100 Free Snow Actions Photoshop

With these Free Snow Actions Photoshop, you may add winter magic and atmosphere to any holiday picture. All the plugins are easily adjustable, so you’ll surely enjoy both the results and the image editing process itself. Use Free Snow Action Photoshop Pack in any PS version, PSE11-1, and Creative Cloud. Use Ps these actions to create beautiful photos with a lovely winter mood. You may look through various photo samples, that will inspire you and give a clearer idea of how to use each action Photoshop Snow from the bundle.

Snow Action Photoshop #1 "Blizzard"

snow action photoshop

Photoshop Snow Action #2 "Christmas Tree"

photoshop snow action

Snow Photoshop Action #3 "Frosty Morning"

snow photoshop action

Snow Actions Photoshop #4 "Garland"

snow actions photoshop

Snow Photoshop Actions #5 "New Year's Toy"

snow photoshop actions

Free Snow Action Photoshop #6 "Warm Cacao"

free snow action photoshop

Related Snow Action Photoshop

Now you don’t have to spend much time waiting for perfect weather and constantly checking metcast. These Snow actions Photoshop are very effective if you need to adjust the tone of winter photos. These Snow Photoshop actions were created by the best retouchers and digital artists and look realistic. You need to spend just several minutes to add snow to your photos but no one will ever guess that the picture has been edited. As photographers typically have their hands full of diverse tasks, this collection is a wonderful time saver. You can improve dozens of photos in no time. Each Photoshop action with Snow effect may be also very useful if you want to create a postcard to send to your friends or a gift for your clients. 

Snow Effect Action Photoshop #7 "Christmas Tree"

snow action photoshop download

Photoshop Action Snow #8 "Cracker"

free snow actions for photoshop

Photoshop Action Snow Effect #9 "Elf House"

snow actions for photoshop

Snow Action for Photoshop #10 "Frosty Morning"

photoshop snow actions

Free Snow Photoshop Action #11 "Hot Chocolate"

photoshop actions snow

Snow Actions for Photoshop #12 "Winter Tale"

photoshop snow action free download

Photoshop Snow Actions #13 "Black and White"

free snow action for photoshop elements

Photoshop Actions Snow #14 "Cold"

free photoshop snow action

Free Photoshop Snow Action #15 "Contrast Green"

free snow action for photoshop

Snow Photoshop Action Free #16 "Contras"

snow photoshop action free

Free Photoshop Snow Actions #17 "Gold Filter"

free photoshop snow actions

Free Snow Photoshop Actions #18 "Matte"

free snow photoshop actions

Snow Actions Photoshop Free #19 "Aqua"

snow actions photoshop free

Photoshop Snow Actions Free #20 "Bright Colors"

photoshop actions for snow photos

Free Photoshop Actions Snow #21 "Creative"

photoshop snow actions free

Free Photoshop Actions for Snow #22 "Hard Contrast"

free photoshop actions snow

Snow Action Photoshop #23 "Ultra Violet"

free photoshop actions for snow

Photoshop Snow Action #24 "Warm Light"

snow action photoshop

Snow Photoshop Action #25 "Bengal Light"

photoshop snow action

Snow Actions Photoshop #26 "Magic Effect"

snow photoshop action

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

We did our best to create a universal snow action photoshop collection, which will suit lots of photography genres, so you can apply these plugins to landscape, street, and wildlife pictures to use them for regular winter shooting. Besides, these filters will make every winter wedding photo very atmospheric. Are you engaged in graphic or web design? Wish to create your unique invitations and postcards? Have an idea to make a big winter calendar? Don’t waste your time and money! Download these Snow Photoshop actions and get impressive results in several clicks. 

Snow Photoshop Actions #27 "Shimmer"

snow photoshop action free download

Free Snow Action Photoshop #28 "Color"

snow effect action photoshop

Snow Effect Action Photoshop #29 "Cross Process"

photoshop action snow

Photoshop Action Snow #30 "Landscape"

photoshop action snow effect

Photoshop Action Snow Effect #31 "HDR"

snow action for photoshop

Snow Action for Photoshop #32 "Fall"

free snow photoshop action

Tips for using Snow Photoshop Actions Free

  • Apply Snow Actions Photoshop to the photo with the bokeh effect and combine them with a suitable Photoshop overlay.
  • Choose the Photoshop Snow action from this kit to add some Christmas vibes to the image. You may adjust the size of the snowflakes in accordance with your needs.
  • We do not recommend using these actions for the photos with white color prevailing.
  • This Free Photoshop Snow Action Pack is perfect for family photos and portraits, as it helps to emphasize the natural skin tone.
  • Snow Actions for Photoshop will help to make the white color in your pictures really white and will emphasize the rest of the gamut.

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