Free Lomo Software Online

Apply stunning Lomo effects to your photos with this free Lomo software online. Turn your images like captured by a Lomo camera adding beautiful Lomo effects with our free tool easy and quickly.

FAQ: Free Lomo Software

Is this free Lomo software a full replacement for the Lomo camera?
No, the editor is just a way to get acquainted with Lomo effects without buying a camera. In reality, the effects can be quite different.
How to add Lomo effects?
Photos taken by Lomo are characterized by high contrast, increased saturation and unique color due to "wrong" color rendering and dark blurred edges with a sharp center. In order to imitate the Lomo effect, it is enough to adjust the above-mentioned parameters of the photo.
Can I apply Lomo effects to RAW files?
Yes, the editor supports almost all RAW files, including the most popular ones: NEF, CR2 or ARW.
Can I apply Lomo effects to an entire album of photos?
No, this Free Lomo Software doesn’t support batch editing. You can open photos in separate tabs and apply a Lomo effect to each image individually. However, if you want to edit an album of photos from a wedding or a trip, you can approach professional color correction services by FixThePhoto.

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