Boudoir Photographers

Boudoir Photographers

There are many boudoir photographers in the world, only some of them have managed to develop their unique style, which let them surpass dozens of competitors.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about 30 famous boudoir photographers, who know how to photography naked skin sensually.

30 Best Boudoir Photographers

Study each portfolio and pin something for your future boudoir photoshoot.

1. Mike Tang

Location: USA, Miami

Mike Tang is a full-time photographer for Primate Eyes website, and a specialist, who is fond of bold boudoir ideas and erotic poses.
With 1.7 million Instagram followers, he is one of the best glamour photography artists in the world.
His career began in Venezuela in 2007, when he started shooting moving and stationary objects.
He admits that his favorite gear is Sony a7R, a 28mm f2.8 Pentax lens and a medium-size reflector.



boudoir art photography

2. Rhiannon

Location: USA

Rhiannon is founder of Alloria Winter, she has confidently entered the ranks of the best boudoir photographers in the world.
This girl with a sincere smile and a dreamy look can be a model herself, but she is more interested in telling people’s stories with the help of pictures.
She is engaged in boudoir and wedding photography, and thinks that meeting new people is a great peculiarity of her profession.
Beautiful dawns, warm sunlight, gentle bouquets, unusual patterns and textures are only several things that inspire her.



harmony boudoir photography

3. Gregorio Campos

Location: USA, Washington

Gregorio Campos deserves special attention among dozens of Washington boudoir photographers.
He has photographed lots of model working at GUESS brand.
Gregorio wasn’t even 25 when he bought his first camera and attracted 700,000+ followers after sharing his portfolio on the net.
He likes everything to be done at the best level possible, so he always invites a makeup and hair artists to the shooting location.



glamour photography

4. Jason Guy

Location: USA, California

Jason Guy believes that every woman, no matter what her age or body type is, can look gentle in photos.
He specializes in beautiful sensual photography and tries to pose each client in such a way, that she looks truly awesome.
Being good at posing and lighting setup, he is frequently hired as a posing assistant, but he is more passionate about photographing, as he wants to hone his skills of posing models of different age, body type and size.



sensual photography

5. Melisa Ford

Location: USA, San Diego

Melisa Ford thinks that her mission of a boudoir photographer is to accentuate the natural beauty of every model, making her believe that she is unique, sexy and empowered.
She is inspired by her clients, their charm and feminine power.
Melisa likes interesting boudoir photo ideas that show women how beautiful they are regardless of what they are going through in life.



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6. Lindsay Carlisle

Location: USA, San Francisco

Lindsay Carlisle is one of the most prominent representatives of boudoir photography in San Francisco.
She performs photo sessions in a studio as well as travel to various parts of the globe to give her clients revealing boudoir photography experience.
Lindsay finds a special approach to each model and creates as comfortable as possible conditions to photograph women in all their grace.
Frankly speaking, she gives women a chance to look at themselves from a completely different perspective and see how cool there are.



beautiful sensual photography

7. Adrienne Richgels

Location: USA, Chicago

Looking through Adrienne’s boudoir photography portfolio, you will see that she specializes in portrait shooting, adding some conceptual ideas to her shots, which, eventually, look emotional and ambiguous.
She doesn’t take traditional portraits with the accent on human’s face, but experiments with the images of hands, legs, and torso.
Hiding facial features, she wants to make her models (typically women) intangible, silent and somehow mysterious.



boudoir photography portfolio

8. Belle Boudoir

Location: USA, Seattle

Cheryl is photographer and owner of Belle Boudoir photography.
Cheryl enjoys cooperating with women, who like the way they look and aren’t shy to demonstrate their sexuality.
She specializes in family, couple and boudoir photography and develops her business.



boudoir artistic

9. Critsey Rowe

Location: USA, North Carolina

Critsey Rowe is often called the best boudoir photographer of the East Coast.
Being a real professional, she charges from $1,200 regardless of the shooting locations, even if she has to travel to another country.
Critsey is sure that every woman is beautiful and photographs people from 25 to 72. Body type plays no role.
She guides her clients not only at the photo session, but also before it, giving recommendations on boudoir outfits, accessories, proper makeup and the overall shooting process.



