AirBrush Photo Editor Online

AirBrush Photo Editor Online is a great tool to enhance your portrait photos without cramming the disk space with different software. It offers easy-to-use skin airbrushing instruments, filter settings and ensures you get realistic results each time you use it. Actually, this image editor is one of the best free alternatives to Photoshop.

Looking through the toolkit, you will find lots of handy features that allow dealing with facial defects, making skin smooth, removing a yellowish tint from the teeth and performing other improvements to get a professional photo. Fix makeup, apply it with the help of lips stains, eye shadows, blush and other features.

FAQ – Online AirBrush Photo Editor

Do I have to spend money to use AirBrush Editor?
If you are OK with advertising, then you can opt for a free version which comes with all the necessary tools for photo editing. Using the available set of instruments, you can achieve decent results. However, if you are interested in more profound edits, you should consider buying the Premium version which is ad-free or address high end photo retouching service.
What are the features that make AirBrush Photo Editor online so popular?
This online editor has 50 handy features, 105 unique filters and 7 well-developed tools. There is the Bokeh filter that automatically blurs the background of an image. Besides, you can take advantage of the Studio lighting features which alters face lighting in a portrait and selfie. The Magic transforms a photo in an auto mode. Highlighter and skin tone adds radiance to the skin and makes tones deeper accentuating dark and light parts.
Is this Free AirBrush Photo Editor compatible with graphic tablets?
Yes. You can use it on any device running iOS or Android. For more convenience, you can connect a keyboard or a mouse.
Is the toolset similar to Adobe Photoshop?
This Airbrush Editor has only half of the instruments available in Ps. This means you can’t perform advanced image editing and retouching. Anyway, you can contact headshot retouching services and get your images improved just for $5 per shot.
What tools should I use for face editing?
Healing Brush Tool (J) and the Stamp (S) are great for handling skin defects, e.g. removing stray hair. You can also make use of the Dodge & Burn effect.

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