

This is one of the best free Lightroom presets for weddings that will improve your picture through accentuating the greens in the picture. As a result of applying this preset, the whole photo looks a bit cooler and sharper. It’s another wedding preset which is perfect for pictures outdoor with a lot of greenery around.

 Free Lightroom Preset Wedding

16. Film Glow Photo Presets

photo presets

With this wedding preset you may add that trendy film grain, a slightly grunge texture, and elegant glow to your images in several clicks. The effect you will get you saw many times in old romantic movies. Use this free Lightroom preset on bridal portraits and close-up wedding shots with a blurred background.

 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers Now

17. Neon Photography Presets

photography presets

Enhance your wedding neon photos without damaging the true in-person look of your bride and groom’s skin or hair color. This Lightroom preset for wedding photography will emphasize the neon glow and make it pop. Highly recommended for party and night photographs.

 Lightroom Presets Free

18. Crisp Blue Preset for Lightroom Free

preset for lightroom free

This is one of the best wedding Lightroom presets that you can apply to photos with clear sky and sea on the background. It will help you correct blue and white colors and make the blues crisp and saturated. The photos will become deep and volume without distracting yellow colors.

 Lightroom Presets Weddings

19. Bridal Wedding Lightroom Presets

wedding lightroom presets

Download this wedding preset to fix exposure and the white balance on your bridal portraits. As a result, you will add highlights that will enhance all the important facial and makeup details. Use it to fix issues with indoor portraits taken in poor light.

 Free Lightroom Wedding Presets

20. Free Wedding Presets for Green Grass

free wedding presets

These are the best wedding Lightroom presets that can be used in case your wedding photoshoot was held outdoors (in the woods or mountains) with much tree and grass around. It will saturate only green colors without messing up other objects or people in the shot.

 Lightroom Presets Wedding and Portraits

21. Pre Wedding Preset

best lightroom presets for wedding photos

This wedding preset will correct too yellow color issues, especially when there is too much warmth and red. By bringing out the blues in the photo, you will be adding beautiful highlights to the picture and accentuate the white in the bride’s dress.

 Best Wedding Lightroom Presets

22. Stormy Blue Wedding Photo Lightroom Presets

wedding photo presets

If only you could always have beautiful weather on your wedding day, but it’s impossible. Be ready to enhance whether with the help of Lightroom. However, with this filter from our best wedding Lightroom presets collection, you will turn the gray overcast sky into an amazing backdrop for a couple’s photoshoot.

 Free Lightroom Presets Wedding Photography

23. Cool Green Lightroom Filter

presets lightroom wedding

When looking for the best Lightroom presets for wedding photos, you should definitely consider this one for fast white balance correction. By fixing the problem with excessive warmth in the picture, it will make the greens, blues, and whites look striking. It’s great for shooting the bride with her beautiful bouquet.

 >Wedding Presets Lightroom Mobile

24. Cool Blue Lightroom Preset Free

lightroom 5 wedding presets free download

It’s a wedding preset that will give a stunning result on a photograph taken with beautiful nature as your backdrop. It will bring out the blues in the image and make natural objects like trees, mountains, grass, water, etc., look amazing and clear.

 Wedding Lightroom Presets Free

25. Free Lightroom Preset for Dusk Photos

wedding photo lightroom presets

If you are deciding which preset to choose from our best Lightroom presets for wedding photos, then pay close attention to this one. It’s a great preset to use with photographs taken at dusk when there’s little natural light. It will add cooler tones to the picture.

 Lightroom Presets

26. Warm Sunset Lightroom Presets

lightroom preset wedding free

This Wedding photos taken at sunset are usually stunning without any filters, it’s all about the beautiful lighting that is a synonym of romance. By using this wedding preset, you will accentuate the natural glow you get during this time of the day.

 Wedding Preset

27. Cool Haze Lr Presets

free wedding presets for lightroom

This Lightroom Haze preset will enhance the cool undertones in the image without making it look too sharp. Great to use with photographs featuring the bride and her crisp white dress near green grass or trees.

