Online Transparency Editor

This Online Transparency Editor is a free tool using which you can make a transparent background, line or area in your image in just a couple of clicks, without downloading anything on your computer. To avoid the tedious process of learning how a professional photo editor deals with this procedure, it is better to use this simple online editor that will cope with any task.


How can I reduce the transparency of an image online?
Turn your image into a layered file by opening the Layers panel and renaming the background layer. After that, create your selection with the Magic Wand tool. Once you have only your product selected, click Select > Inverse to proceed to remove the background. With that inversion selected, press BACKSPACE (DELETE on a Mac).
Can this transparency editor handle complex photos?
No matter how complicated the background in the photo is, this application can handle any task because it has many professional tools for editing images of any complexity. You just need to click on the color/background that you want to remove or make transparent.
If you don’t want to waste time using the Online Transparency Editor but want realistic results, you can use our product retouching services for only $2 per photo.
In what format do I need to upload an image?
You can upload a PNG image as it is good for transparency. You can convert an image from JPG or GIF if your initial format is different. The Save tool supports more formats but you cannot edit them directly. Therefore, if necessary, select the format of your image and convert it.
Can I download this free Transparency Editor?
No, you can only create image transparency online in any browser. If you need a desktop version on your computer, you will have to use another image editor, for example, Adobe Photoshop. You can download it on the official website and use it offline.
Can I remove the background from an image automatically?
Yes, with the help of inPixio Remove Background you can cut out objects that are in the foreground or are very contrasting with the background. This tool works right in the browser and requires minimal efforts - just put a couple of dots on the background that you want to remove, as well as a couple of dots on the object that you want to leave, and the program will do the rest automatically.

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