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 Wedding Entire Collection Lightroom Presets

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Wedding Presets - Entire Collection:

    • All versions of Lightroom
    • Windows and Mac
    • JPEG and RAW formats
    • A set of Matte Dream, Pro Wedding, B&W Essential and Vintage Love Presets
    • + FREE BONUS - Sepia LR presets
  • Quantity of Presets230
  • Size364 Kb
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FixThePhoto: Lightroom Presets wedding entire collection is a big pack that consists of 230 wedding Lightroom presets: Matte Dream, Pro Wedding, B&W Essential and Vintage Love Presets. These dreamy wedding photo Lightroom presets create a special airy effect. All shadows will be brightened up and the white levels toned. Having used this set, you will not only soften the photograph, but also add mild film tone, organic tones, create a matte effect or brighten the photograph. Make the wedding photos bright, dreamy and romantic with these wedding photography Lightroom presets.

Features of Wedding Entire Collection Lightroom Presets:

As a FREE BONUS we offer you a set - FixThePhoto: Sepia Fantasy Presets. This Lightroom Presets includes all the necessary filters created for all wedding events. Now your tiresome wedding post processing does not last long. Our experts used the Lightroom settings which are perfect for your bridal photography. We have tested these Adobe Lightroom presets on diverse genres of digital photography. You also can choose this collection of sepia presets as seperate bundle - Sepia Lightroom preset collection and in the Entire Collection of 1822 Lightroom presets 

What’s Inside of the Wedding Entire Collection

FixThePhoto Wedding Entire Collection Lightroom Presets Include:

230 Professional Lightroom Presets: 1.Wedding Photography LR Presets:Soft contrast, Film for dark vignette, Soft chocolate, Black&White (for dark), Black&White (for light), Warm matte, Matte vignette, Tonning brown contrast, Med matte III, Cold light, Vintage soft, Warm filter, Tonning vignette, Sepia hard vignette, Soft saturation, Blue shadows, Light beige, Tonning chocolate, Contrast colors, Cold wB, Warm WB, Film Blue Matte, Black&White med contrast, Soft reduce highlights, Black&White soft, Black&White hard, Black&White hard (for light), Black&White (for dark), Saturation vignette, Soft colors skin. 2. Matte Dream LR Presets: Chocolate Medium (for Dark), Soft cold, Matte hard, Toning warm, Simple matte (for Light), Chocolate grains (for Light), Medium vignette, Medium Grains, Hard vignette, Simple soft (for Light), Warm autumn, Dramatic warm, Toning purple, Cold light vignette, Simple Sepia (for Light), Simple dream matte (for Light), Matte Toning (for dark), Hard contrast autumn, Matte dramatic grains, Medium warm, Matte soft (for dark), Matte B&W, Simple sepia (for dark), Simple soft (for dark), Simple chocolate (for Light), Chocolate sharpen (for Light), Soft contrast, Simple chocolate (for dark), Simple WB, Cold light, WB grains, Chocolate grains (for dark), Simple chocolate (for light), Chocolate grains vignette (for dark), Chocolate Medium (for dark), Chocolate Sharpen (for dark), Simple chocolate (for light), Toning beige vignette, Toning orange, Simple warm, Simple Contrast (for dark), Contrast vignette, Simple hard (for dark), Toning red, Soft saturation vignette, Medium Contrast, Toning warm, Hard color, Radial vignette, Bright colors, Blue reduce, Beige light grains, Film cold, Hard contrast vignette (for light), Warm turquoise shadows, Toning glamour, POP Medium contrast, Toning blue matte, Med contrast vignette, Cold sun, POP green light, WB choco shadows, POP bright colors, WB choco shadows vignette, Soft cold green, Soft contrast matte, Warm reduce light skin, Soft light, Toning warm vignette. 3. Black and White LR Presets: Soft contrast, Hard grains (for dark), Simple soft for dark), Simple soft (for light), Soft grains (for light), B&W matte grains (for light), Matte grains (for dark), Simple soft vignette (for light), Simple film, Simple B&W (for light), Simple grains, Simple soft, Simple contrast, Grains hard, Grains vignette, Soft film, Hard film, White vignette Contrast hard, Contrast medium, Contrast soft, Soft contrast vignette, Cold soft, Cold medium, Cold hard, Simple B&W (for dark), Simple hard (for dark), Simple B&W 2 (for light), Warm B&W (for light), Vignette B&W (for light, POP B&W, Medium contrast (for dark), Warm grains, Contrast B&W (for dark), Matte B&W (for light), Medium light, Dark blue, Simple B&W (for light), Simple grains, Matte_I, Matte_II, Matte_III, Soft contrast, Med contrast, Hard contrast, Sharpens_I, Sharpens_II, Sharpens_III, Soft skin, Warm shadows,  Nature, Med Contrast, Light shine, Simple Soft, Sharpens soft, Contrast_I, Contrast_II, Contrast_III, Vignette_I, Vignette_II, Vignette_III, Vignette_IV, Blue shadows, Matte effect, Classic, Simple B&W 3 (for dark), B&W matte (for light), Soft contrast, Warm effect (for dark), Warm effect (for light). 4. Vintage Love Lightroom Presets: Vintage, Ivory, Vintage (for light), Vignette, Warm, HDR for dark vignette, Ivory vignette, Wedding vintage, HDR (for dark), Vintage HDR, Vintage for dark skin, WB white vignette, Vintage (for dark), Contrast, Vintage vignette, Yellow, Handsome portrait, Medium grains, Wedding vintage contrast, WB (for light), Wedding vintage (for dark), Vintage soft, Matte contrast (for light), Reduse warm, Tonning cold WB vignette, Soft light for dark grains, SunSet, Film choco grains, Tonning silver, Tonning aqua, Tonning cold autumn vignette, Soft light warm, Tonning purple grains, WB cold, Soft lavanda vignette, Med warm (for light), Tonning autumn vignette, Hard effect grains, Tonning warm for light, Tonning warm med, Tonning warm (for dark), Contrast med for dark skin grains, Soft sepia, Vintage WB, Perfect Skin (hard), Med effect Grains, Matte Warm Choco (for dark skin), WB Matte Vignette, Med Light Warm, WB Blue Shadows, WB blueshadows vignette, WB for light skin, Hard light warm (for light), WB for dark skin, Warm sunset POP, Warm SunSet grains, Warm SunSet, WB reduse light, Warm reduse light, Warm autumn green.

FixThePhoto Sepia Fantasy Lightroom Presets Include:

60 Professional Lightroom Presets: Contrast I, Contrast II, Contrast III, Contrast VI, Contrast V, Burgundy tonning, Turquose tonning, Warm Light, Chocolate, Matte I, Matte II, Matte III, Matte IV, Matte V, Matte VI, Portrait, Shine, Retro, Basic, Dark, Sepia Pro, Deep colors, Sepia (for dark I),Sepia (for dark II), Sepia (for dark III), Sepia (for light I), Sepia (for light II), Sepia (for light III), Old film, Rose Tonning, Sepia Light I, Sepia Light II, Sepia Light III, Grains (soft, medium, hard), Gold toning, Pink matte, Sepia Glam, POP, Sepia Fashion, Choco II, Old film II, Contrast II, Soft effect Grains II, Vignette II, HDR Medium II, Soft skin II, HDR soft 2, Sepia II, Film (for dark II), Sepia (for dark II), Sepia for light grains, Sepia for dark grains II, Sepia Old film II, Hard pink II, Blue shadows II, Sepia contrast II, HDR hard II, Yellow II.

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