 Wedding Lightroom Presets

28. Pure White Dress

free wedding presets for lightroom

This wedding preset for Lightroom is meant to remove any shades and tints of yellow, brown or green colors that can spoil the purity of the white bride’s dress.

 Free Lightroom Preset for Wedding

29. Matte White Wedding Dress

wedding presets lightroom 5

Images that focus on the white dress of the bright may look too bright and cold. To soften the look of such photos, we recommend this filter among our free wedding Lightroom presets. It will make the image more sentimental.

 Wedding Presets Lightroom Free

30. Rainy Day

lightroom wedding presets free download

If you are looking for Lightroom wedding presets that will make a gloomy rainy day look less dull and depressing, consider getting this one. It will remove the gray haze, make the lines sharp and clean. You will not miss the sun in these fun and beautiful photos.

 Wedding Presets Now

31. Soft Cool Lightroom Plugins

lightroom wedding presets free download

If a late afternoon or evening photograph turned out too warm, you can use this free Lightroom preset to make it cooler. If you work outside, this means that colors of nature will look brighter and more natural.

 Free Portrait Lightroom Presets

32. Beach Wedding Lightroom Preset

lightroom presets wedding free

If blue is the dominant color in the image, you should use this preset to make it brighter. It’s one of the best Lightroom wedding presets to make the blues in the picture natural.

 Free Wedding Lightroom Presets Mobile

33. Raspberry Colors

wedding preset lightroom

Red is the most romantic color in the world. This wedding preset will take your photograph amazing by bringing out the reds in the photo and making them look passionate and juicy. Recommended for wedding portraits near pint or red backgrounds.

 Lightroom Wedding Presets Free

34. Instagram Style

lightroom presets for weddings

With this wedding preset, you can add a purple tone to the picture. It will soften the light in the image, make the lines less defined. The image will have that sunset appeal to it.

 Wedding Presets Lightroom Now

35. Wedding Props

lightroom presets for weddings

Download this Adobe Lightroom preset free to memorize the smallest details of the wedding day. This photo editing tool is suitable to improve photos of bride’s small stuff, for example, flowers, rings, champagne, wedding glasses, etc. This wedding preset will make the picture lighter and improve the background focusing on the main object.

 Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets

36. Outdoor Wedding Presets

wedding preset lightroom free

It is one of the best Lightroom presets for weddings that emphasizes bright green tones. Applying this free Lightroom preset to outdoor images, you will highlight the main objects making the photo colorful and bright.

 Free Lightroom Preset

37. Matte Toning

wedding preset lightroom free

Let the matte Lr preset paint your picture in several clicks! Our free Lightroom preset enhances colors making them deeper and more intense. It works great with nature images containing much greenery.

 Lightroom Wedding Presets for Photographers

38. Correct Brightness

best lightroom presets for weddings

Apply this wedding preset Lightroom to highlight the contrast. It is a perfect tool to highlight the main objects showing their best features and details. Feel free to use this free Lightroom preset with any type of object photography.

 Best Wedding Presets

39. Golden Hour

best lightroom presets for weddings

This free Lightroom preset will become your first helper in case your image is pale or faded. Apply it to pics taken in the open air, somewhere in the field or in the mountains. Our wedding preset Lightroom will saturate the colors improving the contrast.

 Best Wedding Lightroom Presets

40. Cross Processed Wedding Photo Presets

best lightroom presets for weddings

This effect from our collection of the best Lightroom presets free is something you will definitely appreciate. It perfectly enhances dark pictures taken in the afternoon or at sunset. This wedding preset adds slight orange tint to the image making it warm and tender.

 Free Wedding Presets

41. Bluish Tones

lightroom preset for wedding

This Lightroom preset free adds ice bluish shade to all colors in the photo. Having applied it, the image will transfer into a coherent picture preserving its original features. However, this free wedding preset may be used with any outdoor pics.

 Lightroom Wedding Preset Free

42. Wedding Party Photo

lightroom preset for wedding

Highlight the emotions, not the people! The next tool from our set of the best wedding Lightroom presets is a must-have for wedding shooters. It improves colors and light making the image bright and warm.

