Online Brochure Maker helps you create informative photography brochures with an attractive design for communicating with your audience, presenting a product or announcing an event. You can also use the built-in editing tools for color correction and image cropping.

FAQ – Online Brochure Maker

Can I create a brochure without advanced graphic design skills?
Even a novice designer can create a brochure with the help of this Online Brochure Maker. All tools are intuitively located and the interface resembles all free photo editors. The online brochure maker is user-friendly not only for designers but marketers, students, business owners and managers who are looking for a set of basic tools to make a brochure online.
What editing tools does Online Brochure Maker include?
The application offers such basic tools as brushes, color replacement, stamp, gradient, pen, text overlay, etc. This functionality is enough to perform standard tasks, e.g. creating simple brochures for the school. If you need to edit images in order to insert them into a brochure, we recommend addressing a professional photo post production service.
Does Online Brochure Maker offer built-in templates?
Yes, it doesn’t. Still, you can download free brochure templates focusing on the topic. You can create brochures and flyers for real estate presentations using free real estate flyer templates. Photographers can use free photography marketing templates for creative advertisement.
Can I download or print a brochure?
Definitely yes. You can save the design in PNG, JPG, and PSD. Besides, you can share the work online.

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