110 Free Photoshop Actions Fire

Are you eager to spice up your shots with eye-catching flames and make them more memorable? Then our fire Photoshop action free collection is something you shouldn’t miss. With its help, you can add fire to the background or foreground of the picture. The array of effects is rather vast – from intense and extensive blaze to more subtle flames of a smaller scale. Feel free to use these fire actions in Photoshop CS 4-6 and Photoshop CC. Each Photoshop fire action from this collection can be applied to images in JPG and RAW formats. Speaking of the genres, the actions are mostly suitable for portrait and creative photography. Generally, you can use Photoshop fire actions for any dynamic shot taken in the studio, for instance, if it captures dancing or sports.

Fire Photoshop Action #1 "Circle of Fire"

fire photoshop actions

Fire Action Photoshop #2 "Power of Flames"

free photoshop fire action

Fire Photoshop Action Free #3 "Blazing Inferno"

free fire action in photoshop

Photoshop Fire Action #4 "Color Explosion"

photoshop fire action free download

Related Fire Photoshop Actions

If you enjoy the style of Photoshop actions fire, we offer even more actions for professional and top-quality picture editing in Photoshop. Don’t hesitate to experiment with our PS actions – combine them or use separately, or tweak them per each shot. The actions are intended not just for photographers – bloggers and travelers can apply them too. Neither in-depth Photoshop knowledge nor difficult manipulations are required.

Free Fire Photoshop Action #5 "Secret Dreams"

fire photoshop action

Action Fire Photoshop #6 "Dance of the Light"

fire action photoshop

Photoshop Actions Fire #7 "Wild Dance"

fire photoshop action free download

Photoshop Fire Actions #8 "Irrepressible"

fire photoshop action free

Photoshop Action Fire #9 "Motion"

photoshop fire action

Free Fire Photoshop Action #10 "3 Colors"

free fire photoshop action

Fire Effect Photoshop Action #11 "Black & White"

action fire photoshop

Fire Action Photoshop Free #12 "Dispersion Effect"

photoshop actions fire

Fire Photoshop Action #13 "Gradient"

photoshop fire actions

Fire Action Photoshop #14 "Imposition"

photoshop action fire

Fire Photoshop Action Free #15 "Lomo"

fire photoshop action download

Photoshop Fire Action #16 "Drawing"

fire effect photoshop action

Action Fire Photoshop #17 "Pen"

fire action photoshop free download

Photoshop Actions Fire #18 "Pencil"

fire action photoshop free

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

Expand your personal collection with actions developed by picture editing experts for the needs of photographers. Regardless of whether you are searching for more basic or extraordinary effects, whether you are a proficient photographer or an aspiring one who only starts building up a picture editing toolset – our actions will definitely satisfy all your creative needs. As of now, the entire action count reaches more than 300 professionally-made effects. The final shots appear great both in digital and printed form.

Photoshop Fire Actions #19 "Reflection"

fire actions photoshop

Photoshop Action Fire #20 "Shimmer"

free photoshop actions fire

Fire Effect Photoshop Action #21 "Sparkle"

best photoshop fire actions

Fire Action Photoshop Free #22 "Glitch"

free photoshop fire actions

Fire Photoshop Action #23 "Snow"

photoshop actions fire free

Fire Action Photoshop #24 "Watercolor"

free fire photoshop actions

Recommendations for Using Fire Photoshop Action Free Collection

Before you start applying fire Photoshop actions, mind that the effects will suit shots only with a peculiar style. A perfect example of using a fire action is a portrait taken on a dark background that conveys dynamics, passion, powerful or even sinister atmosphere. Obviously, flames will look strange in a picture with a light background, airy and dreamy colors.

A Photoshop fire action will nicely blend into the picture taken outside (like in the field or in the forest) right after the sunset or in the dark. Photoshop actions fire are widely used for themed photo shoots, especially those dedicated to Halloween. Even if the photo was taken in the studio, flame effects may still appear superb (whenever the subject and composition are appropriate). Avoid applying fire Photoshop action to shots taken outdoors in daylight – it is bound to look off the mark. Another helpful suggestion is to play around with the opacity of the added flame effects in order to achieve a more true-to-life result.

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