Russian photo contest - best photo of the year 2016

Russian photo contest - best photo of the year 2016

The exposition gives you a look from the perspective on all the events that triggered the emotions in previous year and makes you live through them once again for new. 

Russian annual photo contest “Best of Russia” held by the Centre of Contemporary Arts “Winzavod” took its place for the 9th time this year. It is one of the most important events on the territory of post-Soviet Union. Each year the facilitators open for public the most expressive, interesting, bright and extravagant ideas of professional photographers and amateurs. 

The exposition gives you a look from the perspective on all the events that triggered the emotions in previous year and makes you live through them once again for new. The categories in the program are varied for everybody to find there something to the taste.    


The main goal of the project is to show the country through the eyes of citizens. Consequently, the main rule of the contest runs the following: all the photos should be done on the territory of the Russian Federation. Allcomers sent huge amount of pictures but the hanging committee have chosen only some of them out. The jury have picked up 292 photos some of which were awarded in the nomination of “Nature”, “Architecture”, “People. Events. Daily graft”, “Style” and special one “Go into Happiness!”



Russian famous photographers 2016 you should not miss

There are hundreds of lists and awards such as “most controversial photos of all the time” which probably may be worthy our attention. But the point is that today everyone wants and states that his approach is the only way to treat the photo of evaluate them. Though, we may ambulate anything if we like it.  

That’s why in this article we are going to present you best photo of the year 2016 from the point of view of this Russian contest. We will pay close attention to the photographers as well as their works for which they’ve got the award. 


We will start with the nomination “Architecture”. 

The photo above is called “Ostankino Television Tower through the residential district”. The photo was taken in one of the yards of Marfino region. The author of the image is Aleksey Leonadze which is a Moscow-based photographer. His images are also can be seen on his account in Instagram and social network Vk. The guy is very passionate and has an active social position. The vision of the beauty of the surrounding him grey from the first sight skyscrapers is very unusual and inspiring. The images Aleksey posts probably may be called best photos of 2016 Instagram because they make you think not just observe. And that is valuable. 


This photo is the winner in the nomination of “Nature”. Vitali Novikov has taken this photo in the Murmansk region in a small village called Tiberika. The image depicts the time of spring with typical polar lights in the sky. Consequently, the photo is called “Polar night”. It seems as if the author was struggling with the question “Use nature photo editing or keep the photo unretouched?”  since the beauty of the image enhances both the feeling and the emotions of the northern lights and the coldness of the region. It is the polar night that makes it special and brings the award to Vitali.


The nomination “People. Events. Daily graft” is another interesting nomination of the contest. The photo “Uncle Misha” is introduced here. Getting down to portrait photo retouching, the author achieved the effect of searching eyes. The elderly man is not just looking at you, he watches deeply into our soul. Dmitriy Aleksandrov has taken it in the city of Krasnodar. On the photo we may observe an elderly man who has outlived all his family members, has no roof over the warm corner. But notwithstanding his hard lot, the man feels gratitude to the God for everything he’s got. 


The image “Get inspired by the 80th” is presented in the category “Style”.  The photograph is Bulat Arslanov. He is from Tatarstan, specifically from the capital city of Kazan. When commenting his work he assumed that the brand Ralph Lauren, American designer, known for men clothing and the label “Polo”, for many years has been an iconic for him. That’s why having such an opportunity Bulat decided to piece together the stylistics though not much was attached to product photo retouching services.  


The special category “Go into happiness!” is full of inspiring images of people getting through numerous funny and weepy situations. All of them are worth to be paid attention to since no background removal service or photo manipulation service worked on them. They tell the story as well as the images of famous photographers 20th century. The most impressive image, having tearful story behind, is called “Father and son”. It was done by Catherine Perehozheva, the wife and mother of the men in this photo. Catherine shares her overwhelming joy through this picture since her husband, after many years of being stuck to the wheelchair because of the car accident, has swam again, or at least he learned to do it. He taught their small son to do the same. They were conquering large expanses of water together completing a feat of courage and desire. 

Do you consider this photograph be the best photo in the world 2016? 

We consider photos which were uploaded to the jury of this contest to be worthy of being called best photo in the world 2016. Our team believes that such images capturing all the most valuable treasures of our existence and having still more strong idea behind it are the one to be done and displayed everywhere. The world should see the truly beauty of people their soul and surrounding which are the only in class by itself. Not only editors working in the wedding photo retouching services or those engaged in family photo editing should get inspired and watch it with accurate fascination. 