 Lightroom Presets Free Download

43. Warm Contrast

lightroom preset for wedding

When looking for free wedding Lightroom presets, pay your attention to this one. It will provide a warm and fresh atmosphere to your photo in one click. Also, it helps reduce the saturation of green and blue. This preset can make the picture clearer and brighter, even if the photo is very cold and gray.

 Wedding Presets for Lightroom

44. Tenderness

lightroom presets for wedding

Our next preset works with the natural colors of the photo, making them more expressive. Such Lightroom wedding presets are perfect for indoor and outdoor photos. They increase contrast, reduce saturation of the blue.

If you want to add temperature, natural shades, and freshness, it will work perfectly for you. Download this Lightroom preset free to make your picture looking gorgeous and original in a few seconds.

 Stylish Wedding Lightroom Presets

45. Sunny Sky Wedding Photo Lightroom Presets

lightroom presets for wedding

Such free Lightroom wedding presets are perfect for sunny pictures with clouds on the background. It does real magic recovering a highlighted photo, adding lost blue tint to the white color.

These free presets will transform your photos and help emphasize the deep beauty of the picture. Try adding saturation, contrast, and clarity with the Sunny Sky preset and you will be astonished.

 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding

46. Original Colors

wedding presets for lightroom

This is one of the best free wedding presets which works well with green. It suits the landscape photos, adjusting the brightness and contrast. It gives a beautiful vibe to a green shade and makes blue and red more gentle.

 Lightroom Presets for Wedding

47. Magic Light Free Wedding Presets for Lightroom

wedding presets for lightroom

If you want to create a charming warm atmosphere for your shoot, this is one of the best wedding presets for it. It will boost contrast and saturation in 2 clicks.

This bright preset will add drama and a perfect deep impression to your images. Try it to create a fairytale that will pleasantly surprise your couple.

 Get Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers

48. Juicy Colors

wedding presets for lightroom

This is one of the best Lightroom presets for wedding photos that will give your photos a saturated and juicy look. You will achieve rich shades of green, blue and red just in one click. This preset will add sharpness to your photos, adjust contrast and saturation. Such Lightroom presets for photographers make colors brighter, but still natural without any efforts.

 Lightroom Preset for Wedding

49. Bronze Splash

lightroom wedding preset free

Among our Lightroom wedding presets, you can find the Bronze Splash tool that will add color and warmth to your shoot. This preset focuses on the center of your photo adding smooth, gentle and calm tone.

It balances contrast and provides nice bronze shades. If you agree that in some cases there is nothing more beautiful than this soft bronze color and light, download this preset now.

 Best Lightroom Presets for Weddings

50. Vibrant Color Lightroom Wedding Presets

lightroom wedding preset free

This preset is suitable for outdoor photoshoots where there is greenery on the background. It makes the picture more contrast and brighter. Such wedding presets Lightroom work perfectly with dull colors, making them more expressive. Such balanced presets usually even out all the colors on the photo.

 Lightroom Preset Free

51. Bright Fantasy

free wedding presets

One of the most versatile wedding presets Lightroom that is most commonly used and downloaded. This filter will suit you if you like bright, rich and colorful pictures.

Regardless of the picture lighting, this preset will fill the image with a vivid atmosphere. Colors will gain a nice natural look making each detail of the image unique. Try free wedding presets for Lightroom the get ideal photos of this special day.

 Wedding Preset Lightroom Free

52. Pastel Wedding Lightroom Presets

free wedding presets

If you want to give your photos a soft, rich glow, then this is one of the best wedding Lightroom presets to use. It works well for bridal and couple photos taken on summer days with beautiful shadows. It will reduce your image editing time and give photos an instant charm.

 Lightroom Wedding Presets for Lr 5-6-7-CC

53. Lightroom Film Presets Free

free wedding presets

If your pictures are too cold and dull, don`t panic but use this Film Look preset. By fixing contrast, brightness, and saturation, we can reach natural and vibrant colors. This wedding preset is best for outdoors portraits surrounded by various natural colors.

 Lightroom Presets for Weddings

54. Summer Breath

best wedding presets

If you want to take pictures of warm summer days, we prepared one of our Lightroom wedding presets free especially for you. You can add a touch of summer in several clicks. This will make your couple photography brighter, deepen the colors, increasing its sharpness and highlighting each detail. It will easily remove the blue tint and add a warm atmosphere.

