Best Drones Under 200

Best Drones Under 200

Looking for the best drones under 200 dollars that have long flight time and are powerful enough to carry up an action camera or even have the in-build camera? Check out my list of 14 best drones under 200 and several cheap drone photography kits for beginners.

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MJX Bugs B5W
Choose this affordable model with good characteristics if you want to learn how to fly a drone even in the windy weather.

What Is the Best Drone Under $200?

best 3 drones under 200

Several year ago, the drone’s price started from $800-$1000 but today you can buy it three times cheaper. 200 dollar drones are popular among beginning users and they are an excellent gift for a child.

Believe me, you may find a drone with good flying range and battery life. Moreover, the professional drones’ repair is expensive which is not so good for amateurs. So, check out these 14 best drones under 200 dollars that are recommended for your first flights.

1. MJX Bugs B5W

mjx bugs b5w


Price: about $199

  • Excellent performance
  • Strong Brushless Motors
  • Real-time video transmission
  • Long working time
  • Haven't been found

MJX Bugs B5W is the best camera drone under 200. It has an excellent performance which makes it the number one choice for those who are looking for the quadcopter for outdoor photography. This quadcopter has great stabilization and is quite easy to control. This model is not suitable for beginners. MJX Bugs B5W has 4 brushless motors, which allow the drone to work well even in the windy weather.

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If you are looking for a long flying range, this device will definitely meet your expectations. With 7.4V 1800mAH Battery, you can enjoy the flight time up to 10-13 minutes or 13-18 minutes if you don’t use the camera. It has an excellent low-budget HD Action Camera with a resolution of 1080P at 30fps. The WI-FI distance is up to 300 meters. The camera transmits the information at zero latency to your smartphone.

2. Altair AA818 Plus

altair aa818 plus


Price: about $170

  • Custom Route mode
  • One-touch take-off and landing
  • Long flight time up to 15 minutes
  • Rather bulky
  • No case for transportation

This model is one of the best drones for beginners. It has 3 control modes for different levels of piloting skills. This quadcopter includes the Headless mode and the Altitude Hold mode which allow any beginning pilot to relax and enjoy the control. I like that the body is made of durable, tough rubber. Also, there is thick protection of the propellers. All of these safety features will prevent damage from accidental dropping and collisions which may happen anyway.

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There is a wide-angle camera with a resolution of 720p for shooting video and photos. The quality of images is nice. The most impressive thing in this model is the flight time which is 15 minutes per one battery charge. Such flight time is almost impossible to meet in the best drones under 200 dollars, especially if they have a camera and numerous modes and features.

3. Altair Aerial AA108 FPV 720p

altair aa108 fpv 720p


Price: about $130

  • Fast take-off and landing
  • Emergency stop button
  • High-quality FPV camera
  • Easy fly modes even for beginners
  • Three flight skill levels
  • Strong wind may affect the drone
  • It is necessary to buy a separate TF flash for video
  • Doesn’t have camera stabilization

This drone under 200 has an excellent HD camera that shoots in resolution up to 720p in FPV mode via the Flyingsee app, which is available for free. This quadcopter has a solid frame that is hard to break or damage. The duration of the flight is about 10 minutes.

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However, if you use the FPV mode, it will be a little less. The 720p camera works great. Moreover, it is easily connected to a smart device via Wi-Fi. With three skill modes, this quadcopter under 200 is easy to control for both beginners and experts. Also, it has the Altitude Hold function. If you release the sticks on the remote, this drone will keep the current height so you will not need to “catch” it.

4. Force1 U45W Blue Jay

force1 u45w blue jay


Price: about $130

  • Quadcopter can perform various tricks, flips, rolls, etc.
  • Direct video transmitting to your smartphone
  • VR Compatible
  • Sometimes the remote controller cannot connect to the drone

Force1 U45W Blue Jay combines everything that should be in the best quadcopter under 200$ with a camera – an HD camera and FPV flight mode via Wi-Fi. Moreover, there are some additional functions. If we consider only flight characteristics, here I found very cool things. Hold altitude, Custom route mode, one-touch Takeoff / Landing, Headless mode – these are the functions that greatly simplify the work and make it possible to enjoy shooting.