The year has just come to its full power but many awards and celebrations have already taken its place in the chain of fabulous events. People was attentively looking after the best Grammy’s 2017 photos and only the best samples of celebrity photo editing from 2017 Oscar’s, so that they have forgotten to look back into the past year to have the clear idea of what was prominent then. 

Some of you are sure to be aware of the famous photographers of 20th century. On the one hand it is great to know much about such icons who were not used to professional photo color correction or headshot retouching since the time was different. We should still take for granted that the sends are running out and we should have closer look at famous photographs 2016 if we have already started to sum up the past 2016 before you have a closer look at amazing photographers you should try in 2017.


That is why we are ready to bring up to speed on best Russian photographs 2016, which are on the short-list of the biggest in the world photography contest – Sony World Photography Awards 2016. World Photography Organization hosts this contest in countries all over the world. In Russia, there are awardees also.

On the 23rd of February, it was announced that 10 artists were put to the list of the Sony World Photography Awards 2016. To be more precise: 5 – in the professional competition with photo series; 4 – in the free one with one image and one – in Juvenile for photographers under 20. 

 The winners of the contest in terms of Russian National Award are ...

• Andrey Narchuck took the first place in Russia National Award;


• Egor Nikiforov was granted with the 2nd place in the contest;


• Dmitry Ivanov was awarded with the 3rd place.


Number of applicants for the contest is 80% bigger that it was the previous year. It testifies that this Award is trustworthy in the world of photography. All those from the short-list will compete within their categories, members of the professional competition for the “Golden Blind” award and the title of the photographer of the year. In addition, there are some cash prizes. The names of the awardee will be announced in April in London. The photos of the winners are to be displayed on the trade show and printed in album of Sony Photography Awards 2016. 

The jury was impressed by the originality and interesting subjects of the images. These photos depict numerous unrivalled scenes, such as the jump of the boy on the bike by Dmitriy Ivanov, gorgeous photo of the hedgehog in the shadow by Yehor Nichiforov , breathtaking views on architecture by Peter Antonov etc. These images throw light on the magnifiscent world we live in. 


Photography series from the short-list of the professional contest in nonfictional categories are worth our attention. They are narrating a story of Mexican colonies of Mennonite (Alexandra Kulak) and give us an opportunity to have a short look at the life of the citizens of the town Solvychegorsk (Anton Unisin). 


Scott Gray, the executive director of the World wide association of photographers, commented the works from the short-list. He was proud to say that they are satisfied with the work and the choice of the jury. Notwithstanding the growing number of participants and numerous photos, they got many bright and outstanding images from both nonfiction categories and conceptual and visual art. He considers it to be splendid that the instrument of our self-actualization can be so varied. 

We strongly convinced contests like Photo competition from FixThePhoto are of a great help for photo editors which are only at the beginning of their career and the world is so bid that this is the only way to succeed in it in order for your name to become heard at least. 


In addition we the following artists are pretty good in their job and can be easily given the status of the best Russian photographers and take the leading positions in all the short-lists in terms of photo portraits. 

So, we will start with Aleksey Kazantsev, who is very prosperous in this genre.


Borisov Dmitry is a Moscow-based photographer. Considering the quality of his pictures from the professional point of view, we may assume that this person is brilliant.


And the last in our list but not least is Dmitry Arhar. He fascinates us with the beauty of his images and the approach to his job.  

Our company believes that photography is not only the way to construct the  business on, for example on post processing services for photographers or outsource photo retouching. It is much more deeper than that. We perceive the world of photography as Art and its components and tools. At this point we recommend you to pay your attention to the International digital photography competitions you should enter in 2017 because who knows maybe our next article is going to be devoted to you exhibition in New York. If it happens so we will be glad that we have something to do with it.   

Numerous photo contest and Awards should be performed all over the world in order to bring the spotlight to the masters of this field. They should be known and respected, because they, in the majority of cases, get engaged into this activity due to their inner desire and only after that comes some pragmatic targets. Once it was said that you should turn your hobby into the job and you will never work a day. The same thing is with our team in our company. 

photo-editing-famous-photographers-2016-sampleAs you have already understood our company sets the target not only on photo editing services but also on the self expression of our clients in combination with the intelligent work of our editors. We can testify it by photo retouching examples if you’re doubt that it is a mere assertion. You will definitely get pleasantly surprised when you go through our retouching blog and pay close attention to the cheap photo retouching prices. It is obvious that our job makes us feel joy and unfold gratitude because we have a chance to do what we like and make our clients satisfied with the results of our work.   



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