 Lightroom Presets Free for Wedding

55. Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets

best wedding presets

If you decide to have your wedding photoshoot in a place with spectacular views, then this preset from our collection of wedding photography Lightroom presets will do a perfect job of making the landscape image look just as spectacular in real life. By enhancing the purple tones in the photograph, you are guaranteed to get a stunning sunrise or sunset picture.

 Wedding Preset Lightroom

56. Bright Contrast

wedding photography lightroom presets

In our free wedding Lightroom presets, this one stands out as one of the best for indoor photography. It will correct the problems with brightness, contrast and make colors look true-to-life.

 Lightroom Presets Wedding Free

57. Dramatic Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers

wedding photography lightroom presets

This is one of our most dramatic free wedding Lightroom presets. The contrast is improved while the brightness is lowered. As a result, you will lose a lot of details in the photograph, but will also give it a very dark and dramatic character to astonish the viewer.

 Lightroom Wedding Presets Free Download

58. Paradise

wedding photography lightroom presets

If you are looking for an ideal wedding preset to improve water pics, look no further. Among other wedding photo presets, this one impresses with its amazing blue color. Having applied it, the colors become more intense and saturated preserving the original gamut.

 Free Wedding Lightroom Preset

59. True Emotions

lightroom wedding presets free

Among free Lightroom presets for weddings and engagements of this bundle, this one is targeted at improving dark pictures making them bright and sharp. It also adds a slight cappuccino shade to the overall image. As a result, the photo is warm and emotional.

 Wedding Presets Lightroom 5 6 CС

60. Honeymoon

lightroom wedding presets free

If you apply this Lightroom wedding preset, any picture will look amazing. This tool works with various tints of blue making the color extremely deep and bright. Use our free Lightroom preset to process nature images in which cold blue and orange colors prevail.

 Wedding Lightroom Preset

61. Sunset Lightroom Presets for Nature Photography

lightroom wedding presets free

This wedding preset Lightroom will add unbelievable contrast and saturation to your picture, making it really impressive. It will add a warm touch of retro style.

You can apply it to any photo but the best results it will provide when used on landscape photos, especially sunset ones. Try this preset to enhance your photography and make it really memorable.

 Best Lightroom Presets 2019

62. Romantic Mood

wedding presets lightroom free

Do you like pictures with cold tones? This wedding preset will give a light and beautiful effect to your photos. It will provide a shade of blue tint that will be close to natural. When looking for a brighter color, balanced contrast, and a nice look, don`t hesitate to use this one.

 Free Wedding Presets for Lightroom

Portrait Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography

Choose one of the following free wedding presets to enhance bridal and groom’s close-up portraits and correct skin texture on several clicks.

63. Magical Smile

wedding presets lightroom free

You will need this wedding preset for portrait photos that focus on the bride and her smile. By accentuating cool tones in the image, you will make the white fabric of the dress look crisp and stark like the model’s teeth.

 Free Wedding Presets for Lightroom

64. Clean Contrast

wedding presets lightroom free

If you’re going to fix the contrast and exposure, this is the best Lightroom preset for wedding portraits. With its help, you will be adding beautiful highlights to the face and intensify the glow of happiness.

 Lightroom Preset Wedding Free

65. Portrait Pop Lightroom Preset

wedding preset

This preset enhances your images, creating an airy, delicate atmosphere for both outdoor and indoor portraits. It is among Lightroom presets for professional photographers which makes the picture bright and contrast but preserves the natural skin color. It reduces the saturation of the blue color and the green tint. With this amazing preset shoot becomes cheerful.

 Free Best Wedding Lightroom Presets

66. Warm Light Portrait Lightroom Preset

wedding preset

Looking for free Lightroom presets wedding that will work perfectly for portrait photos? The Warm Light is the one. It removes blue shades making the photo warm and vibrant.

In addition, this preset adjusts contrast and brightness, increases highlights. With soft tones, beautiful brown overlay and warmth, your picture will meet the expectations of your customers.