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10. Ore Adesina

Location: USA, Oklahoma

Ore Adesina is known for her lifestyle, documentary and harmony boudoir photography projects. She is a LGBTQ-friendly photographer, who thinks that a person, not the genes defines his/her family.
She likes to take natural shots when a model is just living not posing.
Ore also participates in 100 Black Dads Project that is initiated by Lucy Baber and is meant to show how kind, loving and caring black father in America are.



boudoir outfits

11. Kesler Tran

Location: USA, Los Angeles

Kesler Tran believes that 65% of the successful photo session depends on the shooter’s professionalism.
If you are experienced enough, you will manage to efficiently guide even beginner models and the result will be wonderful.
He specializes in editorial, beauty and fashion photography, and also boosts his boudoir art photography skills.
Kesler always has 5D, speed light, and Elan 7, 5-10 rolls of film in his bag, which enable him to capture genuine emotions whenever he wants.



boudoir art photography

12. Jolene Dombrowski

Location: USA, Wisconsin

Jolene is passionate about not only about giving beautiful images of themselves and creating a once in a lifetime experience, but she also found of creating art photography. Her goal is to show the client that she is gorgeous both inside and outside. Jolene’s business was created in 1999.



boudoir photos outfit ideas

13. Beauty + Boudoir Photography

Location: Canada

Beauty + Boudoir has won hearts of many of clients with passion for photography and relaxed atmosphere at the shooting.
This team is a talented portrait and boudoir photographers, who always come up with original ideas for every model.
Even experienced models who know what to expect at the boudoir photo shoot, feel impressed when they work with Beauty + Boudoir team.
They try to capture valuable moments that will further return clients back in time and make them smile.



boudoir wear

14. Kseniya Berson

Location: USA, Philadelphia

Kseniya is a very active person, who likes tea and traveling.
Visiting various countries to meet new clients and document their personal memories, she mainly specializes in harmony boudoir photography.
She does her best to highlight a person’s natural beauty and show that everyone has unique features to be proud of.
She believes that any image editing software must be used in moderation, not to make a person look absolutely different.



lingerie for boudoir shoot

15. Anita Jeanine

Location: Canada, Calgary

Anita Jeanine is an experienced shooter, who has achieved success in portrait, wedding and boudoir photo genres.
Having profound business and marketing knowledge, as well as personal boudoir photography blog, she has developed a recognizable style, which is a mixture of contemporary and photojournalistic approaches.
Some of her colleagues call it too bold and documentary, but Anita likes to pay attention to minor details to give viewers an overall idea of what she is telling in her images.



boudoir photography galleries

16. Lexy Parks

Location: Canada, Kelowna

In 2013, Lexy Parks got curious about photography and bought her first DSLR to have some practice.
At first, she tried self-portraiture, as the way to express her thoughts and feelings, and, later shifted to revealing boudoir photography.
Today she is a renowned shooter, who won her place on this list.
She enjoys helping newbie photographers, who are trying to become a part of the boudoir photographing to become a part of the boudoir photography world.
You can visit her workshop to learn about styling, posing, designing albums, etc.



couples boudoir photos

17. Alex Charilaou

Location: UK, London

Alex wants to present his clients with jaw-dropping pictures, so he adds a cinematic touch to all this boudoir and lifestyle portraits.
On his boudoir photography website, you won’t find 2 similar shots, as he invents a specific story for each woman.
He photographs them as ancient goddesses, movie stars, singers, brave policewoman, etc. He always finds something unique in every woman and concentrates on this feature.
Alex was lucky to find his wife at the photography course, who eventually became his muse.



what are boudoir photos

18. Golden Fox

Location: USA

Golden Fox is a famous boudoir photographer. At first, she was a journalist, who wrote a blog.
She likes resting outdoors, to get inspired by nature and find new boudoir photography ideas.
All the beauty she sees around helps her at the shooting. Textures, patterns, shades and light motivate her to take a camera.



boudoir photo shoot

19. Modern Love Boudoir

Location: USA, California

An award winning team lead by owner, creative director and international educator Denise Birdsong.
Denise’s photography career started in 2012. He works in accordance with certain requirements of his clients, to realize beautiful sensual photography ideas as accurately as possible.
Being very creative, he doesn’t have a fixed template to work by.



cute boudoir ideas

20. Art N’ Boudoir

Location: USA, Long Island

Living in such a picturesque place, this team of photographers feels a constant urge to create eye-catching images.
The owner of the Art N’ Boudoir studio got her first camera long ago and that was the time when her passion for photography arose.
Finally, she plunged into a beautiful sensual photography world and became a real master in this field.



casual boudoir photos

21. Martin Neuhof

Location: USA, New York

Stephanie is one of the top boudoir photographers, who can also boast of achievements in image retouching and media designing spheres.
She mainly specializes in portraiture, adding a bit of conceptualism to her works.
Her favorite equipment is Canon EOS 5D Mark III with EF28mm f/1.8 USM lens. Stephanie carefully arranges the composition, mixes colors to create a certain mood.
She likes working with models, whose appearance looks non-trivial.