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This drone is easy to use for both beginning and experienced pilots. The flight time is 8 minutes which is pretty average in this class. Also, this quadcopter includes 2 MP camera with video resolution up to 1280x720 at 30fps.

5. Force1 UDI 818A HD+

force1 udi 818a hd+


Price: about $79.99

  • Headless mode
  • 360-degree camera
  • The charger sometimes gives incorrect information
  • Is difficult to control in the wind

It is very easy to use. I like that the flight time is 9 minutes on a single charge. It can take only an hour to fully charge the battery. The drone has the camera that is capable to shoot in 1280x720 resolution at 30fps. It allows any beginner to receive high-quality and clear videos. It is worth mentioning that the case is made of durable and flexible plastic, which prevents damage from dropping and collisions.

If you’re a real estate agent or like architecture, I recommend you having one of these drones for real estate photography for taking beautiful property photographs and interior videos.

The remote has an LCD screen which displays all flight information and statistics for full control over the quadcopter. In addition, this model has LED lights for flying in the dark. All these features make Force1 UDI 818A HD+ one of the best drones for beginners.

6. Holy Stone HS110D

holy stone hs110d


Price: about $129.99

  • First-class camera with zero latency
  • Real-time video transmission
  • VR headset compatible
  • Flight time is up to 10 minutes
  • No auto-return feature

HS110D is one of the best drones under 200 with camera that stands out from its competitors and really shows how much up-to-date quadcopters have improved. Even if you are an inexperienced pilot, it will be quite easy for you to control the device. This model has steady hover, maximum control range and is very responsive.

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The max flight distance is 100 meters so HS110D will be suitable for children and beginners. However, this distance might not be enough for enthusiasts. The camera has zero latency without the “jello effect”. It has a resolution of 720p and 120-degree wide-angle lens, so the image quality is above average. With all these awesome features, HS110D deserves to be on my best drones under 200 list.

7. Potensic Drone with FPV Goggles

potensic drone with fpv goggles


Price: about $179.99

  • Includes full FPV Package (FPV Goggles & Monitor)
  • Real-time video
  • Fast speed and top performance
  • Low price
  • Not for professional photography or videography

This is the best FPV drone under 200 that has great performance compared to the other quadcopters on my list. This model features accurate control and very stable hover, so it will be great for any skill level. The flight time is from 8 to 10 minutes; the flight distance is from 80 to 100 meters.

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I like the in-built HD camera which has a resolution of 720p at 30fps. You can enjoy live video transmission directly to the monitor and FPV Goggles which are included in the box. This drone under 200 also has a Sharing Monitor feature which allows placing the monitor on the goggles. In addition, Potensic has a really interesting set of functions such as Headless Mode, Altitude Hold function, One-Key Takeoff / Landing and Gravity Sensor Control.

8. Hubsan H502S Desire

hubsan h502s desire


Price: about $99

  • Highly effective and extra fast quadcopter
  • Great controller
  • Not really durable – lack of propeller guard by default
  • Limited battery duration with the accumulator
  • Complicated to learn

Hubsan H502S pleased me with a built-in GPS, HD resolution camera, an intelligent flight controller, and FPV video transmission to a 4-inch monitor. Just based on this, it’s safe to say that presented drone has no parallel on the market and significantly outperforms its forerunners.

Also, the drone uses the option of following you or returning home automatically at any time. What I liked is that a built-in GPS allows reducing the risk of drone loss almost to zero. The flight range reaches 200 meters, which is twice as big as what competitors have. I personally purchased this quadcopter for my son. During the entire period of using just one blade broke, which was easy to change but quite difficult to break.