 Lightroom Presets Weddings Portraits

67. Perfect Daylight

wedding lightroom presets free

This preset can fix yellow colors making them more natural, adjusting green shades and giving your images a beautiful glow. Such free wedding Lightroom presets are great for bright pictures but can be used to enhance dark ones too. Perfect for beginners who want to make a soft focus portrait in one click.

 Lightroom Weddings Presets

Free Vintage Lightroom Presets

Would like to give your wedding photos a charming film look, download one of the following Lightroom presets for wedding and make images moody easy and fast.

68. Vintage Style Wedding Preset

wedding lightroom presets free

In case you want to bring out the warm colors of your image in that almost sepia-like color, then this is one of the best wedding Lightroom presets you can get. All the neutrals in the picture will blend beautifully in the background and the preset will add the beautiful vintage look to the whole picture.

 Free Lightroom Presets for Weddings

69. Sepia Lightroom Preset for Wedding

wedding lightroom presets free

Download this universal Lightroom preset free and focus the viewer’s attention solely on the main object. It makes the skin softer and improves the tone leaving it natural. Apply this wedding preset Lightroom to add gray tones to your pics preserving clarity and sharpness.

 Wedding Photo Lightroom Presets

70. Retro Tone

free lightroom presets wedding photography

If your images are dark a little, this Lightroom wedding preset free is exactly what you need. Having applied this tool, you will add warm tones to the picture making it bright and intense. Use this free Lightroom preset with wedding pictures as well as ordinary outdoor portraits.

 Free Lightroom Portrait Presets

71. Vintage Film Preset

free lightroom presets wedding photography

There has never been a wedding without vintage images. Install our vintage Lightroom preset and your pics will acquire old-fashioned mate effects. Apply this tool from our wedding collection and add some special charm to your photos.

 Lightroom 5 Wedding Presets Free Download

72. Clean Black

best wedding lightroom presets

It is rare that a wedding photo would focus on black even though it will make the picture look elegant and mysterious. With this wedding preset, you will be able to make all the black details in the photograph look sharp and clean.

 Free LR Presets Wedding

73. Coated Matte

best wedding lightroom presets

By raising the contrast and adding warmth to the image, you will be able to use this preset to make the photograph look more sentimental. This is probably one of the best Lightroom presets for wedding photos for summer photoshoots.

 Presets Lightroom Wedding

74. Warm Glow

best wedding lightroom presets

We recommend using this free Lightroom preset for photos with little natural light, like evening shots or when the sky is overcast. It will be adding a warm yellowish glow to the whole picture, creating an amazing romantic atmosphere.

 Wedding Photo Presets

75. Vintage Warm Lightroom Presets for Wedding

best wedding lightroom presets

In a wedding or couple’s photography, it is important to capture and accentuate the warmth of feelings between two people. With this free Lightroom preset, you will do that by adding a vintage feel and enhancing the warm neutral undertones in the picture.

 Now Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

76. Retro Style

free lightroom wedding presets

With our next free Lightroom preset your photographs will acquire warm and matte shades. The tool improves the overall picture, adds a retro tone and highlights the main objects. Return a retro charm to your digital photos applying this Lightroom wedding preset free.

 Best Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photos

77. Vintage Dust Lightroom Preset for Wedding

free lightroom wedding presets

Add retro effects to your pics applying our Lightroom wedding preset free. This tool is perfect for outdoor wedding pictures adding light brown shades and dust texture to your images. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a stylish shot with our free Lightroom preset.

 Best Wedding Lightroom Presets

Free Black and White Lightroom Presets

If you like those classical and elegant monochrome photos, download these Lightroom CC presets free and give your wedding photos a charming b&w effect in 2 clicks.

78. Classical Black & White Photography Presets

lightroom presets weddings

This is our black and white free Lightroom preset for portrait and wedding images. There is something chic about monochrome photography. What it lacks in color it makes up for in drama and emotion. This sharp black and white preset will definitely do that.

 Best Free Lightroom Presets 2017

79. Soft Black and White

lightroom presets weddings

By using this soft black and white free Lightroom preset, you will turn a picture with lighting problems into something absolutely stunning. It’s perfect for making a couple’s portrait look romantic and intriguing.

 Wedding Lightroom Presets

Outdoor Portrait Lightroom Presets

If you wedding photoshoot was held outdoors, add these free wedding Lightroom presets to your image color correction kit.

80. Hash Sunny Light

lightroom presets weddings

This Lightroom wedding preset will add Mediterranean magic to your photos. The white and the blue colors in this photo will look natural and stark. It will be great for wedding photos taken near the sea at the bright summer day.

 Lightroom Presets Wedding

81. Sunny Bright Day

wedding presets

If the photo was taken with bright backlight and, as a result, the objects or people in the photograph look much darker than they really are, then this wedding preset will help you fix the issue. The picture will look sunny but in the right way. The colors will be natural.

 Lightroom Wedding Presets

82. Sunny Sea

wedding presets

If your photograph was taken on the beach with a lot of sunlight, it may lose a lot of details and colors. To improve the appearance of such pictures, you can choose this free Lightroom preset. You will get a naturally-looking photo as a result.

 Lightroom Presets Weddings

83. Warm Dusk

wedding presets

This warm wedding preset will add a romantic flair to the images taken at the Golden Hour. Use it with pictures that lack natural light and were taken at dusk or late afternoon with an overcast sky.

 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers

84. Cloudy Day Wedding Presets for Lightroom

wedding presets lightroom

Don’t worry if some of your wedding pics are dark and dull. This free Lightroom preset will certainly save the day. Having applied this tool, you will make the image lighter and more colorful emphasizing every tiny detail.

 Free Wedding Lightroom Preset

85. Free Cinema Lightroom Preset

cinema lightroom preset

If you are a fan of matte vintage effects, this free Lightroom preset is exactly what you need. It saturates the colors making them more intense. The overall image receives a matte tint which makes it really trendy. It creates the effect as if the image was taken on an old film.

 Lightroom Presets Weddings

86. Gentle Touch

wedding presets lightroom

Such perfect free Lightroom presets as the Gentle Touch will give the picture a little faded, but at the same time light and muted warm shade. This preset helps find the middle ground in adjusting the temperature and saturation in the photo.

 Free Best Wedding Lightroom Preset

87. Dreamy Look

free wedding lightroom presets

Such wedding Lightroom presets give a calm and romantic atmosphere to your shoots. It will work well with green and blue tones, adjust the brightness and contrast.

This filter is designed to restore dark details of photos, such as dark areas of mountains and forests. If you want a photo to evoke warm and pleasant feelings, use this preset.

 Vintage Lightroom Presets

88. Sunrays

free wedding lightroom presets

Do you want to add a vibrant look to your couple photoshoot? Such free Lightroom presets wedding contain beautiful vivid effects and warm options to bring a little color and life to your photos. This one is especially amazing with outdoor portraits. It boosts the dynamic range, adds highlights and contrast.

 Now Wedding Presets Lightroom

89. Free Natural Light Lightroom Presets

free wedding lightroom presets

This free Lightroom preset will fix problems with light and color in the photograph. It will bring out the cooler tones in the picture and increase the contrast to make the lines look sharper. It’s perfect for modern portraits.

 Lightroom Presets Wedding Mobile

90. Night Lights

free wedding lightroom presets

This preset from our bundle of free wedding Lightroom presets should be used with photographs taken at night with many fairy lights or fire. It will intensify the light from lamps, bonfire or candles.

 Lightroom Presets Wedding

91. Sunset Purple

free lightroom presets for wedding photographers

When the focus of your photograph is the beautiful sky with the setting sun, and people in it appear as mere silhouettes, then you should definitely choose this free Lightroom preset. It will enhance the purples and make the oranges pop even more.

 Wedding Lightroom Presets Now

92. Soft Glow Portrait Preset

free lightroom presets for wedding photographers

If the image is too cool, then you can use this wedding preset to make it warmer. It’s great for portrait shots both indoor and outdoor ones. It will enhance the sentimental and romantic feel of the photo.

 Free Lightroom Presets Weddings

93. Harbor Blue

free lightroom presets for wedding photographers

Apply this Lightroom wedding preset free to outdoor images involving much sky and water. This tool enhances the blue color making it deep and intense. It also saturates the whole picture, focusing on the main object.

 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers & Bloggers

94. Sunset Wedding Preset Free

wedding lightroom presets

If you are looking for a wedding preset to improve sunset/sunrise pics, check this out. Our bundle of LR presets free offers the tool that primarily works with yellow making it more intense and catchy. It enhances the photo in such a way that your eyes are locked to the main object without any distractions.

 Free Wedding Lightroom Preset for Bloggers

95. Party Sparklers

wedding lightroom presets

This portrait preset will definitely not leave you indifferent. The tool from the set of Lightroom presets for professional photographers impresses with its pinkish shades making the image warm and a little mysterious. It is perfect for outdoor evening images when there is not enough natural light.

 Lightroom Presets Wedding for Mobile

96. Fashion

wedding lightroom presets

Adding bright colors to your shot, this wedding preset is perfect for outdoor wedding pics. It saturates the colors and improves the contrast. It is one of the Lightroom presets free that may be used with any kind of wedding and couple photography.

 Lightroom Preset

97. Fall Atmosphere

wedding lightroom presets

Install this wedding preset Lightroom to add a yellow tint to your photo. It will become warm and sunny. Our free Lightroom preset is the best tool to convey romance and show sincere feelings.

 Lightroom Presets Weddings Now

Free Skin Tone Presets for Lightroom

You don’t have to download Photoshop to enhance skin. Choose one of the following free Lightroom presets to correct skin tone and texture in several clicks.

98. Pure Pinky Skin

lightroom wedding presets

Would you like free wedding Lightroom presets that will make your shoot even more beautiful? This one will do a great job adding highlights, brightness, and clarity to your model’s skin.

It will make the photo more cheerful and reduce the saturation of the blue. This preset will definitely capture astonished looks of the audience.

 Now Free Lightroom Wedding Presets

99. Realistic Skin Tone

lightroom wedding presets

This free Lightroom preset will certainly become useful if you want to saturate the colors. It will make the image warm and soft. Our Lightroom preset for wedding photography also perfectly works with engagement outdoor portraits.

 Lightroom Presets Weddings Day

100. Golden Skin Shades

lightroom wedding presets

Although vintage is usually associated with warmer tones, in our collection of Lightroom wedding presets with vintage flair this one enhances the cooler colors. Use it for couple’s photos or bride’s portraits to emphasize the beauty of the white dress and clear skin.

 Top Free Lightroom Presets Wedding

101. Pleasant Moments

lightroom presets wedding

Among free wedding Lightroom presets of this set, this one saturates the color without changing the color gamut in general. It also provides qualitative skin color correction. Apply this Lightroom preset free to wedding portraits taken outdoors.

 Lightroom Presets Wedding & Portraits

Free Editorial Lightroom Presets

If you want to add a fashionable and magazine mood to your wedding photos, download one of the following photo presets to receive a high-end look in several clicks.

102. Fashion Street

free lightroom presets wedding

Make your images look bright and catchy. This filter from our set of the best wedding photo presets saturates the hues, improves the contrast, and is primarily focused on color correction. Apply this Lightroom preset free and the results will pleasantly surprise you.

 Wedding Lightroom Presets Instant

103. Insta Blogger Preset

free lightroom presets wedding

This effect belongs to free Lightroom portrait presets that impresses the viewer with its perfect skin correction. It also improves dark pictures making them lighter and more intense. Make your portrait a special one with our best wedding presets.

 Mobile Wedding Presets

104. Studio Wedding Lightroom Preset

lightroom cc presets free

Make your portraits look elegant and artistic. With our Lightroom preset free, you will forget about all the drawbacks on the model’s face. This wedding preset adjusts light, saturation making the picture deep and intense. Feel free to use it with various types of portraits.

 Best Lightroom Presets 2018

105. Vogue Look

lightroom cc presets free

Would you like to add cold shades with free wedding Lightroom presets? Or just want to get rid of excessive yellowness of the image? This preset will suit you perfectly.

It is simple and accurate in reducing the temperature of the picture. If you never used such presets as this one, apply now to add bluish frosty shades and a stylish white palette to your image.

