Use our Free Art Collage Maker to design artistic collages in different styles fast and easy online. Make creative, funny, and aesthetic collages with the help of fully customizable collage templates the Artistic Digital Collage Maker has.

How to create an art collage?
Upload several JPEG or RAW photos (usually, this is the background image, and 5-8 elements that you need to combine). Create a collage layout or template using shapes where each shape is the layer where the picture will be. Add your photos and create an art collage using the Clipping Mask.
Can I put off the task and close the Art Collage Maker?
No, in this case, you should save the file in a PSD format. When you have time to continue your art project, just upload the saved PSD file.
Is a watermark added to the finished file?
No. This Creative Collage Maker is absolutely free and doesn’t add any watermarks to your collages.
How can I remove ads in the right corner?
The Artistic Collage Maker offers all the functions for free and without any limitations, so if you want to remove ads, you can support the project by subscribing to a premium account. In addition to the ad-free interface, you will get access to 60 steps in history, while a free version comes with only 30 steps.

Art Collage Maker – Video Tricks: