Pixer Photo Editor Online

Pixer Editor is an online free photo editor that is called a simple and budget-friendly alternative to Photoshop. The program is full of handy photo editing tools, the most popular among which are spot healing, a patch tool and a clone stamp healing brush.

Here you can work with layers, channels, layer masks, smart objects and more. Pixer Photo Editor can cater to the needs of both beginner and professional users who are interested in fast and effortless photo post processing.

Pixer Online Editor: FAQ

Does it destroy the image quality?
This program supports non-destructive photo editing, so you don’t need to worry that the quality of your photo will get worse. Such an approach implies the possibility to return to the original file which is kept unchanged.
Is Pixer Photo Editor free?
Yes, it is a completely free version which contains all the necessary functions and tools. However, this version has some ads that serve for program promotion but they don’t interfere with image editing. You can opt for a premium account for $9 per 30 days and get an ad-free online editor.
Is this program capable of performing image retouching?
Yes! It comes with such tools as the Spot Healing Brush and the Clone Stamp which allow fixing skin blemishes and improving the tone. It is also possible to get rid of piercing, tattoos, fix stray hair and more.
If you can’t cope with these tasks yourself or are simply pressed for time, we highly recommend outsource photo editing to experts who will improve your pictures professionally.
How does it work?
The process is very intuitive. Go to File > Open to upload a file. The photo will appear on the screen in several seconds. You can start improving it. The software doesn’t require signing up or installing any component on your PC, since everything is done in the online mode.
If there are Internet drops, you can still keep editing your photo. Since Online Pixer Photo Editor is designed for web-based image processing, it is fully compatible with many OS and web browsers, including Opera, Chrome, etc.
When the photo editing is finished, choose File > Save to download the result. At this stage, you can choose the output format.
What file formats does this editor support?
The variety of supported formats is really impressive. You can work with PSD, GIMP’s XCF, JPEGPNG, RAWPDF and many other formats.

Pixer Online: Video Tricks