 Now Best Wedding Lightroom Presets

106. Vintage Fairytale

adobe lightroom presets free

Looking for wedding presets for Lightroom, which work ideal for photos taken indoors under artificial light? This one should perfectly meet your requirements.

It will make the picture brighter and warmer, giving it a vintage look. Such adobe Lightroom presets free as this will be really handy in removing blue shades from the picture and making colors more vivid.

 Free Lightroom Wedding Presets Now

107. Bridesmaids Lightroom Preset

adobe lightroom presets free

If you want to make your bridesmaid portraits elegant and fashionable, download this free preset. Highly recommendable for studio photoshoots.

 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers and Bloggers

108. Boho Wedding Style

free portrait lightroom presets

This is the best choice for wedding photographers who are going to take wedding photoshoot in the Boho country style. This Wedding Preset adds light grain and make yellow colors more distinctive and clear.

 Free Wedding Lightroom Presets Now

109. Bridal Bouquet

adobe lightroom presets free

This wedding preset for Lightroom is a good tool for making bright colors apparent by adding pink and violet tones and soft look effect in images. Use this preset if your bride has a multicolored and bright bouquet.

 Stylish Wedding Presets Lightroom

110. Wedding Dance

adobe lightroom presets free

Download this Lightroom filter to enhance photos taken in motion. It gives your photos a light cross-processed effect without damaging the subject’s skin texture and tone.

 Wedding Lightroom Preset Now

111. Flowers

best lightroom presets 2018

If your photos have too many flowers of different colors, you should definitely apply this Lightroom filter. It will single out all colors and make them professionally saturated and not faded.

 Lightroom Presets Wedding Rings

112. After Party Wedding Lightroom Preset

presets lightroom free

This filter is the best choice for indoor portraits taken at a dust to make accent on warm windows light. Highly recommended for after party couple’s photos taken in the hotel.

 Free Best for Wedding Lightroom Presets

113. Film Fashion

lightroom presets free download

This portrait preset will add warmth and a subtle film look to your photos just in several clicks. This Lr preset was professionally designed to give your beach photos a magic and remarkable tone, enabling you to streamline your color correction process and enhance your images.

 Free Lightroom Wedding Presets Mobile

114. White Background

free lightroom portrait presets

If you’re going to improve colors of the photos taken aging the white background, download this preset to make white colors purely white without yellowish tints. No matter it will be a bridal bouquet, wedding ring or perfume, everything will look pop.

 Best Free Lightroom Presets 2018

115. House Lights

photography presets

Enhance your home couple photos in a matter of seconds. Download this Lr filter and make garden lights look atmospheric and warm on your love story images.

 Free Lightroom Presets Wedding Classic

116. High Fashion Lightroom Preset

lightroom portrait presets free

This is the fastest way to make your photos clear and show your models’ clothes as realistic as possible. This Lightroom preset fixes white balance and make apparel look awesome just in several steps.

 Best Wedding Lightroom Presets Now

117. Blurred Background

free lightroom cc presets

If you want to enhance wedding photos taken far away from your subjects, se this Lightroom preset free and make deep color correction fast. Just in several clicks you’ll correct photo temperature and remove distracting shadows on your models’ faces.

 Best Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

118. Summer Breeze

download free lightroom presets

Add natural tan to your couple’s skin in several clicks. Make your wedding or engagement photos full of sunrays and warm color combinations.

 Mobile Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers

119. Car Photo

lightroom presets for professional photographers

This is a very useful Lightroom presets for wedding photos taken in the car. It will correct white balance and fix all problematic areas connected with poor light.

 Now Free Lightroom Presets Wedding

120. Love Silhouettes

adobe lightroom presets free

Make your couple photos dreamlike with the help of this Lightroom preset. It will create a chocolate color feel in your sunset photos.

 Best Lightroom Presets Free

How to Load Lightroom Presets?

We have already claimed that using professional Lightroom presets is easy and will not cause any troubles during the workflow. T means that installing presets is simple and fast.

How to Install Lightroom Presets for Windows

How to Install Lightroom Presets for Mac


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