photos style boudoir

22. Stefan Rappo

Location: France, Paris

Stefan’s style can be defined as emotional. No elaborate compositions, just a mix of inspiration, refined and understated images.
He believes that nature is the best motivator and most of his boudoir photography ideas have been inspired by the primacy of emotions and things happening around us.
His boudoir pictures are more than ordinary visual content, as he believes that every woman is like a goddess, who deserves praise and odes.
The photographer is a fan of good old film, which makes his work immediately recognizable.



boudoir photo shoot ideas

23. David Bellemere

Location: France, Paris

Being a schoolboy, David felt that photography is something that he wants to do in life.
In his twentieth he got his first order from several French publications, and presented himself as a shooter, who knows how to create unique compositions, play with colors and light.
In his pictures, David skillfully sets the balance between elegance and sensuality, which made him one of the best beautiful sensual photography masters.
Now he is known for his boudoir shots, which slightly border on erotic photos.



boudoir photography images

24. Silviu Sandulescu

Location: Romania, Bucharest

Silviu Sandulescu started his photography career in 2007.
He is famous for his boudoir, nude and glamour photography works, as well as collaboration with swimwear brands.
In his boudoir photos, he often uses Photoshop and all sorts of effects to create more mysterious and dramatic pictures.
His main features are creativity and willingness to organize a photo session in any part of the globe.



boudoir photo poses

25. Gloss Boudoir | Boudoir Photography Studio Blog

Location: Canada, Vancouver

Gloss Boudoir Studio appeared as a result of the cooperation of 3 talented photographers - Marcee, Amber and Daniella, who have been working in this sphere for more than 25 years.
They wanted to show each woman how beautiful and gentle she is.
They know how to get an ideal shot and make clients relaxed and calm at the photo session. They offer their services via mailing list and in boudoir blogs.



boudoir photography ideas

26. Black Lace Boudoir

Location: USA, Virginia

This is a boudoir photography blog with the main accent on Luxury and empowering boudoir shooting.
These guys believe that any story acquires a new meaning being “told” with the help of photos.
They don’t share the details, but show the scars, giving models a chance to see themselves from a completely different perspective.
They charge $299 for a 30-min photo session, 1 white sheet (1 outfit) and $100 print credit.



boudoir photography poses

27. The Adore Girls

Location: USA, Tennessee

The Adore Girls Photography was founded by Jamie Pfister, who is a professional shooter specializing in revealing boudoir photography, couples boudoir and special effect shooting.
Most of her clients are ordinary women – teachers, nurses, sellers, hair-dressers, stay-at-home mums, who want to remind themselves that they are sexual, brave and passionate regardless of anything.



boudoir photos ideas

28. Moss Photography | Intimate Portraiture Photography Blog

Location: Canada, British Columbia

Moss Photography is the lifework of a creative photographer and CEO specialist Molly Ashlie. She believes that every person is beautiful and she fiercely fights against people’s complexes to show their natural grace and uniqueness.
Molly is an internationally recognized Victoria BC boudoir photographer, specializing in beautiful sensual photography.
Her camera and lens help her show women beautiful and empowered. The average price for a photo session is $1500.



glamour photography poses

29. Buxom Boudoir Photography

Location: USA, Wisconsin

Struggling to show women how valuable they are, Alicia Schmitt decided to create Buxom Boudoir.
She enjoys working with women of different age, height and weight, and boudoir photo plus size are, probably, her favorite works.
Buxom Boudoir is more than just a group of photographers.
It is like a supportive community, who encourages and motivates women, who are going through depression and coping with low self-esteem to be brave and confident. Alicia says that all women are sexy, and all bodies are good bodies.



glamour photo shoot themes

30. Kara Marie Boudoir | Austin Boudoir Photography Blog

Location: USA, Texas

Kara Trombette created Austin boudoir photography blog to share her ideas about femininity and inner strength each woman has.
She mostly works in B&W photo genre and pays great attention to shadows, highlights and tones.
Paying $2500, you will get 1.5 pro studio photo session, professional makeup and hairdo, 3 outfits, basic image retouching, a 20-picture photo book and 20 digital files.



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FREEBIES for Editing Boudoir Photos

Are you curious why all these people have become the best boudoir photographers in the world? A good frame and a model is only half of the success. To get luxurious boudoir photos, you need to properly retouch them.

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If you want to give a romantic vibe to your portrait, make the background blurred and the overall atmosphere dreamy, download and use this overlay. The picture will acquire a certain charm that is ideal for boudoir photography.



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