9. Holy Stone F181C

holy stone f181c


Price: about $72

  • It is quite reliable
  • Perfect lighting for flights at nighttime
  • Awesome design
  • Batteries are difficult to replace
  • The USB battery doesn’t light up green after charging is complete

In my opinion, this quadcopter would be perfect both for beginners and professionals as it combines all the necessary capabilities and characteristics. Besides, it has a high-quality HD camera capable of shooting in 1280x720p resolution. I want to point out that this quadcopter with camera has four speed limits.

I like its One Key Return function which allows bringing the drone back to the launch site using one button. It supports 360 degrees’ rotation. The drone can roll over in four directions performing a spectacular flip. It is one of the best drones under 200 with camera since launching and landing is carried out with just one functional button. I also would like to mention that I love controlled lighting – light-emitting diodes can help you find the drone in the nighttime.

10. Syma X8g

syma x8g


Price: about $135

  • Improved motors and flight performance
  • Works with GoPro cameras
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • LED backlights
  • Doesn’t work at full capacity in windy conditions
  • Rotors balancing is required

This drone can function in two video modes: 720p and 1080p. Shooting quality is average but I like it. I expected much worse for this price. All footage is stored on a memory card. In total, it’s not a bad option for the first attempt. I must admit that the camera with a suspension approaches Syma X8W/X8C quadcopters with no issues. GoPro and similar cameras are easily attached into the suspension as well.

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As practice has shown, the maximum flight time with the camera off is 10 minutes, on – 8 minutes. The battery charging time – 3.5 hours. Also, this quadcopter with camera is equipped with a classic 4-channel transmitter, running at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. In the undisturbed zone, it provides confident control within 200 meters.

In addition to that, it lifts GoPro cameras with 2-axis mechanic suspension without flight performance loss. This model among best drones under 200 does flips without failures and performs return to equipment function without complaint.

11. Altair Aerial Blackhawk

altair aerial blackhawk


Price: about $120

  • For GoPro
  • 360° aerial tricks and flips
  • Extra GoPro weight can lead to flight troubles
  • No camera

This quadcopter is a wonderful fast one capable to stay in the air for 15-17 minutes and fly a distance of 300-500 meters. Among its strong features, I can point out reinforced strong construction and feel of a racing drone during a flight. Furthermore, this type of drones has brushless motors for smooth and accurate control, which are significantly quieter than others. For pilots of any level, High and Low Speed modes will be very important factors.

With this flying wonder, I advise using GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 as it supports represented action cameras use. Moreover, it’s perfect for night flights due to blue and white lights under the drone and white light on the front panel.

12. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

parrot ar.drone


Price: about $110

  • Easy configuration and control
  • Integrated HD video camera and FPV support
  • Actions camera can be installed
  • Live stream of images on FPV display
  • Short flight distance
  • Low-quality camera

Ability to control drones using iOS devices is what many enthusiasts should pay attention to. Even with remote control, the majority of them aren’t equipped with a screen. Thus, controlling with a smartphone only is a great way to reduce the drone price. Also, this model is distinguished by high motor power able to lift the camera into the air.

Don’t know what is the best action camera for your drone? Read more about the best action cameras under 100 that you can use without worrying about safety.

All the quadcopter details are freely accessible and you can buy them separately for a small price. You don’t need experience and skills in piloting to perform beautiful flights. My 9-year old son is proof of this. Based on my practice, I can tell that this model performs flight stabilization, opposition to the wind and confident maneuvering at a decent level.

13. MJX Bugs 6

mjx bugs 6


Price: about $84

  • Remarkable capacity
  • Motors with no brushes
  • Speed reaches 40km/h
  • Weak functionality
  • Insufficient dynamics of a propulsion system
  • Lacks Return Home option

This FPV drone under 200 flies rather confident and stable. The control range is 500m. Fully charged battery guarantees 12 minutes of continuous flight in active mode. I like that this model reacts sensitively to commands. However, sometimes motors lack dynamics due to the low output voltage of a battery.

