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National Geographic Top 20 Best Photos Without Landscape Retouching

National Geographic Magazine is a world-known edition that features educational and extremely interesting articles – it specializes in geography, history, science, nature and culture. The stories which National Geographic Magazine shares with us touch upon subjects of long controversy, eternal secrets of our complicated world and universe. The same can be said about the photographs they feature – professional shots undergone post production photo editing amaze with their beauty and naturalness. 

Top Best Photos without extra landscape photo editing

Here you may observe photographs which show people, animals, cityscapes and natural phenomenon. They are considered to be the most smashing and outstanding ones, according to National Geographic. So, let`s enjoy them!


1. The photo was made in Kaktovik, Alaska. Polar bears may seem to be clumsy because of their huge size, but these predators are very nimble, active and always ready to attack quickly. They like low temperatures and usually aren`t afraid of people. This beguiling shot shows so cute bear and you may think, how it can eat somebody? 


2. In this marvelous picture we may see what spring they have in Japan. Hitachi seaside park, Ibaraki, can boast such scenic backdrops – blue carpet flowers or Nemophila blue flowers. Both Japanese and tourists are in raptures walking there, as this place is like a miracle. And besides with the help of photo retouching and photo color correction services one is able to make this picture even more beautiful.


3. The picture is also made in Japan and it provokes the most pleasant emotions as we see two lovely foxes playing with each other. Perhaps, they are in love? Only these two little creatures know the answer to this tricky question. 


4. The photo was made in cloudy December when this alligator was seeking for the warmth of the Sun. Here no photo manipulation services are used and the symmetry is really magic. Photographers usually outsource photo editing to get such eye-popping pictures, but this “model” looks perfect with its natural make-up and exquisite black and white style.


5. The ray of light in this photograph reminds the one streaming from heaven. May be Jomblang cave in Yogyakarta, Indonesia the place where people get into paradise? A person is jumping and wants to reach the light. The shot is sure to be thought-provoking and makes our imagination work. Can it be added to the list of Most controversial photos of all time? The choice is yours. 


6. The mute kingdom of smooth sand and dry winds is presented in the image. These people seem to be tiny figures in comparison with the tallest dunes, the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Being taken before thunderstorm the photo captures the moment of piece. The photograph breathed life into the image and here the question may arise: Photoshop & Reality – do we need photo retouching services


7. Early in the morning this wild cat is not sleeping – it is in search of food, water or adventures. In the heart of Botswana the animal is engaged in its everyday business. The shot is so delightful and adorable that one can`t but admire it. 


8. What can you say about the most crooked street in the world? Having eight turns this dangerous road meanders between the houses of San Francisco. It is called Lombard Street and it is one of the most eye-catching landscapes of Cisco. The photo is made from the air so that one may clearly see this snake.


9. This small kookaburra is observing fantastic view of Sydney Harbour, Australia. Here you may also see the bridge in the background. The picture conveys the spirit of freshness and special charm of Australia with its most unusual animals and most versatile people. Photography and retouching services in Australia are sure to tell about this amazing country even more. Evidently one is eager to photograph this little bird and enrich his or her retouching portfolio.


10. An unusual kind of selfie – the one taken with the help of a drone. It goes without saying that people in Hampshire, the USA, have extremely fertile creativity and rich imagination to make such shots. They may know Everything about USA photography industry and that is why have such striking and romantic photographs. Check this out!


11. As we can see bears are strong and dangerous wild animals. Here, in the picture, two brown bears in Katmai National Park (Alaska) are fighting for salmon – the battle for dear life. It can be a crucial moment for one of them, but nevertheless they look aggressive and gracious at the same time. 

12. It is a group portrait of African children with painted faces. Somewhere in Ethiopia tribes of natives lead their special way of life and curious tourists have a huge appetite for some bizarre and remarkable traditions, and, of course are likely to make such memorable pictures.

13. Everybody of us saw the Eiffel Tower – either in Paris or in photographs. But we got used to observe it from the particular angle and not beneath it. This photo gives us a unique possibility to see something we haven`t seen before. Certainly, it can be one of the Amazing examples of Black and White photography


14. Each country has its own hero and Indonesia isn`t an exception. Look at this poor man who is taking part in pacu jawi – bull race which is considered to be an element of national culture. Only imagine, how dangerous and exciting it is! 

15. These elderly people in China don`t hurry anywhere – they just have their lunch. Due to portraiture skin retouching the faces of people look natural – we may vividly see the hand of a master. The image speaks of the spirit of the previous generation and one should show the highest level of respect and love. 

16. This is urban jungle in Hong Kong, China. From the air one may see the area of dense population and enchanting landscape at the same time. Hong Kong is like a separate country – it is a huge and highly developed city. But even in this jungle we may find such breathtaking views.

17. Thirst may catch everybody, especially in the middle of the night. The African buffaloes have decided to drink some water under the starry sky and the photograph has captured the moment.

18. One more picture from South Africa that shows tenderness and love of two elephants – even in wild nature there exist warm and pleasant feelings. However, in our modern society it isn`t sometimes easy to find the same kindness and devotion. 

19. The lightning in Uluru, Australia can`t but attract and mesmerize. This natural phenomenon is dangerous, but very spectacular and fascinating. 

20. In the photo we see the latest eruption La Fournaise Volcano, Réunion Island. Would you like to visit this place of interest?

How to edit foto landscape

These were the most compelling, impressive and unrivalled pictures which certainly deserve repeated viewing. They were made by creative shooters and undergone professional image editing. To make your shots more appealing and enhance their quality you may outsource retouching services. As for photo retouching rates FixThePhoto offers the most reasonable pricing and the top quality of editing landscape photos services.

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