I also like bright lighting which allows to perform night flights but is greatly visible in daylight. You can install an FPV high-resolution camera on it. Camera resolution is 720p, the lens structure is six-lens, а FOV is 120 degrees. Maximum drone speed when flying is 45km/h. Live video transmission distance is 500m. Picture quality is satisfactory.

14. Parrot Mambo

parrot mambo


Price: about $125

  • Various control functions
  • Auto takeoff/autoland
  • Fast battery charging
  • Short range of Bluetooth
  • Images can be overexposed in bright natural light

I like that you can control this drone in 3 different ways – smartphone (via “FreeFlight Mini” app), control equipment Parrot Flypad (purchased separately), Parrot Flypad + smartphone (via “FreeFlight Mini” app). I want to note that the difference in convenience and distance is up to 20 meters with a smartphone and up to 100 meters together with Parrot Flypad remote control.

When controlling only with Parrot Flypad, some functions of this camera drone under 200 will be unavailable. Also, I liked “Auto takeoff” and “Autoland” functions.

Top 14 Best Drones under $200

IMAGE Name Details Check price
  • 1080p
  • 10-18 minutes
  • User-friendly
Altair AA818 Plus Altair AA818 PlusFOR BEGINNERS
  • 720p
  • 15 minutes
  • Route mode
Holy Stone HS110D Holy Stone HS110DCHEAPEST
  • 720p
  • 10 minutes
  • Zero latency
Potensic Drone with FPV Goggles Potensic Drone with FPV GogglesBEST FPV DRONE
  • 720р
  • 8-10 minutes
  • Real-time video
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 DroneFOR KIDS
  • 720р
  • 12 minutes
  • Nice design
Altair Aerial AA108 FPV 720p Altair Aerial AA108 FPV 720p
  • 720p
  • 10 minutes
  • Fast take-off
Force1 U45W Blue Jay Force1 U45W Blue Jay
  • 720p
  • 8 minutes
  • VR Compatible
Force1 UDI 818A HD+ Force1 UDI 818A HD+
  • 720p
  • 9 minutes
  • 360º camera
Hubsan H502S Desire Hubsan H502S Desire
  • 720р
  • 10-12 minutes
  • Good controller
Holy Stone F181C Holy Stone F181C
  • 720р
  • 7-10 minutes
  • Awesome design
Syma X8g Syma X8g
  • 720p/1080p
  • 10-12 minutes
  • LED backlights
Altair Aerial Blackhawk Altair Aerial Blackhawk
  • 300-500 meters
  • 15-17 minutes
  • For GoPro
MJX Bugs 6 MJX Bugs 6
  • 720р
  • 12 minutes
  • 40km/h speed
Parrot Mambo Parrot Mambo
  • 720р
  • 8-10 minutes
  • Auto takeoff

Drone Photography Kits for Beginners

If you want to try aerial photography but don’t know what equipment you need to buy, I advise you to check out the following bundles that I’ve selected.

DJI Tello Iron Man Edition Quadcopter Drone Bundles

dji tello iron man edition


A great bundle for beginners with cheap but qualitative DJI Tello drone Iron Man styled. The bundle includes quadcopter with 720p camera resolution and 3 batteries. I also liked that this bundle contains 4 Pairs of Propellers, Propeller Guards, Micro USB Cable + 64gb microSD Card Card, and high-quality rigid bag for storing and transporting the bundle that will prevent the drone from damage. The bundle includes a set of devices for cleaning the camera itself.

Wenjuan RC Quadcopter with Dual GPS

wenjuan rc quadcopter


A cheap bundle with a quadcopter with 1080P HD camera, two batteries and a stylish capacious backpack for drone transporting.

DJI Tello Quadcopter Beginner Drone with VR Goggles and Skin Pack

dji tello quadcopter with vr


Affordable and stylish in a set with remote control, removable attachments for changing the look, extra propellers, batteries and VR goggles. The drone camera shoots in 720p HD resolution and the flight lasts 13 minutes.



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